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MD - Midday with Dan Rodricks - Maryland sex offender laws and discussion

Last week, a panel of Maryland legislators reviewed thirty proposals for new, tougher sex offender laws in response to the killing of an eleven-year-old girl on the Eastern Shore. But does increasing penalties and post-incarceration requirements for these offenders really improve public safety? We'll get both sides of the issue. Taking part in the hour: "Larry," convicted of a third-degree sexual offense fifteen years ago; Tracy Velazquez, executive director of the Justice Policy Institute; Kate Thomas, co-clinical director of the Hopkins Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit; state senator Norman Stone (Email); and Delegate Michael Smigiel (Email).

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OK - Senate Bill 2301 Hearing (03-01-2010)

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FL - Pure Mercy Newsletter

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Greetings Friends and Prayer Warriors!

Thank you for your prayers and support of our ministry! This past month has proven to be very interesting.

Many changes have taken place at the Julia Tuttle Causeway. Early in the month we were told that the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust had stopped by and announced that they would be moving four of the residents out from under the bridge into regular housing. It appeared that they were making strides toward shutting down the encampment. In speaking with our contact under the bridge, we found out that while 4 individuals had been moved out, 5 new ones had shown up. Within days of having been moved out, one of the men showed back up when it became apparent that the residence in which he had been placed violated some of the rules. We then came to the understanding that the Homeless Trust seemed to be fighting a losing battle. We continued to make plans to return to the bridge on the 20th to once again minister to the residents.

On Friday, February 12th our contact called to inform us that he had just been told that he would be moved from under the bridge on the 22nd. He attempted to press for more information, but was not given any, not even the location or if others would be moving with him. The team began revising plans on the fly as we had made plans to purchase a new tent for him as his had broken. As the week progressed, he was able to find out more and more information and by Friday the 19th, he was able to let us know that he would be moving nearby and that 4 others were being moved to the same location. As stated in our last letter, we had been making plans to assemble “Welcome Packs” for those recently released from jail that found themselves forced to live under the bridge. However, due to the recent developments, the decision was made to make “Going Away” packets for those that were leaving. Our team caravaned down to the bridge picking up the food and other basic supplies on the way with plans to run to a nearby Target to purchase the items for those who were leaving. Bobbi and the other woman that travels with us developed a packet for them that included:

  • Bath set (washcloth, hand towel, and bath towel)
  • 2 plastic tumblers
  • 2 sets of real silverware
  • Laundry soap/dryer sheets
  • Hangers
  • Room deodorizer (No more sea breeze to solve such issues!)
  • Trash bags
  • Dish soap
  • Toilet paper
  • Tupperware

All of these items were placed into a 20 gallon tote and given to those that were leaving. By the time the project was completed, there were actually 7 that were being moved. Each one of them received these items and all were very appreciative. Since some of the residents were being moved (and it had quit working) we brought the generator home with us. We provided gas to those we knew had no clear direction that they would be moving.

The weekend was not without its challenges. We arrived a couple of hours later than normal leaving us less time to work. The grill that we had left on our first trip in November was going to be used for dinner; however, when it was lit, there seemed to be a flow problem with the gas and we struggled to make simply hamburgers and hot-dogs for dinner. The large two-burner cook-stove that we often borrowed to cook breakfast left as we were beginning dinner. It belonged to the sister of one of those being moved and she wanted it back before he moved. This left us cooking both dinner and breakfast on a small 2 burner Coleman stove, but by God’s grace we were able to accomplish both. It was evident to the team that Satan was at work, as at times tension existed between the members of the team and all of us overslept and did not get up until 6 when most of the residents were leaving. Praise God, Bobbi had decided that we should purchase some small danishes for breakfast thus allowing us to provide at least a little something to those who were leaving and a little something for those who stayed while they were waiting for the pancakes and bacon.

Since leaving the bridge we have been told that more of the residents have been moved and the wooden structures that had been constructed are being torn apart. This has been told us by our contact at the bridge and confirmed by a news story which can be found on WPLG’s website at:

We are planning to return to Miami on March 13th with the intent of ministering to those who are left under the bridge and the group that was moved nearby. Those who have been moved signed a 30 day lease at a local motel and were told that 6 months of the lease would be paid for. As long as they are diligently searching for work and are able to prove it, the lease may be extended if funds still exist. To us this seems to be a band aid on the situation and not necessarily a permanent solution. Although we believe that God may be changing the focus of our ministry for the moment, we still have a vision for a facility that would help in offering permanent solutions to these people.

