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MI - Offender List Unfair?


(WXYZ) - A local woman says she was wrongly convicted of groping a fellow college student. Even though a Judge expunged the conviction she can't keep a job because she still has to register as a sex offender. So, do some people really deserve to be on a list full of child predators and rapists?

Action News Investigator Heather Catallo has the story.

For the Greater Good.

Welcome to the future, friends, you've got a danger here,
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How free do you feel now, sitting there in chains,
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How dare you dream of freedom?
How dare you think you might be free?
you've signed away your rights for security,
now who's going to protect you all from me?

Tried By Conscience

NC - Governor Easley to sign Jessica Lunsford Act into law in Gastonia

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RALEIGH - Gov. Mike Easley (Contact) will come to Gastonia on Monday to sign into law House Bill 933, the Jessica Lunsford Act for North Carolina, which makes several changes to the sex offense, sex offender, and sex offender registration laws of the state.

The signing will take place 2 p.m. Monday at City Hall, 181 South St.

Jessica Lunsford's father, Mark, will join the governor along with several key lawmakers.

The bill is named after Gaston County native Jessica Lunsford, who was killed by a convicted child sex offender after she had moved to Florida with her father.

- A sex offender who begged and begged and begged for treatment, which nobody gave him, if they would have, Jessica would still be here.

The Jessica Lunsford Act would require adult offenders who commit certain sex crimes against children under the age of 13, including rape, to be sent to prison for 25 years to life.


All the missing kids might be at his house?

TX - 13 year old in Texas needs Help

A 13 year old grandson is sitting in the county jail, charged with rape. He had sex with a 15 year old girl while at "church camp". The girl "texted" a friend, telling her that she'd had sex with this boy. The friends parents somehow intercepted this message, and when the 15 year old's parents confronted her, she told them that the 13 year old "raped her".

The grandmother is in touch with his attorney so they hopefully won't have to settle with the public defender.

There is a new legal defense fund on this website now, that will remain there and hopefully grow so that monies will be there to help when it's so desperately needed. If you would like to help, go to his website:

Go half way down the page and you will see the "donate" button. Click on that. Designate your donation to "Youth Legal Defense Fund" and that's where your money will go. No donation would ever be considered too small.

I will keep posting updates regarding this young man's case, as they come in to me.

Thanks for helping to build this "defense fund" as we work to improve the laws in this country, making them more fair and humane.

We've lost too many young folks to this nightmare as it is.

DE - Registered sex offender wants to live normal life

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And as usual, hateful comments from people who do not even know this person.


I'm a registered sex offender living in Delaware. After serving my time and feeling I have paid my debt to society, I am constantly reminded that I will always be treated like a second- class citizen and forced to live on the fringes of society.

I am trying to put my past behind me but my past keeps haunting me. I have no job, no car and no prospects at the moment so I spend my time at the beach watching how oblivious people around me are to my existence. I can't help but feel how different I would be treated if they knew I was walking next to them on the boardwalk or on the beach.

If I could afford it, I would move back to the Midwest to be closer to my support network. But I can hardly get enough money for food and shelter. I depend on the generosity of a close friend to have a place to stay that I know is temporary.

I want to contribute. I want to belong, but I keep getting pushed farther to the fringes.

There are more than 600,000 registered sex offenders across the nation. Where do you want me to go?

Michael Mullen, Rehoboth Beach


Click the image to visit the site

NJ - Megan's law legislator

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Karma sucks doesn't it?


If he is convicted of possessing child pornography on his computer, Assemblyman Neil Cohen is looking at likely jail time – and spending the rest of his life as a registered sex offender. That would make him the first legislator to be affected by Megan’s Law, legislation that he supported in the Legislature fourteen years ago.

For extreme junkies: Cohen’s former running mate for the Assembly (in the 1993, 1995, 1997 and 1999 elections) was Joseph Suliga, whose political career also came to an abrupt and surprise end by way of a sex scandal. Suliga was seeking re-election to a second term in the State Senate in 2003 when an incident of sexual harassment on the floor of an Atlantic City casino forced him to drop out of the race.

