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SOSEN - What You Don’t Know About Sex Offenders, But Should!

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Not 'Adult Services,' But Apparent Prostitution Ads Still on Craigslist

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What's the big deal? Prostitution should be legal, IMO, as long as it's among consenting adults. People will always find a way around it. What about the adult videos on YouTube, or many other web sites? This is nothing but PR BS, IMO.



Ads Apparently Seeking Cash for Sexual and Erotic Services Still Found on the Website

Craigslist may have self-censored the Adult Services section of its U.S. websites as of late Friday night, but ads hinting at and seeking prostitution and offering erotic massages are still appearing in a different section on the online bulletin boards across the country.

Ads alluding to exchanges of cash for sexual services and seeking massage clients are still showing up in Casual Encounters section of Craigslist's websites in New York, Las Vegas and other parts of the country. today discovered several ads across a number of regional Craigslist sites that explicitly mention monetary exchange for sexual favors, seek "fun time$," offer a massage from an "attractive independent female" or seek a "mutually beneficial" meeting.

One of the ads was flagged by other Craigslist users after found it this afternoon.

Craigslist did not respond to a request for comment late today.

The controversial Adult Services section on the classified advertisement site's homepage was replaced on Friday with a black and white "CENSORED" box that does not link, just days after a group of state attorneys general had released a statement that they believed the section should be eliminated.

In the statement, attorneys general in 17 states said the site was aiding in illegal exploitation, prostitution and human trafficking.

In the letter, the state officials asked Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, CEO Jim Buckmaster and the site's attorney, Edward Wes, to "immediately take down the Adult Services portion of craigslist."

"We hope to work closely with them, as we are with experts at nonprofits and in law enforcement, to prevent misuse of our site in facilitation of trafficking," Craigslist spokeswoman Susan MacTavish Best said last week.

Craigslist has made no statement since the change to the site, so it is not clear whether the Adult Services section is being removed permanently.

In the past, Craigslist has maintained that the Adult Services section was for legitimate adult services, not prostitution.

And what about the "Conspiracy of Silence"

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IA - Zombies invade city, raise money for local causes

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"Brains, brains!"

Zombies chanted and plodded along the sidewalks of Marshalltown, even taking over the Courthouse lawn.

Passersby stared and shuddered in horror, then running for their lives.

OK, not really.

As Sunday's 2nd Annual Zombie Walk lasted well into the evening hours, event coordinator Dee Vajgrt had a gut feeling they exceeded last year's fundraising goal.

"We raised $1,270 for our first time out and while we still have donations coming in, I'm sure we surpassed that amount this time," she said. "The turnout was just awesome."

All proceeds raised will benefit both the Domestic Violence Alternatives/Sexual Assault Center and the Marshalltown Skate Park.

Based at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, kids' activities included coloring, face painting, a Jell-O brain/heart eating contest, raffle and games, as costumes were judged by Sen. Steve Sodders, D-State Center and Rep. Mark Smith, D-Marshalltown.

Max McLain won top prize in the 10 & Under category while the Grossest went to Jason Rudkin, Scariest was Theresa Theis and Tiffany Thompson got Best Overall title.

"This has turned into an event where people are having a lot of fun showing off their costumes, creativity, and they also raised money for two great causes," Smith said. "I'm very appreciative of this program."

Event founder Steve Adelmund was also grateful to those who sponsored this year's walk - and he is already planning ahead.

"This turned out phenomenal, so I'm very proud - I can't wait to see exactly how much money we get," he said. "There were many sponsors who participated - plus having Mark and Steve be here and walk with us, it was such a huge amount of fun, and next year will be even better."

As well, Sodders said he was glad to jump on board in order to help.

"We're raising money for not only DVA, who needs our community support, but the skate park," he said. "It's great to be doing something for the young people of Marshalltown, and all while fighting off zombies!"

Musical entertainment was provided by Last Call Casualties, Rocking Rebik and the Undead Onslaught, Mike Quick and Hunter Stewart, Moon Chaplin and the Magic Men, Shrapnel, Abdicate and Quarantine.

This event was presented on behalf of the Marshalltown Jaycees with food courtesy of Joe's Italian Grill & Pizza and Casey's General Store.

Sex Offending Bear

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