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VIETNAM - Madsen - Diplomat pedophilia is widespread

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CA - Sex Offender Forced Out of Home In Carmel Valley

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Carmel Valley - There is a new twist in Carmel Valley. Parole officers force a sex offender to leave his home near a popular park. The home's owner Steve Fox told Central Coast News _____ moved in 4 months ago and told him about his past.

_____ claimed he was convicted of rape for getting an underage girl pregnant more than 20 years ago. Fox described him as non violent, nice and a good tenant. However, parole officers say that's not exactly true.

After neighbors and park officials complained, parole moved convicted rapist _____ from his residence on Garzas Road, "I think I would have every right in the world to have him stay out there because he is compliant with the law but because I want to be reasonable with him as well as the community we moved him," said Wes Ellison, supervisor of the local parole office.

Today Central Coast News learned _____ was not completely honest with his landlord Steve Fox. Fox gives children guitar lessons from his home, "He's been arrested for a prior rape back in 1983 he served a six year prison term for that and the conviction was for rape and lewd acts with a child under the age of 14," said Ellison.

_____ is now on parole for his second sexual offense. In 2002, when _____ was 44, he was convicted of unlawful sex with a minor under 18, "Nobody wants a sex offender living next door to them, I think that we've done what's expected of us by law, and that's what we have to stand by, by law," said Ellison.

Neighbors told me when they heard about _____ living with Fox they worried about the kids coming for music lessons. Parole says there were no violations at the home, "In this case we ran the individuals tracks and that individual has never been anywhere around that residence other than in his own residence," said Ellison.

While legally _____ had the right to live in the Carmel Valley neighborhood, Ellison says he understands why someone would try to spread the word about _____, "I think that's why Megan's Law is there. I think that everyone should be informed to the best that they can," said Ellison.

Neighbors said it was a huge relief _____ was no longer living at the Garzas Road residence, but parole said he's still in the Carmel Valley area.

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OK - No rape charges for 2 ex-Okla. gov mansion workers

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Two former governor's mansion employees will not be charged with raping female prison inmates assigned to work on the grounds because there is insufficient evidence to support such charges, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said allegations of forced sex made against _____, 40, and _____, 35, couldn't be corroborated.

"If any further evidence is obtained or discovered, we will review the matter and determine if charges should be filed," he said.

_____, the grounds supervisor, and _____, the executive chef, were fired from their jobs at the mansion in September after the Department of Central Services determined they had had inappropriate sexual contact with inmates they supervised.

An internal investigation by the Department of Corrections concluded the men committed sexual battery, forcible sodomy and rape against two women assigned to work at the mansion, according to agency spokesman Jerry Massie.

"We believe that it occurred," Massie said. "The charging is one for the district attorney's office. Those are difficult cases, particularly if you don't have any physical evidence."

Tim Henderson, an attorney for the fired workers, said his clients never had sexual contact with their accusers and that they did nothing wrong. He said the inmate-labor program plays an important role in helping rehabilitate inmates, but poses problems for state workers who supervise convicted criminals without extensive training.

"My clients don't have any training on how to handle inmates, other than they need to direct them to cut the bushes, pick up trash and mow the yard," Henderson said. "These guys aren't trained law enforcement personnel that know that when you're dealing with convicted felons, you have to be on high alert for lies, slander and your personal safety."
- You do not need training to sexually abuse someone!

Janet Roloff, an attorney for one of the former inmates, said she was disappointed Prater was not going to file charges in the case and thinks the investigation should be turned over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

"I don't think the investigation is complete," she said.

Inmates who worked on the governor's mansion grounds were temporarily reassigned after the allegations surfaced but have since returned, Massie said.

Both women waited until after their release from prison to make their allegations, and Roloff said changes are needed to protect inmates who want to speak out about wrongdoing.

"The system makes it punitive to report a crime," Roloff said. "It makes it risky to report that they've been a victim. They lose something. Time. Liberty level. That particular job. If they're not in that job they would be sent back to prison."
- The system doesn't make it this way, corruption does!

"They don't have a way to make confidential complaints and a guarantee there won't be retribution."

Gov. Brad Henry (Contact), who lives with his wife and three daughters at the mansion, declined to comment Tuesday.

Mansion officials ordered "refresher training" to remind employees they can't have sex with inmates but otherwise said Tuesday they didn't plan to alter the inmate-labor program for the mansion grounds.
- So are there inmates doing service for the community?  Or just the government (aka Slave labor)? I am not saying this is occurring, just wondering.

The prison public works program allows minimum-security inmates, even if they have been convicted of a violent crime, to perform various jobs for the state, cities and counties. To determine if an inmate is eligible, Massie said they must be screened by a committee, have a release date and have exhibited good behavior.

Inmates convicted of certain crimes, including sex offenses, murder or crimes against children, are not eligible.

"Generally, they're people we don't consider to be a risk, that interact well, that show good job performance," Massie said. "Obviously, since they'll be interacting in some cases with non-department staff, we want to be sure they exhibit behavior that would warrant their placement in the community."

