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CHINA - Chinese girl, 9, becomes one of world's youngest mothers after giving birth to a baby boy

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By Richard Shears

A nine-year-old Chinese schoolgirl has become one of the world's youngest mothers after giving birth to a healthy boy.

The unnamed girl was brought to a hospital in Changchun, which lies in the north-east of the country, when she was eight and a half months pregnant.

Two days later, she gave birth to the 6lb boy by Caesarean section, a Chinese newspaper has reported.

The child comes from the nearby town of Songyuan. Her family refused to discuss the pregnancy, but confirmed they had reported it to the police.

Last night police were reportedly trying to establish who the father is.

In the province, sex with a child under the age of 14 brings an automatic rape conviction and a lengthy jail sentence.

A legal expert told the paper that women under the age of 14 do not have sexual rights - 'so any argument of being consensual as a defence is completely untenable,' he said.

He added: 'Anyone who had sexual relations with a girl under 14 means they have committed rape and is to be punished severely.'

A hospital in China's largest city, Shanghai, recently said that about 30 per cent of abortions were on school-aged girls.

The youngest reported mother in the world - and the most bizarre of all young pregnancy cases - is five-year-old Lina Medina of Peru, who gave birth to a 6lb son named Gerardo in a Caesarean operation in 1939.

Her father was arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse but was later released because of lack of evidence.

In 1957 another Peruvian girl, aged nine, gave birth to a girl weighing just over 6lb and, curiously, it was in 2006 that yet another Peruvian girl, aged eight, gave birth to a 4lb 4oz girl.

Several other girls aged nine, from Thailand, Singapore, Rwanda and Brazil, have also given birth.

Mothers aged as young as 10 and 11 have also become an increasing occurrence.

The youngest mother in Britain is believed to have been 11 when she got pregnant and 12 years old when she gave birth.

GA - Renee Unterman exploiting fears to further her career? (Grandstanding to the sheeple!)

So, the second person clearly said the existing laws work, which I beg to differ, but if they are, then why do you need this grandstanding and boasting press conference? To make yourself look better to the sheeple? You people make me sick!

And what is up with the praying? Clearly you do not practice what you preach. Hypocrites and politics as usual!

Video Link | Senator Renee Unterman (Email) | SB-69

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IN - Missing Girl Probably Raped

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Nation's Strangers Decry Negative Portrayal Among Children

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WASHINGTON - Addressing reporters from behind a row of juniper bushes, a coalition of sketchy single men gathered in Washington on Monday to protest the "negative, demeaning, and often hurtful" portrayal of strangers when it comes to the nation's children.

"For years, strangers in this country have been depicted in an unfavorable light," said Strangers of America president Paul Hughes, dressed in his usual outfit of trench coat, gray slacks, and colorful Yu-gi-oh! baseball cap. "These days, it's almost impossible for a stranger to wake up in the morning, drive to a nearby park, and spend the afternoon quietly watching from the sidelines without young boys and girls immediately jumping to conclusions."

"It's a sad fact, but most children won't even talk to us at all," Hughes, 33, added. "Not even the little blond-haired ones."

According to SOA organizer Charles "Smiling Chuck" Osterhaus, strangers across the United States have long faced discrimination, with parents, teachers, and other authority figures regularly spreading lies about their intentions and warning children to refrain from accepting any of the delicious, delicious candy they have to offer.

In fact, Osterhaus said, a recent survey conducted by the organization found that almost 99 percent of all strangers are not actually the "bad men" they are so often portrayed to be, and most really do have the latest video games and comic books waiting back in their awesome basements, where there aren't any boring rules and everyone can just have fun.

"Why should I be made to feel like some kind of monster, just because I happen to own a van, and enjoy driving that van around the city, with maybe a little puppy or an adorable kitty cat in the backseat?" said Chicago-area stranger Dale Phelan, adding that it's wrong to judge people based on how they look, or the fact that they've never had a serious relationship their whole adult lives. "I've heard some of the terrible things people say about us strangers, and to be honest, not only is it hurtful, but the whole thing just makes me feel kind of sad."

