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Gays help nab 50 ‘predators’ in latest NBC ‘Dateline’ sting

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Old article, but interesting.


Anti-predator group embroiled in battle with rival online group

Gay members of a group that conducts online sting operations to expose men who solicit underage teenagers for sex, both male and female, played a key role last month in the arrest of 50 men in Southern California who were charged with attempted child molestation.

Law enforcement officials in Riverside County, Calif., arrested the men after they solicited sex from adult members of the group Perverted Justice, who posed as teens between the ages of 12 and 15 in online chat rooms intended for teenagers.

The group also worked in the Riverside sting with the national TV news program "Dateline NBC," which used hidden cameras in a house to record the men as they arrived for what they thought would be a sexual tryst with a teenager. It was the third sting that "Dateline NBC" carried out jointly with Perverted Justice.

In the sting, 39 of the 50 men arrested had sought out female teens under the legal age of consent. The remaining 12 sought out underage male teenagers, according to "Dateline" spokesperson Jenny Tartikoff.

The arrests boosted the reputation of Perverted Justice as a partner for law enforcement agencies interested in using volunteers to help apprehend men who cruise underage teens on the internet.

But the arrests and publicity surrounding the Riverside sting also come at a time when the group finds itself in a bitter, behind-the-scenes battle with a rival group called The latter group accuses PJ of engaging in "witch hunts" against alleged online predators that claims have neither been arrested nor convicted of a crime. notes that the majority of "busts" conducted by PJ have not involved law enforcement agencies, and that PJ has posted defamatory accusations about some people who turned out not to be the ones engaging in online conversations with teens.

"We know of cases where they identified the wrong person, somebody who was totally innocent and never had anything to do with this stuff," said Scott Morrow, founder and owner of

PJ dismisses the accusations as largely baseless. Its leaders call a small band of misguided people who are serving as "enablers" for pedophiles who they say rely on for help after being exposed on the PJ website.

Xavier Von Erck, the founder and owner of the PJ site, acknowledges that his group may have been overly aggressive in posting information exposing the men who target underage teens in the past. He has said that in rare cases where incorrect information was discovered on the site, members quickly delete it.

His group has evolved in the three years it has been in existence to a point where it follows strict guidelines and safeguards to prevent its volunteer members from posting information about people who have not engaged in explicit efforts to seek out sex with underage teens, Von Erck said.

"You have to start somewhere," said Greg Brainer, a gay PJ volunteer who worked on the sting operation with Riverside investigators. "Now we limit our work to areas of the country where law enforcement does get involved every time," he said.

Perverted or Corrupt Justice?

Both groups accuse the other of lying and scheming to undercut the other’s efforts. And in a development that has alarmed members of both groups, supporters of the two groups formed separate "attack" organizations that have set up websites where hostile and sometimes threatening messages are posted on message boards.

Morrow and Von Erck each say they have received death threats from anonymous senders in messages posted on the message boards.

Morrow of sent the Blade copies of separate, computer-altered photos depicting him and his wife in sexually explicit poses that he says were posted on a website called Backers of PJ created the site, acknowledged Von Erck, the PJ founder.

While he does not condone such postings, Von Erck said the anonymous person who sent the doctored photos was likely prompted by similar actions by supporters. He pointed to postings on an "attack" site created by supporters of called AVSO.

Von Erck sent samples of sexually explicit, anti-gay slurs that anonymous participants on the AVSO site sent to Brainer and Del Harvey, a lesbian member of PJ who worked with "Dateline NBC" in the Riverside sting operations.

Morrow said he condemns such actions and that has no control over the AVSO website. has received far less media coverage than PJ, and PJ supporters interpret this as a sign that the media and law enforcement agencies have dismissed CJ as a group of chronic complainers. Morrow said reporters, faced with deadlines, often fail to thoroughly examine PJ and miss examples of what he calls its "excesses."

Anatomy of sting
Working with investigators from the Riverside Sheriff’s Department and "Dateline NBC," the "teens" portrayed by PJ members arranged for their target "predators" to come to a house in Mira Loma, a town southwest of Los Angeles, where the men expected to engage in sex with the fictitious youths.

When confronted by "Dateline" correspondent Chris Hansen and a television camera crew, most of the men fled the house. Sheriff’s deputies stopped them on the street and placed then under arrest.

A statement released by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said the arrests were based on transcripts of online instant message conversations between the men and the PJ decoys. The transcripts included explicit solicitations proposing sexual acts and offers to send the youths pornographic photos or videos.

The sheriff’s department has posted the names and photos of all the arrested men on its website. It says at least two have previously been convicted of sexual offenses against minors.