Is Perverted-Justice going broke? Lord I hope so!

It seems PJ is going broke, from what someone posted elsewhere, about their latest tax returns. I have not seen the tax return, so take this with a grain of salt.

Your tax information is out of date. Basically, Xavier's broke. Highlights of the organization's tax return for the year ending 12/31/2008:

Total revenue: $54K
Total expenses: $178K (of which $135K was salaries and benefits)
Deficit: $123K

Assets at beginning of year: $160K
Assets at end of year: $36K

Salaries: Del, Frag and Xavier were each paid $21K. The remaining salaries and benefits money went to a handful of other contributors (and probably benefits for the admins).

Keep in mind these figures are for 2008, so the revenue for 2009 and the remaining assets are probably virtually nil by now. So as you can see, you're vastly over-estimating his income.

To put this in perspective, here are the revenue figures for the last three years:

2006: $825K
2007: $342K
2008: $54K

In business, they have a word for trends like this. The word is "nosedive." And since there are virtually no assets left, that means they burned through well over $1 million in a couple of years, the vast majority of it going to benefits and salaries for the three admins.

NM - Woman denies paying for child molester's beating

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By Reid Wright

CARLSBAD — A former Eddy County Detention Center employee faces a charge of criminal solicitation after allegedly attempting to pay an inmate to beat up another inmate: the man who was convicted of sexually molesting a 12-year-old relative of the employee.

Lisa Lloyd, 38, allegedly asked an acquaintance to deposit $100 in the account of Johnny Ray Brazeal, who allegedly battered _____ in jail after he was found guilty of criminal sex charges, an arrest warrant filed by the New Mexico State Police stated.

Detention center administration reportedly acquired a letter, apparently written by Brazeal after the alleged battery, requesting Lloyd to deposit the money in his account or he would tell his lawyer.

An internal investigation was conducted at the detention center and Lloyd was fired. ECDC acting Warden Shawn Funk reportedly declined to tell state investigators the details, saying they are personnel matters and therefore confidential, the warrant stated.

_____ was found guilty in August of criminal sexual contact and criminal sexual penetration of a minor and sentenced to 18 years in prison. The charge stemmed from an incident in December of 2008 in which a 12-year-old girl said _____ molested her in his recreational vehicle.

Brazeal pleaded not guilty to a count of aggravated battery for the alleged beating of _____ in August.

Lloyd pleaded not guilty to the charge of criminal solicitation. She was placed on a secured bond of $5,000 and awaits a preliminary hearing at 10:30 a.m. Feb. 26 at Magistrate Court before Judge Henry Castaneda.

ARC RADIO - American’s Reality Check Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When: Wednesday, January 6, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern

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Please join us Wednesday, January 6, 2010 at 8:00 pm Eastern, as we here at American’s Reality Check (ARC) Welcome James of the video “not a sex offender- please help”.

Young James was 18 when he and a friend were at a party and met a couple girls who they had consensual sex with. These girls told the youths they were 16 and 17 and led both young men to be misled..

James fought his case in the courts for two years and the young lady’s family supported him acknowledging their daughter lied to him the night they met.

Recently, James created a video in desperation to get his newborn daughter back who was taken from him and his ex-girlfriend due to a child abuse case and his status as a Registered Sex Offender. Under the current law James has five years left to register but has shown great courage and strength to go public in hopes to seek help in regards to getting his baby girl back.

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Please show your support and encouragement by attending the ARC show and sharing James story across the world. This young man’s cries for help must be heard!

ARC Hosts,

Kevin and Mary


NE - Attorney: Sex Offender Law Unconstitutional

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Law Took Effect Monday When Judge Lifted Restraining Order

OMAHA - A new law requiring Nebraska to post the names of all registered sex offenders on a public Web site went into effect Monday after a judge lifted a temporary restraining order.

Before the law, only registered sex offenders who were at high risk to re-offend appeared on the site.

Attorney Stu Dornan represents 23 low-level sex offenders. Dornan said the new law is unconstitutional and lumps all sex offenders together regardless of their dangerousness.

Dornan said the change affects sex offenders' family life, their right to earn a living and even their travel plans.

He said that if an offender were to be hospitalized for more than three days, it's now considered a change of address. That can lead to prosecution.

"They can be prosecuted for a felony if there're unconscious and in a hospital. That's very much a deprivation of their constitutional right to seek liberty," Dornan said. He vowed to continue his fight in federal court.

Nebraska's attorney general (Contact) said the new law will help protect society from sex offenders. The case affects sex offenders statewide.

"It's funny," said one man deemed a sex offender. "I would have dropped off the list the end of next year, right after Christmas. Now, it's for life."
- And that, is an ex post facto law, which is FORBIDDEN by the US and State Constitutions, and all those in office took an OATH to defend these documents, but as usual, they lied!

The man said he got two years of probation for fondling a child in 1997. He said the new law adds to punishment he has already served.