We thank each of you for your continued prayer support and would covet your prayers as we continue to seek His will. We are so blessed to be part of God’s work in this area and appreciate all of your support more then we can possibly convey!

In His Service,
David & Bobbi Lind
Pure Mercy

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

WI - Green Bay sex offender ordinance takes financial toll on city

Original Article


By Charles Davis

Rule turns many parole agents into real estate agents

Green Bay prohibits sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of schools, parks and other places where children gather.

It's an expensive ordinance and one that has raised questions about whether it's worth the cost.

The state spends more than $220,000 a year to house convicted sex offenders after they are released from prison at the state's Transitional Living Program house, according to the Department of Corrections.

It also pays nearly $4,000 a month for each offender housed at the Brown County Jail after prison release who cannot find a place to live. It can become costly — convicted sex offender _____, 50, stayed at the Brown County Jail for five months before he was approved to move.

Those costs include payments to an agency that drives offenders around to look for housing.

Green Bay's sex offender residency ordinance prohibits sex offenders from living in nearly 90 percent of the city. The ordinance was approved in 2007 because of concerns that most of Brown County's listed adult sex offenders lived in Green Bay. An analysis that year by the Green Bay Press-Gazette of the state's Sex Offender Registry found 65 percent of adult sex offenders in the county lived in Green Bay.

The increased cost hasn't translated into increased safety for city residents.

Authorities refer about 200 sexual-assault cases to the Brown County District Attorney's Office, a number that hasn't changed much since the ordinance passed.

However, sex offenders refusing to register with the state has more than doubled since the city ordinance went into effect in 2007, according to the state Department of Corrections.

Authorities referred 41 cases of noncompliance to the Brown County District Attorney's Office in 2009, according to the state corrections department. That number jumped from only 14 cases in 2007 and is more than the 38 cases referred in 2008.

"It's a result of the residency restriction because convicted sex offenders can't find a place to live so they would rather go underground," said Tom Smith, Corrections sex offender registration specialist.

Noncompliance is a refusal to provide correct information, including an address. Refusing to register is a felony that carries a $10,000 fine and up to six years in prison.

"They're giving up," Smith said. "They want to comply but can no longer comply because of the restrictions that are held over their head."

Safety zones and loitering ordinances around parks, schools and day cares are some alternatives to the city ordinance, Smith said.

Ben Heiman is a member of the city's Sex Offender Residence Board, which hears the appeals of convicted sex offenders wishing to live within the city of Green Bay. He said noncompliance is a problem but it's not due to the city ordinance.
- Sure it is.  Before the law passed, most were in compliance, after the law, it's more than doubled, so yeah, it's the laws you are passing!

"That's nonsense as far as I'm concerned. That's a scapegoat and a copout. We're trying to do what we can do, the best we can do, for this city."
- The state is using sex offenders as their scapegoat, to get elected, and to "look tough," while not actually protecting anyone or preventing any crime!

Donna Ysebaert of Green Bay is a grandmother and said she worries about not knowing if a sex offender lives next door. The sex offender residence ordinance is a good idea but it needs to be tweaked, she said.
- So what about all the murderers, drug dealers/users, DUI offenders, gang members, what about them? They are more dangerous than most sex offenders!

"If they're going to be released, they have to find housing somewhere," she said. "They're really not solving a problem. They're just making another one."
- Amen!

Ysebaert expressed concerns over copycat ordinances by surrounding municipalities and potential overcrowding at the Brown County Jail. She said if people support the ordinance, they can't complain about taxpayers footing the bill.

Jed Neuman supervises 52 probation and parole agents in Brown County. The sex offender ordinance isn't necessary, he said, since agents already require similar restrictions regarding housing and contact with minors.

"They've had to become real estate agents. It really makes our jobs quite difficult," he said.

Agents have to pick up offenders each morning when they stay at the Brown County Jail to help them look for housing, then drop them off each evening. Agents have reduced their caseloads to remain effective at protecting the public and rehabilitating the offenders, he added.

_____, 23, was convicted of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl when he was 19 in 2006. He said the city ordinance is a good idea because it rewards those who are doing something positive while also protecting the community.
- No, it's not a good idea, and it rewards nobody! This is a person who just doesn't want to "rock the boat!"

