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MI - Michigan State Trooper Charged With Sex Crimes

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21-Year Vet Could Face Life In Prison If Convicted

LANSING - A Michigan State Police trooper accused of sexually assaulting two women he met at a Lansing-area bar has been charged with 10 felonies.

Joseph Donovan, 48, was arraigned Wednesday.

Donovan, a 21-year veteran assigned to the Lansing post, was placed on unpaid suspension.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton, who was appointed special prosecutor in the case, charged Donovan with six counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, three counts of third-degree CSC and a count of assault with intent to commit sexual penetration.

Leyton said a 28-year-old woman and a 29-year-old woman were assaulted.

Donovan's preliminary exam will be held Nov. 5 in Lansing. He didn't have an attorney on record with the court.

If convicted, Donovan could face up to life in prison.

"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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TX - Authorities Watching Out For Sex Offenders on Halloween (Hysteria sweeping the country!)

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"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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Sex Offenders Not a Halloween Scare

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Read the comments on this article, here.  Despite all the evidence, people do not want to believe it, and would rather believe lies and myths.  Yes, this world has gone insane!


By Benjamin Radford

Each year at Halloween, parents have concerns about trick-or-treating, and many believe that a danger far graver than chocolate overdose awaits their children in quiet neighborhoods: sex offenders.

This scare is fueled by alarmist news reports and police warnings. In many states, convicted sex offenders are required not to answer the door if trick-or-treaters come by, or to report to jail overnight. In many states including Texas and Arkansas offenders will be required to report to courthouses on Halloween evening for a mandatory counseling session.

The theory behind such laws is that Halloween provides an opportunity for sex offenders to make contact with children, or to use costumes to conceal their identities. This has been the assumption among many local politicians and police for years. New research also shows that it is simply wrong.

A new study shows that the public has little to fear from sex offenders on Halloween. The research, published in the September issue of Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, examined 67,307 non-family sex offenses reported to law enforcement in 30 states over nine years.

The researchers wanted to determine whether or not children are in fact at any greater risk for sexual assault around Halloween. The answer was a conclusive no:

"There does not appear to be a need for alarm concerning sexual abuse on these particular days," the researchers state. "Halloween appears to be just another autumn day where rates of sex crimes against children are concerned."

Not only is the hype and fear unwarranted, but the study also suggests extra taxpayer dollars spent monitoring sex offenders on Halloween are wasted. All the mandatory counseling sessions, increased police presence, and so on had no effect at all on the incidence of sexual abuse on Halloween.

That taxpayer dollars are being spent on ineffective and misguided policies regarding sex offenders is not surprising to experts in the field, since the laws target a group that is actually among the least likely to offend against children. Despite popular belief, research has consistently shown that sex offenders are no more likely than other criminals to re-offend. The idea that sex offenders are incurable or require increased vigilance upon release simply has no basis in fact. Children are in far greater danger from their parents than any stranger on a sex offender registry.

These measures provide a false sense of security, since there is no evidence that the policies actually make children any safer. As the study’s authors note, traffic accidents are a far greater threat to children than sex offenders.

"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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ARGENTINA - His daughter falsely accused him of raping her, he spent 20 months in jail

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So parents, keep this in mind, if you tick off your child, this could happen to you. And false allegations happen quite often.


In Cordoba Province, Argentina, a 42 year old trucker spent 20 months in prison for a crime he did not commit. His daughter had accused him of rape, but it was all a lie caused by jealousy and spite.

Claudia Mireles, the man’s defense lawyer, said that everything was planned by the daughter of the defendant because “the man was too straight and wanted his daughters to be good people, to stay in school and to honor to the family.”

In December 2007, the man’s eldest daughter, who was then 17, told her mother that her father had been abusing and raping her since 2003.

_____, wife of the defendant, was attending an evangelical church and told a preacher what was happening. The man advised her to report it.

On February 7, 2008, police arrested the truck driver.

The daughter reported her father moved by revenge and jealousy: she was forced to stay in school, he criticized her friends because they were not doing well in school and on top of that she found in the man’s cell a text message from a woman who was not her mother.

When _____ was arrested, his family was visited by members of the evangelical church, who told them they should sell their house and give them the money because they had helped to free the family from danger and they were in debt.
- What kind of church is this?  A church I would not be attending!

During the investigation, _____’s mother in law told the prosecutor: “I received a message from God telling me that something happened in that house.” But in trial she denied having seen any suspicious behavior.

