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NV - 18-year-old son of Fallon judge charged in sex case

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Karma, it really sucks doesn't it? I'll be watching this real close. Watch and see what kind of sentence this kid gets.


The 18-year-old son of a Fallon judge was charged Tuesday in connection to an on-going investigation of a teen party where a 15-year-old girl said she was highly intoxicated and gang raped.

A lawyer for Jeffrey Michael Lister declined to comment Tuesday afternoon. Lister is the son of Michael Lister, a Churchill County municipal judge. An arrest warrant had not been issued.
- Why not?  If it wasn't a judges son, the warrant would be issued, and the kid arrested.

Also Tuesday, party host Tami Peel pleaded guilty to a gross misdemeanor charge of child endangerment related to placing the 15-year-old girl in a situation where she may have suffered physical pain and/or mental suffering at the party.

Earlier this month, Peel, a former Churchill County High School softball coach, pleaded guilty to five counts of contributing to the delinquency of minors related to providing minors alcohol at her party. Peel told parents the party was going to be a sleep over for some of her daughter’s friends with soft drinks and pizza, and there would be no alcohol or boys.

Lister is accused of having sex with the intoxicated girl in his truck. He then allegedly bragged about it to his friends, according to the criminal complaint. “(A witness) had made mention to Lister a few days after the party that he was in some trouble. The (witness) states Lister responded ‘I’m the judge’s son. I can never get in trouble,” the complaint said.

About a week after the Jan. 18 party Lister encountered a group of students who called him “rapist” and “sex offender,” the complaint said. “At least I got her first,” one witness recalled Lister saying.

According to the complaint, the girl knew what was happening with Lister, but did not say “no” because she was drunk. She said Lister was one of two boys she had sex with that night, but several party goers told her later at school the number was four or five.
- So why are the other four or five not being arrested?

One witness told investigators “some of the other boys were commenting they had used condoms, and therefore, would not get caught. ... Lister told (the witness) he was going to tell his father he did not have sex with the victim,” the complaint said.

Teen guests told authorities they saw Lister and the girl leave the party, after being affectionate with each other inside. They returned about 30 minutes later, and many of the guests were asking if they had sex, the complaint said. Witnesses saw her throwing up on the lawn and stumbling. One witness said she was “completely out of it.”

Another witness said she heard Lister bragging “Yeah, I just had sex with her out in my car.”

The girl said she met Lister months before the party and dated him for about a week. They did not have sex, she said. She said she thought she was going to her first “high school party” when she went to Peel’s home at 580 Torrey Pines, in Fallon.

Peel, a mother of three, had taken a group of children to a drug store to buy Smirnoff Ice malt liquor, plastic cups and ping pong balls so they could play “beer pong” at the party, court documents showed. She later had a 19-year-old man drive her to another store to buy cases of beer.

NY - Questions about a bus stop and a sex offender

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KINGSTON — All Cris Hendrick wants is for the school buses to pick up and drop off middle-school students safely at their homes, not where a registered sex offender lives.

“No” is what she was told.

Hendrick was disturbed to hear last year from a neighbor that a registered sex offender lives down the road from her home in Ruby, a Town of Ulster hamlet. Shock followed when she learned that a bus for the M. Clifford Miller Middle School was dropping off students right in front of the sex offender’s residence.

Hendrick’s son, John, 11, and a middle-school student, now must wait for his bus at that same bus stop, on the corner of South Road and Main Street, a quarter mile from their house.

“All the kids are afraid, but what are they going to do about it?” Hendrick says. “They’re not prepared mentally or physically to fight off an offender.”
- So why don't you be a good parent, and go down and sit at the bus stop with the kids, until the bus arrives?  Quit whining and be a responsible parent!

She said the district turned down her request for stops at each child’s home for middle-school students. This is already the procedure for elementary students, Hendrick said.

Transportation Supervisor Judy Falcon told Hendrick that sex offenders live all over, and the district cannot accommodate every child, according to Hendrick. Neither Falcon nor Superintendent Gerard Gretzinger responded to numerous calls requesting comment.

Town of Ulster Police Chief Paul Watzka would like to see school buses do home pick-ups and drop-offs, but says “I don’t know if they have any choice.”