‘Vigilante’ attacks?
Morrow of is a Canadian who lives outside Ottawa with his wife and three children. He said he and his group condemn predators who use the internet to sexually exploit underage teens and support PJ’s effort to have them arrested.

Morrow said his group objects only to what he calls PJ’s "vigilante" tactics of tracking down and publishing on its website the names, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information of the men who allegedly solicit teens. He points to dozens of postings on the PJ website that include information about the group’s target "predators" and the targets’ family members, neighbors and employers.

"They have volunteers who use private access databases to obtain cell phone numbers," he said, along with other private information such as a target’s Social Security number and driver’s license number.

As part of its investigation into its targets, PJ also tracks down and sends messages to the targets’ family members, informing them that a loved one has engaged in sexual solicitation of underage youths on the internet. In some cases, it sends family members copies of the transcripts of sexually explicit instant message conversations between a target and the PJ volunteer posing as a teen. The group also sends the family member a link to the PJ website where the transcripts can be viewed.

"Keep in mind that in most of these postings, the target has not been arrested, let alone convicted by a jury," Morrow said. "So they are acting like judge and jury. It’s just pure vigilantism."

Von Erck has said about 25 percent of the men snared by PJ solicit male teens for sex, compared to about 75 percent who solicit female teenagers.

He said that in the three years the group has been in business, no one has filed a defamation lawsuit alleging they were wrongly identified as soliciting underage youths.
- They have now, see here, this is one of many.

While PJ tries to coordinate all of its online sting operations with law enforcement agencies, Von Erck said its members and supporters believe exposing and publicizing the names of those who target underage teens for sex-—-even if they are not prosecuted by authorities-—-provides a public service by alerting the community of potentially dangerous predators.
- So what, mob rules?

A right to know
According to Von Erck and other PJ members, the information they post on their website about the men they target consists mostly of the transcripts of instant message conversations in which the men usually use sexually graphic language to invite underage youths to engage in sex.
- So check out their forums, and you will see the hate and other death threats, etc...  They are all sick, and most of them have some disorder, see here.

"It’s their own words," said Brainer. "We think the public has a right to know."

Brainer said PJ never targets men who seek out sex in chat rooms or websites created for adults. A review of the postings of transcripts of its targets shows that nearly all of the teens that PJ volunteers depict in their undercover work are between the ages of 12 and 15, even though the legal age of consent in most states is between 16 and 18.

MA - Critics Slam Boston Doctor Who Offers Sex Change Treatment to Kids

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To me, this is nothing but legal child abuse.  See the videos as well.


Boston’s Children’s Hospital bills itself as the hospital for children — and now it’s also the hospital for children who want a sex change, a procedure some critics are calling “barbaric.”

Dr. Norman Spack, a pediatric specialist at the hospital, has launched a clinic for transgendered kids — boys who feel like girls, girls who want to be boys — and he’s opening his doors to patients as young as 7.

Spack offers his younger patients counseling and drugs that delay the onset of puberty. The drugs stop the natural flood of hormones that would make it difficult to have a sex alteration later in life, allowing patients more time to decide whether they want to make the change.

Spack also offers some teenagers hormone therapy, a drastic step that changes the way they grow and develop. While the effects of drug treatments can be stopped, long-term hormone therapy can be irreversible, causing permanent infertility in both sexes.

For some, that trade-off is worth it. Transgendered children are deeply troubled and have a “high level of suicide attempts,” Spack told the Boston Globe. “I’ve never seen any patient make [a suicide attempt] after they’ve started hormonal treatment,” he said.

Spack would not grant an interview to and the Boston’s Children’s Hospital declined to respond.

But not all doctors are convinced, and some say the treatments do much more harm than good.

“Treating these children with hormones does considerable harm and it compounds their confusion,” said Dr. Paul McHugh, University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at John Hopkins University. “Trying to delay puberty or change someone’s gender is a rejection of the lawfulness of nature.”

McHugh said gender reassignment for children harkens back to the dark ages, when choir boys were castrated to retain their high-pitched voices. "It’s barbaric,” he said.

Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a legal charity affiliated with the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, says that transgender disorder is a mental disorder, not a medical one, and that it should be treated with behavior modification, not hormones or surgery.

“Just as you don’t give liposuction to an anorexic, you don’t do sexual reassignment surgery on men who think that they are women and vice versa,” Staver said.

“At some point in childhood," McHugh said, "many children role play as the opposite sex, but it is a social, not a medical issue.”

But other doctors say there is a transgender “gene.”

Dr. Irene Sills, an physician and Senior Professor of Pediatrics at the State University of New York, has treated 15 transgender children in the last 6 years, and considers the condition innate as a result of her study.

“We have had a case of identical twins that seems to disprove [other] theories,” she told “The twin girls were brought up in exactly the same environment, but by the age of 3, one of them kept insisting that she was a boy and kept mimicking masculine dress and behavior.”