OH - Sex Offender Falsely Lists Sister's Address As Own

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So what is going to happen when one of these vigilantes out there, target someone like this?


COLUMBUSA woman is demanding changes in the state's sex offender registration program after her address was erroneously listed as the home of a sex offender.

Regina Tate's neighbors received notices from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office that her brother David Tate — a convicted rapist from North Carolina — was living at her home, 10 Investigates' Kevin Landers reported.

David Tate gave his sister's address without her knowledge on a sex offender registration form early this month. David Tate never lived at the address, and sheriff's deputies never checked before sending out notices to Regina Tate's neighbors.

After 10 Investigates began looking into the case, sheriff's deputies visited Regina Tate's home to confirm that David Tate was not living there.

Although sex offenders must register their addresses with authorities, they currently are not required to provide any proof that they actually live at the address. Law enforcement officials may check on the addresses, but the checks are not automatically carried out before neighbors are notified.

Regina Tate is concerned that her family will be harassed because of the erroneous notices.

"I'm worried my children will be picked on at school," Regina Tate told 10 Investigates. "I don't know what's going to happen this year."

Franklin County Common Pleas Court Judge John Bessey said what happened to Regina Tate could easily happen to others.

"I think this is a serious problem," Bessey said.

Bessey and Regina Tate want state lawmakers to tighten registration requirements on sex offenders to ensure that the addresses provided to authorities are correct.

DC - Complain About X-Rated Security Screenings

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Abused, all in the name of "security!" Watch the video at the site above!


TSA Agents Forced Woman To Remove Nipple Rings, Pulled Pants Off Disabled Man

When travelers go to the airport, they know what kind of security to expect: luggage searches, metal detectors and shoe inspections.

It's all part of our post 9-11 reality enforced by the Transportation Security Adminstration. But as CBS 2 Investigator Pam Zekman reports, thousands of travelers have complained that some of these screenings can become abusive and even x-rated.

For arguing with a TSA agent, Robin Kassner wound up being slammed to the floor. She's filed a lawsuit.

"I kept begging them over and over again get off of me ... and they wouldn't stop," Kassner said.

And it wasn't enough for another woman to show TSA agents nipple rings that set off a metal detector. The agents forced her to take them out.

Mandi Hamlin said, "I had to get pliers and pull it apart."

In Chicago, people like Robert Perry are subjected to exhaustive security checks. He was patted down, his wheel chair was examined and his hands were swabbed, all in public view in a see-through room at the security checkpoint. Perry, 71, is not alone

"It's humiliation," Perry said.

Perry was also taken to a see-through room by a TSA agent when his artificial knee set off the metal detector.

"He yelled at me to get the belt off. 'I told you to get the belt off.' So I took the belt off. He ran his hands down over and pulled the pants down, they went down around my ankle," Perry said.

At that point, Perry was standing in his underwear in public view. He asked to see a supervisor. That made things worse.

"She was yelling 'I have power, I have power, I have power," Perry said. The power to stop him from flying to Florida with his wife that day to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

"It makes you feel like you have no rights," Perry said.

Perry said he always alerts TSA agents about his metal knee and wonders why they can't just check his leg.

"If somebody told me that I would save the people on the airplane by taking my pants off out in public out there, I wouldn't mind doing it, but this was not necessary," Perry said.

TSA officials said that when the metal detectors go off, their agents must resolve what caused the alarm. But experts have said it's important to use common sense when balancing security and customer service.

Carlos Villarreal, former director of security for the Sears Tower, said proper training is crucial. "When you're wanding somebody and you can identify which part of the body set of the alarm, that should be sufficient to clear a person," Villarreal said.

But all too often, it's not enough for 16-year old Michael Angone. She frequently flies as a member of the Chicago Children's Choir.

"I've had to completely take my pants off and show them like my entire leg," Angone said.