While Watzka’s department sends out lists of registered sex offenders to the school district and its bus company as needed, he says time and financial restraints might make it difficult for buses to avoid all streets on which sex offenders live.

Hendrick says she understands that the district can’t change bus routes every time a sex offender moves. What she wants is preventive action, in the form of a law demanding that children be picked up and dropped off at their homes. “This shouldn’t just be about my son,” says Hendrick. “It’s about all kids of this age.”
Hendrick recently sent letters to the Kingston school board, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Assemblyman Kevin Cahill.
- So will you be willing to pay for the outrageous amount of money for gas?

She is seeking a discussion on a law or policy change for the safe transportation of young students. Her next step will be phone calls, then personal visits. “I’m totally going to keep fighting,” Hendrick says. “I believe action will happen.”

OK - Teen Feels Snared In Sex Offender Law

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TX - FOX 26 Investigates Finds Many Mistakes On Sex Offender Website

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HOUSTON - A registered sex offender living at a rape counseling center? That's just one of many mistakes Fox 26 Investigates discovered on the Department Of Public Safety's sex offender database.

People all over the state turn to that website to see if a dangerous rapist or child molester is living near them.

But what if your one of the convicted criminals on that website and some of the information about you is wrong?

Registered sex offender Thomas Doyle showed us how his address on the website was wrong for several months, even though he had alerted law enforcement officials on numerous occasions. The website states he has two young female victims, even though FOX 26 could find no mention of victims in his felony file at the District Attorney's Office.
- And I'm sure, if they police wanted to, they could charge him with a violation, and it's their word against his, and he'd be going to prison for their mistake! I sure hope he gets something in writing.

Doyle pleaded guilty to child pornography charges, but was not charged with touching or taking lewd photographs of children.

FOX 26 Investigates combed through hundreds of written complaints that had been filed with DPS in a four-year period. One of those complaints involving a convicted child molester and a rape counseling center has yet to be corrected.

UK - Rape claim woman 'is a danger to men'

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These kind of women need to be put into prison themselves, then maybe they will stop the false accusations, which can ruin someone's life.


By Ruth Scammell

A woman who cried rape after a date has been told by a judge she was 'a danger to young men'.

Emma Deamer made the false allegation against Jamie Winter following an argument.

The couple had met at Cosham railway station after exchanging text messages and went back to Mr Winter's flat where they had sex.

But Deamer flew into a rage when Mr Winter went downstairs and chatted to his flatmate shortly afterwards.

She stormed out of the flat and went to the police and accused him of rape.

Deamer claimed that Mr Winter, from Cosham, was a stranger and that she had never met him before.

He was arrested but was released on bail that same day and was never charged. Deamer, 20, later admitted she had lied to the police and had given her consent for sex.

CCTV footage from the railway station also showed Deamer leaving the station arm-in-arm with Mr Winter on March 21 last year.

At Portsmouth Crown Court, she was spared jail. Instead, she was given a two-year suspended sentence and a 12-month supervision order.

The court heard how Deamer, from Worthing, has a history of health problems and also suffers from ADHD. At the time of the allegation she was struggling with post-natal depression after the birth of her first child. She was heavily pregnant with her second child at the time of the sentencing.

Deamer pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice on August 28 this year.

Judge Stephen Parish said: 'What you did was a terrible thing. You made a false allegation of rape and that resulted in an innocent man being arrested.

"You are a danger to young men in this area."

"Should you do this sort of thing again you will go to prison."

CA - Appeals court rules on sex offender restriction

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Yep, the laws are crumbling around the country. Very slowly, but they are crumbling!


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A state appeals court says a California ballot measure that prevents sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park amounts to an additional punishment for the original crime.

The ruling on Proposition 83 - approved by voters in 2006 - was issued by the Fourth District Court of Appeal in Santa Ana Wednesday.

Although the ruling leaves the law in effect, it could limit its application. Laws that increase punishments for past crimes are unconstitutional.

Lisa Page, a spokeswoman for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Contact), says the administration is reviewing the ruling. She says Schwarzenegger supports the proposition.
- Why don't you also review the California and US Constitutions while you are at it?

SEC. 9. A bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts may not be passed.

Proposition 83, or Jessica's Law, bars paroled sex offenders from living in most densely populated areas of the state.

