Saturday, August 14, 2010

Defending the 700,000 Most Despised - People in America - The Mother’s Rebellion

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By JoAnn Wypijewski

Early this summer an organization representing arguably the most despised people in America, and calling itself obliquely RSOL, for Reform Sex Offender Laws, met in Washington D.C. to allow people from across the country to talk strategy, lobby Congress and simply step from the heavy shadow of fear and shame.

From the looks on their face, it seems never to have occurred to Congressional aides that the 700,000-plus people on America’s sex offender registries might have loved ones, or might themselves finally have grown sick of keeping quiet. The aides surely were as clueless as I had been that in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico some of these people have been stopping ever more punitive legislation or revising existing law in the direction of sanity, and that the wives and, mostly, mothers of people on the registry had discovered the radical essence of simply speaking up.

I talked to three women. Only one, Mary Duval, who started a group called SOSEN in Oklahoma and co-hosts a weekly radio talk show, wanted to be identified by her full name.

Sarah: Don’t get me wrong: my son made a mistake. As soon as he saw “14 years old” on that Internet chat, he should have said, click, goodbye. But I want this to be recognized as a total entrapment, by a crooked system. And if I have to walk from Mansfield, Ohio, to Washington, DC, to bring attention to what’s going on in this country, that’s what I’m going to do. I threatened to walk naked, but nobody wants to look at me naked.

JW: That might make you a registered sex offender. But let’s go back a little bit. You are originally from Lebanon?

S: My mother was born here, in Chinson, West Virginia. Her father had come from Lebanon. He worked and accumulated money, took the family back to Lebanon and bought lots of land. My mother married my dad there, and later on she faced a lot of hard times, so when she was 38 years old she left seven kids behind and came back to the United States, the land of freedom and second chances. Uneducated, she worked and brought all her kids here, originally to Wheeling. My older sister, who was like a second mom, she eventually moved to Mansfield, Ohio. Her husband worked at GM, in a new plant there. By that time Wheeling was on the downhill slide, so we just followed her one after the other, and I am still in Mansfield.

Canadians For A Just Society

Canadians For A Just Society

Here is what we received via email about a new site. We know nothing about the site, except what is mentioned below. Visit their site.

Over the past two years the Conservative government of Canada has introduced legislation which will affect the way in which former sex offenders are treated. These changes would restrict/remove eligibility for a pardon and substantially increase restictions for those on the sex offender registry.

We have created a website which clearly displays the research relating to sexual offending with the purpose of negating or moderating the proposed legislation. We have also created a petition which we hoped would be effective in exerting pressure on the government. Despite our best effort to draw attention to our website our petition has not been effective.

We are hoping that, once you have reviewed our website you will see that our goals are identical. It would be of great help if you would be willing to link your site to ours and to ask your members and guests to sign our petition.

Thank you!