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FL - Sexting led to record as a sex offender

Laws made to "protect" children, are ruining them for life.

The United States - Nation of Shame

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Collateral Victims of Legislation in America

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UK - Caretaker framed as paedophile by colleague (Neil Weiner) is living in fear of reprisals

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By Peter Dominiczak

A school caretaker falsely accused of being a paedophile after child porn was planted on his computer by a disgruntled colleague still lives in fear of vigilante attacks, close friends said today.

Neil Weiner, 39, framed his boss [name withheld], the caretaker at Swanlea secondary school in east
London, in a bid to get him sacked and take his job.

Today he was jailed for 12 years at the Old Bailey. Judge David Paget told him: "What you did to a decent and honest man was in my view wicked. It is difficult to imagine a more cunning, deceitful or warped course of conduct than yours in this case, or a more malicious one."

Weiner downloaded hundreds of images of child pornography and planted them on Mr [name withheld]'s laptop, which was locked in a cupboard at the school.

He then anonymously sent a CD containing the pornographic images to the police and in a scribbled note claimed they had been downloaded from Mr [name withheld]'s laptop.

Following his arrest in 2006, Mr [name withheld], a 62-year-old diabetic, was spat at and attacked in the street.

He and his wife [name withheld], 58, were forced to move out of their home near the school and friends today said their lives were made “a complete misery” because of Weiner's actions.

Weiner was found guilty of perverting the course of justice and child porn possession at the Old Bailey last month. He will be on the sex offender register for the rest of his life.

Close friends of Mr [name withheld] told the Standard that he and his wife were still struggling to get over the “four years of hell” they were put through by Weiner.

[name withheld]'s life was made a complete misery by that man. Imagine walking down the street knowing you are completely innocent and being spat at and called a paedophile,” the friend said.

Once he and his wife were coming home from the theatre and they were set upon by three men in the street. The only reason something really bad didn't happen is because two men stepped in and helped them. It was an extraordinarily difficult time for him and Sandra.”

Mr [name withheld] is still working at Swanlea secondary school but told in court how he was “shunned by almost all of the staff” following the allegations.

Weiner was described in court as a “computer wizard” who is said to have taken an “extreme dislike” to Mr [name withheld].

In a statement after Weiner was found guilty, Mr [name withheld] said: “My life and good name was nearly destroyed by a villain.”

NE - Hastings drafts new ordinance for sex offenders

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By Anthony Pura

Hastings is pushing to pass new rules increasing restrictions on sex offenders. Soon, any sexual predator could be restricted from living 500 feet of a school or daycare.

Previously the 500 feet restriction only applied to sex offenders that the state had deemed the most dangerous, that were put in the highest level of the sex offender register.

Now, the state disbanded that old sex offender classification system so now the city has been trying to pass a new sex offender law to mirror the state's new classification system.

City leaders had been thinking of drafting this ordinance earlier this year, but there was word that state was going to take action that action never came, so city leaders are taking the initiative and once again aiming to pass an ordinance.

There are 55 registered sex offenders living in Hastings, according to the Nebraska State Patrol sex offender registry.

It's a place where parents, grandparents, adults can monitor if any are living in their neighborhood.

"I'll be honest, I haven't checked for a while," said Jackie Zeckser.

Zeckser lives in a neighborhood with a playground to their east and an elementary school to the south.

And though she's not sure if there's a sex offender living in proximity Zeckser said its safe - safe enough that she often takes strolls with her grandson, Grady.

City leaders want to make even safer, by passing an ordinance that should prohibit any registered sex offender from living 500 feet near a school or daycare.

"It's important that you send a message. We're a fairly safe community and we want that sense of safety," said Hastings Police Chief Larry Thoren.

Of course the ordinance will have an exeption. If a certain sex offender has lived in the home before 2006 they may not be asked to move.

And at this point, law enforcement is not sure how many of the 55 registered sex offenders would be affected if the ordinance passed.

"We'll have to do some investigation and work with the county sheriff's office on determining who would be restricted by the ordinance if it does pass," said Thoren.

