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Is Ritual Child Abuse Just a Hoax?

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The links are interesting, and some I am familiar with, but I do not agree with what this lady says. Many of these cases, were based on a child's word alone, and they could not find any evidence. Several of these cases are mentioned in the "Satan's Silence" book which I have talked about. They have no evidence at all, and the so called "experts" badgered the kids over and over and would not accept no for an answer. So people went to prison on no proof but a child's "forced word" alone. I am not saying abuse does not happen, it does, but I believe a lot if nothing but MASS HYSTERIA and MORAL PANIC! Just think about it. Day in and day out you see nothing but murder, sex, sexual abuse and many other issues CONSTANTLY on the news and you hardly see anything good. So common sense will tell you people will start believing it. It's kind of like a hypochondriac and the placebo effect. If a doctor says some sugar pill will help something, and you believe it, it works. Just remember this when you watch the news, what evidence do they have? Do they show you this evidence or just say they have it? Most of they time they just say it's true, and the public believes it. And when stuff is on the news before a trial, it ruins the chances of someone getting a fair trial, since everyone watches TV and the people always assume the person is guilty, even without evidence, so almost 100% of the people accused of some crime, are found guilty and sentenced to prison. Don't believe me? Wait until you get caught up in the hysteria, then you will believe me. Also see this video series.


Do we only see what we want to see? Or do we only see what we are shown? Many admit to knowing there is both good and evil on this earth, but it appears we feel that evil exists only in individuals or small pockets of like-minded people, never can we conceive, it seems, that evil may be pervasive, systematic and organized. I know, in this day and age, the debate about evil is long, does it exist and what constitutes evil versus lifestyle choice. I've always figured in the end it is only my own actions I will have to be responsible for, so I try not to judge others, but I have to state that I find the ritual torture, molestation and often, murder of children to rest fully in the realm of evil.
- Yes, where it exists. But a majority of these claims are myths, blown out of proportion by people, and from the book Satan's Silence, a majority of these myths and panics start by a majority or women and some men, but very seldom by men. It's the motherly role, many people automatically believe their child, even when they are fantasizing the issues. I have several videos on this blog which show this, especially at the link to the "Satan's Silence" above.

According to the reports from the US Department of Justice 797,500 children (18 and younger) were reported missing in a one year period studied, resulting in an average of 2,185 being reported missing each day. National Center for Missing & Exploited Children This is an shockingly high number, considering those numbers only represent the United States and only the children that are reported missing, not the throwaway kids that exist in every town and city across America. So where are all these children going?
- And if the number of children were being victimized and killed by sex offenders, murderers, satanic cults, etc, there would be no children left. I am not saying it doesn't happen, but I believe most are blown way out of proportion. Remember when therapists came into the mainstream? It was around the late 60's and early 70's, when the satanic cults were making mainstream TV. These panics make businesses and money for people... So people should ALWAYS be skeptical, and only believe something with their is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. Don't just take someones word for it. But, a majority of the public (sheeple) do, which is very sad, and why we are in the situation we are in today.

It seems in the 1980s we received a few clues from the mainstream media about what may be happening, but the stories were called hoaxes and disappeared from view, dismissed and supposedly debunked. Where this sordid tale begins and ends is still a mystery for me, but I will start with the disappearance of Johnny Gosch on Sept. 5, 1982, the country´s first milk carton kid. Johnny was a good-looking 12 year-old boy when he disappeared from his route delivering the Des Moines Register Sunday paper. At the time of his disappearance police did not immediately begin searching for him and waited a 72-hour window before considering him officially missing.