Added Phelan to a group of first-graders leaving a nearby library, "You wouldn't want to see your ol' pal Dale sad, now, would you?"

In response to what it called a "grave injustice" predicated more on fear-mongering and rumors than actual fact, Strangers of America announced that it would be taking a number of steps to restore the images of its members.

SOA chairman Kurt Brimer, who reportedly loves drinking orange soda, and especially likes it when the bubbles tickle his nose, told reporters that he would be holding a sleepover this Friday in an effort to dispel a number of ugly myths, and was inviting all children from the neighborhood, especially Brian or his brother Matthew, to attend.

Likewise, self-described "perfectly harmless" stranger Doug Shannow said that he was encouraging kids who still have doubts to just approach him anytime during the week, and he'd take them to McDonald's and prove that there's absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

"Even the word 'stranger' is offensive," said a local Denver resident, who looked vaguely familiar, though no one in attendance could place where they knew him from. "I'm friends with a lot of boys and girls, and I can assure you that they all know me quite well."

So far, however, the efforts of the nation's strangers don't seem to have produced any meaningful change.

"No way, Jose!" said Seattle-area second-grader Joshua Freeberg, addressing a nearby stranger lingering behind a local arcade. "You want to touch my wiener."

WA - Father of teen "sexter": My child's not a sex offender

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Well he/she will be now. When people do not think about what they wish for, this is what you get!


A father of a teen facing sex offender charges for taking part in a chain of picture phone messages says his kid is a good kid.

"My child's not a sex offender," the father, who wanted to remain unidentified, told KIRO Radio's Dori Monson.

His child is facing a Class C felony for forwarding on a naked picture of a 14-year-old girl.

Police say the girl had taken the photo of herself and sent it her 14-year-old boyfriend. The pair broke up before he sent the picture on. Police say the image was forwarded to dozens of students in at least three different schools.

Three teens were arrested and are facing charges that, if convicted, would require each to register as a sex offender and serve up to a month in detention.

"The intent of this picture was by no means to be viewed as pornography. It was more of a bullying thing. One child was mad at the other - asked the boy for the picture - wrote 'Ho Alert' on the picture, which is a sexually provocative picture," said the father.

The dad, who said he's stressed beyond belief and hasn't been able to sleep or eat, said he has punished his child for taking part in the forwarding chain. "That cell phone service is gone. Computer is gone. My child is an honor student and has never been in trouble," he said.

The father said he'd accept a misdemeanor or harassment charge, community service, or whatever else the court deems appropriate, but he argues that turning his child into a sex offender is wrong.

"It's horrifying. You're child does so well, they get straight A's, they do everything they're supposed to and you try to reward them and have these items." He added, "My child has a bright future, but if my child gets convicted, that future is gone."

The students have been released to their parents until a decision is made concerning criminal charges. The boy is a student at Chinook Middle School.

Deputy prosecuting attorney Rick Peters said those charges might sound harsh, but that's the statute they have to use, "In this case do I think the requirements for the charge itself seem harsh to a layperson? I think it is because I don't know that this particular type of situation was contemplated by the legislature when they drafted the legislation."
- You didn't answer your own question!

Peters said he would have flexibility with the teens' sentences, but wants them to know that "sexting" is not a light matter, "This is not a prank, this is a very serious situation."
- I think they know that by now, but labeling them a sex offender and ruining their lives?

WI - Random Lake passes sex offender ordinance

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Random Lake became the latest local community to limit sex offender residency when the Village Board of Trustees unanimously approved a new ordinance Monday night.

Sex offenders who committed their crime against a child under age 16 or who have been the subject of a special bulletin notification — a designation made by law enforcement based on the person’s likelihood to reoffend — are now banned from living within 2,000 feet of any school, licensed day care, park, recreational trail, playground or place of worship.