As a baby, Angone was diagnosed with cancer. Her parents, both Chicago police officers, had to have her leg amputated. She said she always warns TSA security agents that her prosthetic leg will set off the metal detector, but many insist on doing an embarrassing full body pat-down.

"I feel like I'm being felt up in public," Angone said.

Her father Bob Angone wanted to know, "What's the reason for all the feeling up, you know the groping at the back of the neck, the chest, underneath the bra, all the groping on her body, her buttocks?"

CBS 2 News asked the TSA those questions, but got no answers.

"The key word here is reasonable, and they have gone off the track. They are not reasonable," Bob Angone said.

The TSA declined to comment on the Angone and Perry cases, but the agency has announced that soon, passengers who set off an alarm that cannot be resolved will have a choice: Agree to a physical pat-down or what some believe is an even worse invasion of privacy.

This fall, O'Hare International Airport will get its first advanced digital x-ray machine. It allows TSA agents to see through clothes and discover any hidden weapons. Critics have likened it to a virtual strip search.

A spokesman said that out of 2 billion passengers screened nationwide since 9-11, there have been only 110,000 abuse complaints.

As for the nipple ring case, TSA did change its procedures regarding body piercings.

Links to data about your rights as an American, and as a human.

The Federalist papers were a series of letters and articles written to define, and refute specific statements at the time of the creation of the US constitution. They cover many issues, from the nature of the government, to the limits placed upon it.

They are very important to read, and know. The history of the constitution as well is important, the trials and tribulations of the people, and the nature of the arguments.

The THOMAS congressional library

Thomas gives a great deal of information on both debate, and text of bills, actions done upon said bills, and links to similar bills. It can be searched by topic, by keyword, by congress, by sponsor, by year, and bill type.


Govtrack is a secondary mirror site of THOMAS, but a bit better organized. Ok, a lot better organized. It has the ability to permalink to bills, link to the debate, and information on congressional actions as well, and current bill status.

The Constitution.

There are multiple sources for the Constitution of the United states. A few good ones are here, including from Cornell's law department. Here is a series of them. also has hyperlinked definitions of some of the terms, and oddities of the Constitution.

Civil and criminal law:

Federal rules for civil procedures:

Public Safety or Bill of attainder?

The Bill of Attainder Project:

The major works of John Locke. John Locke strongly influenced the creation and evolution of the Constitution.

The creation of Civil Code in the United States. Believe me, it wasn't always like this. The Louisiana Purchase and the addition of Louisiana to the United States changed many things, including the introduction of a predecessor of the Code Napoleon. This is adversarial law which combines both civil and criminal codes under the same laws.

The University of Minnesota Human Rights Library:

Human rights are granted, and gained, simply by the virtue of being human. They cannot be taken away, to take them away, especially in a pattern, qualifies under a crime against humanity, a standard, and destruction, more pervasive, and more culpable, and more criminal than a war crime.

The FEAR project. Deals with civil forfeiture.

And a shameless plug:

MO - Sedalia officials question notion of jailing sex offenders

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Notice how this reporter uses the terms predator and sex offender as if they mean the same?  I thought ignorant people were not allowed to be reporters?  Guess I was wrong.  Sex offender and predator are two different things!  This person seems to think otherwise.  Also notice they talk about money, which I've said before, PRISON IS A BUSINESS!!!


The City of Sedalia is weighing in with concerns regarding a proposal to house sexual predators at the Pettis County Jail.

Sedalia City Administrator Keith Riesberg sent a letter to the Pettis County Commission on Thursday on behalf of the City Council and Mayor Bob Wasson asking for a copy of the proposal, requesting public hearings and raising concerns.

“Although we are not a direct party to the contract, we feel the proposal brought forward by Sheriff Bond could have a detrimental (e)ffect on the safety and welfare of our employees and our community,” Riesberg wrote in the letter.

Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond sent a message to the County Commission last week outlining his plan for jailing sex offenders while reminding the commission of its suggestion that he find more inmates for the county jail.

- You mention above "he find more inmates for the county jail" thus proving that prison is a business and all about income.  Look at the graph above, pretty soon the whole USA will be in prison.