Yesterday, after leaving the courtroom, _____ embraced his family. His eldest daughter, the false accuser, watched him from a bench crying. Seeing her, the man approached, held out his hand and said: “Come here daughter, I forgive you.
- That is what forgiveness is all about folks!

"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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CA - Operation Boo Sequesters Homeless Sex Offenders

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In the entire history of this country, there has been only ONE documented case of where a child was sexually abused and killed on Halloween in 1975, and that was NOT by a registered sex offender. See the video at the end for more info.


By Vanessa Carr

No candy, no decorations, no porch light and definitely no trick-or-treaters.

On Halloween night, these things spell parole violation for some registered sex offenders in California, thanks to “Operation Boo,” a special one-night-only set of rules enforced by parole that includes a dawn-to-dusk curfew and prohibition against handing out candy.
- And again, this is for those on parole or probation only.  Those on neither, can do as they please.

But in San Francisco, because 67 of the 72 registered sex offenders on parole are homeless, Operation Boo calls in a different set of rules, according to Fred Bridgewater, the Region II assistant public information officer for the California Division of Adult Parole.
- That is a major red flag issue.  5 of those out on parole, are not homeless, all the others are.  Sounds like California has many leper colonies around the state, if this is the case.

Transient offenders must report to the Northern California Service League in SoMA from 5 to 10 p.m. on Halloween, after which the agency expects most children will be back at home. Year round, they must wear GPS tracking devices and report to their parole agents weekly to update them on their whereabouts.

In addition to those on parole, there are 58 registered sex offenders in the Mission District’s 94110 zip code who have completed their parole terms and therefore are not covered by Operation Boo.

Thirty-eight of those offenders were convicted of sexual crimes with children 15 and younger, according to the Megan’s Law website.

Though all sex offenders must register their addresses at least once a year for life, only offenders considered high risk are subject to residency restrictions once they have completed their two-year parole term. Those convicted of child molestation or child annoyance cannot live within a half a mile of a school, and sexually violent predators cannot live within a quarter of a mile.

Bridgewater said that although Operation Boo has been in existence for 17 years, “there are no historical problems that gave rise to this operation.” Sergeant Wilfred Williams, public information officer for the San Francisco Police Department, said he does not remember any major incidents involving sex offenders and children on Halloween during his 17-year tenure with the department.

The high number of transient parolees in San Francisco reflects the difficulty of paroled sex offenders complying with the 2006 Proposition 83 that prohibits them from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park, regardless of whether their offense involved children.

When you apply that to the city and county of San Francisco, virtually the whole city is not compliant,” said Bridgewater. The number of transient sex offenders rose dramatically soon after the 2006 law was implemented, according to data from the California Sex Offender Management Board.

The difficulty for sex offenders convicted in San Francisco and paroled after Proposition 83 was passed is that they serve their parole terms in the county where they committed their crime unless they are granted a parole region transfer–which is seldom successful.

This has left San Francisco sex offenders with few options and an increasing number live in encampments, under bridges or in parks. Only San Diego is as difficult a city for sex offenders to find housing, Bridgewater said.

Two Bay Area civil rights attorneys are challenging the legality of the residency restrictions imposed by Proposition 83. They are representing four parolees—including one who lives in San Francisco—in cases that will be argued in front of the California Supreme Court on Nov. 3.

We want the court to rule that this law violates the state constitution and shouldn’t be enforced,” said Ernest Galvan, one of the attorneys.

The 17-member California Sex Offender Management Board—representing both state and non-governmental agencies—issued a report in January 2009 recommending “that the California State Legislature, Governor, and local governments reconsider residency restrictions to create an offender housing and supervision solution that balances three essential concerns,” including public safety, fair share and local control.

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"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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MO - Law enforcement to do check on sex offenders on Halloween night

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It appears that Missouri has a law that requires ALL registered sex offenders, even those OFF probation and/or parole, to not celebrate Halloween, see here.


By Brian Blackwell

Some area law enforcement agencies are stepping up efforts to watch sex offenders this Halloween.

"We're doing what we can to make sure children are safe when they go trick-or-treating," said Sgt. Sharon Jones of the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department. "And that's what we're supposed to do -- protect kids."

The sheriff's department is planning on visiting the homes of 94 registered sex offenders not on probation in the county Saturday. Jones said that last year only a handful were found in violation of a Missouri law requires the sex offenders to remain inside their homes from 5 to 10:30 p.m. on Halloween, post a sign stating they cannot give away candy and turn off lights on the outside of their residence.

