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NY - Sex offender pleads not guilty (Just the usual Nancy Grace look-a-like assuming someone is guilty before being proven guilty!)

Wow, the reporter says "he molested a young boy!" Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Oh yeah, it's a sex crime accusation, so it must be true, right? Come on, I thought reporters had some kind of ethic, apparently not!

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UT - Body of Utah boy found; mom, stepdad charged

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Investigators locate remains in canyon less than day after he vanished

LAYTON - The body of a missing 4-year-old boy was found Tuesday in a Utah canyon and his mother and stepfather were taken into custody, police said.

Layton police said Ethan Stacy's stepfather, Nathan Sloop, 31, was being charged with aggravated homicide. In addition, Sloop and the boy's mother, Stephanie Sloop, 27, will be charged with felony child abuse, obstruction of justice and desecration of a corpse, police said.

Stephanie Sloop reported Ethan missing around 9 p.m. Monday, saying he had left his bed and wandered from their apartment complex. Officials said she told them the boy had walked away five of the last 10 nights.

"That appears to have been a ruse by the mother, something to cover the tracks," said Layton police Lt. Garret Atkin.

Condition of body not revealed
Police searched overnight and said that by midday Tuesday, the couple had revealed the location of Ethan's body. The search then shifted 20 miles away to a spot off a wooded trail in Wolf Canyon, which borders the Powder Mountain ski resort. The resort is about 40 miles northeast of Salt Lake City.

It wasn't clear as searchers were digging up remains when Ethan was killed or how, police said Tuesday. Five officers were seen carrying a blue bag out of the woods late Tuesday afternoon.

Atkin refused to describe the condition of the boy's body.

The couple was married only 10 days ago, when Ethan arrived in Utah to spend the summer with his mother, police said. His biological father is in Virginia. His name was not released by police.

Investigators spent the early morning hours Tuesday combing through the Sloops' cupboards and closets, and through Dumpsters and the area near the apartment complex looking for the boy. Sex offenders in the area were interviewed and had their homes searched, Atkin said.
- And my, my, it wasn't a sex offender after all.  Another blow to the high recidivism rate many in the media and politics spew all the time.

The Sloops' story of a barefoot boy wandering outside in his pajamas changed throughout the day, Atkin said.

Nathan Sloop was booked into the Davis County jail Tuesday night. There was no record of Stephanie Sloop being booked, and it was unclear if she would be. Authorities released no further details.

Previous convictions
Utah State Courts records show Nathan Sloop ran afoul of the law more than once from 2000 to 2003, with convictions on charges including criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and drug possession.

In 2003, he served 30 days in jail for one drug possession charge and received a six-month suspended sentence for another.

No criminal history was found for Stephanie Sloop, and records show no criminal activity for Nathan Sloop after 2003.

An after-hours message left for the Davis County attorney's office was not immediately returned Tuesday.

It wasn't clear when charges would be filed or when the Sloops would make a court appearance. An after-hours message left for the Davis County attorney's office was not immediately returned Tuesday.

Nobody answered a phone at the Sloops' apartment late Tuesday, and a message wasn't returned. Neighbors told reporters the couple were newcomers to the complex.

Attorney Richard Gallegos, who has represented Nathan Sloop in previous criminal cases, did not return messages Tuesday night at his home and office.

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U.S. Marshals Service Director John Clark Q & A

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By Ryan J. Reilly

MJ: What are some of the countries you see the most interaction with?

Clark: Well on the Northern border with Canada, we have a lot of activity in that part of the country, and actually we have a very similar process there with our district offices along the northern border who interact very closely with our Canadian counterparts. In the European corridor, a lot of the countries which produce the most activity are Great Britain, Germany. We do have some activity in the Far East as well. A lot of the sex offender cases seem to migrate to or have some connectivity to the Far East.


MJ: The Adam Walsh Act was mentioned on the 1,000th episode of America’s Most Wanted, I guess the president mentioned it as a priority for the next fiscal year?

Clark: John Walsh was interviewing the president, and the president had good research and he knew about the Marshals’ enforcement of the law and knew that we were not yet fully funded to do that, so he did pledge on national TV his support. We’re hoping as that unfolds down the line in that new fiscal year, we’ll see an appropriate number of resources being dedicated to fix that.

That’s another sort of huge undertaking for us, because there are by very conservative estimates 150,000 unregistered, or we call them non-compliant sex offenders out there, meaning there are individuals who their whereabouts are unknown in the local where they should be registered, so the local authorities don’t know where they are. If you turn on the TV or open the newspaper any given day, you’ll see evidence oftentimes of non-compliant sex offenders picking up young children or other teenagers and the results are often tragic, so we of course take that very seriously.
- Boy, people just throw 100,000, 100,000 level 3 offenders and now 150,000 numbers around. This shows you, nobody knows the true number, they make it up as they go along. Also, I have not seen any news report, that I can think of, of any non-compliant offender picking up young children, has anybody else?