Sills reported that her patients and their families have all been pleased with her therapy and support. She said she never asks families to sign a waiver before treating their children. “I trust our procedures and I trust my patients,” she said in an interview.

But some experts expect legal challenges to mount in the face of further treatment. According to Austin Nimocks, senior legal counsel for the conservative Alliance Defense, parents and doctors may not be safe from litigation if children are made sterile due to hormonal treatments — even if they do sign waivers.

We will eventually start to see such parents and doctors sued and possibly arrested for what is essentially child abuse,” Nimocks told

Still, some think transgender medical therapies for children, which have been used for many years in Europe, Asia and Australia, may soon gain more acceptance in the U.S.
- Just because something is done in another country, doesn't mean it's ok here.  If that was the case, then I guess cannibalism would be ok?

“Most medical professionals know very little about transgender treatments for children, so I do grand rounds at hospitals to educate them,” said Stephanie Brill, co-author of “The Transgender Child,” which will be published in June. “The doctors are very receptive, so I believe that we will see transgender medicine become much more prevalent over the next decade.”

Yet even as such procedures are introduced to a wider public and offered to younger patients, it remains to be seen whether proponents of the procedure will find much support.

“Just because modern medicine can accomplish certain things does not mean that these procedures should be done,” said Nimocks. “That’s the mindset of a Dr. Kevorkian, and he wound up in jail.”

UK - Anti-paedophile leader is reported for child neglect

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This is a very old article, but someone submitted it to me, so here it is.  Read the other articles above, this same group is apparently responsible for burning cars and other violence.  Why are they not all behind bars?


By Cahal Milmo

The mother of five who led hundreds of anti-paedophile demonstrators around Paulsgrove council estate in Portsmouth for seven nights chanting, "Protect our children", has been reported to social services after her three-year-old son was found naked wandering its streets.

Katrina Kessell, 33, was being interviewed by a television crew on Thursday morning half-a-mile from her home, when her son Nassar was found by a passer-by close to a busy main road shortly before 8.30am.

Police said Nassar had managed to escape from the rear garden of the council house where Ms Kessell lives with four of her children and wandered three streets away.

WPC Kim Gosden said: "He'd gone under the side gate of the house. Ms Kessell said she thought there was someone with him." A report on the incident was yesterday forwarded to social workers in a move described by police as "standard procedure".

Ms Kessell, who has been a prominent figure in the nightly marches through the estate, had said before the incident: "I am a good mother who knows how to look after children. If I was a bad mother, social services would take my children away. My upbringing has made it very hard for me to accept paedophiles in society. It is a natural instinct to want to protect your child and that has been my guiding motive in setting up the campaign."

Yesterday, she declined to comment about her wandering son, and the campaign, which erupted in a whirlwind of violence and hatred, showed little sign of ending.

Like a cancer in remission, an uneasy calm has descended on the Paulsgrove estate. As the campaigners switched appeals for mass action to a grudging acceptance of the need to return to normality, the evidence of a visit by the missile-throwing gangs on yet another Paulsgrove house was glaring.

A shattered pane of glass with the words, "You perv" spray-painted on the remains of the window of a terraced house in Abbeydore Road, bore testimony to the fact that violence fuelled by ill-founded rumour has not yet disappeared from the estate.

The house, attacked on Thursday afternoon minutes after the group announced the suspension of protests, is home to a woman in her fifties, whose brother was a convicted child sex offender. But he has not been in the house for 17 years and his terrified sister has had to leave her home.

A 34-year-old neighbour, whose two young sons saw the attack, said: "It was in broad daylight. A couple of teenagers were daring two others to do it. There was the sound of smashing glass and we knew the idiots behind this violence are not going to go quietly."

The mother, who asked not to be named for fear of recriminations, added: "Children screaming, "Murder the pervert" late at night outside the home of an innocent woman is not the way to deal with paedophiles. It is the way to terrify a community."

Elsewhere on the estate, a consensus was forming that enough was enough in the anti-paedophile battle of Paulsgrove. Victoria Howe, a 22-year-old mother said: "What support there was for the marchers has gone.

"Nobody wants a paedophile living with a panoramic view of your children but, if anything, the last week has shown that naming and shaming does not work. I think we have to trust the authorities to keep offenders under supervision."

Protest spokesman Barry Pettinger said: "We never wanted the violence in the first place. It's just something where people have got emotionally stressed out." Around 200 residents on the estate, home to 15,000, were expected at the open-air meeting last night to hear the proposals agreed with Portsmouth City Council and Hampshire police on Thursday.

