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RI - What he would do to child killers

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By Donita Naylor

SMITHFIELDRobert Croft, 74, has 10 great-grandchildren, if you include his step-great-grandchildren. Six of them are girls.

Inside his house, at 86 Pleasant View Ave., he displays family photos.

Outside his house, next to the Smithfield High School track, he displays a working guillotine.

Croft, who ran the biker bar Bonnie & Clyde’s for 35 years and now cleans at his daughter’s sports bar, Taylor’s Dugout, has strong feelings about people who commit unspeakable crimes against children.

I go back to Polly Klaas,” he says, which is 1993. She was abducted from her Petaluma, Calif., bedroom during a slumber party. When her body was found two months later, the Polly Klaas Foundation had already begun the work that has led to Amber Alerts, child-safety kits and three-strikes laws for repeat offenders.

Croft’s feelings are so strong that in 2005, after he heard about Jessica Lunsford, 9, a Florida girl who was kidnapped, raped, held prisoner and buried alive in garbage bags, he had a gallows built near his bar and hung an effigy of the suspect, identified by a sign as “child molester John Couey.”

Couey got the death sentence in 2007. A month ago, he died of anal cancer. Last year, when Croft heard about Caley Anthony’s body being found in a Florida swamp in a trash bag, “I blew my top.”

He thought: “Something’s got to be done.” So he hired a carpenter.

I took $900 out of the bank. Me and a carpenter built this guillotine. We built it because I couldn’t take it no more.”

It’s a working, life-size guillotine, built from plans the carpenter found at the library. Standing in Croft’s driveway, the guillotine can’t be seen from the school grounds, and the sign on top is too small to be read from a passing car. But people on foot or in vehicles slowed by high school traffic can see that it says: Cure for child abuse.

The guillotine, developed during the French Revolution as a humane form of execution, was legal in France from 1792 until 1981, when the death penalty was abolished.

Croft put the guillotine in his driveway in August.

I see it out there,” said John Cunningham, 75, a neighbor on Rosewood Drive. He said Croft kept it covered at first.

Cunningham wondered aloud Friday why the police haven’t paid a call, then said: “It’s Halloween, and people do crazy things.”

People honk their support, Croft said. After Somer Thompson was reported missing in Florida on Oct. 19 and her body was found two days later in a Georgia landfill, some people stopped and knocked on his door, he said. They were distraught. He said some advised him to call The Journal. “This should be in the paper nationwide,” he decided.

Somer Thompson was buried Oct. 27. He called the Journal Oct. 30.

If I can save just one child’s life, it’s worth it, to me.”

Why didn’t he make the blade from cardboard and tinfoil?
- Good question.  What is he going to do, when some kids come around, and wind up getting hurt from it?

Because it wouldn’t get the message across,” he said. To buy the stainless steel and have it cut on an angle and sharpened, he said, cost $300.” That’s how serious I was about it.”

These aren’t just little girls getting killed — these are barbaric crimes, what these girls have to go through.” He alternates between tears and anger.

He tells of a child (Jennifer Schuett, of Texas, 9 years old in 1990) sexually assaulted and left for dead in a field, her throat cut. She is 27 this year, and DNA evidence recently identified a suspect, who was arrested Aug. 14.

They got the guy! They finally got this guy!” Croft said. Lethal injection is too easy a death. “You can’t put him to sleep on a table."

These are barbaric crimes, and it takes a barbaric punishment… Do you think it would deter some of these idiots if they were dragged into Greenville for a public beheading? He said he would be happy to do the job."

He cares so much, he said, because of his great-granddaughters. “If anything ever happened to her,” he indicated a photo in the kitchen, “I would go insane.” He worries that the crimes continue and the victims are forgotten.

What if using violence to stop violence only leads to more violence? What if the only way to stop child abuse is to forgive?

I couldn’t do it,” he said.

This is my answer.”

"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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WI - Wisconsin sex offender e-registry passes Assembly

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By Shawn Johnson, Wisconsin Public Radio

MADISON (WPR) Convicted sex offenders would have to register any personal e-mail addresses or websites with the state under a plan that passed the Assembly Thursday (10/29).

The plan would cover everything from social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, to user accounts on Internet gaming networks like Xbox Live.