Ms. Gosch maintains that Johnny was taken as part of a huge and well-organized human trafficking ring used for the purpose of satisfying pedophiles for profit. In recent years she has received photographs in the mail, made at the time of Johnny´s disappearance, of he and other boys tied and gagged. She has had contact with Johnny only once since he was kidnapped, when, as an adult, he turned up on her doorstep late one night and explained that he was involved in something too deep and dangerous to ever escape. She is the author of the book, "Why Johnny Can´t Come Home". Johnny Gosch Foundation

In 1984, a woman accused employees of the McMartin Preschool of molesting her young son when he came home bleeding from his rectum, a doctor verified that the child had been sodomized and thus became the longest criminal trial in American history. The story made headlines for years, as hundreds of preschool attendees came forward with stories of satanic ritual sexual abuse, animal mutilations and tunnels under the school which whisked the kids off to unknown locations to participate in sex with adults. Shock and outrage swept the country, but the defendants maintained their innocence throughout the long years of investigation, hearings and trials. Eventually, charges against all defendants were dropped, except for the son of the owner, Ray Buckley and after two juries deadlocked, he was released.
- And this was from a delusional mother who was constantly, daily, inspecting her sons rectum, thus causing the bleeding, etc. It's in the book I mention, and no evidence was gathered at all. They never found these tunnels, child porn pictures or videos, nothing. Eventually the children started saying the judges and DA's were also sexually abusing them, then they later dropped some, but not all the cases.

We, across America, relaxed knowing that justice was served and that no satanic, occult or sexual rituals had occurred and many believed that the McMartin family deserved an apology, despite the claims of hundreds of children who had stepped forward. The newspapers declared it was a witch hunt brought on by mass hysteria, many books and documentaries were made siding with the McMartin family and headlines like "Indict the Children, Jail the Parents" appeared across the country, including The Wall Street Journal. Although a task force was created, little media attention was given to the fact that the McMartin Preschool was not the only school in the area under investigation. 7th Fire

During the investigation, 460 children reported being sexually abused and 80% showed physical symptoms including vaginal and rectal scarring, anal bleeding and sexually transmitted chlamydia infections. The children´s stories were remarkably similar concerning the nature, location and perpetrators of the abuse. Although the media held our attention, the public was never informed that teenagers and twenty-year-olds, former students of McMartin´s Preschool, had also come forward confirming the claims of the children, but were not allowed to testify due to the statute of limitations. The judge in the case ruled that the children (aged 2 to 11) could not testify on closed circuit television, but had to face the attorneys and face them they did, each child was grilled by all the defense attorneys, one after another. And as the parents of the children next in line watched, they decided pull their kids from the proceedings.
- You need to read the book I mentioned, it seems you have a lot of things wrong. I am not saying the book is 100% correct, but it has tons of references and proof that the stuff was from parents, lawyers, DA's and others drilling the kids. They were always saying no, nothing happened, but after constant drilling, and not accepting no for an answer, the kids eventually said yes, and they also said some crazy stuff, and implicated judges, lawyers, DA's and almost everybody in town. It also goes on to say that most people who start child abuse allegations are people with influence, like wives of DA's, lawyers, news paper reporters, etc, so they can make something up and because of their position, many people believe them without even finding any evidence. This is all I'll comment on this article, read the book I mention.

Nor was it brought to the public´s attention that a couple key witnesses died suspicious deaths before they could testify. Judy Johnson, the first parent to raise concerns of molestation was declared a paranoid schizophrenic by the media, although she had no such medical diagnosis and was later found naked and sprawled out in her kitchen floor, dead of alcohol poisoning. And Paul Bynum, a prosecution witness and private detective hired by the defense was found dead of a single gunshot wound the morning he was scheduled to testify. His death was ruled a suicide, although friends and family declared it was not something he would do.

"Neither side is going to like what I have to say," Bynum told a reporter before he died. Bynum wanted to know how his citation books, the official police records kept from his time as a detective, had turned up in Ray Buckley´s desk when he was arrested for molestation. And he could corroborate a key point in the children´s testimonies. The children had stated their attackers killed turtles and other small animals to scare them into silence and Bynum, while retained by the defense, found numerous turtle shells and other small animal bones buried in the yard of the preschool.