"I think it's good because it keeps a lot of the really violent offenders out, and people who have no support or income," he said.
- Yeah, notice how they get ONE OPINION and no more? Why don't they talk with over 100 or more offenders, then average it?  Then they'd get a better understanding of the offenders opinions!

_____ of Green Bay said the sex offender ordinance prevents people from being able to contribute to society.

"They're forcing them to be criminals because they have to lie about where they're living," he said.

_____'s son is a convicted sex offender and he said the ordinance should be eliminated.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

CA - Senator Runner Takes Aim At Sex Offenders On The Internet

Original Article

So, here we have Sen. Runner proposing a bill for those on probation/parole, yet here we have two other woman proposing another bill for ALL sex offenders. It seems like they have no clue what is or isn't being proposed in their own state...


Sen. George Runner (Contact) has introduced legislation that will stop convicted sexual predators on parole from opening accounts with social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and any other site that qualifies as social networking.

"I am a big fan of social network sites just like the next person, but unfortunately they create a virtual shopping mall for sex offenders on the prowl," said Runner, who also authored California's Jessica's Law and Amber Alert. "With this bill, we're going to shut the door on these malicious, dangerous people who prey on innocent and unsuspecting children."
- And just because sex offenders may be using the sites, doesn't mean they are "prowling!" Many use the site(s) just like you do, to keep track of friends and family, but you seem to think ALL sex offenders are "prowling" for their next victim, and using this, IMO, to make yourself look like you are actually doing something, while exploiting sex offenders, the public's fear (which was helped along by you and the media) to further your own career and reputation! This bill would not stop a TRUE predator from creating a new email in a matter of minutes and going "on the prowl" if that was their intent!

Senate Bill 1204 also requires sex offenders who have completed parole to register their email addresses with the California Department of Justice.

"Sex offenders are already required to register their street addresses with local police per Megan's Law," Runner said. "In the past decade it's become obvious that Internet technology is a convenient means for sexual predators to stalk potential victims. It only makes sense to require sex offenders to share their email addresses with law enforcement."
- Not from the study that was done by over 49 attorney generals and others, they say it's all blown out of proportion by the likes as you, and the media.

If the bill passes, California would be the second state to enact such a law; New York became the first when it passed a similar bill last year, known as "e-Stop", which was sponsored by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (Contact).
- Yeah, he's another jerk exploiting sex offenders and the public's fear to make himself look better!

In a December press release, Cuomo said more than 3,500 registered New York sex offenders have been purged from Facebook and Myspace since e-Stop was enacted, including a man convicted of assaulting a 14-year-old boy and another man who raped a 2-year-old girl.
- Yeah, purged without any evidence they were actually using the site to look for victims, but simply due to a label! He never told you, or will, on how many were actually doing something illegal either!

John Walsh, co-founder of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and host of "America's Most Wanted", supports New York's e-Stop saying last year in a press release that "New York sets the gold standard for other states to follow."
- And here is another idiot, who is exploiting his own sons death, IMO, to make himself rich, but that is just my opinion! It has never been proven that a sex offender harmed his child, yet he and everyone else assumes it was. And the person they blamed for it, Ottis Toole, was a serial killer and pathological liar, not a sex offender.

Runner's SB 1204 will be heard in the Senate Public Safety Committee and Senate Appropriations before it receives a full vote on the Senate floor.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

TN - SORNA Rule - Improperly Promulgated

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"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

FL - Sex Offender Relocation Begins

Original Article (See Video Here)
See this for the TRUE story


Sex Offenders Live Under Julia Tuttle Causeway

MIAMI -- Several shacks and shanties are now a pile of rubble as advocates for homeless people ramp up the relocation of homeless sex offenders who have been living under a bridge along the Julia Tuttle Causeway.
- See the second link above. They are just saving face, and these "contracts" are for 30 days (I believe), then what is going to occur after that?  Another camp will be created somewhere else.  And this will continue until the laws are repealed!

City of Miami crews have begun the tear-down of makeshift shelters under the west bridge of the Julia Tuttle Causeway, which has become home to dozens of convicted sex offenders who are boxed out of most housing by buffer zones around schools. In January, Miami-Dade County passed an ordinance that streamlined that patchwork of laws and opened more areas to housing.
- No they didn't!  They basically just added 300 foot no loitering zones!

The crews are breaking down the makeshift shelters one by one as offenders are relocated.

_____, who lives in a camper along the causeway, said city crews are tearing things up, "and then they're not cleaning it up."