OH - Restrictions on residency don't really help kids

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Sex-offender registration is not a complex idea.

Society has a right to keep tabs on people who have proven themselves capable of harming another person sexually. Children especially need to be protected.
- So what about the abusive parents?  What about the DUI offenders?  What about the gang members?  What about the drug dealers?  What about the entertainment business who show sex and violence on TV and in video games?  What about all the other folks who harm children?  Why just ignore all them and pick on sex offenders?  Because it's all about punishment, period!  And what about our own government (here, here and here)?  THOSE WHO SCREAM THE LOUDEST, USUALLY HAVE THE MOST TO HIDE!

However, when Ohio joined dozens of other states in restricting where registered sex offenders could live, it did little to protect children.
- And you can pass 1 million laws, and since statistics show, 90% or more of all sexual crimes occur by the victims own family, you will never prevent it.  The only way to prevent it, is to take your kids a way from you!

Overwhelmingly, studies have shown that registered sex offenders are convicted of assaults on people they know. Assaults on strangers do occur, but they are not the main problem.
- I think this should say, "studies have shown that people are convicted of assaults on people they know!"  The registry grows daily, so by adding "registered sex offenders" into the mix, you are making it look like current sex offenders are the only ones committing the crimes, when we know, by recidivism studies, that this is wrong, and only perpetuating the myth!

Ohio already prohibits registered sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a place where children are likely to gather – schools, parks or day care facilities.
- And show me the studies and statistics that show this is even working?  Give me the names of all the current registered sex offenders, you  can name, who have sexual assaulted a child in a school, park or day care!  And I do not mean Joe Smoe, I mean people who are currently labeled a "sex offender!"

The issue now in Ohio is whether registered sex offenders who committed their crimes before 1993 — or who lived at their current address before then — should be forced to move.
- If we were going by the constitution of the state and United States, the answer would be NO!  But the constitution is apparently dying, and people do not care!  Not until their rights are eradicated anyway!  But then, it's too late!

The question should not be about where they live, but should be about behavior – what do they do?

Our legal system is predicated on punishment and rehabilitation.
- The system is about PUNISHMENT, period!  Rehabilitation doesn't even enter the picture, that is obvious by all the draconian, unconstitutional laws the "government" is passing!

Registered sex offenders who have served their punishments and not had any repeat incidents should be allowed to remain in their homes. If they re-offend, they are unfortunately likely to do it with someone they already know. Where they live does not matter.
- This is true.  And, THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO STOP TEARING UP THE CONTRACTS (PLEA BARGAINS) THAT THEY AGREED ON, just to look "tough on crime!"  You signed a contract when the person was convicted or plead guilty, and yet you are tearing up these contracts.  THAT IS WRONG!!!!

One of the effects of rules like these is that it would tend to force registered sex offenders into rural areas. It they cannot be within 1,000 feet of a school or day-care facility, they have little option in some communities.

Many home owners would likely say — good riddance! But the issue should be their behavior — if they are not committing crimes, they should be allowed to remain where they are.
- Good riddance?  Well, lets just tear up your rights, and the Constitution and become a fascist country, then let's see how many will change their minds when their rights are eradicated!  This is just a test bed, and when they find out they can get a way with eradicating someone's rights, YOURS WILL BE NEXT!  You can mark my words on that as well!

Forced removals are not American. We do not banish our citizens. If a crime is committed, the person is caught, convicted and punished. Once that punishment is served, it is presumed that they want to get on with their lives.

This is how it should be.
- This is how it has always been, until the last 10 years or so, and I believe Clinton was the one who started the ball rolling....  And he was caught in a lie, for receiving a blow job in the White House.  And he got a way with it as well!!!

Sexual assaults are heinous crimes and sexual abuse of children deserves harsh punishment.
- But the punishment must fit the crime, and once a deal has been struck, the government cannot tear up that contract.  Yet that is exactly what they are doing, and getting a way with as well.  Wait until they come for you, and they will, it's just a matter of time!

Ohio should not expand its residency limitations for sex offenders, a law that is unlikely to do much to protect children.

VT - Special Report: Peering Into Minds Of Sex Offenders

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People need to STOP treating all sex offenders as if they are the same as John Couey or this man....  They are not all one and the same!


Watch Exclusive Interviews With Convicted Abusers

In the summer of 2008, sex crimes against children were thrust into the forefront of North Country residents' minds when a 12-year-old Braintree, Vt., girl went missing, only to be found days later in a shallow grave -- the apparent victim of a violent sexually motivated murder committed by a family member, according to federal prosecutors.

Brooke Bennett, a basketball and lacrosse player who had just finished seventh grade, disappeared June 25 after being seen with her uncle at a local convenience store. She was found dead a week later, buried not far from the home of her uncle, Michael Jacques, who police say drugged, sexually assaulted and killed Bennett by putting a plastic bag over her head.

Police have said Jacques was part of an online sex ring that involved Bennett's former stepfather and a young relative Jacques had been sexually abusing.

Jacques had a history of sex crimes against minors and had already spent time in jail for kidnapping and sexual assaulting a teenager in 1992. Court papers also tell of a female relative Jacques began sexually abusing when the girl was just 8 years old, which culminated in his arrest in 1985.

The documents, including a 1985 affidavit from an Orange County court, outline seven years of alleged sexual abuse that included oral sex and vaginal intercourse, which eventually resulted in the then-15 year-old girl being impregnated by Jacques.

Despite his past, Judge Amy Davenport allowed Jacques to be removed from probation seven years early in 2006, according to court documents. This came after a state Department of Corrections parole officer recommended it in 2004.
- Yes, they apparently thought he was not a threat, and you cannot predict the future!

When Jacques' past came to light, it drew outrage from parents, politicians and others who were puzzled at how a man with such a history could be released.

Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas (Contact) asked the corrections commissioner to review all of its policies related to this case -- how it monitors offenders, whether treatment is effective and how it deals with violent sex crimes.
- Treatment is effective.  But, the offender has to want treatment also.  Again, you cannot judge all sex offenders based on one or two men, so STOP DOING SO!!!

A legislative panel met several times in the summer and fall to weigh proposals for cracking down on sex crimes against children.

Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin announced a series of special committee meetings and public hearings to discuss the matter.

Still others called for the death penalty and mandatory sentencing laws, sometimes referred to as Jessica's Law. Douglas even called for a one-day special legislative session for lawmakers to vote on a civil confinement law, an expanded sex offender registry and mandatory minimum sentencing law.
- Mandatory sentencing will only overflow the already overflowing prison system, and also, won't prevent another child from being harmed, from someone who is not currently a sex offender and has not been caught yet!  So it's just more "knee jerk, feel good" reactions to a horrendous crime.

Many Vermonters rallied for tougher child sex laws and thrust their support into a Jessica's Law mandatory minimum sentence.

But there is one key player in the debate that has yet to be heard from -- the sex offenders themselves.
- Registered sex offenders need to speak up, or else the laws will get worse and worse.  Especially the family and children of RSO's.  SPEAK UP NOW!!!!

In order to gain some insight into the mind of a sex offender, particularly one that would abuse a child, NewsChannel 5's Stephanie Gorin sat down with two convicted sex offenders for in-depth interviews, but agreed not to divulge the names of the men she spoke with.
- The mind of ONE sex offender, not all.

In exclusive interviews with NewsChannel 5, the convicted offenders' voices have been disguised to protect their identities. The men interviewed have no connection to the Bennett case and their victims were not killed.

"Fred" is a convicted sex offender from the Champlain Valley. He admits he sexually molested a young girl and said he knew it was wrong while it was happening.

He turned himself in and was eventually sent to jail. When he was released, he went to counseling. There he says he learned why he manipulated, controlled and abused the 9-year-old girl.

Fred underwent group therapy, individual therapy and polygraphs routinely to make sure he wasn't reoffending. In regards to therapy, Fred had this to say: "It's not easy. But it shouldn't be. What we have done is extremely devastating to our victims."

Fred explained that he started having negative thoughts about children when he was very young, but didn't act on them until he became addicted to Internet pornography. He said he groomed his victim and told her it was their "little secret." When he realized the abuse was escalating, he turned himself in.

Fred said there is no cure for sex offenders; there are only tools that they can use to control and manage their thoughts. Fred believes he was once a danger to society, but not anymore. He said counseling turned his life around.