The state sex offender registry currently lists four sex offenders with Random Lake addresses, though only one of those offenders lives within the village limits. The ordinance does not apply if the offender already lives in the village, if the designated area is built after the offender establishes residency or if the address in question is also the primary residence of an immediate family member.

Random Lake joins Sheboygan, Sheboygan Falls and New Holstein among the local communities that have passed similar ordinances prohibiting most sex offenders from living within 1,000 or 2,000 feet of designated areas. All have passed the restrictions in the last year and a half.

The ordinance establishes a fine of up to $500 for each day a sex offender is in violation. The same fine would apply to any person who knowingly rents property to a sex offender.

Offenders can receive a waiver if approved by the Police and Fire Commission as well as the Village Board.

The ordinance also bans sex offenders from participating in any holiday event involving children under 18 years of age. The restriction specifically bans distributing candy and notes it does not apply if the event only includes children of whom the offender is parent or guardian.
- So does that include Halloween, Christmas, Easter, July 4th, and almost every other holiday?

NY - Social Web Sites Remove Those on NY Sex Offender List

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Not all sex offenders who use social networking sites are out trolling for kids to molest. That is like saying all politicians are corrupt greedy grandstanding a--holes, like Cuomo, which of course is not true! Hell, the Germans "purged" the Jews and other "non master race!"


Irondequoit - State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (Contact) visited Eastridge High School Tuesday afternoon announcing new developments in the fight to keep children safe from sexual predators online.

In a news release Tuesday, Cuomo announced a law he authored has now resulted in the removal of accounts associated with more than 4,300 registered sex offenders from major social networking sites.
- So Andrew, how many were actually using the social networking sites to prey on children? I am willing to bet less than 1%.

Cuomo says the problem is worse than people realize.
- Yeah right!  Where is your proof? Just because a sex offender is using the site, like everyone else does, doesn't mean they are doing illegal stuff, now does it?

As dangerous as you think this is, it's actually more dangerous,” he said. “As common as you think it is, it's actually more common because policing activity on cyber space is very, very difficult.”

New York’s law requires sex offenders to register their e-mail accounts, screen names and any other internet identifiers with the state.

Cuomo is sending letters to 14 web sites that primarily cater to children, like Webkinz and Club Penguin, to add to their security measures already in place by also agreeing to check with the state list.

According to the State Attorney General’s office, there have been 192 registered New York state sex offenders in Monroe County purged from Facebook, Myspace and 13 additional social networking web sites.
- So! It's discrimination! Kicking someone off due to a past crime. Hell, why don't we kick off all others who have committed any crime in their past? Then there would be nobody on the site! But, sex offenders are easy to target while looking like you are actually doing something. If it were not for this issue, what have you done for New York?

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OK - Man Under Fire For Housing Offenders

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Love Foundation, Inc.


Tom Wright Says He's Doing Work Of God

CHANDLER - A Lincoln County man is under fire for housing registered sex offenders near a camp where children stay.

However, Tom Wright told Eyewitness News 5 that he's doing the work of God by helping people nobody else would.

Wright provides work and room and board for seven sex offenders living on his property. He said it is a divine calling. But with a camp that children use just miles away, neighbors have called it careless.
- Careless? So how far would be enough to satisfy you ungodly people?

"One thing I was always wanting to do is I was wanting to help some people no one wanted to help," Wright said.

_____ is currently on probation for having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. He went to jail and is now one of seven registered sex offenders building houses for Wright just three miles north of Chandler.

"Everybody's sinned and come short of the glory of God -- and thank God that we have a God that forgives," he said.

The controversy centers on the Greenfield Winery, which sites exactly one mile east of Wright's property. In the summertime, Girl Scouts use the winery as a campsite.

While Wright cannot guarantee the safety of everybody in the community, he still feels like what God is asking him to do is the right thing.

"No, I can't guarantee it," Wright said. "But the probability of them going down there is a million to one."

