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Woman Sues Dr. Phil McGraw for Alleged Sexual Harassment, Brainwashing

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Hmm, he's had several cases of sexual harassment/abuse lately, but, this does sound, to me, like an extortion attempt, but time will tell.


A former patient of Dr. Phil McGraw has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the talk show host alleging that she was sexually harassed, brainwashed and subject to fraud at the hands of the doctor and members of his staff.

Plaintiff Shirley Dieu claimed she was “held against her will” in McGraw’s Hollywood production offices in 2007 after seeking therapy from the television personality. Dieu also claims in the suit that she was “forced to be in the same room as a completely naked live man (employed by McGraw) while he exposed his entire naked body”. Dieu alleges she was “blocked by staff” when she tried to escape and the phone was disconnected when she attempted to call 911 – resulting in her suffering from “post traumatic syndrome.”

According to the suit, Dieu was also subjected to “brainwashing” while under McGraw’s care and “suffered public ridicule and humiliation” when she was forced to watch edited tapings depicting her as a different personality than her own.

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But that’s not where the allegations end – the plaintiff additionally claims that she endured mental and physical abuse, was deprived of sleep and food during this time and “touched inappropriately by different defendants” – one of which being McGraw who Dieu alleges touched her left breast.

The suit also accuses the defendants of fraudulently obtaining Dieu’s signature on waiver/release forms by withholding certain pages of the document.

Dieu is seeking unlimited general damages, punitive damages, exemplary damages and fees and court costs as a result of the “sustained serious personal injuries and mental anguish due to unethical and illegal practices”.

A rep for McGraw did not immediately respond for comment.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings & NAMBLA

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"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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CA - Ordinance Would Make Bell Gardens Off Limits to Most Sex Offenders

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Hell, do you expect sex offenders to know all the places they can and cannot go to? This is just setting them up to fail, period. You might as well just forget making a law, so you can look tough, and arrest all sex offenders and put them in prison. After all, that appears to be your goal in the first place, and to make laws, so you can look good to the sheeple. You might as well put all kids in a plastic bubble!


Bell Gardens’ City Council will revisit an ordinance on Monday that aims to tighten residency restrictions and could make much of the city logistically off-limits to registered sex offenders wanting to move into the 2.4 square mile southeast community.

The proposed ordinance, No. 828, amends the city’s municipal code section “Public Peace, Morals and Welfare,” and adds tougher local restrictions to California’s law that already prohibits registered sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet from schools or parks.

The ordinance would expand the distance to 2,624 feet for “sensitive use sites” that include other places children congregate. In addition, the ordinance establishes a provision that prohibits registered sex offenders from loitering within 300 feet (almost the length of a football field) of the “Sensitive use sites,” including retail stores that reserve 80 percent of their floor space for items directed at children, according to Bell Gardens Police Department’s Lt. Jeff Travis.

Bell Gardens will define “Sensitive use sites” as places where children congregate, including: amusement and videogame arcades, child care centers (including the Human Services Association on Florence), businesses that cater to children (like Toys “R” Us on Eastern Avenue), community and cultural centers, internet cafes, schools (public, charter or private), instructional studios (music, dance, gymnastics, etc), tutoring or learning centers, youth camps, and youth centers (Boys & Girls Club on Perry Road, etc.).

The ordinance was well received by the city council after it’s first read-through on Sept. 28, with all council members present voting in favor of the ordinance and some expressing frustration that sex offenders’ have any rights at all.

According to the draft agenda report for Oct. 12, voter approved Proposition 83, known as “Jessica’s Law” permits municipal jurisdictions to enact local ordinances that further restrict the residency of any person for whom registration is required pursuant to the “Sex Offender Registration Act.”

City Manager Steve Simonian told EGP the ordinance will expand “safe zones” for minors but it was not done with specific sites already in mind.

It’s for the present and the future, so if they were to build a “Chuck-E-Cheese,” or a video arcade or a movie theater, any of those places where kids congregate, would make this a safe zone,” he told EGP shortly after the last city council meeting in September. “The idea was to try to create these safe zones around children whether it today or the future we don’t know what’s going to be built.”