While we appreciated the efforts to generate additional revenue ... we also share some of the same concerns the city has,” Pettis County Presiding Commissioner Rusty Kahrs said Thursday.

- Yeah, ruin lives so you can make money!

County officials are planning a listening session for an evening next week to gather public opinion on the matter, Kahrs said. He expected the commission would set a date for the session today.

Bond proposes to jail 20 to 30 sex offenders who have completed their prison terms but face civil proceedings in which they could be ordered confined for treatment as sexual predators. The jail could earn about $70 per prisoner per day under the state contract, which could potentially generate $650,000 to $800,000 a year.

- Yep, business is booming!

“We want to know more about it, and we encourage a hasty decision not be made,” Wasson said by telephone Thursday afternoon.

Bond said when reached by telephone that he was not ready to comment on the city’s letter. He said he would need to review the letter, which the city did not originally send to him. The Democrat provided Bond a copy of the letter.

“Obviously, I’ve been kept out of the loop here,” he said.

The city’s letter outlines four major concerns. City officials question whether the jail will be staffed adequately and properly to manage the sex offenders. They asked for assurance that the Police Department would not be called about problems at the jail.

- Moe money, moe money, moe money!  Why not keep them in prison until they are evaluated?  Then all this waste of money would not be needed?

“Within the past year, our officers were called to arrest an intoxicated individual from the lobby of the jail when there were two jailers and two deputy sheriffs present,” Riesberg wrote. “Although our department is willing to assist other departments in time of need, our staffing levels and call loads necessitate the need for an assurance that our officers will not be called to assist with problems that may arise from additional inmates.”

- Wow, more wasted money!  Two deputies and two jailers cannot handle one drunk man?  No wonder when you get pulled over for something, 50 cops show up!

Susan Daniels, 1st Ward councilwoman, also cited the incident described in the letter as one reason she questions the jail’s adequacy to house the convicted sex predators.

If they can’t handle four intoxicated young men on their property, how can they handle these sex predators?” she said when reached by phone for comment.

- Good question!  Guess they are all wimps and scared to break a nail or something!

Daniels also said she has heard of other incidents in which doors were not properly closed in the jail and prisoners were found unattended in the lobby and outside. Those instances may not have resulted in an inmate escape or major problem, but the occurrences call into question the jail’s security, she said.

“I don’t feel the security of the jail is adequate to handle (housing 20 to 30 sexual predators),” Daniels said.

- Look, were they labeled predators when sentenced?  If not, then they are not predators.  Stop using the damn terms as if they are one and the same, they are not!

Daniels said she is also worried about the sexual predators housed at the jail wanting to relocate here upon release.

“A number of prisoners do develop an affinity for a community in which they’re incarcerated,” she said.

Sexual predators could make friends with other Pettis County prisoners or jail staff, Daniels said. They could also find Sedalia an attractive place to start fresh, she said.

Riesberg said city officials would like more information about what happens if a sexual predator, upon release, requests to remain in Sedalia.

“Is there anything preventing them from saying, ‘I just want to stay here?’ ” he said.

Other questions raised in the letter include whether the additional inmates would place a burden or demand on Bothwell Regional Health Center and if visitation rights were granted, would friends of the predators be visiting Sedalia?

Kahrs said the commission is “moving cautiously and slow” on the potential contract.

“We’re certainly appreciative the city leaders chose to weigh in on this, and we hope the rest of the citizens follow their lead,” he said.

NJ - Convicted sex offender nabbed in NBC sting gets lesser charge

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TOMS RIVER — A Pennsylvania man sentenced to three years in prison after being nabbed in Dateline NBC's 'To Catch a Predator' series has been permitted to withdraw his guilty plea and admit guilt to a lesser charge.

Superior Court Judge Barbara A. Villano accepted a motion filed by the attorney representing Howard Thornton III, 28 — who has been incarcerated since being snared in the online sting in March 2007 — to vacate the plea entered by the Danielsville, Pa., man earlier this year.