President Obama on AMW talking with John Walsh (Video Link)

John Walsh spewing more BS (Video Link)

CA - Jessica's Law Leaves SF Sex Offenders Homeless

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Two state parole investigators track some 60 paroled sex offenders in San Francisco County.

The agents said Jessica's Law -- the 2005 state law aimed at protecting California kids from sex offenders -- has made every recently paroled sex offender in San Francisco homeless and more difficult to track.

_____ is four months into a five-year parole. Like all newly paroled sex offenders, he wore a GPS tracking anklet designed to monitor his movements.

When asked where he might be able to stay, _____ replied: "Probably go in an alley or something or out in a street."

The agents patrol San Francisco with laptops that ping parolees' GPS anklets. The arrows on the monitor show the path of one parolee during the course of a day.

By law, sex offenders have to return to the county where they were convicted. Additionally, Jessica's Law mandates they cannot live within 2,000 feet of a school, park or playground.

In tightly populated San Francisco, Jessica's Law means there's nowhere they can live. So they register as homeless.

"I mean, certainly prior to Jessica's Law, these guys could have residencies," said one of the parole agents who wanted to remain anonymous. "But now, certainly it's created a burden for them as well as us to try to get creative and find them in territories of San Francisco."

San Francisco currently has approximately 60-to-80 paroled homeless sex offenders.

The California Sex Offender Management Board is an independent state advisory panel made up of prosecutors, police, and community experts. This year, the board said Jessica's Law is handicapping efforts to mainstream offenders back into society. It wants to see the law amended.

The board found a lack of housing options for an ever-growing list of sex offender parolees. Their report recommended that only those guilty of the most serious of sex crimes should face residence restrictions.

"The proximity where a person lives to schools or parks or places where children congregate has virtually nothing to do with where they offend," said, Robert Coombs who sits on the sex offender management board and is spokesman for the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Coombs said GPS tracking alone doesn't tell who paroled sex offenders are visiting or what they're doing.

"It's also difficult to make sure they're provided with the services that they need: treatment, access to support networks. All of these things that decrease their relative risk," explained Coombs.

Homeless parolees told KTVU it often is a struggle to remain stable and stay alive.

"I'm just basically out here on the street. And the way this area is in Hunter's Point, you can end up getting killed," said one paroled sex offender interviewed for this report. "I can't take it. I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes I be wanting to cry."

With an estimated 66,000 paroled sex offenders and another 20,000 awaiting release from California prisons, San Francisco's problem is only a small part of California's problem. That problem is bound to get worse in the months and years to come.

OFF TOPIC - GA - Driver Who Killed Sleeping Boy Tears Up In Court (DUI kills more people than any other crime, yet we have no DUI registry!)

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See the video at the link above.


COBB COUNTY - Janette Eason has a history of drunken driving. But her last DUI, behind the wheel of a Ford F-250 truck, left a tragic legacy that will forever haunt a Powder Springs family.

Eason, 46, pleaded guilty Tuesday to vehicular homicide for a June 2008 incident that left a 14-year-old dead. Police said Eason was fleeing in her pickup after a domestic argument.

Officer's said Eason's pickup slammed into the Savary home, slicing through the garage and the bedroom belonging to 14-year-old Elliot. The impact killed Elliot and hurt his younger sister, Leah.

Eason cried as Elliot's father tearfully recalled the night and the permanent hole it has left in the family. He called the time since that day the family's "new, normal life."

Eason then pleaded for the family's forgiveness, telling them, "I am a new person. I'm not the old person I was."

Her lawyer told Judge Tain Kell she has been attending Alcoholic's Anonymous meetings in jail, vows never to drink again and not to drive until her sentence is over.

If she went to trial, Eason could have faced 15 years in prison for vehicular homicide. Under a plea deal, Judge Kell sentenced her to 15 years, 12 of which she will serve behind bars, the rest on probation. Because Eason has been in the Cobb County Jail since her arrest, she will likely spend most of the next 10 years in state prison.

NY - Sex Offender Vote

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TX - Stiffer residency rules for Boerne sex offenders

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By Janet Kwak

BOERNE - City leaders say it all started when a sex offender tried to move into the Herff Ranch neighborhood.

"We had some concern in the community about a potential situation," says City Manager Ron Bowman. Bowman says residents living at the Trail of Herff Ranch pressed the city to come up with stricter sex offender residency rules when they heard the offender was looking to move into a home there.

That's why the city is proposing a plan that doubles the state's current buffer zone of where sex offenders can live. Under the proposal, offenders would need to move 2,000 feet away from playgrounds, daycares, schools... even public pools and parks.
- Hell, why not make it 50 miles?  Even then, an offender is going to live near someones kids.

"We're still trying to find out if 2,000 feet makes sense, or if that somehow clusters sexual offenders in one area of town," Bowman added.
- I can tell you now, it will cause clustering, it's not rocket science!

Boerne is a small town of a little more than 6,000 people. There are roughly 15 registered sex offenders who live there as well.

"I do agree with the ordinance," says one sex offender's wife. "However, it would be very difficult if we had no where to go, this is our home."

But parents say sex offenders are still a danger, and keeping them away from children would keep their streets safer.
- Not all sex offenders are still a danger, and not all have harmed children!