While there are currently no theaters, arcades, nor Chuck-E-Cheese like restaurants in the city, the ordinance would expand beyond the currently restricted seven public schools and 10 city parks, to an additional 20 licensed daycare centers, the local Boys & Girls Club, and numerous mom-and-pop shops that cater to children.

On Sept. 28, Interim Police chief Robert Curtis told EGP that there are currently 48 registered sex offenders living in Bell Gardens.

Our detectives keep a very close eye on them, we know where specifically most all of them are. There are still a few we are trying to locate but generally speaking we have a very detailed list of who they are and where they live and our detectives are keeping a very close eye one them,” Curtis told EGP.

According to the Community Development Department, Bell Gardens is only 2.4 square miles.

Converted into feet, 2.4 square miles is 27,878 feet, and taking into account all the newly off-limit areas under the ordinance, registered sex offenders maybe find it more difficult than ever to find housing in Bell Gardens.

However, the restriction would not apply to the registered sex offenders who have lived in the city more than 30 days at the time the ordinance takes affect, Lt. Jeff Travis told EGP.

Registered sex offenders who violate the city ordinance by moving into a hotel, single family home, apartment, mobile home, etc. will be committing a misdemeanor punishable with up to six months in jail, a $1,000 fine or both.

Landlords who allow additional registered sex offenders to move-in as tenants after the ordinance takes affect will also be violating the ordinance and are subject to nuisance penalties for allowing conditions that are “injurious to the public heath, safety, and welfare,” according to the ordinance draft.

The purpose of the proposed ordinance is not to impose additional punishment, retribution, or penalties upon sex offenders. Such individuals have already been adjudicated by the criminal justice system, served their criminal sentence, and has been released on parole, probation, or have otherwise ‘served their time,’” reads the Agenda Report for Oct. 12. “Rather, the purpose of the proposed ordinance is to safeguard children, youths, adults, families, neighborhoods, and the public at-large from the unique threats that sex offenders pose to their physical and emotional safety, without regard to punishment or retribution. Thus, regulations which would be enacted by the proposed ordinance are akin to general land use restrictions which restrict activities which can pose harm to the public safety of nearby residents.”
- What a load of s--t!  If you want to safeguard children, why let them out of the house?  Why not make a law saying all kids must be accompanied by an adult at all times, and make parents be parents?

Bell Gardens is not the only city to create such an ordinance, according to Lt. Travis, Pico Rivera and Pomona already have additional residency restrictions and Los Angeles County is working on one now.

Because studies have shown that many sex offenders are repeat offenders, the ordinance aims to increase safety, said Lt. Travis, who has been working on the ordinance for the last few months.
- Well your so called "studies" are full of crap as well.  Why don't you point me to the so called "studies?"  If all offenders were indeed repeat offenders like you seem to think, then why are they out of jail/prison in the first place?  Because it's a lie!

Residency exemption applies to those registered sex offenders who have established residency before the ordinance became effective, but all sex offenders will have to adhere to loitering restrictions. Other exemptions apply to minors who are sex offenders, to transients, to registered sex offenders who are legally related by “blood, marriage or adoption” who move-in with a Bell Gardens resident, and those exercising their First Amendment to go to church in the city.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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AL - Judge on Trial For Spanking Inmates For His Own Pleasure

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"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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NC - Banned From Churches, Sex Offenders Go to Court

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RALEIGH - Convicted sex offender _____ said he was trying to better himself by going to church. But the police who arrested him explained: The church is off-limits because it has a daycare center.

Now _____ is challenging North Carolina's sex-offender laws in a case that pits the constitutional right to religious freedom against the state's goal of protecting the public from child molesters.

"I just started asking the question, 'Why? Why am I being treated this way after trying to better myself?'" said _____, a 31-year-old who was twice convicted of indecent liberties with a teen girl and again in 2003 for attempted second-degree rape. "The law gives you no room to better yourself."