According to the editor of the Los Angeles Times, Noel Greenwood, the widespread media coverage was "a mean-spirited campaign" organized to discredit the kids and their therapists. Besides the ridicule the media heaped on Judy Johnson before her death, they also belittled the children´s claims, deeming the idea of a tunnel under the preschool, impossible. But when the parents hired an independent excavation team and that team found the back-filled tunnel system, the media issued one short paragraph mentioning "evidence" of a tunnel and promptly quit covering the story. The discovery of the often-ridiculed tunnel was also not admitted into evidence at trial due to a myriad of reasons.

Due to the fact that the preschool had recently changed hands and was set for demolition, the excavation team was given little time to complete the dig, but discovered that tunnels ran under several of the classrooms and uncovered the larger "secret room" that the children had described. An additional tunnel was also discovered leading out from under the preschool, to the triplex apartment next door and coming up into a bathroom under a moveable tub.

In a interview on L.A.´s Pacifica Radio, Jackie MacGauley, mother of a McMartin student, said, "It was interesting because a lot of the child development specialists, psychiatrists and therapists across the country thought that it was some psychological phenomenon that the kids would talk about tunnels. Somehow that idea got 'planted,' and they had all these theories as to why all the kids would talk about something like this. It obviously couldn't be true. And the district attorney at the time just flatly did not believe it, and really didn't want to look." History now states that the McMartin Preschool ritual abuse case was nothing more than a hoax perpetrated by deceitful therapists, lying children and mass hysteria. And interestingly enough, of the hundreds of children who came forward and were interviewed, only one has recanted his story.

In 1988, Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska was raided and upon examining the books it was found that close to 40 million dollars was missing. The credit union was run by Larry King (not the talk show host), who at the time was a fast moving Republican star and sang at the Republican conventions in 1984 and 1988. Not only did investigators discover falsified books, they also found a large cache of child pornography. Due to newsprint publicity (television news didn´t touch this event), eighty children came forward with stories of ritual sexual abuse by high-powered community and political leaders. The Boys Town School featured prominently in the claims and was said to be a hunting ground for rich and powerful pedophiles. As the strands of this scandal reached all the way to Washington DC, John DeCamp, former US Republican senator, was sent to disprove the case, the results of his investigation and an attempt to save his life, after many threats, is the book, "The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska". Alex Jones interview with John DeCamp

As the witnesses came forward stories of children being transported across the country to exclusive parties where they were molested, auctioned off and even murdered came to light. At these events where orgies, satanic rituals and endless drugs were available many photographs and videos were made, later to be used for blackmail, to ensure silence or for profit. John DeCamp had his doubts when he began investigating the allegations, the claims seemed too wild to be true, but then he met one of the victims, Paul Bonacci, who had kept a very detailed journal from the time he was 12-years old.

Bonacci´s diary contained information about locations, events and named high powered leaders, not just politicians but heads of banking, publishing and from the entertainment field. As Bonacci described a particular Washington party, DeCamp was amazed; he had attended the same party as a senator and remembered that children had been present at the event. Of course, DeCamp didn´t witness any of the ritual abuses described, because those, Bonacci explained, happened after the party, when the crowd had slimmed down considerably.

In 1989, the front page of The Washington Times screamed a shocking headline, "Homosexual Prostitution Inquiry Ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush" the subtitle states, " ´Call boys´ took midnight tour of the White House". The Times confirmed that Washington lobbyist Craig J. Spence had arranged for four midnight tours of the White House for young boys. The Law Party Paul Bonacci stated he had been on two of those tours and was able to describe rooms in the White House that are not typically seen by the public. Bonacci clarified that he did not have sex in the White House, but afterwards he was taken to party and forced to have sex with adults. Craig J. Spence was later found dead, the death was ruled a suicide.