Fort Atkinson Democratic Sponsor Andy Jorgenson says the proposal will help the Department of Corrections keep an eye on offenders, and keep kids safe. He says the bill was written broadly to keep up with technology. Jorgenson says when he started crafting the bill, Twitter didn’t exist, but is now a major social networking tool.

The plan passed on a unanimous vote. It now heads to the Senate, which passed a similar bill last session.

"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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UK - Gary Glitter : Gary Glitter gets hanged in new controversial film

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Brit rock singer Gary Glitter, who is a convicted sex offender, is hanged in a controversial new film aimed at sparking a new debate on the death penalty.

The documentary-style Channel 4 drama, The Execution of Gary Glitter, is set in an imaginary Britain where capital punishment has been reintroduced after it was scrapped in 1969.

The film uses real offences committed by 65-year-old Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, and follows the fictitious trial, which saw him jailed for child sex abuse in Vietnam.

Scottish actor Hilton McRae, 59, plays the part of the pop paedophile in the film, which is to be shown on November 7.

The film portrays the public outcry and fierce parliamentary debate as the case grips the country, and it ends with the noose going round Glitter’s neck.

Channel 4’s research found that 70 per cent of Brits wanted the death penalty back.

“The debate around it arouses passions on both sides,” the Sun quoted head of documentaries Hamish Mykura as saying. (ANI)

"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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KY - Hawkins, Seum Wary Of Registered Sex Offender Concentration

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Senator Dan Seum is running for Mayor, no wonder!


By Gabe Bullard

With children out trick-or-treating this weekend, two southwestern Louisville politicians are concerned about a block of registered sex offenders living in their district.
- They are just grandstanding so they can look good for the upcoming election.  In the history of this country, one child has been harmed on Halloween, back in 1973.

Metro Councilman Doug Hawkins and State Senator Dan Seum (Email) held a press conference Friday to discuss a housing complex off the Greenbelt Highway where 40 registered sex offenders live in 36 units.

The offenders are not in violation of any laws, but Hawkins and Seum say they want warning signs put up in the area or legislation passed to limit how many offenders can live in a given area. Seum says doing that now would violate fair housing laws.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t tweak it or change it,” he says. “If you’re talking about people that have criminal convictions and they may have paid their dues and fines, if you will, or served their time. But if you’re a child molester out there, you’re pretty low on the totem pole as far as I’m concerned as far as rights go.”
- All people have rights, read the Constitution, which you took an oath to defend, and apparently lied about.

This is a sickness,” says Hawkins. “You would not take an alcoholic, a reformed alcoholic to a bar. We don’t need to have a high concentration of registered sex offenders in one particular area. Especially within 1500 feet of a daycare and right next door to family neighborhoods.”
- Sure I would.  After the alcoholic has been clean for years, then it would be safe to take them to a bar, if they are comfortable with it.  Just because they were an alcoholic, doesn't mean they always will be.

The owners of the apartment complex were not available for comment.

"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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FL - Halloween Display Sends Message To Child Predators

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This should be a hate crime, IMO.


EUSTIS - A mother in Lake County made an unusual Halloween display in hopes of sending a message to potential child predators.

Everyone who drives by Grove Street near Ward Avenue in Eustis sees what looks like a bloody person hanging from a tree. There is a sign next to the display that reads “Child Molester…What He Deserves.”
- Females also molest children. Must be a feminist who thinks all men are evil.

Cindy Hood said she was inspired to create the display by the case of the seven-year-old from a Jacksonville suburb, who was kidnapped and murdered last week.

The Somer Thompson case really just ripped my heart out because I'm a mother of multiples", said Hood.

Hood says she hears of sexual predators taking advantage of children all too often.

I know vigilante justice is not allowed, but this time of year, I think we can get away with it and expressing my opinion and what I really think needs to happen to these predators", said Hood.

There are some people however, who question if it's okay for children to walk down this sidewalk while trick or treating and see the display.

But people who live and work in the neighborhood say having a figure hang from the tree is just fine.
- What if it was a black dummy, and had racial overtones to it?  Seriously, I think something is in the water in Florida.

Anthony Nixon works across the street and isn't disturbed by the bloody mannequin dangling by a long rope.

I think a lot of people think this way…I have no remorse for child molesters. I'm with anything, people coming together to do anything to fight off child molesters. Halloween is for the kids", said Dixon.
- So are you for public lynchings?  I would not be surprised!

128 registered sexual offenders or predators live with a five mile area of the display.

"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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