"For the first time I started learning how to control things and what to look for. And for the first time I felt there was hope that I could change."

"Joe," a convicted sex offender from the Champlain Valley who had sex with a young teenager, has a similar story. He too served time in jail, and has completed counseling.

Some days "all I can do is wish I never caused the pain in the first place," Joe said. "If I never put her in this spot, she wouldn't have to deal with it. That's the bottom line."

But Joe knows "the people out there could care less the pain that I'm in."

Joe's not sure if there's a cure for sex offenders, but he is sure that some can be rehabilitated. He said he's living proof.

Joe spent 2 1/2 years in counseling. "I wanted to get better. I want to know why I hurt this person. I want to be a good person. I was a good person before and to this day believe I'm still a good person, with a bad mark now," Joe said.

Through group and individual therapy, Joe said he learned how to control urges and how to extinguish any negative thoughts quickly. He said he couldn't graduate without a safety plan that he carries with him every hour of every day. It contains the people to call and places to go if he feels himself going down the wrong path.

"I can't change what I did. It is what it is. What I can change is understanding it and controlling it."

In early November, Vermont lawmakers called for new sex crime legislation allowing prosecutors to bring a new charge against sex offenders. The new law would allow an aggravated sexual assault charge on a child younger than 16 years old to carry a mandatory 25-year minimum sentence.

Just days prior to that announcement, Federal prosecutors and defense lawyers filed paperwork in court arguing over whether prosecutors should have a deadline as they decide if Jacques will face the death penalty in the Bennett case.

GA - Court strikes down life sentence for sex offender

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By BILL RANKIN - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Man given mandatory life in prison after failing for second time to register as sex offender

The Georgia Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down as unconstitutional a mandatory life sentence given to a Bulloch County sex offender convicted of failing to register for a second time.

In a 6-1 decision, written by Justice Robert Benham, the court said the life sentence given to Cedric Bradshaw violates the Eighth Amendment’s guarantee against cruel and unusual punishment.

We conclude the imposition of a sentence of life imprisonment is so harsh in comparison to the crime for which it was imposed that it is unconstitutional,” Benham wrote.

Georgia’s sex-offender law is the only one in the country that mandates a life sentence for an offender who fails to register at the local sheriff’s office a second time.

After turning 19, Bradshaw pleaded guilty to enticing a child for indecent purposes. In November 2001, he was sentenced to serve up to eight months in a detention center and five years’ probation.

But before reporting to the detention center, Bradshaw was charged with statutory rape for having sex with a 15-year-old girl. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison.

After his release, Bradshaw gave an invalid address on the local sex-offender registry — his first offense. He was sentenced to time served, six months in jail.

He then registered again as a sex offender, giving a correct address and moving in with his sister. But he was forced to move because her home was too close to a recreation center. He then registered again, moving in with his aunt, but had to move once more because her home was within 1,000 feet of a church.

Bradshaw then registered a family friend’s home but gave an incorrect address and never moved in. Last December, he was convicted and given the mandatory life sentence.

“The Supreme Court did exactly the right thing,” Bradshaw’s lawyer, Robert Persse, the circuit public defender in Statesboro, said. “The state’s penalty provision was excessive and clearly disproportionate to the offense in question.”

The court’s decision upheld Bradshaw’s conviction for failing to register a second time and sent his case back to the trial court for re-sentencing.

Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears, in a concurring opinion, said life sentences “should be reserved for society’s most serious criminal offenders … Bradshaw’s failure to register as a sex offender, when his underlying crime only landed him in jail for five years, is not the kind of crime a civilized society ought to require him to pay for with his life.”

Justice George Carley issued the lone dissent, calling the majority’s decision a “monumental abuse of this court’s authority to determine the constitutionality of legislation.”
- And you are a justice?  I think you need to go back to school!  THEIR JOB IS TO DETERMINE THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF LEGISLATION!

NV - Probation given in attempt to set Supreme Court on fire

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By F.T. Norton - Nevada Appeal Staff Writer

A Reno man was given a suspended sentence of one year in jail Monday for a failed attempt in June to set fire to the Supreme Court building in protest of a scheduled change in sex offender registry law.

Christopher Hollis, 26, pleaded guilty to a charge of gross misdemeanor malicious destruction of property.

In lieu of the suspended sentence, Hollis must serve at least two years probation and complete a six-month psychological program related to his stay at a transitional living facility that focuses on reintegrating offenders into society.

On June 22, Hollis used an “incendiary device” to attempt to light the Supreme Court building on fire, causing minor damage. Hollis also scrawled an “anti-government” slogan nearby in black spray paint.

Legislative complex officers discovered the scene the following morning.

Surveillance at the complex showed Hollis walking to and from the area, but there were no cameras that caught the actual act.

In the days leading up to the attempted arson, Hollis also allegedly threatened to stage an event at the special session to “send a message,” according to court documents.

Hollis told investigators he was upset about changes in the sex offender tier system that were due to take effect July 1.

In September, a Nevada judge determined that retroactive application of the new law was unconstitutional.

Hollis was convicted in 2000 on a charge of second-degree sexual assault in Big Spring, Texas. He is listed a tier 2 sex offender on the Nevada Sex Offender Registry.

CA - Decision delayed on sex-offender ordinance

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The High Point City Council referred the proposed ordinance to bar registered sex offenders from any city park or recreation facility to its Public Safety Committee Monday.

The Parks and Recreation Commission recommended the ordinance.

"The whole focus of this law is to protect our minors," said Assistant City Attorney Joanne Carlyle. City Attorney Fred Baggett said the city "would be on solid legal ground" if council passed the ordinance.
- Tell me, how many cases of where a child was sexually assaulted in a park, can you name?  90% or more of all sexual crime, occur by the victims own family, or close friends.  Not by some stranger in a park!

Councilman Latimer Alexander asked Allen Oliver, parks and recreation director, if the ordinance would ban registered sex offenders from attending events such as Oak Hollow Lake's boat races or July Fourth fireworks.

"Yes, they would," answered Oliver, because the department gears its events toward families.

The ordinance would not prevent registered sex offenders from visiting parks and recreation facilities, but it would keep them from returning once their presence, or an incident, has been reported to recreation officials.

"It's not providing any protection on the front side," Alexander said, noting the department hasn't recorded a single incident involving a registered sex offender at its facilities.

"We're going to give police more to do than they've got time to do," said Councilman Ron Wilkins in objection to the ordinance.
- And by doing this, they will be preoccupied with other BS stuff, when other real crimes are being committed.  I am willing to bet crime will increase if the police are inundated with BS stuff like this.

Alexander made the motion to send the ordinance to his committee, saying he had a lot of unanswered questions and wants police input. Only Councilman Mike Pugh voted against Alexander's motion.

"This ordinance should be a no-brainer," Pugh said. "If we can prevent one kid from being molested and one life from being ruined, then we should do this."
- But, this will not prevent this either.  If you truly wanted to prevent a child from being harmed, and since statistics show that 90% or more sexual crime is done by the victims own family, then you should remove children from their families.  That is the ONLY way, you will prevent sexual crime, and even this will not prevent 100%.

The Jessica Lunsford Act spurred proposal of the ordinance. Similar legislation has been introduced by 42 states. The law is named after Jessica Lunsford, a young Florida girl raped and murdered by convicted sex offender John Couey in 2005.

CO - Jessica's Law bill gets state sponsors (More political grandstanding in Colorado)

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Even when the state, is using fear-mongering to garner more money from the tax paying sheeple!


By Emily Anderson - eanderson@gjfreepress.com

GRAND JUNCTION - Republican Rep.-elect Laura Bradford of Collbran, Highlands Ranch Republican Rep. Frank McNulty and Rep.-elect Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, will carry a bill next year tethering a new minimum sentence to child rape charges.

The bill, based on “Jessica’s Law” legislation passed in 42 states, would mandate a minimum prison sentence for a person convicted of engaging in improper sexual conduct with a child. The bill is named after Jessica Lunsford, a 9-year-old Florida girl who was kidnapped, raped and murdered in 2005.

McNulty said the 25-year minimum sentence passed in other states is “a good benchmark” for the new bill. He said the bill would target the people who “commit violent criminal sex acts against children.”

Those are the ones that can’t be rehabilitated,” McNulty said.