Local 10 learned 10 sex offenders were relocated from beneath the bridge last week, when Miami-Dade's Homeless Trust found them housing. Another 10 are leaving this week, and then their shacks will be torn down.
- Again, see the second link. Ron Book is just saving his on rear-end.  He is the one who lobbied for the very laws that made many of these people homeless in the first place, and now he's using tax payer dollars to find them temporary homes, but after that, the camp will pop up some place else. Ron Book is the head of the homeless trust, and he created the homelessness!!!  Ron needs to look in the mirror to see the true monster!

"We make sure all of their belongings are gone. We tell them we're going to get rid of the place that they were in," said David Raymond, of the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust.

The Trust helps pay for six months of rent and helps the relocated offenders find work.
- This is not exactly true, from what was said (at the second link above).

"We're committed not to just saying, 'Time's up and you're out of here. Go back to the bridge.' That is not an acceptable outcome," Raymond said.

When Local 10's Glenna Milberg asked Raymond what an acceptable outcome would be, he replied, "We'll see when we get there."

The Homeless Trust counted 28 offenders in residence under the Julia Tuttle Causeway at the moment, but the state Website that tracks sex offenders lists only nine, another sign that the residency laws might not be working, Local 10's Glenna Milberg reported.

There is no foolproof plan that will empty the shantytown permanently.

"As one leaves, another one comes back -- 'There's all the plywood, let me build me a new house,'" Norton said.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

CA - Bill to ban social networking for sex offenders

Original Article

Just the typical BS putting all sex offenders into one group of worse cases. Not all sex offenders use social networks to hunt for someone to molest, that is just absurd. You will also notice the "look at me" grandstanding in the videos below! They also fail to mention the MASSIVE STUDY done by many Attorney Generals, who said the issues was blown out of proportion!


By Marisa Lagos

Sex offenders in California would be barred from using social networking Web sites such as Facebook and MySpace under a proposed law aimed at making the Internet safer for children as more and more of them flock to the Web.

Citing horrific cases in which children were sexually assaulted by men they met online, Assemblywoman Norma Torres (Contact), D-Pomona (Los Angeles County) introduced the bill last month, which would make it a crime for Californian's 63,000 registered sex offenders to use any social networking site. The proposed law defines those as a Web site "designed with the intent of allowing users to build networks or connect with other people and that provides means for users to connect over the Internet."

Assembly Bill 2208 is similar to legislation passed last year in Illinois, but doesn't go quite as far as a New York state law that additionally requires sex offenders to register their e-mail addresses and online aliases with state authorities, who can then turn over the names to the companies that run the social networking sites. After the New York law passed, 3,500 sex offenders were purged from MySpace and Facebook by the Internet companies.

All of the laws depend to some extent on the assumption that sex offenders will police themselves.

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris (Contact), who is sponsoring the measure, acknowledged that the proposed law isn't a fail-safe measure, but said it will offer a deterrent to sex offenders who do not want to return to jail. Harris, who specialized in child sexual assault cases as a courtroom prosecutor, said it will also create more public awareness around the issue and give law enforcement another tool.

"The carrot is don't get on these sites, and the stick is we will prosecute you," said Harris, who is running for state attorney general. "In my experience, these types of predators are a slimy group and they don't want to go to jail, and what we're telling them is that if you go online and start chatting with my 12-year-old niece, you're going to jail."

The number of users on social networking sites has doubled since 2007, Torres said, and many of those users are children. She noted that just last month, a 33-year-old man lured a 12-year-old girl to a hotel in Anaheim, where she was sexually assaulted.

Facebook attorney Chris Kelly, another attorney general hopeful, said the law is a good first step but noted that it is often difficult for social networking sites to identify sex offenders without knowing how they identify themselves online.

"It's a good start," he said. "But it needs to be strengthened."

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"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

SD - House panel passes sex offender bill

Original Article


The House Judiciary Committee unanimously passed a bill Monday that would allow registered sex offenders to live in halfway houses or homeless shelters in community safety zones.

Senate Bill 7 would allow sex offenders on parole to stay at halfway houses within 500 feet of parks, pools or schools as long as they are supervised.

It also allows homeless offenders to stay in shelters regardless of location. In Sioux Falls, the only homeless shelter that will accept registered sex offenders, Union Gospel Mission, is adjacent to a park.

The bill, which already passed the Senate, now moves to the full House for a vote.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin