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NY - Sex Offender Hearing Monday Night

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For those who live in this area, here is your chance to stand up and let your voice be known.  Video is available at the site.


By Katie Graham -

MONTOUR FALLS - Schuyler county lawmakers want to hear your views on their revised proposal to further restrict where sex offenders can live.

After Monday night’s public hearing, the legislature is expected to vote on the bill.

A public hearing held in January prompted legislators to change one item on the proposal. The bill formerly forbade convicted sex offenders from entering county parks. Seneca Harbor Park is the only county park in Schuyler. That has now changed.

Other parts are the same. Certain convicted sex offenders would be prohibited from living within five hundred feet of a school, playground or day care center.

Monday night’s public hearing is at 6-30 at the Human Services Complex in Montour Falls.

CANADA - Group offers support for sex offenders

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Volunteers who support high-risk sex offenders in the community often hate the crime but are willing to help the criminal.

Chris Penner-Mayoh, the co-ordinator of Circles of Support and Accountability for southern Saskatchewan (CoSA), plans to provide support for convicted rapist and child murderer Harold David Smeltzer.

Penner-Mayoh admits that some people find it repugnant to assist someone who's committed heinous crimes.

"But there are people in the community, though, who maybe because of their faith, background or their philosophy in life are able to say, 'I detest what he's done but I can see that he's still a human being. He's still a person and he needs friendship and relationships just like the rest of us,' " Penner-Mayoh said. "They see that the alternative to him not having it might be that someone else in the community gets hurt and they don't want that to happen so they're able to get past their initial disgust over what he's done to offer that support to him."

A couple of months ago, Smeltzer indicated that he wanted the organization's support after he was released on day parole in Regina. But first he had to convince members that he's taken responsibility for his offences, is willing to work with the circle and won't hurt anyone else.

Penner-Mayoh's involvement with CoSA began three years ago as a volunteer.

Volunteers are community members who are trained to lend support and ensure the accountability of high-risk sexual offenders. To recruit volunteers, Penner-Mayoh gives presentations to community and church groups.

He said it's natural that people feel fear and anger when they learn a sex offender is moving into their community and their first reaction is to push the person out of the community.

"On occasion someone will say, 'Lock him up forever,' or, 'Maybe we should bring in the death penalty,' because they're very angry about this topic," Penner-Mayoh said. "Most people I talk to about this have the reaction of saying, 'I'm glad somebody is doing it but I couldn't do it! Then some people are saying, 'That's a great idea. I could see how that would work and I want to get involved.' "

Penner-Mayoh worked with convicted sex offender Brian Solberg when he lived in the community. Solberg was sent back to jail in March after pleading guilty to a breach of his one-year recognizance for being in the building that housed the Regina Mental Health Clinic without getting permission from his probation officer to attend other services in that building.

Although Solberg is behind bars again, Penner-Mayoh said the circle didn't fail.

"It was better for him to make a mistake like that and go back to prison for 14 months than it is for him to not be in a circle, not have anyone in his life to see when he does something stupid and then things escalate," he said.

The circle includes the sex offender and four or five community volunteers. One volunteer sits on the CoSA steering committee, which includes representatives from faith denominations, police, parole, probation and Saskatchewan Justice.

"The circle doesn't act like a police officer -- they don't take the role of a counsellor or police, they don't take the role of a community watchdog," Penner-Mayoh said. "The main role of the circle is to offer friendship and support for the person but also to hold him accountable for his actions and for his attitudes, values, beliefs -- that sort of thing. So if he's saying or doing things that are inappropriate then you've got a group of people who can call him on it."

Often inmates like Smeltzer lack support and face a lot of hostility alone. Penner-Mayoh said several studies show that individuals with support are 70 to 80 per cent less likely to reoffend.

"The guys who have reoffended in these studies have reoffended less seriously than they had in the past and they were caught faster because there's people in their lives to see that things are going wrong," Penner-Mayoh said.

Volunteers act as friends and support people for the sex offender.

"In that capacity, if for example something were to go wrong and they saw that there were problems, then they do have a responsibility to tell me and to inform the police," said Penner-Mayoh. "And if he's got a parole or probation officer, (volunteers) have a responsibility to tell those authorities about what they see happening."

Usually volunteers meet with the sex offender weekly. In Smeltzer's case it will depend on his need.

"We don't know exactly what the public reaction is going to be," Penner-Mayoh said.

Anglican priest John Gardner took part in Solberg's circle and continues to visit him in jail every week. When Solberg is released in January and the circle resumes, Gardner will take part.

"The accountability means that when the offender is out in the community he probably committed his offences following on some kind of triggers that set him off," Gardner said. "These can be a variety of things. Alcohol and drugs are very common. Usually the offender is subject to an 810 order by the judge on his release. That says there are certain things that he's not allowed to do. He may not be allowed to be near schools or be allowed near the strolls in Regina where the prostitutes are. He may not be permitted to use drugs or alcohol."

The CoSA is aware of the triggers and draws up a contract with the offender.

"Everything that we do with him is done with the knowledge of the whole CoSA group," Gardner said. "We're all volunteers and are usually Christian inspired. When we're looking for volunteers, we go to local congregations in the various churches and ask people if they're interested in doing this work."

He said offenders who don't have support will likely commit similar offences again.

"He'll go back to his old ways of living, his old friends and associates, his old drug patterns and things like that. We can't guarantee that it will never happen but we do know that CoSA groups minimize the number of offences, minimize the number of repeat offenders," Gardner said.

He said when offenders are released from prison they don't know how to do simple daily living tasks such as taking a transit bus and often they're fearful.

"They think that everybody is looking at them. They think the police are watching them like mad, people are putting up posters with their face on it all over the place and they're quite scared," Gardner said. "They need someplace where they can talk about their feelings, talk about their hopes for the future."

If CoSA members are seriously concerned that an offender will reoffend they'll involve the police, Gardner said.

"We do that as a friend," he said. "This person may wind up in jail again and that may be the best solution for them at this time. It's not that we want to be soft on the person. We don't want repeat offences."

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GA - Channel 2 Finds Nearly 1,400 Certified Officers With Criminal Records

Doesn't surprise me at all.

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ME - Bill toughens law on visual sexual aggression against children in Maine

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Another IDIOT politicians trying to make a name for themselves.  I guess when she looks at a child in public, she will report herself and registry to be on the National Shaming list of sexual offenders?  I doubt it!  PLUCK OUT YOUR EYES WHEN YOU GO INTO PUBLIC PLACES FOLKS!!!


By Dave Choate -

Those who peer at children in public could find themselves on the wrong side of the law in Maine soon.

A bill that passed the House last month aims to strengthen the crime of visual sexual aggression against children, according to state Rep. Dawn Hill (Contact), D-York.

Her involvement started when Ogunquit Police Lt. David Alexander was called to a local beach to deal with a man who appeared to be observing children entering the community bathrooms. Because the state statute prevents arrests for visual sexual aggression of a child in a public place, Alexander said he and his fellow officer could only ask the man to move along.

"There was no violation of law that we could enforce. There was nothing we could charge him with," Alexander said.

He attended a talk with Hill a week later and brought the case to her attention. Hill pledged to do what she could, Alexander said, and the result was a change through the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in the House, which made the law applicable in both private and public places.

Alexander said he's grateful Hill was willing to take up the cause, and is hopeful the measure will clear the Senate.

"I'll be pleased that we were able to identify this flaw and take steps to rectify it," he said.
- Flaw?  So I guess the police are going to sit at the beaches now, and arrest everyone who looks at a child?

Under the bill, if someone is arrested for viewing children in a public place, it would be a Class D felony if the child is between 12 to 14 years old and a Class C felony if the child is under 12, according to Alexander.

Hill said she believes the move was necessary to correct what she called a "loophole" in the state's criminal law statutes.

"I told Lt. Alexander that I would be happy to work with him and sponsor a bill that would correct this in the 2008 session," Hill said. "And so we did."

In arguing for the bill, Alexander said she cited public rest rooms as places where the people using them should have a reasonable expectation of privacy. She said the committee determined that there would not be any major side effects from expanding the statute to include public places.

The bill recently cleared a fiscal review, done because of the state's major prison budget crunch, and Hill said it should be heading to the Senate before long.

York Police Chief Doug Bracy said the statute would represent a fairly minor change that would help keep the public safer, especially children. He noted that York police respond fairly regularly to reports of public peepers on the town's beaches.

With ever-growing concern over sexual predators, Bracy said the arrests will also allow police to check backgrounds and determine if there is a criminal history involved.

"There is a growing outcry by the public to protect our children," Bracy said, noting that tourists from all over the country visit York.
- Hell, when are you going to protect the citizens from insane politicians like this woman?

Like Mean Girls With 401(k)s

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By Caralyn Green

Being on Facebook means high school cliquishness never has to end.

There exists this myth of stranger–danger on the internet—the faceless, child–molesting folk devil that drives the sanest of social networkers (and their moms) into an anxious moral panic. But the invisible lurker, the Dateline NBC predator who hides behind a screen name in an anonymous chat room or message board, is not the most threatening menace of online socialization. The biggest danger on the Internet is your pre–existing circle of acquaintances, those relationships you’ve established in schools and bars and workplaces, with whom regular interactions occur outside of instant messaging and shared items on your Google Reader.

The scariest online interactions take place not with buylling strangers, but with your very own friends. Because your friends are terrifying people, and online interactions replicate existing patterns of behavior than deviate from them.

How do I know your friends are horrible people? Because we all are. Call me Ms. Anthrope, but—regardless of any inherent sweetness, kindness or benevolence—we’re all lazy narcissists prone to fits of jealousy and passive aggressive cattiness. And the internet—Facebook in particular—provides the perfect forum in which to exercise that nasty passive aggression.

There is overt online aggression (homophobia, misogyny, racism, threats of violence, etc.), and there is creepy, crawly passive aggression, which is so much harder to diagnose and reconcile than the kind that’s clearly meant to harm. But it’s a threat that any girl who has weathered the terrains of high school will surely recognize.

What do I mean by passive aggressive Facebook behavior? Let me give you some examples from my life and the lives of some forthcoming friends.

  • S. complained recently of being made to feel more like a wannabe than a queen bee, a position she hasn’t been relegated to since her cliquey pre–teen years. College acquaintances she had thought were true blue friends visited Philly for the weekend, stayed with another supposed true blue friend a block away from her apartment, and did not bother to call her up and invite her to join the revelry. How did she found out about this exclusive weekend of S.–less fun? Facebook photos, of course. An entire album labeled ”Philadelphia,” tagged with each of her ”friends” smiling, drinking, shopping, all without her. ”I know they posted them so I’d see them and know I wasn’t invited,” she says. Sound like paranoia? A bit. But that’s the thing about Facebook passive aggression. It can never be proven. The victim must entirely deduce the meaning, which the cruel enactors rely on and expect.
  • Another friend, M., freely admits to engaging in Facebook passive aggression. Her act was a slight attempt at ex vindication, therefore forgivable and even commendable. A long–distance boyfriend cheated on her with another girl. M. found that girl on Facebook, informed her of her sweetheart’s straying ways, and that girl got rid of the dirty charlatan, too. Eventually M. and the mistress became Facebook friends, and then when M. had a work thing in the mistress’s hometown, they met up and became real–life friends. They documented the event with a photo, which they posted to Facebook, in hopes the long–distance cheater would see it. He did. Passive aggressive Facebook retribution? So much more satisfying than keying his car.

Other friends tell stories of being de–friended and of friend requests going ignored; of mean–spirited hometown frenemies (the kind who made adolescence unbearable) friending them only to judge accomplishments and profile pics rather than to respond to messages of, ”Hi, how are you?”; of exes posting smug photos with their new partners too soon after the split.

My woes of Facebook passive aggression could fill an entire column. My own experience includes one individual who decided she could no longer be friends with me because—despite her long–term relationship with a man she’s all but set to marry—she is in love with my boyfriend.

The same night she informed me of her feelings for my beau, she changed her profile pic to a picture he had taken. When he updated his status that he was watching a specific TV program, she — just moments later — updated her status to reflect the same (Am I supposed to doubt his loyalty? ’Cause I don’t). She posted a picture, randomly, of him mugging closely with another girl, I assume, in efforts to induce insecurity (the picture was taken months before our relationship began). And so on. Eventually I changed my profile pic to one of those smug coupled things, partly because we looked hot on Halloween, and partly because I was sick of letting her tactics wash over me. I was promptly de–friended. Oh, are two not allowed to play that game?

This sort of girl–on–girl passive aggression that flourishes on Facebook is unfamiliar to most of our adult ways—a behavior I’d thought would vanish once we became old enough gossip about 401(k)s and bosses and babies rather than one another. But Facebook seems to be bringing high school behaviors back in the most hurtful of ways.

Cliquishness, exclusionary social engagements, alienation, silent treatments, ”de–friending,” scheming to make other girls question their intelligence, beauty, boyfriends and girlfriends—these are not adult behaviors. These are behaviors of children, of the cast of Mean Girls, of the teenagers in studies by Mary Pipher , Rosalind Wiseman and Rachel Simmons. Are women regressing to that teenage state of silent and indirect aggression? Are we too afraid to speak out, and directly address and resolve the issues we have with our friends, those most important of people? Does Facebook make it too easy to opt out of maturity?

Social networking throws us into this constant state of high school reunionness. Every second of the day we are finding and being found by people from our past. We are holding ourselves up against others, and we are reverting to our former allegiances and abhorrences, and to the kind of behaviors that accompany that frame of mind.

These sorts of destructive online acts of passive aggression need to stop. But like I said, online behaviors replicate rather than deviate from real–life behaviors. So we’ve got a lot of work set out for us.

How to Stop Single Males from Gleefully Destroying the Republican Party

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By Jim Peterson

And 60% of Married Males Consider themselves to be Quasi-Single

On the eve of Election 2008, a woman came onto a Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) forum to say “I guess you guys can all give up now because it is clear the public does not agree with you.” She was referring to the ongoing Republican holocaust that started in 2006 and could easily extend into 2010 and 2012 if the Republican Party does not change.

I was stunned by the woman’s mistaken impression that American men had not influenced the election who were interested in their “rights” or at least “interests”. Apparently she had not noticed, for instance, that the Ron Paul Movement, that largely stayed home on election night, consisted mostly of young, single males who had at least a fuzzy sense that they were not being represented in Washington DC and that the Constitution was not being followed. Apparently she had not noticed that Bob Barr, also backed mainly by young single males, robbed John McCain of North Carolina and Indiana…two traditionally bright red states.

This woman was, however, correct that the part of the MRM that calls itself “the MRM” is often a little too cosy with and identifies itself too much with a Republican Party that clearly has to start pandering to single males or perish on the dustbin of history.

On Friday I received a newsletter from the National Organization of Women (NOW) with a link to their radical feminist agenda for 2009. Cleverly, these witches had put their plans for the unconstitutional victim-feminist oriented Violance Against Women Act (VAWA) at the bottom of the newsletter. They deviously left out any mention that their ideology connected “sex tourism” (defined as having sex in another country) and “mail order bride dating” (defined as dating a woman who might not be an American) to “sex trafficking”.

By placing their most vile anti-male agendas and ideologically driven definitions at the bottom of the newsletter, or leaving them out altogether, any young American male receiving the epistle would not know that the NOW considers it a top priority to have all men background checked before being allowed to say hello to all females online. They would not know that the NOW considers false abuse charges to be great tactical moves in what they want all women to believe is a war against men. Male readers would not know that NOW leaders like Kim Gandy consider feminism to be a zero sum game where men are always expected to take the short end of the stick in resolving any (manufactured) “problem” between men and women.

So what impression would young, single American males get from the NOW Newsletter?

Well, the newsletter brilliantly show-cased NOW’s desire to “Stop Abstinence Education Funding” and then described an apparent $183Million in unconstitutional federal funding, earmarked by Republicans, designed to tell mostly age-of-consent females not to sleep with males until marriage. The newsletter does not mention that this funding probably came via the annual Commerce Justice & Science appropriations bill HR 3093…the same bill that annually gives rabidly anti-male feminist “shelters” and groups more than $300Million via the unconstitutional Office on Violence Against Women at the Department of Injustice.

Most of the single men reading their newsletter would obviously be infuriated that the Bush Administration used $183Million of their tax money per year to teach largely age-of-consent females to avoid dating males…especially via bogus claims such as “AIDs goes through condoms.” Anyone who believes that abstinence propaganda, as practiced by Bush neoconservatives, has not turned many young women into neurotic anti-male basket cases, hasn’t tried dating many Christian American women lately.

Why is it so obvious that single men would be infuriated at the Bush Administration upon learning this via the feminists?

Because, and don’t shoot the messenger for saying this, statistics show that the overwhelming majority of single men want premarital sex and even casual sex. Statistics show that 60% of married men want extra-marital sex. The national support by men for polygamy is probably far above the male support for gay marriage…not that anyone is bothering to survey what heterosexual men really want.

One does not build political power by telling a base that you represent the opposite of what they want.

So what rocket scientist in the Bush Administration and Republican Party decided to play up an anti-premarital-sex attitude that neither Nixon, Reagan or George H.W. Bush had dared to emphasize after the sexual revolution permanently changed the world?

The answer: Karl Rove did this because he got the wrong message from the reaction to Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewsinsky. Rove also felt that young single males would back the War on Terror fervently enough that the party’s social agenda could focus on winning and keeping older females. These aging baby boomer females, including the disgustingly anti-male Hillary Clinton supporters that McCain obsequiously courted, are, as in the days of Queen Victoria, intent on controlling the sex lives of male heterosexuals, especially those their own age who might be married to them.

In short, Karl Rove decided that the best constituents for the Republican Party would be those older women who would hate a man for sleeping with someone like Monica Lewinsky.

From interviews I conducted on many young American backpackers who traveled Europe this summer, the #1, #2 and #3 reasons why single male Americans said they liked Obama was because they were sick and tired of the “religion as politics agenda” of the right and the not-so-hidden agenda of wanting people punished for having sex.

These young men are determined to see the Republican Party become history.

How does the party stop this from happening?

Simple. The Republican Party must start saying “No” to any more references to male heterosexual behavior as evil. Even with behavior that is bad, the Republican Party does not have to consider itself obligated to fret about it more than anyone else. No male voted for Bush in 2004 because he wanted more sex police.

The Republican Party must completely accept the agenda of the traditional MRM, published every day at sites like Mens News Daily, and OnlineDatingRights dot com. The party needs to concentrate on punishing women and women’s shelters for false rape and abuse charges and oppose the current trend to think of prostitutes and strippers as being victims of men who need to be taxed or arrested for wanting to “exploit them”. Police sex stings need to stop. The party needs to openly humiliate the Democrats for implying that dating women in other countries is “sex tourism” and “sex trafficking” by definition. The Republican Party, representing males, should lead the charge to pare down any national sex offender registry so it removes any man who was charged by a feminist who simply “regretted” sleeping with him, as well as any men who had mooned a police officer or streaked at a baseball game or had been caught having sex with another adult in the backseat of a car or other secluded area…or anyone who would not be on the sex offender list if they had done the same activity in another state or if the partner had told the truth about her age.

Republicans need to understand, as the conservative Supreme Court justices certainly do, that stalking is a subject that radical feminists get to define and exploit to the detriment of men. The now-ubiquitous “Restraining Order” has made the USA hazardous to live in (and especially be married in)…because of the fact that neocon Republicans and feminists revel in the idea of having a National Stalker Registry that can brand innocent men for life who may have just wanted to have the last word in a verbal argument.

Just about every American man I meet in person agrees that the Republican Party needs to do most of the above immediately if it wants to survive.

The party really needs to say “We value men and women who value men as our core constituents”.

In addition, it would help get male votes if the Republican Party’s Pro-Life affiliates openly stated that their real agenda is not punishing everyone for having sex out of wedlock. Because they do not state this, they are not trusted by men and women alike.

I would also highly advise the Republican Party to recognize that American men would not have hated a president that they liked if he had fooled around with Monica Lewinsky and told the truth about it.

If Clinton had said “Hillary and I are different people and we are getting a divorce”, he’d be popular with men now. If Clinton had not tried to bed women by giving the feminists everything they wanted, he would be seen by more conservative men in a better light than they see him now.

American managers want the option of sleeping with coworkers.

A US business executive recently told me “I really didn’t want to vote for the leftist Obama but the fact that I sometimes have an affair with an employee forces me to try to avoid the Republican vengeance machine”.

In other words, he wants to avoid voting for the party that considers Hillary to be a victim of Bill.

He sees the Republican Party as the “Avenge our dear Hillary Party”.

Think about that.

What upset a lot of American men about the incorrect view Fox News took of the Monica Case, is that every anti-feminist knows that the main tenet of Marxist feminism is that relationships should not be unequal…that employers and college professors should not date their employees and adult students.

Men in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asia are NOT willing to give this up and, indeed, I know American college professors who teach in Europe so they can have affairs with their adult students….something that would leave these brilliant men terminated and impoverished at home in the USA.

Even it if holds to a mild “sex is better after marriage” mantra, which I do NOT recommend talking about if politicians want the male vote back, I would advise the Republican Party to shy away from Marxism if it wants to survive.

OH - Say Cheese! You're In Arrested Magazine (How people use FEAR to make money!)

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Mug Shot Magazine Popular In Butler, Warren Counties

BUTLER COUNTY - Michael Jackson. Lindsay Lohan. James Brown. Mel Gibson. Their mug shots have become a figment of pop culture lore.

But it’s not just celebrities who are having their booking photos splashed across the pages of magazines. Anybody who gets busted by the cops in Butler and Warren counties could find themselves making headlines in “Arrested Magazine.”

The magazine is already on sale at gas stations north of Cincinnati. Arrested Magazine is a compilation of mug shots in which no crime is too small.

“Contempt, bad checks, anything you can think of. It’s in here,” said John Grant, the man who started Arrested Magazine.

While most companies are finding it hard to sell newspapers, Grant says his paper is flying off the shelf.

“Everybody’s interested in crime. Everybody’s interested in stuff that’s out there in society. Now I’ve put it in a paper for 99 cents,” said Grant.

The paper may not only satisfy prurient interests. It may also alert its readers to unsavory neighbors.

Dan Martin says the paper is worth a buck. He saw a familiar face when he flipped through its pages.

“Come to find out there’s a sexual predator that lives down the street from me,” said Martin, who is also a father.

While everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, Arrested Magazine is gaining in popularity. There are already editions in Montgomery and Greene Counties. Grant says he hopes to start a Hamilton County edition in January.

Is the Sex Crime Database Hitting The Mark?

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What began as an innovative attempt by the federal government to tie in with the technology revolution seems to be pushing the limits of downright ridiculousness.

Requiring sex offenders to register their addresses online can seemingly be an effective concept, like any, when targeted in the right direction. There is a valid reason behind informing the public of such individuals’ whereabouts who have committed violent predatory acts against others in furtherance of their own sexual deviant desires.

However, today this class of offender makes up only a small percentage of those individuals who have been required to register under federal law. I fail to see the “logic” behind requiring a teenage boy who has consensual sex with his girlfriend, who happens to be a year or two his junior, to register in a database as a violent predator and in so doing, ruining his life. Where do we draw the line? Certainly placing the label of “societal outcast” on a young man in the above example is a little excessive.

Shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime? Lifetime registration for many of those in this sex offender database seems quite disproportionate to their offenses. Are the courts, by upholding these sentences, in fact saying that they honestly believe the maxim “once an offender, always an offender?” In that case, how long will it be until those who have been convicted of burglary or armed robbery have their own registration requirements? Don’t those individuals seemingly pose a greater risk to their neighbors?

Obviously the criteria determining those who need to register is to general and broad. When a system which could play such an important role is diluted by so many individuals who pose little or no threat to society, it loses meaning and importance. Is one seriously to believe that there is a population of violent sexual predators, of whom we should all be aware, larger than that of the population of San Francisco, Ca.?

What is going on here? Is there anyone who supports reform on this issue? The answer is yes, and many of those supporters may surprise you. Judge Philip Kirk of Waupaca County WI. who ordered a convicted sex offenders requirement of registration to be suspended for 100 years. Police in the state of Iowa complain that monitoring sex offenders is “largely ineffective and a drain on resources.” These are just two of many.

Lets urge more specific legislation to be passed down that encourages efficiency and intelligence in punishment.

UK - Officer Amerdeep Johal 'used police files to find blackmail targets'

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Yet more proof of why the sex offender registry needs to be taken offline and used by police only, and even then, it should be tracked who accesses the database, when and why!


By Adam Fresco, Crime Correspondent

A corrupt police officer planned to make more than £2 million by using confidential details to blackmail registered sex offenders and sell information to wealthy criminals, a court heard today.

Using intelligence from a police internal computer system Amerdeep Johal, 29, wrote letters to ten convicted sex offenders and one suspected offender, demanding that they pay him up to £31,000 or he would expose them to their families, neighbours and employers, the Old Bailey was told.

Mr Johal, using confidential information about a drugs operation, also posed as a Customs officer offering to sell £600,000 of seized cocaine, the court heard. On his arrest letters found on his laptop showed he wanted £732,000 in £50 notes from another target and had other letters prepared asking for up to £600,000, a jury heard.

Mr Johal was working as a constable at West End Central police station in July last year, using the Crimint system to get informaton for frontline officers, but he abused his positon to use the Metropolitan Police computer to compile a list of targets that he could extort money from, it was said.

He allegedly told one planned victim that he wanted enough money to leave London, pay off his mortgage and never work again.

He demanded either £29,000 or £31,000 from the sex offenders but asked for £89,000 from a suspected fraudster whom he knew from the computer had had £40,000 found in his home, the jury heard.

He asked his targets to reply by the end of the month and left a mobile number, the telephone for which was found on him when he was arrested, the court was told. David Markham, prosecuting, said that it was a telephone "dedicated to the business of making money".

All of the registered sex offenders and the alleged fraudster lived near him in Redbridge, Essex, the jury heard.

He sent each of them an anonymous letter saying that he wanted the money in cash. In one he wrote: "I am sure that these recent pictures of you outside your home and details I have given are of interest to you and that you would not wish for them to be openly known by neighbours and the community around you let alone employers and people you deal with on a day to day basis.

"What about your families and how they will be associated and deal with this. How will people treat them? Who knows how the locals will react."

For "a reasonable sum" the court heard, he said he would hand over the photographs, memory stick and the file that had been "compiled".

Mr Johal, formerly an executive on the Metropolitan Police Sikh Association, denies 12 counts of blackmail and one of misconduct in a public office.

He claimed that he believed he or his family would be hurt after a criminal got in touch with him and forced him to use the computer system to make money.

Mr Markham, added: "This case is about the gross abuse of public office by a corrupt and dishonest serving police officer for financial gain and its the Crown's case that he breached the position of trust not only in relation to the Metropolitan Police Service but also in relation to the public who he was obliged to serve."

He said that Mr Johal used the Crimint system improperly.

"This defendant used and accessed that system to identify registered sex offenders for the purpose of blackmailing those individuals by threatening to disclose details of each individual's criminal history to neighbours, employers and others in the community unless a sum of cash was paid.

"The Crown will also say the defendant misused the Crimint system to identify other types of offender, not sexual offenders, and either demand money in the same manner or offer them assistance in the commission or concealment of crime in return for money."

The defendant targeted two types of offender, he said. "Of all the offenders vulnerable to blackmail because of the nature of the offending involved there is no better category than a registered sex offender." He said the second category involved individuals he had targeted through the Crimint system who appeared to have money.

Mr Johal was arresed after some of the recipients of the letters went to the police and he was the subject of an undercover operation. He sent one text to an undercover officer, while he was shopping with his family, agreeing to accept £5,000 and when he returned home officers from the anti-corruption command were waiting.

He told them: "I have been stupid," the court heard.

The trial continues.

OK - OKC molester removed from treatment, sent to prison

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By The Associated Press

OKLAHOMA CITY — A convicted child molester has been sent to prison after a judge learned the treatment center where he was living was located near a city park.
- What the hell?  This is the problem with these insane laws.  He was in treatment, getting help, but because a park was near by, they send him to prison?  Damned if you do, damned if you don't....  I hope he gets a lawyer and fights this BS!

District Judge Virgil C. Black on Friday ordered 58-year-old _____ be removed from the Avalon Correctional Services' Carver Center in south Oklahoma City and sent to prison. _____ has been at the center since being sentenced Oct. 15 on two counts of child sexual abuse.

At Friday's hearing, Black said he could no longer allow _____ to stay at the center because it violates a state law that prohibits sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a park.

The two victims, now teens, were in the courtroom. The girls' mother said she's relieved _____ is going to prison.
- Sentenced twice for the same crime, this violating the Constitution, due process, etc..

"That's what we've wanted all along — to see him behind bars," she said.

Attorney Josh Welch said sending his client to prison for three years after he was sentenced to the Carver Center violates the double jeopardy provision of the Constitution.
- It sure does!

Welch said he hopes to have _____ released within 30 days and keep him out of jail while his case is under review.

_____ initially was sentenced to three years at the Carver Center and 17 years of probation and was required to register as a sex offender. The Carver Center, on south May Avenue, is 813 feet from Ted Reynolds Park. District Judge Virgil C. Black said at the time _____ was sentenced, no one involved in the case realized the center's proximity to the park.
- So not knowing this is not an excuse. He should NOT be sent to prison because of YOUR MISTAKE!

Are we too afraid of touch? Our aversion to innocent physical contact has gone a touch too far

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By Julia Neuberger

Look around you, there are notices everywhere: “Be careful: keep your eye on your possessions”, “Swim at your own risk — no lifeguard on duty”. We are told by government to be alert to the risk of terrorists. And we are watched by CCTV wherever we go. But all this advice to be watchful makes us fearful. It makes us shrink into ourselves. We become unkind, unconcerned for others, and our children become terrified of the outside world.

These days, you have to have a Criminal Records Bureau check before you volunteer to work with anyone described as vulnerable — children, anyone over 65, and a whole lot of others besides. That makes many young men, especially, nervous about volunteering at all, and others deeply irritated that they are being asked for a CRB check to work, say, in hospital radio.

If a young man has a criminal record, but now wants to help others who are younger still — just getting into trouble with the police and at risk of worse — he has to be incredibly determined not to be put off by the marathon of bureaucracy.

Hospital staff are often told not to put an arm round patients to comfort them lest it be viewed as assault. So it tends to be the porters and care assistants who give a bit of comfort, while the nurses only touch the patients when they have to carry out some kind of intervention. Many people, especially older people, don’t want too many interventions. What they want is human contact, a bit of tender loving care.

We are all so terrified of child sexual abuse that we have outlawed taking photographs of children at nursery school without parental consent. And adults are terrified that their motives will be suspected if they talk to a child or, even worse, hug one. So, a few years ago, when Clive Peachy, a bricklayer, saw two-year-old Abigail Rae walking down the road after she had escaped from her nursery school in Warwickshire, he did not stop and help her because he thought people would think he was trying to abduct her. The result? She drowned in a pond.

Young male volunteers in primary schools describe feeling like pariahs, viewed with suspicion by many staff — when all they are doing is trying to help. And children want comfort if they fall over in the playground, yet teachers have been told never to touch the children in their care. So you get 12-year-olds with broken legs crying for their mothers, with staff unable to give them a hug, and five-year-olds putting sunscreen on each other because the teachers have been instructed not to touch them. The mess that ensues, and the visits to hospital because cream gets in their eyes, would be funny were it not so ridiculous. Equally absurd are the letters informing parents that children should not bring home-made birthday cakes into school in case of food poisoning — a position that results in children being less likely to share.

So what is all this about? First, there is a real fear of being sued, far greater than the actual numbers of cases would warrant. Second, there is a fear of what others might think. We have begun to internalise the messages that people might think we are abusers when we are not. Third, we are fearful of our children being injured, being killed, being abducted. Yet, in terms of ordinary accidents happening to children, the numbers have gone down dramatically rather than up over the last 30 years.

Nevertheless, our children are frightened to go outside because, as the think-tank Demos and the Green Alliance demonstrated a few years ago, they fear the outside world. They think the streets are full of terrorists, murderers and child-abductors. Worse, they think they know what they look like. They are white, male, middle-aged, wear horrible clothes and have a funny look in their eyes.

But children would not feel like this if adults did not encourage them. It is adult fear, stoked by government and insurers, by risk assessors and hospital and school managers. If we aren’t careful, the next generation will consist entirely of wimps. They will go off on adventure holidays abroad, but they will not walk down the street or get on the Tube alone for fear of attackers. The net result will be not only a lack of life skills, but overwhelming fear: of predators, of accidents, of life itself.

Meanwhile, the sexual predators will carry on just as before — largely in the family — because no system of checks will root them out completely. And we will have created a whole generation of unhappy people. We need to be sensible, not risk-averse; we need to look out to see where we can help others. And, sometimes, we may even need to touch them.

AUSTRALIA - Man loses appeal over cartoon porn based on The Simpsons

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CARTOON characters are people too, a judge has ruled in the case of a man convicted over cartoons based on The Simpsons, in which children are shown having sex.

In the New South Wales Supreme Court today, Justice Michael Adams ruled that a fictional cartoon character was a "person" within the meaning of the relevant state and commonwealth laws.

_____ was appealing his February conviction for possessing child pornography and using his computer to access child pornography.

"The alleged pornography comprised a series of cartoons depicting figures modeled on members of the television animated series The Simpsons," the judge said.

The cartoons showed characters such as Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson having sex.

_____ was convicted and fined $3000 and placed on a good behavior bond.

"In my view, the magistrate was correct in determining that, in respect of both the commonwealth and the NSW offences, the word 'person' included fictional or imaginary characters ...," the judge said.

"... The mere fact that the figure depicted departed from a realistic representation in some respects of a human being did not mean that such a figure was not a 'person'."

In dismissing the appeal, the judge ordered each party to pay its own legal costs in the first case dealing with the "difficult" issue.

Knowledge for a Revolution: From Fear to Truth

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See these famous quotes.


By Dr. Gregory Damato, Ph.D - NaturalNews

The western world has purposely been misled, intimidated and hypnotized by fear from nearly all established institutions of civilization. The best way to wire an individual’s brain for fear is to consistently state the exact same premise over and over again regardless of the veracity of such statements. As neuroscientists predict, individuals will unconsciously begin to believe such statements and the more often these ideas are reinforced, the stronger the hard wiring becomes.

We live in a semi-conscious state of terrorism where our minds have ostensibly been pre-programmed for fear. As history has consistently shown mankind, the best way to control a population is through the institutionalization of fear. Cancer, debt, disease, terrorism, sleeper cells, war, Al Qaeda, and death are just some of the key words promulgated throughout our daily lives, but how much of these are actually true threats deserving of our fear? Even better, how many of these fears are simply unfounded and misguided to keep us in an uncertain, apprehensive and controlled state of mind?

Transitioning from fear to truth marks an integral shift in the beginning of a revolution. Whether conscious or unconscious, this transformation marks the beginning of the inexorable zeitgeist where truth, knowledge and freedom become the founding principles of the new, emerging society. These changes will not occur overnight, but as western society begins to awaken to the inherent truth that fear is simply a technique to suppress the limitless potential of every human being, only then may we begin to become completely free. Releasing our fear as individuals allows us to take control of our destinies as well as facilitate in the transformation of the shifting revolution from the mindless greed of the majority to the love of the conscious minority. Overtime, this fearless and valiant minority will garner more and more support as the shift of knowledge swings from fear to truth until the minority precipitously becomes the majority. In order to supplant the rule of the incognizant majority, truthful knowledge must spread like wildfire across the earth.

We are free individuals by virtue of birth, yet much of our freedoms are lost through our inherent nature to conform to societal norms, from the unconscious, yet powerful and pervasive trends of socialization. We begin to look, act and model our lives around others. For it is fear of non-conforming that keeps the masses conforming. Presently, society is in the midst of an historical change, one where individuals will be defined by what they do for their fellow earthlings instead of what they physically possess. The facade of the material world is rightfully dissolving at an alarming rate only to make way for the emerging revolution of unending personal freedom, wellness, love, knowledge and truthfulness.

A revolution is an uprising of individuals who believe that enough of their rights have been suppressed, ignored and completely hijacked at the expense of those wanting to keep the status quo. When we break free of our fears, we are truly open to experience our true purpose: to live a passionate, happy and loving life. It is time we begin to take back our freedoms through knowledge and awareness because simply put, we are the ones we have been waiting for. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day”.

Architects used group identity, mob mentality, propaganda and dehumanization of people, for genocide (Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it!)

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WI - Parents say assault charges against son too much

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And yet another child caught in the large nets of the draconian sex offender laws, for simple child's play.  Politicians, just remember, karma really sucks, and has a way of finding it's way back into your life.  Pure example of idiot politicians going way overboard with the draconian laws.  If they made the laws retroactive to 100 years, would these very politicians be slammed with a sex offender label for something they did as kids?  I am willing to bet they would.


By Dan Benson of the Journal Sentinel

Mequon - In a case his parents consider prosecutorial overkill, a 14-year-old Mequon boy has been charged with five counts of fourth-degree sexual assault and faces the prospect of being tagged a sex offender for touching several girls in what his parents admit was an inappropriate manner.

So, last week in Ozaukee County Circuit Court, the boy's parents said no when Ozaukee County District Attorney Sandy Williams offered to reduce the charges to two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault and, if he pleaded no contest, to expunge his conviction if he stayed out of trouble for a year.

The parents said their son was guilty of nothing more than disorderly conduct.

"We don't want to have anything to do with sexual assault," said the boy's father, who along with the boy's mother is not being identified to protect the identity of the juvenile boy. "He could be put on a sex offender registry list that would come back to haunt him."

Now the boy is scheduled to appear in court again Feb. 3 for an evidentiary hearing, which amounts to a trial, in which the girls are likely to be compelled to testify and experts will be called to give their opinion on whether a 12- or 13-year-old boy can be sexually aroused by grabbing a girl's buttocks.

The maximum penalty for each of the five misdemeanor charges is nine months' incarceration, according to a juvenile delinquency petition. According to state Department of Corrections spokesman Rachel Krueger, those convicted of fourth-degree sexual assault are not required to register as sex offenders, but a judge could order the boy to do so, especially since the alleged victims were children and because of the number of counts against him.

According to the petition filed in July by Williams, here's what happened:

Two girls at Steffen Middle School in Mequon told officials June 6, a Friday, that the boy, 13 years old at the time, during class had grabbed the buttocks of one girl, 14, and unhooked the bra of the other girl, 13.

Under questioning by police, officials learned of other unreported incidents going back to October 2007, when the boy was 12, when he grabbed other girls' buttocks or their breasts, licked a girl's neck and tickled another girl in the stomach, according to the petition.

The boy's father met with Steffen Principal Deborah Anderson later that day and was informed that his son would be suspended for the last four days of the school year and that the matter was being referred to the school's police liaison officer "as matter of routine," the father said.

Mequon-Thiensville Schools Superintendent Demond Means declined to comment.

On the following Monday, the parents learned that what they thought was a school issue had become a police matter when the boy was called into the Mequon Police Department to be interviewed and was arrested.

The father had hoped that a visit to the police station would be little more than an attempt to help his son "man up" to what he had done, he said.

"I was in total shock" when his son was arrested, he said, especially after he had told the police officer they had already taken steps to discipline their son.

The weekend before the arrest, the boy's parents had made arrangements for their son to be taken to a wilderness camp for troubled teens in Utah.

It was a surprise to the boy when he was whisked away in the middle of the night on Wednesday and flown to the camp.

He stayed there for the next two months.

Mequon police Capt. Dan Buntrock, who recommended the charges to Williams, said the charges are appropriate for the behavior.

"If someone touches someone sexually in a bar, is that fourth-degree sexual assault? Yes," he said. "It doesn't really matter where it occurs. And when the victim is of a certain age, it's even more serious."

State law says fourth-degree sexual assault occurs when someone intentionally touches another person to gratify himself sexually, or sexually degrades or humiliates that person.

In the opinion of Buntrock and Williams, that's what the boy did.

To the parents, however, their son is guilty of inappropriate behavior, disorderly conduct and "numskull friendliness," the mother said, quoting a therapist with whom her son has met.

"A 12-year-old boy does not do these things to sexually gratify himself," she said.

According to affidavits submitted in court Thursday in an attempt to block an order to testify in court, the girls and their parents said they did not feel degraded by the boy and that they did not want him criminally prosecuted, only disciplined by the school for the two events on June 6.

Their son and the girls remain friends, the boy's parents said.

NY - Sex Offender Jailed in Case of Missing NY Woman

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Keep in mind, he has not been to court yet, but it's crap like this that makes RSO lives hell. Every time something like this occurs, we all get more punishment slapped on us, from knee-jerk reactions from politicians wishing to take advantage of the situation, and the media as well. I hope he did not do it, but time will tell.


A man who was seen in the company of a Brooklyn woman who is now missing is in county jail on a probation violation. Michael Mele, a registered sex offender, is being held on $50,000 bail.