"How can the government get away with making a law that is a blatant violation of my constitutional rights?" the man asked.
- If they were following the constitution and their own laws, they couldn't, but, the government is corrupt and doesn't care about their own laws, so they can get a way with anything, and they are doing just that!

Sex offenders will now remain on the site from 15 years to life. The length of time depends of the offense committed, not on the likelihood of re-offense.

Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning said his office plans to register more than 200 sex offenders in this month alone thanks to the change in the law.

Since the registry is available online, the public will help law enforcement keep track of sex offenders.

I think public monitoring will increase substantially,” said Dunning. “There’s a genuine fear out there of how a sex offender in a neighborhood is going to operate.”

But Dunning said even with the public’s help, there’s a financial cost that comes with the changes. Two deputies are already assigned to monitor sex offenders full-time in Douglas County. An office worker has been added to help with the paperwork and computer checks.

Dunning said his department is getting some funding from the U.S. Marshal’s Office that will help pay for the overtime needed to let deputies do more monitoring. But keeping track of more than 800 sex offenders in the county is a big task.

Even though the new sex offender law is now in effect, the law continues to be challenged in court.

Attorney: Sex Offender Law Unconstitutional

Does Neb. Sex Offender Law Go Too Far?

Sheriff: New Law Means More Work

FL - Task Force to Stop Child on Child Sexual Abuse

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By Tara Herrschaft

Child on child sexual abuse touches and troubles the lives of thousands of children each year and the state of Florida is launching a new effort to stop it.

New research by the Justice Department shows more than a third of sex crimes against children are committed by other children.

The Florida Department of Children and Families identified more than 8300 children as either alleged perpetrators or victims of child on child abuse from 2008 to 2009.

And officials say it's critical to respond immediately. "Because many of the children that are abused at some point could later become abusers," said Alan Abramowitz, the State Director of the Family Safety Office for DCF.

The death of 7 year-old Broward County boy Gabriel Myers has sparked the DCF Secretary to form a task force. Myers was sexually abused by a 12 year-old boy and killed himself back in April. He was also on psychotropic drugs, which officials believe may have been another contributing factor. Now the group is holding hearings around Florida, gathering feedback to prevent future crimes.

"A lot of times we don't know particularly how to react to it. Either in the law enforcement side, the parental side, or the social worker side. So we've got to do a better job of preparing parents and in our case, foster parents with dealing with these issues. We've also got to do a better job of making sure the support systems are in place. Because it takes specialized psychological and emotional services to be able to deal with the child who's been victimized and equally important to deal with a child who's the victimizer," said Jim Sewell, the Special Assistant to the DCF Secretary.

The first hearing was a couple weeks ago, and there will be about five more. The Tallahassee meeting is scheduled for March 11th. Organizers are planning on submitting a report of their findings and recommendations to the DCF Secretary and then the legislature.

And for more information about this task force or reporting abuse click here.

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I got justice!

This was sent via email and posted with the users consent.

UPDATE: A users story of police abuse

I'm not a rapist, nor a pedophile. Never victimized a child, never forced anyone to do anything they did not want to do. I am, however, guilty of having sex with a girl who was 15, while I was 21. Not the brightest move I ever made, but it was done out of stupidity and loneliness, not malice and perversion.

I am 30 now, and a registered sex offender. Recently, at the beginning of December I was arrested at a protest. It was a peaceful protest, but the officers called on us, ran all of our names. Guess who's name they found interesting? They soon decided I was NOT in compliance with my registration requirements. (I was, they just didn't look anything up or make any phone calls!)

After being placed in handcuffs, the officers proceeded to announce to the entire group of protesters that I was a pedophile, child molester, pervert, one officer even stated that I beat and rape 11 year olds. All of which weren't true, and all of which they KNEW weren't true. They laughed, they took humiliating pictures of me, they even drove me to the jail with the windows of the car down while it was 43 degrees and I was soaked. (Why I was wet is a whole 'nother stupid story I won't waste your time with) My fiance bailed me out, and went to the doctor who said I had the start of hypothermia, and I spent weeks upon weeks trying to get over the sicknesses caused by their actions.

I started barking at everything I could. the ACLU, lawyers, public officials, and the police department's internal affairs division. I raised so much of a fuss that the internal affairs brought me in to identify the officers.

Today I went to court to face the music. CHARGES DISMISSED! The district attorney's office decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to pursue a case such as this. (My lawyer said because of the internal affairs investigation and the doctor visits, they clammed up quick to avoid a scene in front of the judge.)

Needless to say, I'm very pleased. My crime was nearly 10 years ago, and the victim in the case is STILL one of my best friends. My life has gone on and I've accomplished a lot for a sex offender without a family, support, or a dime to his name when he was released. If you don't take matters into your own hands, this damn curse, placed on you, can swallow you whole. It's a whirlpool that you cannot escape unless you learn to swim. However, it's a swim I'll be doing until the day I die. But for now, I got justice!