Jones said they'll make sure they are following the law passed in 2008, which the American Civil Liberties Union (Contact) is challenging in court. A decision on cases pending in the U.S. District Court for the East District of Missouri and the Circuit Court of Cole County could come today or as late as Saturday.

A message left with an ACLU legal representative was not returned.

Lt. Gary Bledsoe of the Scott County Sheriff's Department said his department was in a wait-and-see mode until they made concrete plans for how they'll enforce the law. Like last Halloween, members of the sheriff's department will more than likely do random checks at the homes of registered sex offenders.

"It'll be a low-key thing for us," Bledsoe said. "We're going to do our best to prevent something horrible from happening. If it stands, the law is a good thing for known dangerous sex offenders with repeat offenses."
- See the videos attached to the link above.  In the last 100 years, there has been only one case of a child being sexually abused and killed on Halloween, and it wasn't by a registered sex offender.  So, the moral panic continues.

Cpl. Adam Glueck of the Cape Girardeau Police Department said officers won't be paying a visit to every registered sex offender in the city. Glueck said officers will respond if they receive a call to investigate the incident.

"With Halloween falling on a Saturday night, it'll be busy anyway," Glueck said. "We plan on having some extra officers on duty that night in case anything unusual were to happen."
- So, tax payers will be paying for extra cops, to sit around and do nothing!

"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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FL - Halloween Sex Offender Sweep

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"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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VA - Ex-cop to serve one year in sex assault

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So much for EQUAL justice. If you are a cop, lawyer, judge, politicians, celebrity, female teacher, you get off easy, instead of being held to a higher standard. Seems like we have a lot of stuff backwards in the government these days. Just about all the articles I have on this blog, about those mentioned, they get light sentences, compared to the average male.


YORK - A former Newport News police lieutenant will spend a year in prison for a sexual assault he committed late last year.

Ronald M. Hendrickson, 47, of Yorktown, was sentenced Thursday in York-Poquoson Circuit Court to a 15-year sentence with all but one year suspended for sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman last December.

Substitute Judge Thomas Nance also imposed a list of conditions Hendrickson must abide by once he is released into supervised probation. Among them, Hendrickson must participate in sex offender treatment at his own expense, take a polygraph test regarding his use of the Internet and not use the Internet "for any purpose."

By Virginia statute, Hendrickson will also have to register as a sex offender.

Nance warned that if Hendrickson violated any of the provisions, "I'm going to give you the other 14 years."

For the first time in the case, Hendrickson addressed the court regarding his actions, calling them "reprehensible."

Hendrickson cited alcoholism and job stress, including the violent death of a police colleague several years ago, as contributing factors. He said he had become "dead inside" and was aware he needed treatment, but avoided it due to a "stigma" he feared as a police officer.

Since his arrest, Hendrickson said he began attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and has undergone psychological counseling. He said he has also started to repair family relationships.

"I have a whole new life now," Hendrickson told the court.
- Actions speak louder than words.

Much of the approximately hour-long hearing consisted of character testimony from his wife, mother-in-law, father, brother and a daughter, among others.
- Of course they will say he's a good man, most families do.

Hendrickson's father, Harold Hendrickson, said his son was a "good man" who succumbed to alcohol and job stress. Prior to the incident, Harold Hendrickson said his son told him, "Dad, I feel dead inside. I don't have any emotions."

Hendrickson's wife, Carol, said the couple had begun to repair their relationship and asked the court for a punishment other than incarceration.

But special prosecutor Leslie Siman-tov argued for significant prison time.

"He's someone who knew what he was doing. He knew it was criminal," she said. "He chose to betray his badge."

Last month, Hendrickson pleaded guilty to a single felony charge of object sexual penetration as part of a pre-arranged agreement. In exchange, Siman-tov dropped felony charges of possession of child pornography, filming a non-consenting nude minor and production of child pornography.
- Of course, drop it for a cop, but the average citizen?

The charges stemmed from the woman's accusation that Hendrickson tried to force himself on her after she rejected advances he made after the pair drank alcohol together.

Early in the case, Siman-tov declined to prosecute felony charges of abduction and abduction with intent to defile and misdemeanor sexual battery that were brought in conjunction with the accusation. The child pornography charges were filed in April after the discovery of a video that depicted the victim while she was still a minor.

At the time of his arrest, Hendrickson was a patrol supervisor assigned to the Newport News Police Department's South Precinct. His employment with the department ended in February.

"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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KY - Parole Officers Ignoring a Court Decision?

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Attorney General Says This Is Wrong!