Gary Caradori, an investigator for the Nebraska State legislature, met with Russell Nelson, a former photographer for Larry King, in Chicago. Nelson handed over video and photographic evidence to support the claims of ritual abuse, but on the return trip home Caradori´s plane disintegrated in air killing both he and his 8 year-old son. A local deputy, the first on the scene, claimed that the crash site was littered with photos of child pornography, but soon federal agents appeared and retrieved all the evidence, warning the deputy to keep his mouth shut. The deputy had trouble keeping quiet about the strange events until he had a head on collision several months later, he survived, although severely injured, his wife did not. The Gunderson Report

Four victims eventually agreed to testify, Paul Bonacci, Alisha Owens, Troy Boner and Danny King. Danny King, often described as "pathetic" he was so broken by the abuse, recanted his story and Troy Boner also recanted after his brother was found dead, it was ruled suicide after it was decided the boy had lost a game of Russian roulette. Boner insisted his brother was afraid of guns and never would have touched one, he also confided to friends that he had to "lie or die". After recanting before the grand jury he disappeared, it is rumored that he later turned up in a mental institution in 2003, was sedated and found dead the next morning.

Alisha Owens did not recant, despite the fact that her brother was also found dead by yet another suicide. Due to Owens testimony that she had sex with the chief of police at 14-years old, as well as other allegations, she was convicted of perjury and sentenced to 9-27 years. The grand jury threw out all allegations of child abuse and declared the charges "a carefully crafted hoax...scripted by a person or persons with considerable knowledge of the people and institutions of Omaha". No conspirator was ever named and no further investigations were undertaken. Wikipedia

During Owens´ imprisonment, which began in 1991, she was kept in solitary confinement longer that any other woman in the history of the State of Nebraska. Owens was released on parole in 1997, but then the show "Inside Edition" aired an episode discussing the idea that Johnny Gosch may still be alive and she was picked up a week later, she was informed she had to complete her sentence in jail. During pre-trial interviews, Owens stated that she had seen Gosch, as well as several boys from Boys Town, at the exclusive parties where she and others had been abused. Owens was released in 2000 and said she only wants to lead a "normal" life.

Larry King was convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to a 15-year prison sentence. In 1999, Bonacci sued King in civil suit in which he alleged child abuse, mind control, satanic ritual abuse and sexual abuse. Bonacci was awarded a $1 million dollar default judgment because King did not appear to defend the allegations. All told, 14 people connected with the Franklin cover up have died, including DeCamp´s friend and mentor, William Colby, former CIA director, who was discovered floating in a pond in 1996.

In 1993 the Discovery Channel contracted a British documentary team to investigate the story, Yorkshire Television spent 10 months in Nebraska interviewing witnesses and reviewing taped testimonies. The documentary, Conspiracy of Silence, was slated for air in 1994 and was listed in the TV Guide, but it was never shown. It is said that influential and connected people put pressure on the cable industry, fully reimbursing the production company and the Discovery Channel and that all copies were destroyed. Luckily, an unfinished version later turned up on John DeCamp´s doorstep. Conspiracy of Silence

And in a stranger twist of an already strange story, a young reporter appeared in White House briefings in 2003 going by the name Jeff Gannon, he caught the attention of the other reporters for the "soft" questions he asked the president or his press secretary. Controversy was stirred when it was discovered that the name Jeff Gannon was a secret service approved alias for James Guckert, who had been granted remarkable access to the White House. Gannon/Guckert claimed to be a reporter for Talon News, but at the time he made his first appearance in the briefings, he had never published a single article. The Raw Story

It quickly came to light that Gannon/Guckert advertised himself on pornographic gay websites as an escort charging $200 an hour. Washington Post And then rumor and speculations began flying on the Internet that Gannon/Guckert was really kidnap victim Johnny Gosch. Whether or not Gannon is actually Gosch, no one seems to know, but I understand that Gannon has refused DNA testing.