Police also said there is already an ordinance in place that prohibits child sex offenders – even those not in the registry – from loitering 300 feet near a school, daycare or park.

The new city ordinance would just add to the overall sense of community safety.

Jackie Zeckser said she appreciates any of those laws that keeps her or any of her grandchildren or children in her neighborhood a victim of a sexual offense.

"I think that strikes a nerve in anyone, when we think of an offense against a child. That is right there and we all want to protect our children and do anything we cant to protect them," said Zeckser.

The ordinance has been sent to the city attorney for review. City leaders anticipate having it discussed again next month.

Microsoft - Online safety research

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Microsoft regularly commissions researchers to gather data from volunteer participants in order to examine trends about current online safety practices. We use this information to provide up-to-date guidance for people and their families. Here are links to some of this research.

Social networking research

Microsoft's survey of parents in the United States shows that most (67%) are involved in their children's social networking activities. A significant number (38%) of kids under the age of 13 have a social networking account, even though the minimum age is often 13. Although parents are aware of the risks, most underage kids with an account got permission from parents to use the site before the child met the website's age requirements.

For more information, download the Executive Summary or presentation:

  • Parents and Social Networking Executive Summary PDF | XPS
  • Parents and Social Networking PowerPoint presentation PPT

Online reputation research

Microsoft commissioned research in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States to find out how people manage the information they and others place on the Internet.

The same research also studied how hiring managers and recruiters use this information to investigate job applicants and to what extent the data they find has a bearing on their hiring decisions.

  • Online reputation research overview PDF
  • Online reputation research PowerPoint presentation PPT
  • Does online information affect your reputation? Video (Also below)

Of participants surveyed, the percentage of hiring managers rejecting candidates based on their online profile information is higher in the United States than in the United Kingdom, Germany, or France.

CA - Fullerton City Council votes to enforce Jessica’s Law

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By Keith Cousins

A law enabling police to fine, prosecute and jail sex offenders who reside within 2,000 ft. of a school or park was voted in unanimously by the Fullerton City Council Tuesday.

Prior to this it was illegal under Jessica’s Law for sex offenders to live in these areas but police were unable to act when infractions occurred.

We did a lot of research and the conclusion was that the law had no teeth,” Fullerton Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Andrew Goodrich said. “If you were in violation we could wag our finger at you, but nothing else.”

The law was prompted by a public complaint made by the Levinson family of Fullerton – who reside near Laguna Lake Park. According the Orange County Register, [name withheld], a registered sex offender, inherited his parent’s home near the park and there was fear he might move in.

Experience has shown the recidivism rate of sex offenders is significant,” Goodrich said. “Anything we can do to prevent (sex offenders) from having access to children is a plus.”
- Really? Experience and facts do not equal the same, and we have the facts, which show that sex offenders have the lowest recidivism of any other criminal, except murderers. And not all sex offenders have harmed children.

Goodrich added that although this is a huge step, parents should still be “vigilant” and watch their kids because there are still a lot of sex offenders that have not been caught.
- And studies show that most sex crimes are committed by family members of the victim, or close friends, the next sex offender may be in your own home, at your dinner table, sitting across from you right now.

Jessica’s Law was enacted by California voters in 2006. According to a Los Angeles Times article, the law, officially called Proposition 83, “increased penalties for repeat sex offenders, prohibited them from living near schools and parks, and changed the law to permit their indefinite confinement to mental institutions, instead of two years with the possibility of extensions.”

Goodrich stated that although no ramifications for violating Proposition 83 were included in the initial act – a clause in the proposition enabled cities to set punishments for violators.

I’m relieved, (sexual violence is) always something, as a girl, we worry about,” said Alexandra Schnack, a master’s student in counseling. “Maybe it will help people feel better about going to night classes.”

Other students echoed Schnack’s statement and agreed that the new law will make Fullerton a safer place.

If the law isn’t enforced it’s like the law doesn’t exist,” said Jamel Shamiyeh, a sociology student. “It will make things safer. People who have violated the law in the past might do so again if they have not been rehabilitated.”

The law will take effect in a month and will subject violators to a fine of up to $1,000 and six months in jail.

Testimony of a Porn King

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