So why have a supreme court if their decisions mean nothing? It usually works the other way around. When something is deemed unconstitutional, then the police stop enforcing the law. Once the appeal is done and it's deemed a law again, then they re-enforce the law, but, when you have corruption everywhere, what do you expect?


Despite the state Supreme Court decision calling a 2006 law dictating where convicted sex offenders can live "unconstitutional," probation and parole officers will continue to enforce the law as it stands.
- It isn't standing, it's been ruled unconstitutional!

A spokeswoman for the state Corrections Department says that's because Attorney General Jack Conway (Contact) has asked the high court to stay their decision while he appeals it to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Conway told ABC 36 News the decision to continue enforcing the 1,000 feet limit for schools, playgrounds and public parks was the Correction Department's, not his.

Asked if it was fair for people convicted before the law took effect to have additional penalties or burdens imposed upon them, Conway said, "I think there's a difference between a penalty and a burden. It's a balancing test. And you have to balance the additional burden of someone who's committed a sex offense and may, because of the nature of the offense, pose a continuing threat to society versus the needs of society."
- In other words, the constitution and his "oath of office," mean absolutely nothing!

Even before the Oct. 1st Kentucky Supreme decision, the 2006 updating of Megan's Law had its critics.

Ginny Ramsey of the Catholic Action Center said she supports the Sex Offender Registry, a website showing where every sex offender in Kentucky lives, but says the stricter residency requirements make it harder to keep track of them.

"You can't do that if they're homeless. And you can't do that by marginalizing them to certain areas of town, is what happens. The low income areas of town are all taken up," Ramsey said.

A news release from the Attorney General's office said they have until the end of the year to submit their case to the U.S. Supreme Court, which is not required to hear it. If it doesn't, Conway said sex offenders convicted before the 2006 law went into effect would not be required to observe the residency requirements.

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"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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MI - Grand Haven cop won't be on sex offender list

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By Ken Kolker

GRAND HAVEN (WOOD) - A former Grand Haven police officer lost his job and could lose his freedom for his on-duty sexual encounters, but one of his victims says she can't understand why his name won't appear on the state's sex offender registry.
- He's a cop, that's why!

She thinks Thomas Carey belongs there to warn other women.

"He's just a sick person that takes advantage of women that can't help themselves," the woman told 24 Hour News 8.

Carey, 47, a 20-year veteran and one-time Grand Haven Officer of the Year, could face up to five years in prison when sentenced on Nov. 2 in Ottawa County.

But it was a deal worked out between Carey's attorney, Charles Rominger, and Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth that will keep him from the sex offender registry.
- I hate double standard.  If this man was not a cop, he'd be in prison and on the registry for life, like all other citizens.

Rominger said his client, who is married, is not a predator and doesn't belong on the list.
- But he's a sex offender, if convicted!

"I think it does a disservice to characterize this as a renegade police officer who was using his badge and authority to obtain sexual favors from non-consenting adult women," Rominger said.

That's not how state police saw it -- at least originally.

They investigated the case as first-degree sexual assault involving two vulnerable women -- ages 43 and 67 -- and an officer abusing his authority for sex, according to state police reports obtained by 24 Hour News 8 through the Freedom of Information Act.

The reports provide new details on the investigation -- and raise new questions.

Carey pleaded no contest to misconduct in office and gross indecency, the same kind of charge two consenting adults would face for having sex in public.
- But instead of holding him to a higher standard, like they should, he gets slapped on the wrist for being part of the "Good Ole' Boys club!"

First-degree sexual assault carries a maximum sentence of life in prison; the most he can get now is 5 years.

Rominger said the officer agreed to gross indecency because it's not among the charges that land people on the sex offender list.

The 43-year-old victim said Carey first targeted her in early 2008, when she called police to report a suspicious person. Officer Carey -- the city's K-9 handler -- responded.

"I'd seen this cop before," she told 24 Hour News 8. "I've had other incidents and he was, you know, I could tell he had a crush on me, you know, that he liked me."

She had been diagnosed with mental health problems -- major depression, a dependent personality -- and other health issues, including insulin dependent diabetes, state police records show.

The officer was especially nice, the woman told police. He hugged her, told her a shower would make her feel better.

An hour or so later, he returned, providing more comfort, she said.

"He was holding me, rubbing my back," she said.

Then, the visits became regular -- Carey tapping on her window late at night, within view of the Grand Haven police headquarters.

Once, he appeared suddenly, in uniform, in her bedroom at 2 or 3 a.m, standing in the dark, she told police.

