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UK - Megans Law

Looks like everyone in the world thinks all sex offenders are pedophiles, and they are not. But, this is due to idiotic media and politicians spreading lies, like they are so good at doing.

How to Lie with Statistics

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How to Lie with Statistics is a book written by Darrell Huff in 1954 presenting an introduction to statistics for the general reader. It is a brief, breezy, illustrated volume outlining common errors, both intentional and unintentional, associated with the interpretation of statistics, and how these errors can lead to inaccurate conclusions. It has become one of the most widely read statistics books in history (even though Huff was not a statistician), with over one and a half million copies sold in the English-language edition [1]. It has also been widely translated.

Themes of the book include "Correlation does not imply causation" and "Using Random Sampling". It also shows how statistical graphs can be used to distort reality, for example by truncating the bottom of a line or bar chart, so that differences seem larger than they are, or by representing one-dimensional quantities on a pictogram by two- or three-dimensional objects to compare their sizes, so that the reader forgets that the images don't scale the same way the quantities do.

The original edition contained humorous illustrations by artist Irving Geis.

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CA - Homeless In Tent Cities

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This is not sex offender related, but, isn't it ironic, that they are now wanting to regulate this tent city, but the sex offenders living under the Julia Tuttle bridge in Florida, nobody wants to help?


Sacramento's homeless rate is rising quickly as people lose their homes and their jobs. Mayor Kevin Johnson (Email) is considering "regulating" a "Tent City." When CBS13 started investigating that idea, we quickly found out that "if you build it, they will come."

The sea of tents along Sacramento's American River is growing by the day. But here, there are no rules and no regulations. Here, at Tent City, you are on your own.

Just pick a spot and prop up a tent.

"Anywhere from 20 to 50 people a week are showing up out here that just became homeless," says Steve.

Mayor Kevin Johnson says he knows the crisis is growing.

"They're along the American River Parkway camped out in ways we don't feel comfortable, and there's hazards because of waste and fire and police can't get in as readily as they would like," says Mayor Johnson.

That's why he says the area should consider regulating an official "Tent City" site.

"Phoenix has a tent city," says Mayor Johnson." Seeing it in Phoenix and other cities, are things we need to look at."

So that's what CBS13 did, we went looking for that Phoenix homeless tent city that the Mayor is talking about.

CBS13 called the county, the city and outreach organizations. They all say it doesn't exist anymore. The only "Tent City" in Phoenix houses inmates for the county jail.

But, CBS13 did find a regulated "Tent City" for the homeless in Ontario, California.

90 men and women live there and taxpayers are footing the bill.

"We're spending two to three thousand dollars a month to rent the portable showers, the port-a-potties. We have mulch down, and we have trash pickup," says Schultz.

There is even security. But, when it opened in 2007, the city was not prepared for what would happen.

The minute "Tent City" opened up in Ontario 400 people moved there from out of town in a matter of months.

"I don't belong nowehere, that's what I feel like," says Linda Parker.

59-year-old Linda Parker heard about Ontario's tent city and traveled there from Riverside, California.

"There were about 20 kids there, and the police came along and told them they couldn't have any kids there," says Linda.

That's because the city says things got out of control.

"We started getting problems with fighting, dog bite situations and we started getting people who were on parole there and we had to step in," says Schultz.

Stepping in meant kicking out anyone who didn't have a connection to Ontario. Even paying for their travel out of the city.

Mayor Johnson says effectively dealing with the homeless population will make Sacramento a magnet, but he says something needs to be done.

"I can't tell you how we'd regulate it... we'd have to study it... we'd have to study Ontario... we'd have to study Phoenix... and some other cities have done it around the country... we have to learn from them -- what worked what didn't work... what advice would they have... and do our best to come up with a plan that serves hopefully the people who are on the streets here first," say Mayor Johnson.

The homeless in Sacramento already say they want the city to step in.

"If we just had the supplies to do it. Let us have some clean facilities... some running water.. A clean bathroom... and let us regulate ourselves to a point... but let the police and everyone oversee it," says Steve, who is homeless.

NY - Residency laws are questioned

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I applaud your Feb. 18 editorial, "Colonie's misguided law." Sex-offender laws are often based on hysteria and myth, rather than on fact. It is impossible to have effective laws when reality is ignored.

Attention needs to be paid to a study by the University at Albany School of Criminal Justice. It calls into question not only the spreading sex-offender residency laws but registration and notification laws. The abstract of this report states: "Results provide no support for the effectiveness of registration and community notification laws in reducing sexual offending by: (A) rapists, (B) child molesters, (C) sexual recidivists, or (D) first-time sex offenders. Analyses also showed that over 95 percent of all sexual offense arrests were committed by first-time sex offenders, casting doubt on the ability of laws that target repeat offenders to meaningfully reduce sexual offending." ("Does a watched pot boil? A time-series analysis of New York State's sex offender registration and notification law." Sandler, Jeffrey C.; Freeman, Naomi J.; Socia, Kelly M., Psychology, Public Policy, and Law. Vol 14(4), Nov 2008, 284-302).

