Sunday, September 28, 2008

WI - Editorial: Residency law only one part in fight against sex assaults

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Finally, at least this seems like they have most of the facts and are basing their laws on them.  This is a little better, but still unconstitutional, IMO, and will not do anything, except banish people, and make their lives hell and more likely they will reoffend.


Passage of a sex-offender residency law in Sheboygan, which appears very likely, should not cause anyone to think that we are completely protected from sex assaults.

Aldermen, meeting as a Committee of the Whole, voted last Monday for a favorable report on an ordinance that prohibits a person who must register with the state as a sex offender from living within 2,000 feet of a school, playground, park, licensed day-care center or place of worship. The 14-0 committee vote virtually assures passage by the council on Oct. 6.
- You see, here is 14 people, none of them have the balls to stand up and uphold the constitution, which they took an oath to do!

Though the measure, with its 2,000-foot barrier from the specified places, effectively bars sex offenders from living anywhere in Sheboygan, it only will apply to those convicted after the law takes effect.

Right now, there are about 200 registered sex offenders who live in the city and are unaffected by the residency law unless they want to move.

There are provisions for newly released sex offenders to apply for a waiver from the residency rule.

And, a sex offender can live with his or her parents, grandparents, siblings, spouse or child if they have lived in the city for at least two years.

Fortunately, with the state law that requires sex offenders to report their address to police, people do have access to this information.

One of the problems we saw with the 2,000-foot exclusionary zone is that it could cause some sex offenders to not comply with the provision in the state law to report their address to police.

They would "go underground," according to the state Department of Corrections.

The idea behind the state registry law is to keep the public informed as to where sex offenders are residing, but if offenders flaunt this law, no one knows where they are and the level of protection decreases.

So even with passage of a city ordinance, convicted sex offenders will still be living in Sheboygan.

Unfortunately, there will also be sexual assaults in the future.

Those who prey on children are not likely to be intimidated by a residency law. Also, there is the sad reality that family members commit many of the sexual assaults of children.

The scourge of sexual assault cannot be completely removed with passage of a residency law.

But together with community awareness, aggressive prosecution of those who commit sexual assault and stiff sentences, a community can make life difficult for sex predators.
- Not all sex offenders are predators!  I wish you "reporters" would get that through your thick heads.  Use the terms properly!


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Political BS as usual!  The more laws "representatives" get passed, the better they look, regardless on what the bills are about.  Just like DA's trying to get a conviction real quick, by coming up with some "plea bargain" which is not a bargain, so they can move on to the next victim, the same this idiotic lady is doing.  It's called GRANDSTANDING for votes!  They've turned the legal system into a game show, like those you see at the fairs, where for you to win something, it's almost 100% impossible, meanwhile, they get rich!


- And the constitutional rights of ALL people, not just children!

Assemblywoman Marcia Karrow (Contact) today said she is encouraged that the Legislature is considering sex offender legislation she has sponsored that will provide constitutional protection to children.
- Don't forget, the constitution is for ALL PEOPLE, not just children, so you cannot stomp on someones rights and still be constitutional!  Don't forget, it's an election year, so they will be busting out the SO issues to garner those votes from the sheeple they need.

The Assembly Judiciary Committee today discussed several pedophile bills, including A-624, which Karrow has sponsored. The legislation would grant municipalities the explicit authority to promulgate ordinances that would specifically prohibit sex offenders from living near schools, child care centers or playgrounds.
- This bill is about sex offenders, and not all sex offenders are pedophiles, so it appears this "reporter" seems to think all sex offenders are pedophiles.  These are the types of people we DO NOT NEED reporting news.  Sex offender and pedophile are two different things.  This "reporter" needs to go back to school!

The primary purpose of government is to protect all citizens and especially those who are most vulnerable – our children, those with disabilities and the elderly,” stated Karrow, R-Warren and Hunterdon. “It just makes common sense that sexual predators should not be living in areas adjacent to where young children play and attend school.”
- I think the purpose of the constitution is to protect everybody, so why tack on that "most vulnerable" part?  That is not in the constitution!  Everyone is treated equally, or, that is how it was and was suppose to be!  Again, they use the term "sexual predators" as if all sex offenders are predators.  Man, where do these people get their education?  There is a big difference, and not all sex offenders are pedophiles and predators.  STOP PROPAGATING THE LIES!!!

Karrow has strongly advocated for the bill in response to a ruling by State Superior Court judges in July who struck down ordinances in Lower Township and Cherry Hill which regulated where sex offenders may reside. The court rejected the ordinances on a number of grounds, including preemption by Megan’s Law. She said she is confident her proposed legislation will pass judicial review.