Both Gannon and his business partner, Bobby Eberle, owned the now defunct and admittedly partisan Talon News. And in another coincidence, a couple named Eberle were some of the most outspoken defenders of the McMartin family during the preschool scandal. They have published two books, "The Politics of Child Abuse", about false allegations of child abuse in day care facilities, in 1986 and "The Abuse of Innocence", supporting the McMartin family, in 1996. Since the publication of the books the Eberles are considered experts in the field of childhood sexual abuse. Interestingly enough, the Eberles have also published many hard and soft-core pornographic magazines. Excerpt from 1988 Ms. Magazine In a book review of "The Abuse of Innocence", a writer for the Tampa Tribune stated, "For a period of time during the 70s, Paul and Shirley Eberle were the most prolific publishers of child pornography in the United States." Wikipedia Whether or not these Eberles are related, I have no idea, but if not, it sure is a curious coincidence.

There you have it, the tip of a very complex and dangerous mystery. So do we choose not to see evil in our society or does the media simply do a fine job in hiding the ugliness from us? Dozens of some of the most powerful people in America were accused and identified in these cases and never charged with a single crime. Hundreds of children told the same or very similar stories, displayed physical and emotional symptoms and evidence was presented confirming their claims, yet somehow, the courts and the public decided they were all lying. We want to believe that the pedophile is the lone stranger that we can warn our children about, we want to believe the abductions and molestations of our youth are just disturbing, isolated events, but the truth is, it is a huge and lucrative business.

If we choose to believe what is written in this article and within the many links provided, many will assume that the scandals from Nebraska and California could never happen in their town, in their neighborhood or with their children, but how do we really know? The pedophile, child pornography and human trafficking networks are organized by well connected people, working in unison with other seemingly upstanding community leaders and backed by more money and resources than most of us, struggling to pay our bills month to month, can imagine.

Are we forgetting that just recently Mark Foley, who was once considered a crusader for abused and exploited kids, was caught propositioning and writing sexually tinged emails to teenage pages? Are we forgetting the Catholic Church scandals? The truth that no one wants to accept and the media makes easy to ignore, is that this is happening all across our country, remember those 2,185 children that disappear everyday? And in the McMartin and Franklin cases, the children were mostly just used, threatened, fondled, raped, filmed, brain washed and returned to their homes and most parents had no clue. I think it is time we begin looking at the real evils in this world and learn to recognize it for what is it, because if we cannot or refuse to see evil, then how can we protect our children and ourselves?

Dyncorp exposed for the trafficking of Women and Children

Rusty Nelson - About the Conspiracy of Silence and other issues

By me posting this, doesn't mean I agree of disagree with it. It talks about sexual abuse, so I am posting it here.

Watch "Conspiracy of Silence" here

Kay Griggs Talks: Desperate Wives (Blackmail In US Government)

By me posting this, doesn't mean I agree of disagree with it. It talks about sexual abuse, so I am posting it here.

Kay Griggs, wife of colonel George Griggs, USMC (retired USMC Commandant): 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps, found her husband's diary, which contains details of homosexual blackmail in the top ranks of the US Marine Corps and names leading politicians and military leaders. Kay Griggs's information about the US government also comes from observations and people she met. She exposes initiation rituals, the raping of young men and blackmail and murders to keep people quiet. Much of this, according to Griggs, is related to secret society activity and she names figures like Henry Kissinger and a string of other top government individuals.

OH - HB-111 - PLEASE HELP!!!

Below is HB 111 in Ohio, sponsored by Thom Collier. To read more, click here:


This bill expands the definition of neglected child to include parents, guardians, or custodians who knowingly allow a person who has been convicted of, has plead guilty to, or has been adjudicated a delinquent child for, committing a sexually oriented offense to reside in the same residence as the child.

The only way to stop this insanity is to let your voices be heard concerning such legislation! It must be stated to Collier and those who co-sponsored this bill they will NOT be getting our vote. If we have the power to get them where they are at, then we have the power to remove them as well!