"I think it's a great idea," says Tara Edall. "I have a young son. It would definitely make me feel a lot safer."
- A lot of people think killing people who commit crimes is a good idea too! So are you going to pass a law for public executions next, and make us a third world country like Iran?

City council members plan to talk to the city attorney Tuesday night in a council meeting. They will be ironing out a draft of the ordinance, which could be adopted as early as next month.

NY - Examining the levels of the sex offender registry

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By Sarah Wallace

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Eyewitness News examines what the levels that rate a sex offenders' risk really mean.

The most important reality about sex offenders that holds true anywhere in the country is that they're not Chester the molester or the stranger in a trench coat.

In most cases they are people you or your children know.

They are people you thought you could trust.

As one expert explained, some of them are not as bad as you fear, and some are worse than you'll ever know.

One sex offender on probation in Westchester County is failing a polygraph test, for the second time.

The polygraph shows he's had multiple victims, and officers suspect one may have been his daughter.

He then got the bad news from the polygrapher and his probation officer.

Polygraphs are relatively new in sex offender treatment.

Westchester's program also includes mandatory group therapy.

There's also intense supervision, Eyewitness News followed along as probation officers visited a level 2 registered sex offender.

A lot had been made of the levels which range from 1 to 3.

1 is considered low risk, 2 is moderate risk and 3 high risk.

"If there's someone in your neighborhood who you know is a level 3 sex offender, you know he's pretty bad guy," said Rory Bellantoni, a former Westchester judge.

Level 3's and 2's are listed on the online state registry, which you can check, but not level 1's.

Only police departments know about them.

The levels are determined by a judge in the sex offender court right after sentencing.

It's based on a point system that considers factors such as use of violence and the age of the victim.

But those levels don't tell the whole story.

You can have a level one sex offender or even someone who isn't required to be listed as dangerous who is very dangerous, and you will never know about them.

"To me, the scariest are the ones that you don't know about," said Westchester probation officer, Veronica Glueck.
- Yeah, like your husband, wife, mother, father, uncle, friend.

"You find out they have 50, a hundred victims and no one knows," said Jerry Kiely, a Westchester probation officer.

The truth usually only comes out in time, long after the court process, through confidential treatment where additional crimes cannot come back to haunt them.

"The average number of victims that these folks have had is 54 before they got caught this time," explained Westchester Probation Commissioner, Rocco Pozzi.
- When you say "these folks," who do you mean? Any sex offender? If so, that is a lie!

Eyewitness News had a conversation with a level 1 sex offender.

EWN: "you are charged with one victim."

Sex Offender: "I was charged with one victim. Correct."

EWN: "But, there were others."

Sex Offender: "I had other victims. I had 19 other victims in total."

EWN: "That you were never charged with?"

Sex Offender: "That I was never charged with."

EWN: "You would estimate that there were now many underage girls?"

Sex Offender: "About ten. About ten girls."

EWN: "And you knew they were underage?"

Sex Offender: "Yes. I knew their age."

EWN: "I'm just curious, did you know that what you were doing was wrong?"

Sex Offender: "Yes, I will not pay for those crimes. Correct. That's something that they're going to have to live with."
- You are wrong.  If they decide to press charges today, you WILL be charged with them!

He, like many of the sex offenders in Westchester, will be monitored by probation and mandatory treatment for 10 years.

"If I wasn't in treatment I would continue to reoffend. Absolutely," said the Sex Offender.

"Do you think you should be charged for the other victims?" asked Eyewitness News.

"I mean I'm guilty of them. I mean I acknowledge that I'm guilty of it. I mean I know what I did was wrong and I know that I did what I did," said the Sex Offender.

AZ - Man goes on a killing spree over allegations that two men sexually abused his son, without proof! And his lawyer says he's not a danger?

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So basically, if you don't like someone and decide to murder them, accuse them of molesting you, or your kids, and you will get slapped on the wrist! I know, the trial is not over yet, but lets wait and see what he gets, I am willing to bet it won't be life in prison!


By Kim Smith

A Tucson dad who says he shot and killed a man in self defense who he suspected was molesting his 3-year-old son had his bail reduced from $1 million to $500,000 Tuesday morning.

Daniel Renteria, 28, was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder March 1, one day after he shot _____, 40, and _____, 49, to death in the 5300 block of East 25th Street.

His bond was set at $1 million, but on Tuesday Assistant Pima County Public Defender Paul Skitzki asked Judge Charles Sabalos to either release Renteria to a county monitoring agency until his trial or to reduce his bond.

Skitzki pointed out a grand jury opted to indict Renteria on the less serious charge of manslaughter upon learning Renteria believed Marschinke had been molesting Renteria's son.
- So just because he "believed" someone molested his kid, he gets a lesser sentence? Amazing! This is basically telling everyone, if you commit a serious crime, like murder, pretend someone molested you or your family!

"The facts of this specific case clearly indicate my client doesn't pose a risk to the community at large," Skitzki said.
- And what "facts" are there? A simple allegation?