“As Megan’s Law does not deal with issue of zoning, I believe that my bill will stand up in federal court,” Karrow said. “Further, as our state constitution allows the Legislature to give municipalities zoning power, A-624 will stand up on constitutional grounds.”
- Well, in a day and age where the constitution is not worth the paper it's written on, and the government is as corrupt as it is, you are probably right.  But, if the Constitution still meant something and the government was not corrupt and filled with idiots, like yourself, then this would NOT pass constitutional muster!

The 23rd Legislative district lawmaker is urging legislators to immediately post the bill in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Noting that a very high majority of sex offenders repeat their crimes after leaving prison, Karrow said, “Our obligation isn’t to pander to the needs of pedophiles, but rather, it’s our responsibility to do anything and everything necessary to protect our children and our communities from those who prey on the innocent.
- Well Ms. Karrow, you are wrong again.  You apparently have not done any research, but just using your gut instinct and believing all the BS out there.  Why don't you check out this and this for studies which prove you do not know what you are talking about, you are just using this for your own political gain, as usual! YOU'RE OBLIGATION IS TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION FOR ALL PEOPLE, NOT JUST WHO YOU SEE FIT!  You need to be ejected from office, because you are basing everything on myths, lies and deceipt, plus you assume all sex offenders are pedophiles and/or predators, which is lies.  Go back to school!!!

“Unfortunately, at times, the courts seem more concerned with the rights of the perpetrators than they do with the rights of the victims. After conferring with attorneys and other stakeholders, I am confident the legislation I have proposed is constitutional. That being said, I am pleased that members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee have taken the first step in assessing these bills and I strongly urge committee members to move the legislation to a vote.”
- Typical political BS!  Make your opponents look like the bad person, which in fact you are that person!

Paedophile 'vigilante' found with child porn images

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This is why those who claim to be policing the Internet to hunt down people who they claim to be pedophiles, should also have their machines searched. I am willing to bet many have child porn on their machines as well, which they gathered for their so called "evidence!" Take this story for example. You see, those who scream the loudest, usually have something to hide.


A self-appointed internet policeman who once helped snare a paedophile was jailed yesterday for two years for making and distributing child pornography on his computer.

The 42-year-old Co Antrim man John Derek Vokes, who claimed he was trawling the internet looking for more perverts to catch, was also banned from working with children or vulnerable adults and put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.
- Karma sucks, doesn't it!  I am willing to bet, a majority of the so called anti-pedophile folks out there, like those who associate with AbsoluteZeroUnited and Perverted-Justice, have something to hide as well.  Now, this so called pedo-hunter, will see what it's like to be labeled a pedophile and register for life.  Ironic!!!

He gave the impression he was on the side of law and order to avoid prosecution

Jailing Vokes from Woodlawn Court, Carrickfergus, Judge Piers Grant rejected his claims that he’d made and distributed the indecent photographs for “benign and publically spirited purposes”.Judge Grant told Vokes while it was accepted he had helped the authorities in the past, he was satisfied he tried to use this as “an excuse and a protective cover” for his activities by giving the impression he was “on the side of law and order and thereby avoid police investigation and prosecution”.

The judge said Vokes, who had 14 different internet usernames, downloaded the images for his own perverted interest and sexual gratification and that it went without saying that but for the demands of people and others like him, child internet pornography would have no audience.

Judge Grant told Vokes that while he was not the source of the images, that in no way relieved him of his moral responsibility and that by accessing and then distributing them he was “perpetuating the wrong”.

Prosecution lawyer Fiona O’Kane told Antrim Crown Court that in 2001 Vokes had gone to police to report a man he uncovered indulging in child internet pornography.

While his activities helped the authorities prosecute the man, Vokes was warned never, ever to surf child internet sites or indulge in similar activities in the future.

Ms O’Kane said in April 2006 police seized his computer and software and uncovered a total of 230 indecent images, 132 of which “he distributed, sent out, to those with a similar nefarious interest in child pornography”.

Vokes, she said, later claimed “he was doing this as a public service”.

Defence QC Frank O’Dohaghue, described the images as “repulsive and repugnant”, but said that only a small number, a total of 46, were in the more serious category four as recognised by the law.

Vokes, he added was “a man who has very considerable problems and would need a lot of assistance on his release from prison to help ensure he does not re-offend”.

Vokes, who pleaded guilty to eight specimen charges of making indecent images of a child, and a further eight of distributing such images, agreed to serve 18 months probation upon his release.