For some families in Chandler, those odds are not good enough.

"No, not to me it's not," said Chandler resident Eva Lankford.

Lankford said she is concerned the offenders might find their way onto the streets of Chandler. It has already happened once.

Wright recently kicked two men out of his program for stealing.

The Lincoln County Sheriff said the men now live in tents, in Chandler, and check in once a week.

When asked whether Wright would shut down his program if one of the sex offenders reoffended nearby, he said he would not.

"Why would we want to penalize everybody because of what one person done," Wright said.

Wright is not breaking the law. Lincoln County commissioners have told him that he must provide counseling for the offenders to remain in legal compliance.

Wright is also in the process of building small houses in on his property for the offenders to live.

He said he would like to house 15 offenders.

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DEFINITION - Ex post facto

Click the "definition" link above for more.

An ex post facto law (from the Latin for "from something done afterward") or retroactive law, is a law that retroactively changes the legal consequences of acts committed or the legal status of facts and relationships that existed prior to the enactment of the law. In reference to criminal law, it may criminalize actions that were legal when committed; or to aggravate a crime by bringing it into a more severe category than it was at the time it was committed; or to change or increase the punishment prescribed for a crime, such as by adding new penalties or extending terms; or to alter the rules of evidence in order to make conviction for a crime more likely than it would have been at the time of the action for which a defendant is prosecuted. Conversely, an ex post facto law may decriminalize certain acts or alleviate possible punishments (for example by replacing the death sentence with life-long imprisonment) retroactively.

A law may have an ex post facto effect without being technically ex post facto. For example, when a law repeals a previous law, the repealed legislation no longer applies to the situations it once did, even if such situations arose before the law was repealed. The principle of prohibiting the continued application of these kinds of laws is also known as Nullum crimen, nulla poena sine praevia lege poenali.

Generally speaking, ex post facto laws are seen as a violation of the rule of law as it applies in a free and democratic society. Most common law jurisdictions do not permit retroactive legislation, though some have suggested that judge-made 'law' is retroactive as a new precedent applies to events that occurred prior to the judicial decision. In some nations that follow the Westminster system of government, such as the United Kingdom, ex post facto laws are technically possible as parliamentary supremacy allows the parliament to pass any law it wishes. However, in a nation with an entrenched bill of rights or a written constitution, ex post facto legislation may be prohibited.

Ex post facto is the uncomplimentary characterization of law and legislation that applies retroactively (i.e. "from a thing done afterward").

CA - Homeless offenders, trying to obey the law, are setup for failure by California police

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Homelessness due to legislation is sweeping the country, turning offenders into modern day lepers. Florida, Georgia and below for California. We are going to upload the homeless videos to the ModernDayLeper YouTube channel, instead of creating separate channels.


By Gene Haagenson

FRESNO (KFSN) -- Just before Christmas the City of Fresno installed floodlights to show off the historic water tower in downtown. But now the tower has become a beacon for homeless sex offenders on parole. They say it's one of the only places they can go to stay on the right side of the law.
- And the gestapo want to stop them, thus setting them up for failure.

The electrical outlets at the base of the tower are the attraction. These parolees are required to wear electronic monitoring devices on their ankles. The devices hold a charge for about 12 hours and must be charged for an hour in the morning and an hour at night. The trouble is dozens of these men live in a homeless tent encampment beneath a freeway overpass at the edge of downtown. They do not have access to electricity.

They were using an outlet at the state parole office, but their access was cut off two weeks ago. Their move to the water tower has not been embraced by the city. The old water tower also serves as a visitor's center for downtown. Police Chief Jerry Dyers said it's not an appropriate place for sex offenders to gather. "This is not the message we want to send. When people come to the water tower which is a visitor's center, that is not the image we want to portray," said Dyer.
- Come on, where the hell do you expect them to charge the devices so they can not get into technical violations?  I believe it's your intent, to have them fail and go back to jail/prison in the first place, that is pretty obvious.