- Well sir, you are wrong.  Just the typical sound-bite.  What makes you the "expert" on who can and cannot be rehabilitated?

McNulty worked with state Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry of Grand Junction in 2007 on a bill that would have created a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in jail for anyone convicted of sexually assaulting a child under the age of 15 if the offender was at least seven years older than the child. The bill failed, likely due to its nearly $20 million a year price tag. McNulty said 2009 is the time for the issue to resurface, no matter the cost or current budget constrictions.
- The economy is crashing and burning, and you want to eradicate more of that money to overflow the prison system, and pass a law that will not prevent future crimes?  Absurd!

“To hide behind the argument that protecting children is going to cost money is absolutely wrong,” said McNulty, who plans to reach out to Democrats in the bill planning process in order to gain support.
- Well, tell me, how does anything about these sex offender laws "protect children?"  Nobody seems to answer that question!

“Working together I’m certain we would be able to find that money,” McNulty said.
- Find money from where?  Tax payers pockets?  In a recession?  Or thin air?

Bradford said she and her fellow cosponsors will research Colorado law in coming weeks in order to make sure the bill doesn’t overlap or weaken any current sexual assault laws. She also hopes to find areas of Colorado law that could be stronger and beef them up through the new bill — as long as it doesn’t cost too much.

“If it doesn’t carry a huge fiscal note, that’s what we’ll be looking at,” Bradford said.

The 2009 state legislative session convenes Jan. 7.

CT- Cop found with prostitute suspended

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By William Kaempffer, Register Staff

NEW HAVEN — A veteran police officer was suspended Monday for 10 days for allegedly patronizing a city prostitute while off-duty.

Police Chief James Lewis imposed the discipline on Officer Sam Streater, a 17-year veteran assigned to the patrol division. He was the officer who in late September was discovered by co-workers with a suspected prostitute in his personal vehicle during early-morning hours in Fair Haven, police said.

Lewis did not return a message requesting comment Monday. City spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga didn't address the specific allegations against Streater.

"We let the process work, and the process works," she said. "The consequence is balanced with the nature of the incident, and we trust the process."

The police chief has the authority to suspend for up to 15 days. Longer penalties only can be imposed by the Board of Police Commissioners.

The episode put the department in an awkward light. Since Lewis took over in July, the department has put an emphasis on quality-of-life issues like prostitution, and its gun unit has conducted a series of sting operations targeting prostitutes and their customers. Scores of people have been arrested and pictures publicized in the media as a deterrent.

Streater was not picked up during one of those stings. Rather, members of the gun unit had spotted the woman, who they knew had at least one active warrant, according to people familiar with the case. They kept her under surveillance for a time. When they moved in to arrest her, they found her in Streaters' vehicle, police said.

At first, Streater allegedly told his co-workers she was an informant of his and that's why she was in his vehicle — which Streater reportedly later denied saying. In a statement, he did admit to Internal Affairs investigators that he had picked her up for sex, a police official confirmed.

Sgt. Louis Cavaliere, union president, declined comment on the accusations, but took issue with how Internal Affairs handled the case.

There is a longstanding agreement, he said, that officers can't be forced to give statements to IA over off-duty conduct, and whatever did or didn't happen in September occurred while the officer was off the clock.

"I'm not saying an officer can do as he pleases" on his own time, Cavaliere said, and "I'm not saying they (the police department) can't investigate officers."

"I'm saying that (officers) can't be compelled to give statements" for off-duty conduct, he said, and "we still maintain that if anything did happen, it was strictly off duty."

The union has filed a labor complaint with the state.

Internal Affairs investigators took statements from the officer and the 24-year-old woman, among other people. She was not arrested on prostitution-related charges that night or subsequent to the incident, court records show.

Streater works the day shift in the Dixwell neighborhood. His supervisor, Lt. Anthony Duff, district manager for the neighborhood, said Streater has done a lot of good work in the community, particularly in the areas of Dixwell Avenue and Henry Street and at Victory Gardens, the senior citizen apartment at 309 Dixwell.

"He's done a great job, he self initiates a lot of work: loitering, public drinking, drug dealing. He's very good at policing," Duff said. "It's unfortunate."

The Register filed a Freedom of Information request Monday for documents related to the probe; they were not immediately released.