At issue in _____' case and a similar one in Georgia are day care centers and youth programs at houses of worship where sex offenders can come into proximity with children. Sex offender advocates agree some convicts should not be allowed around children, but they contend barring all offenders denies them support needed to become productive citizens.

"Criminalizing the practice of religion for everyone on the registry will do more harm than good," said Sara Totonchi, policy director for the Southern Center for Human Rights (Contact). "With these laws, states are driving people on the registry from their faith community and depriving them of the rehabilitative influence of the church."
- This goes totally against Amendment I of the Bill of Rights, which states:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Thirty-six states establish zones where sex offenders cannot live or visit. Some states provide exemptions for churches but many do not.

In December, North Carolina state legislators barred sex offenders from coming within 300 feet of any place intended primarily for the use, care or supervision of minors.

Three months later, _____ was arrested at his home after attending Sunday services. He said he was "floored" to learn that he had been picked up because Moncure Baptist Church has a child-care center for families attending services.

"I believe wholeheartedly if it wasn't for God, I don't know where I'd be today," he said. "God's blessed me with learning how to live a better life."

In Georgia, the Southern Center for Human Rights sued the state in part because the law there prevents offenders from volunteering in places of worship. The lawsuit brought on behalf of Georgia's 16,000-plus registered sex offenders is pending in federal court.

Katherine Parker, legal director for the ACLU of North Carolina (Contact), said she was not aware of religion-based challenges to sex-offender laws in any other states. The ACLU is helping in _____' case.

Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, said preventing offenders from attending religious services is another in a series of increasingly unforgiving laws adopted across the country. Some of the laws have pushed offenders out of homes and entire communities.

"This case is part of a much larger group of cases dealing with the expansive sex-offender laws," Turley said. "The state cannot sentence someone to a life of being an agnostic or an atheist without violating the constitution."

Some question whether the restrictive laws will lead to more crime.

"It's not clear that there's any public-safety purpose to these laws. They continue to ostracize previous sex offenders in a way that could be dangerous in the end," said Sarah Tofte, a legal researcher with Human Rights Watch. "If they can successfully transition to the community, to include going to church, they are less likely to reoffend."

Some lawmakers say offenders such as _____ should blame themselves for breaking the law in the first place.
- Oh shut up!  Many do blame themselves, but adding punishment on top of punishment over and over and over again, is wrong.  Nobody asked for that, and if you idiotic politicians were upholding your oaths of office to uphold the constitution, then this would not be a problem, but, you folks are hypocrites and corrupt, so what do you expect!

"I'm not denying him the right to go to church. He denied himself that," said state Sen. David Hoyle (Email), the Democrat who sponsored the North Carolina bill. "If they are a convicted pedophile, they have given up a lot of their rights."
- No, you are denying them that.  These laws were not in place before, you made and passed unconstitutional laws, so therefore, YOU are responsible for this, and not all sex offenders, which these laws apply to, are pedophiles, which you apparently believe they are.  It's people like you, who should NOT be in office running this state and/or country!

Church leaders feel caught between leading houses of worship where broken people can seek help and preventing criminals from exploiting a place of trust.
- Well, these church leaders are not really practicing what the Lord Jesus taught, now are they?  If they were, they'd be talking with legislature to repeal this law!

Joseph Green, pastor of a church that _____ attended after his arrest, reached out to him while at the same time assuaging the concerns of his parishioners.

"I told him as long as he's honest with me, then we're willing to embrace him and help him focus and get his life back on track," Green said. But, he added, "The Bible talks about wolves coming in in sheep's clothing, so I've got to be watchful over everyone coming into my church."
- The bible also says "Love thy neighbor as thy self," and talks about forgiveness, so are you practicing what the bible teaches, or are you letting evil get the best of you?

Most church members were welcoming. "I think everybody deserves a chance," said Shawn Cox, 28, a married father of two who says his faith helped steer him away from drug dealing and crime.

"God turned my life around," said Cox. "I'm not saying that you bring the guy in and put him over the youth program or the youth ministry as soon as he walks in the door. But there's no way he can overcome these things without help and support."

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin (United States Constitution, Bill of Rights)

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