Please make your phone call today to Collier and all the co-sponsors (found at the link provided above). After that, please pass this on to anyone and everyone that you feel will participate. WE MUST MAKE THE CALL!!

Last but not least, please share your results of your phone call to others!!

  • Here is Collier's number: 740-397-7288
  • Thomas Patton: 614-466-4895
  • Robert Hagan: 614-466-9435
  • Ross McGregor: 614-644-6002
  • James Aslanides: 614-644-6014
  • John Domenick: 614-466-3735
  • Kevin Bacon: 614-644-6030
  • Barbara Boyd: 614-644-5079
  • Michael DeBose: 614-644-1408
  • Clyde Evans: 614-466-1366
  • Larry Flowers: 614-466-4847
  • Tracy Heard: 614-466-8010
  • Jim Huhges: 614-466-2473
  • Tom Letson: 614-466-5358
  • Clayton Luckie: 614-466-1607
  • Carol-Ann Schindel: 614-644-6074
  • Arlene Setzer: 614-644-8051
  • Michael Skinell 614-466-5921
  • Sandra Williams: 614-466-1414

If you have children or grandchildren, you never know when these laws will affect YOUR family! If our government is allowed to segregate a group of people, and we continue to allow this, than America is in TERRIBLE trouble!

The Sex Offender Registry is just one of many more to come. If you are on this band wagon, I urge you to jump off while the train is still moving slow. We need to protect our children, but not at the risk of our 'other children'! These laws have gone too far and we MUST stop legislation such as HB 111 from happening!

If it is our votes that have gotten these people in their positions, then it will be OUR vote to REMOVE them!

God Bless,


Google Books about Moral Panics!

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SCOTUS Wiki & Blog

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LA - Why Death Penalty Won’t End Sexual Assault: A Social Work Perspective on Kennedy v Louisana

View the article here


The nuances of the Supreme Court decision in Kennedy v Louisiana are perhaps more telling than the strict constitutionality of the ruling. The decision written by Justice Kennedy incorporates input from an amicus brief from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), the Louisiana chapter of NASW, the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence (PDF) and other state organizations working to end sexual assault.

Acknowledging that the rape of a child is a most heinous crime, Justice Kennedy notes early that punishment is primarily about retribution and what this application of the death penalty says about our culture. (Please note that all quotes are pulled from the court decision.)

“When the law punishes by death, it risks its own sudden descent into brutality, transgressing the constitutional commitment to decency and restraint… We cannot dismiss the years of long anguish that must be endured by the victim of child rape… It does not follow, though, that capital punishment is a proportionate penalty for the crime.“

The decision also addresses claims by the law’s proponents that the death penalty somehow helps the victim’s healing process whereas NASW insists the process could increase the psychological distress experienced by victims.

“It is not at all evident that the child rape victim’s hurt is lessened when the law permits the death of the perpetrator. Capital cases require a long-term commitment by those who testify for the prosecution… Society’s desire to inflict the death penalty for child rape by enlisting the child victim to assist it over the course of years in asking for capital punishment forces a moral choice on the child, who is not of mature age to make that choice. “

UT - Utah County Jail to Charge Inmates for Their Stay; Discounts Available

View the article here

Like I said, the justice system is nothing but a money making scheme. I'm sure all these people would rather NOT pay this extortion fee and be let loose.


HURRICANE — Inmates at Washington County's jail will soon be picking up some of the tab for staying there.

The Purgatory Jail is starting a pay-to-stay program, charging inmates $45 for each day they are held there.

Jail officials say it's a way to offset costs and an incentive for inmates to avoid coming back.

Inmates can cut their tab through several discounts. There's a 10 percent discount if they aren't disciplined during their stay. Inmates who go through educational programs get another 10 percent cut and a discount up to 50 percent for those who pay their tab in full when they're released.