He is one of 27 men arrested in late March and early April of 2007 as part of a sting operation televised later as part of NBC's series. Prosecutors say the men all believed they were corresponding online with boys or girls between ages 12 and 15 and made arrangements to meet them at a rented beach house in Mantoloking for a sexual encounter.

Thornton was released on his own recognizance following the hearing and is now required to complete an evaluation at the state's Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center for sex offenders in Avenel. The evaluation will seek to determine whether he is a repetitive or compulsive sex offender before he is sentenced on the downgraded charge of third-degree attempted child endangerment.

The terms of that sentence are likely to be a lifetime of supervised parole and therequirement to register under Megan's Law as a sex offender, Villano said. Conditions of the parole will preclude him from having Internet access for any reason other than work, from being alone with minors or from having a supervisory role over children.

Thornton originally admitted committing the second-degree offense of child luring, which carries a mandatory prison term. But because subsequent defendants in the case have been offered plea agreements that included downgraded charges, Villano said it would be "manifestly unjust" for Thornton to serve out his sentence.

On the witness stand Wednesday, Thornton admitted to having Internet correspondence of a sexual nature with a person he believed was a child younger than 13 between March 17 and March 31, 2007. He said he drove to the Jersey Shore with the expectation of a sexual encounter, something Villano said was a ''substantial step toward the crime itself."

Unlike several of the other defendants, however, Thornton did not enter the home. He turned his car around, but was arrested soon thereafter by authorities. Inside the vehicle they found a Web cam and condoms.

Prosecutors began offering defendants the chance to have their charges downgraded in a letter to defense attorneys on May 30 of this year, two days after the attorneys appeared before Villano seeking information about how the sting was conducted and what the relationship was between the Prosecutor's Office, "Dateline" producers and Perverted Justice, the California-based nonprofit organization whose decoys conducted the online chat sessions.

Thornton's attorney, Deputy Assistant Public Defender Michael Vito, said he could not comment on why the reduced plea was offered, but said it was important for the same terms to be extended to his client.

PA - Signs warning of child predator worry neighbors

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But what about all the psycho killers, serial killers, drug dealers selling your kids drugs (like meth), DUI offenders who could run over and kill your kid on the way to or from home, gang members who could initiate your son/daughter into the gang?  Where is the uproar about these criminals?


When signs went up in a Lower Paxton Twp. neighborhood warning that a child predator might live in the area, a shiver of fear spread through the area.

Neighborhood resident Janelle Bettinger, 29, said she saw one of the signs near her house and said it frightened her. She has a 5-year-old daughter.

"I was 'Oh my god,'" she said. "There was nothing that said he tried to grab any children, but ... it scares me, it really does."

Bettinger said she has lived in the neighborhood of winding streets and frame homes for a little more than a year, and even before the signs, she was taking precautions.

"I never leave my daughter out in the yard unless I'm with her. I'm always on high alert, because you never know," she said.

- I hope you are on high alert when the kid is around family as well, because statistics show your child is more likely to be sexually abused by a family member than a stranger!

Local police are reminding residents of the area around Koons Park that a neighbor, who was recently charged with improper contact with a minor, has not been convicted.

Police are investigating the origin of the signs posted over the weekend that said a child predator was in the area, Lower Paxton police spokesman Sgt. Greg Taylor said.

- So, some vigilante jumped the gun!

"We are conducting an investigation to determine where the signs came from," Taylor said. "The signs don't ID him by name or address, but they do give a description of a vehicle and a tag number. What we're doing right now is investigating this as a possible summary offense of harassment."

On July 15, police arrested Jimmy Melton, 45, of Nassau Road.

He was charged with unlawful contact with a minor, a third-degree felony, indecent exposure and corruption of minors, both misdemeanors. The affidavit for his arrest said Melton bathed with a child, 5. He was released on $10,000 bail.

Melton could not be reached for comment. No phone number could be found for him, and he did not answer the door Thursday.

- Why can't the damn news agencies stop spreading fear and conducting vigilante raids on people?  This man has not been convicted yet.  Even if he was, this is still harassment by the neighbors and media!