Dyer said he is working with the state parole office to find another plug-in location, but indicated it might take awhile. In the meantime the city manager's office may turn off the power to the outlets at the tower.
- And thus many will go elsewhere, or be arrested on technical violations.  So much for rehabilitation, which has nothing to do with it, they want these people to fail!

One homeless sex offender who didn't want to be identified said, "Once you cut that off where are we going to go? We're going to go somewhere else, and they're going to turn that off. Then we'll go somewhere else and they will cut that off."
- Yep, the sex offender shuffle is a never ending game in California.

Without a source of electricity to charge their monitors the men will be breaking the law. Once the monitors are dead the men will be un-trackable to the law enforcement agencies that are supposed to be keeping track of them.

Brian Semsen, a Baptist minister who works with the offenders said the men in the camp are trying to comply with the law, but are being treated unfairly. "These folks out here on the street are the Lepers of our day. In Jesus' time Leper's were considered unclean. There were laws requiring them to segregate. They had to shout "unclean, unclean" when they approached others so they could warn them to stay away. Now these folks, these men are the Lepers of our day." Semsen said.

The sex offenders know they are unwanted, but said if they don't find access to electricity nearby, they will have to use outlets at businesses on the Fulton Mall, a popular public shopping area.

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Sexual predators exploit XBOX (Or so they say!)

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Criminals who are intent on committing crimes, will do so, but that doesn't mean all sex offenders who have a game console, are using it to troll for kids. Just more of the typical fear mongering. Teach your kids of the dangers, and how to handle it, etc. Their could be criminals out to harm your child anywhere, like McDonalds, the mall, store, gas station, etc. Do like you should do, and report it to the police!


By Heidi Hemmat

With their explosive sound systems and killer graphics, they are the video games kids are dying to play.

But XBOX live, Play Station 3 and even WII have become a sexual predator's playground.

That's because the games are interactive, kids are matched up with players all across the country, they can talk to each other, do battle in cyberspace and make friends.
- They can also ignore or report the people who do this also.

The problem; often times the players are adult posing as kids, luring children through headsets and instant messages.
- Often times?  Really?  You have proof of that? You play any game online, and you can bet there will be kids playing it as well, but like I said, doesn't mean some adult it trying to get them into having sex with them.

"It was very scary" says Erica McWhorter. She was playing XBOX when someone with the screen name,
started asking her personal questions through instant messages.

"He said, are you girl? How old are you? Do you have a web cam?" Then McWhorter says he asked her "if I wanted to see his private parts."

McWhorter reported the unwanted encounter to XBOX, and Romantic Devil was blocked from contacting her.
- Good, this is exactly what anybody should do!

But it made McWhorter realize just how dangerous XBOX could be for a child.
- Anything can be dangerous!

Video game Pedophiles have been arrested all across the country for everything from using XBOX to send nude pictures to arranging to have sex with a minor. The FBI says it's one of the fastest growing crimes.
- So where is the proof of this?  Or is this just the typical fear-mongering propaganda?

"Sex offenders will go anywhere kids go," says Jefferson County investigator Mike Harris. He says children are contacted by sex offenders through on line video games more often than parent's realized.
- That is BS!  Pedophiles, maybe, but not all sex offenders are child molesters either.  This is just more disinformation and BS!

"Children don't always tell their parents because their afraid they will take the game away instead of trying to solve the problem."
- So, why isn't the parents talking to their children and being parents? If these sheeple continue to let the government intrude into every aspect of our lives, eventually we will be Nazi Germany!

The makers of XBOX says parents can take control of the game by setting up what kind of games their children can play or by restricting access to XBOX live.
- So why doesn't xBox add an option to allow someone to block someone and/or report them as well?  That would be ideal, IMO.

But police say it is important parent's contact local law enforcement if their child is contacted by someone suspicious.

That's because there are ways to track down criminals through cyberspace.