The New Jersey Department of Corrections reports similar findings: "Given the lack of demonstrated effect of Megan's Law on sexual offenses, the growing costs may not be justifiable." ("Megan's Law: Assessing the Practical and Monetary Efficacy").

C. David Hess

SOhopeful of New York

West Henrietta

Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA)

To US Lawmakers:

These new SORNA laws you are about to consider do nothing to protect citizens, are senseless and is a clear waste of my tax dollars. Over the past years, Virginia Legislators to have changed and added multiple Sex Offender Laws including changing all offenses to violent offenses; even though no violence was used, and they include upgrading offenses retroactively.

There are a large number of people on the Virginia Sex Offender registry that are no threat to society. There are a large population of people on your Sex Offender internet site that were previously evaluated by court appointed Sex Offender experts as no threat to society. Due to the SORNA law implementation of 2006, the law was changed for people who proved no threat to society, having court orders to be removed from Sex Offender Registry websites, and then retroactively placed back on the website as Violent Sex Offenders.

These mindless and punitive retroactive changes to US Laws, place thousands of people back on the Sex Offender registry.

Now, you have so many people (thousands) on the registry; and intentionally there is no screening process to tell who is truly dangerous... It appears your legislation is the screening process by enabling States to make all their laws violent offenses and lifelong. Prior to the 2006 SORNA law, people were afforded the opportunity in the law to prove to the courts they were not dangerous to society, this part of the statue was intentionally removed with the 2006 SORNA law.

In fact, SORNA legislation has made retroactive law placing people back on the registry who were determined by the courts as no threat to society. They now view on the website as violent Sex Offenders. These people have already paid a dear price to society, and I see these new laws concocted as way outside any benefit other than punitively segregating a class of people with no rights, further making them Pariah’s of society.

Segregating a class of people to the point they have no civil rights and promote violence against them and their innocent families. For example, Virginia legislation on Sex Offenders is punitive and looks similar to the old segregation “Jim Crow” laws of past. The Sex Offender laws keep Sex Offenders from voting, being able to obtain employment, being able to exist in a community, required to hire an attorney to enforce court orders deemed invalid and a plethora of other losses of civil liberties. Finally, the SORNA laws promote harassment and threats and absolutely nothing is done about it from any agency.

Losses of civil liberties such as physically required registering when they buy or sell a car/boat/airplane, change email addresses, employer name and address, and lose employment, change addresses, change phone numbers and travel. When they travel, they are harassed when they re-enter the USA, since they are on a similar to a terrorist watch list by ICE and tracked. USA citizen passport holder Sex Offenders are NOT allowed into the USA and are taken to be searched and screened for warrants, and interrogated as to their travel prior to admission prior to entry into the USA. In fact, they are stopped and searched each, and every time they travel abroad and reentry with no probable causes other than being on the Sex Offender registry. These are not people on probation, but people who have paid a significant price and struggling to live a normal life and contribute to society. In fact, SORNA and State laws taking full advantage of SORNA make these people non-people. After supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States for 23 years, I never dreamed I would ever see a legally condoned subhuman class of people, afforded no protection or rights under the US Constitution.

The State Police are required to come to their homes and their work twice a year and Sex Offenders are not allowed to step foot at their children’s school for any reason. Furthermore, there is new legislation in the works. Introduced legislation is trying to add physical registration requirements they change their look such as gain weight, all future phone numbers they may use. The list goes on and on.

What about the children of Sex Offenders and the impact these laws have on them? What about the condoned legalized hatred directed at the innocent children of Sex Offenders from neighbors, school mates and the condoned mental abuse they receive from non Sex Offender adults? What about the harassment, impact and death threats promoted by Virginia legislation towards Sex Offender spouses and young children?

I see these SORNA laws as offering no hope for Sex Offenders to be any part of any society. Even though the majority of Sex Offenders on the registries are NOT predators as you portray. How does putting the Sex Offender’s work address on the Internet so people can anonymously call these employers to get them fired to protect children? The vague laws you propose are nothing more than a waste of fiscal resources and protect no one. FBI statistics shows Sex Offenders have the lowest recidivism rate of any criminal offense, even though FBI statistics include violating probation rules such as drinking alcohol as Sex Offender recidivism. Virginia legislators tout 100 percent recidivism with no cure.

I urge you to change SORNA to enable people who have already, or can prove to the courts they are no threat to society to be removed from the Sex Offender registries. In doing so enables society to know who might be a danger. Put the scarce fiscal resources into prevention, and afford Sex Offenders a chance to contribute to society and get their lives back.