A list of names and addresses of 20 "paedophiles" - including those of the homeowner in Abbeydore Road - drawn up by residents will be handed to authorities on Monday in return for a guarantee that details will be checked with official records and genuine sex offenders will be advised to move on.

FL - Spotlight: clustered lives of sex offenders

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By Sandra Pedicini - Sentinel Staff Writer

ST. PETERSBURG - The Palace Mobile Home Park has become a sort of modern-day leper colony. Tucked beside a liquor store off Interstate 275, the trailer park is a haven for sex offenders, with about 100 of its residents on the state's registry.

It is also the subject of a documentary film by a group of Central Florida filmakers. Titled Scum of the Earth, the film takes a generally sympathetic approach to its subjects, whose crimes involved children.

One subject molested his daughter, whom he's now not allowed to contact. Another claims she was sexually abused by family members and years later molested a 3-year-old girl she was baby-sitting.

The title, meant as irony, sums up society's view of sex offenders. The film explores how the Palace became a sanctuary for these outcasts.

Clustering of sex offenders is a natural outgrowth of restrictions on where they can live, said Jill Levenson, an assistant professor at Lynn University in Boca Raton who specializes in sex-offender issues. Communities throughout the state have restricted offenders from living too close to schools, day-care centers and bus stops.

"This public policy of fear and revenge is really making the problem worse," said filmmaker Phyllis Redman, who has a background in social work. "Yet it's continuing to be implemented primarily because of public fear."

Her husband Eric Breitenbach, a fellow filmmaker, acknowledges that many people might find the subject matter tough to watch. When he has brought up his latest project in group settings, "you can hear a pin drop in the room . . . You can tell people are immediately worried or turned off or apprehensive about watching or even considering watching a film like that."

'Marginalized' lives

Breitenbach and Redman, who live in Deltona, often focus on those Redman describes as "marginalized." Their critically acclaimed film When Pigs Fly chronicled a Flagler County woman's battle to save domestic pigs from death. The production team also includes Gary Monroe, a DeLand photographer.

When the group started its most recent project, a mental-health counselor at the Palace encouraged his clients to tell their stories on film. It would be cathartic for them, said therapist Don Sweeney, and educational for those who might choose to watch.

By opening up on camera, "I wanted people to see that I'm still a human being," said Robert Smith, who spent time in prison on charges of lewd or lascivious battery on a child. Smith said he molested a 10-year-old girl at his son's party. Smith said he doesn't remember the crime because "I got pretty blitzed" beforehand.

People credit -- or blame, depending on their point of view -- a woman named Nancy Morais for creating this haven for sex offenders. Morais, whose son is a convicted sex offender, began offering services at the Palace for sex offenders when she was managing the park. The group she founded, called Florida Justice Transitions, has its headquarters there. At the Palace, "I think they feel safe," said Sweeney, who runs group-therapy sessions there. "They don't have to worry about vigilantism, people hating them, putting them down."

Redman said their subjects suffer with shame, guilt and remorse. In the course of filming, one went back to jail for missing by one day a deadline to register as a sex offender. One attempted suicide. Another faces eviction from the park.

"All of these guys are really hanging in the balance," Redman said. "The tougher society makes it on them, the more likely they will not be successful, whatever that means: re-offend, return to addictions or commit suicide or become homeless."

2nd arrests rare there

The Palace has its share of problems, although law-enforcement officials say it's rare for park residents to get rearrested for sex crimes. Sweeney said drugs and prostitutes are prevalent. Earlier this year, a transient visiting friends at the park murdered a pregnant woman whose fiance lived there, according to news reports. And there is occasionally tension between the sex-offender residents and their neighbors.

"It's hell here," said one woman who had complained to management that an offender in the park had harassed her.

Residents pay several hundred dollars a month to live -- often with roommates -- in tiny mobile homes packed tightly along narrow streets. Many of them are well-kept, landscaped and decorated with items such as pink flamingos. An American flag hangs in front of one home.

Harold Cooney's home has a ramp for his wife's electric scooter. The living room is decorated with angel figurines and filled with wooden and glass furniture that seems out of place in its cramped surroundings. A small sign over the door reminds him not to forget to wear his electronic monitoring device when he leaves the house.

Now 76 and battling leukemia, he served prison time in 2006 after police caught him masturbating on a Web camera, thinking a 14-year-old girl was watching him on the Internet. It was actually a law-enforcement officer.

Cooney and his wife, Ruth, consider themselves parental figures to many of the men. She said her husband's arrest turned out to be a blessing in disguise because they have been able to help so many men at the park."If it wasn't for this place," she said, "I don't know where these people would go."

Sandra Pedicini can be reached at or 386-851-7914.

NM - Porn shop stops and trips to slots gets APS official busted

TX - Cops Face Trouble for Racy Photos Posted on MySpace