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GA - Accused Child Molester Commits Suicide

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ATLANTA -- A Gwinnett County man accused of molesting several boys shot and killed himself at home Monday rather than return to court and sit through closing arguments.

Fifty-year-old _____ was facing a recommended 25-year prison sentence if convicted and could have received up to 400 years had he been punished for each alleged offense.

_____ was charged with two counts of aggravated child molestation, three counts of child molestation and 14 counts of sexual exploitation of children against seven alleged victims, all sons of family friends. They testified during the trial they were 8 to 10 when _____ wooed them with video games and sleepovers before molesting them at his home.

_____'s attorney, Eugene Novy, said he shot himself twice around 9 a.m., when he was due in court.

RI - Archambault leads Wallin in donations (As usual, politicians busting out sex offender issues at election time!)

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By Talia Buford

PROVIDENCE — Financially, Steven Archambault is leading the race to become attorney general, according to campaign finance reports filed with the Board of Elections.

Archambault seemed to lead the race in donations, raising $39,320 in the last quarter of 2009. His campaign has a current balance of $62,971.39. His opponent, Erik B. Wallin, has raised $4,301 during the same period. His campaign has a total balance of $19,847.

Candidates are required to file quarterly reports detailing their campaign finance activities to the state Board of Elections. As of 6 p.m. Monday, the Board of Elections’ Web site did not show any updated quarterly reports from two other rumored candidates, Rep. Patrick Kilmartin and Lawyer Robert E. Rainville.

Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch is term limited from running for the seat again. He is campaigning to become governor.

“As we move into this election year, my campaign is firing on all cylinders,” Archambault said in a news release. “I am picking up new supporters every day as I outline my plans and vision for the attorney general’s office.”

The bulk of Archambault’s donations spent this quarter — $10,850 — went to consultant and professional services provided by marketing firm LeftBrain Inc., Rob Horowitz Associates Inc., and Judith Dennis.

Among the high donors to Archambault’s campaign were: Dr. Yoash Enzer, a Providence-based cosmetic surgeon who donated $500; Attorney Joseph J. Voccola who donated $500; and Sam Butera of Cricket’s Restaurant in Smithfield, who gave $1,000 as his personal contribution.

Archambault, a Smithfield Town Council member, announced his candidacy in May and began fundraising shortly thereafter. He has already unveiled a “four-point” plan that calls for the state to take a tougher stance against drunken drivers, and last week called on the Health Insurance Commissioner to reject the Blue Cross proposed rate hikes.

Wallin announced his plans to run for office in November even though he’d created a fundraising committee as early as last February.

This quarter, Wallin spent $4,690 on campaign expenses such as lapel stickers, magnets, and letterhead with envelopes for his fundraising mailings. His largest donors included an $850 donation from James Hagan of Little Compton, and a $750 donation from Newport attorney Kevin O. Hagan.

Wallin said if he wins , his goal would be to lead an attorney general’s office that is more aggressive in fighting public corruption and more hands-on in helping cities and towns deal with sex offenders and gang violence. Among other things, he said, he would work to close loopholes on sex offender registries and seek tips through a corruption hotline. Most recently, Wallin has criticized Lynch for his handling of a corruption investigation into Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau.

Representative Kilmartin, the House majority whip, recently hired a campaign management team to help him with a possible bid. However, his most recent campaign finance report, filed in November, has him listed as seeking the office of state representative.

Rainville, a former probate court judge in West Warwick, is considering making a run for state attorney general and is expected to make a decision by the end of this month.

TN - Diane Black (running for senate) breaks out the sex offender hysteria, as expected!

Video Link | Diane Black (Contact, Email)

PA - Sex Offender Registration - Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney

Lawyers post these videos for free advertisement. Notice she did not mention anything about the unconstitutional portions of the laws? It's just a advertisement to get more business. Anyway, the link to their site is below, for those who may be interested.

Video Link | Web Site