The Saturday after Melton's arrest, the signs started to appear.

The signs described the driver of the truck as a man in his 40s, who was seen watching girls and thought to be a child predator.

The signs have since been removed by police and by Melton, Taylor said. The signs were up and gone so fast that some residents never saw them.

- Well why is this news article out saying they are SHOCKED!  Apparently someone saw them!

"I was never aware of them," resident Edward Dehart said.

Taylor said his department has been called by people concerned that they had not been able to discover anything about the case on the Megan's Law Web site, a tool used to keep track of convicted sexual offenders.

The key word is "convicted," Taylor said.

"In the eyes of the court, [Melton] is considered innocent. In my eyes he is considered innocent," he said. "Megan's Law requires a conviction, and Mr. Melton has only been charged. He is not a Megan's Law offender."

If someone convicted of a sex crime is later ruled a violent sexual predator, authorities are required to notify local schools and residents. Lower Paxton has had one of those, and even then, notice is not given by posting signs. Officers travel to neighborhood schools and day care centers, and knock on the doors of residents, handing out fliers.

- Well with all this, you might as well be posting signs.  It's still opening people up for harassment!

The case of the signs balances the rights of the public to free speech and the rights of someone accused of a crime to privacy and the due process of law, said Valerie Burch, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties office in Harrisburg.

"Presumably, he is receiving due process through the criminal courts," Burch said. "As for the sign-posters, under the First Amendment, they have the right to express whatever they want, with a few exceptions -- one of which is the prohibition on speech that constitutes a 'true threat.' Threatening speech could be illegal under Pennsylvania's criminal laws, and it is not protected by the First Amendment if it incites imminent lawless action."

While the signs bore a description of what might be Melton's vehicle and his tag number, that information is out there in the public eye, so sharing that information is not illegal, Burch said.

As long as the author of the signs is not encouraging neighbors to do something illegal, the signs probably are protected speech under the First Amendment, she said.

CA - Sex offender wearing GPS ankle monitor busted chatting up boy lifting weights at health club

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Submitted article with comments:

"A sheriff deputy recognized a man who was wearing an ankle bracelet chatting with a kid in a gym. He got records, confirmed the man's RSO status and the kid's age and arrested him. But keep in mind: the device did NOTHING to prevent the infraction, OTHER than its visual presence to someone who recognizes the device! So if the cop weren't there, the contact would not have been caught by GPS recorders. The only thing it would have done is to verify his presence at the gym."


An off-duty Rancho Cordova Police Department detective arrested a high-risk sex offender at a gym after he spotted the 52-year-old man chatting up a juvenile while he lifted weights.

Burk Stearns, a gang detective with the Rancho Cordova Police Department, was working out during his off-time at a health club at the 5100 block of Arden Way when he spotted a man wearing a GPS ankle monitor that Stearns recognized as the type worn by high-risk sex offenders, according to a press release.

Stearns then saw the man, identified as Jeffrey Clarke Cameron of Rancho Cordova, start talking to a boy as he was lifting weights, the release said.

Stearns identified himself to health club personnel and learned that the boy was underage. After learning the man's identity, he phoned the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, which contracts police services to the Rancho Cordova, and learned that Cameron was a sex-offender on parole, the release said. One condition of his parole was that Cameron could not have any contact with juveniles.

With the help of other off-duty Rancho Cordova police and Sacramento County Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Team deputies, Stearns detained Cameron at the health club, the release said.

A search of Cameron's home in Rancho Cordova turned up a cache of child pornography, the release said. Cameron was arrested for the child pornography as well as probation violation and was booked into Sacramento County Jail, the release said.

Sacramento County Court records indicate that Cameron was sentenced to 12 years in state prison in 1997 for committing lewd and lascivious acts with a child under age 14.

Rancho Cordova Police are investigating any other illegal contact Cameron may have had while on parole for the last 10 months. Anyone with information is urged to called Detective Stearns at (916) 875-9624.