She couldn't undertand why his bosses didn't know.
- Um, they are not psychic, you must tell them.

"It's evident, I mean he come knocking on my bedroom window at 1 o'clock in the morning," she said. "I mean, how can you hide, you know, a police officer, you know, in his uniform, dressed, banging on someone's bedroom window?"
- It's not like they follow him around 24/7.  Come on, are we really that ignorant?

She felt obligated, she told police, to give him what he wanted: Oral sex -- up to a dozen times during the course of 14 months, almost always while he was in uniform and with a gun on his belt.

Each incident "was pretty much the same," lasting 15 to 20 minutes, and "when he was done, he would leave," the woman told police. He never used force or threatened her, she said.

He called her "his girl," and told her, "You want it, don't you?" she told police.

"When asked why she didn't resist or say no, (her) response was she felt she had to and that he was a figure of authority, a police officer," wrote the state police detective who interviewed the woman.

"He has a gun," the woman told 24 Hour News 8. "I asked him one time: What would happen if his gun was to go off? I said, then you've got some explaining to do."

The victim kept the secret until March 2009, when she told her psychiatrist and her Ottawa County Mental Health caseworker, reports show. The allegations reached Grand Haven Public Safety Chief Dennis Edwards, who asked state police to investigate.

"I blame myself," the woman said. "I mean, I could have said no, but what do you say? He's a cop."

Carey denied the allegations when he met with a state police sergeant on June 4 at the Grand Haven Municipal Marina. The frequent visits with the woman, he said, were good public relations.

State police interviewed neighbors, who thought the officer's frequent visits were to check on the woman.

They also searched Carey's police locker and his Grand Haven Township home. It appears they found no evidence of sexual assault. Among the evidence they sought: Green or blue men's bikini underwear described by the victim.

But it was another detail the victim described -- a blue, oval tattoo -- that convinced state police she wasn't making it up.

State police got a search warrant for Carey's body. And, there it was -- a tattoo on his upper arm in honor of fallen Grand Haven Officer Scott Flahive, shot in 1994 in the line of duty.

Then, the biggest breakthrough for police, in August: Rumors about a similar relationship with a 67-year-old woman.

This started in 2005 -- about the time Carey was named Grand Haven Police Officer of the Year. She had called police to report a fraud; Carey helped investigate.

First came the compliments -- he said she looked sexy -- then hugs and kisses, she told police. She described the first visits, some in the middle of the night, as uncomfortable. She described their last encounter as "repulsive."

The sex acts -- 50 to 60 in all -- weren't consensual at first, she said, but it developed into a relationship that lasted several years.

She told police, "He would keep his uniform on and that he would just unzip his pants."

State police described this victim also as vulnerable; she'd been seeing a psychiatrist for 20 years for a chemical imbalance and clinical depression, records show.

Without the second victim, prosecutors would not have filed charges at all, sources told 24 Hour News 8.

Carey's attorney said he negotiated a deal with Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth before charges were filed.

"My assessment was there was just as good a chance of an acquittal as there was a conviction," Rominger said.

Forsyth, who'd been asked to handle the case as a special prosecutor, wanted a felony sex crime conviction, and for Carey to never work again as a police officer.

Carey wanted to stay off the sex offender registry.

They both got what they wanted.

Carey got quick service in court: Charged and arraigned in Grand Haven District Court, then pleading no contest in Ottawa County Circuit Court -- all on the same day.
- Again, preferential justice.  The average citizen would not receive any of this special attention and slap on the wrist!

Forsyth wouldn't comment on the case.

Carey's former boss, Grand Haven Public Safety Chief Dennis Edwards, said he was satisfied with the charges. State Police Lt. Curt Schram, whose office investigated the case, said he believed the charges were appropriate.

Prosecutors would have had a difficult time proving the women were too vulnerable to consent, they said.
- Bulls--t!

"At what point is somebody so incapicitated that they can't choose for themselves?" Edwards said. "It's better to get some conviction than to have a trial and end up with no conviction."

Carey's attorney agreed.

"They made knowing choices, willful choices," he said of the women. "There was benefit in the relationship to them."
- Not apparently from what the woman has said.

The victim tells 24 Hour News 8 she plans to attend the sentencing, and has written to the judge, but she won't make a statement in court.

She no longer trusts police, or the system, she said.

"If he gets any jail or prison time, I don't think he's going to get the maximum that he should, being a cop," she said.

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"That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing." - Martin Luther King (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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