The fee begins July 15.

UK - Panic policy

View the article here
This is what started it all

Of all the many reactions to the murder of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, the stupidest has surely been the Government's decision to require every school employee to pass three different background checks carried out by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). One was originally enough.

The new requirement of three has made it impossible for many schools across Britain to start the new term, for the simple reason that the CRB cannot provide the approved "clearances" of staff fast enough.

The "three test" requirement was imposed soon after Ian Huntley, the caretaker at a school in Soham, was arrested on suspicion of murdering the 10-year-old girls. Yet a man like Huntley would not have failed them - nor would they identify dedicated pedophiles or psychopaths, most of whom commit scores of offenses before they are ever detected.

Not for the first time, bureaucrats have acted precipitately on a distorted perception of both the initial risk and the measures which will reduce it. Already, primary school teachers are not permitted to apply sun cream to children, for fear that they will touch them "inappropriately". The innocence of our children is being robbed more by bureaucrats and politicians than by paedophiles.
- Hell, politicians always act without thinking!

GA - Sex offender law faces new challenge

View the article here

Forced back to prison with a life sentence, simply because he is homeless and cannot find a place to stay!!


ATLANTA - Georgia's tough sex offender laws turned Cedric Bradshaw into something of a nomad.

Twice he moved in with relatives in Statesboro, and twice he was forced to leave because he was violating Georgia's tough sex offender law by living too close to spots where children gather.

After the 25-year-old was arrested for failing to register as an offender - his second time doing so - he was sentenced with the only punishment allowed by the law: Life in prison.

Bradshaw's lawyers will ask Georgia's top court on Monday to reduce his punishment in what is the latest test for the state's oft-challenged sex offender laws. While others have targeted the law's residency restrictions, Bradshaw's challenge takes aim at the criminal penalties as "cruel and unusual punishment."

"It's not like this guy is out chasing children, yet the law required him to receive a life sentence," said Robert Persse, a public defender who is Bradshaw's attorney. "And we believe that constitutes cruel and unusual punishment because the penalty is totally disproportionate to the crime."

Prosecutors contend they were following the letter of the law.

"That's the law. That's what they passed, and we're prosecutors," said Scott Brannen, an assistant district attorney in Statesboro. "That's what was passed by the General Assembly and that's what was in effect. We follow the law as it was passed."

Lately, that's been somewhat of a challenge.

The measure was declared one of the toughest in the nation when it was adopted in 2006, banning sex offenders from living, working or loitering within 1,000 feet of just about anywhere children gather. That includes schools, churches, parks, gyms, swimming pools or one of the state's 150,000 school bus stops.

It also increased the maximum sentence for a second failure to register from a maximum of three years in prison to a mandatory life sentence. The change applies to all sex offenders, from child predators to those convicted of statutory rape.

Since it was passed, though, it has been tangled up in a series of court challenges. A lawsuit targeting the school bus stop portion of the measure is still pending, as is a separate challenge targeting a provision that could evict offenders who live near churches or volunteer at them.

And legislators were forced to retool the law this year to allow sex offenders who own their homes to stay there if a center where children gather later opens up nearby after the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the measure failed to protect the property rights of offenders.

This latest challenge questions the legitimacy of the law's sentencing guidelines, which Persse said is the nation's toughest.

"Georgia is the only state in all the American jurisdictions that imposes life as a possible penalty for not complying with sex offender registry rules," he said.

Bradshaw was 19 when he was sentenced to five years in prison on statutory rape charges in December 2001. After he was released on parole in 2006, he was slapped with 10 years of probation for failing to register his address with the state's sex offender registry.

When he was released in August 2007, he struggled for weeks to find a place to live.

First, he tried registering at his sister's address in Statesboro before being told to leave because the house was within 1,000 feet of a children's center. He also tried registering at his aunt's house, but had to move again because it was within 1,000 feet of a church.

Bradshaw's next move put him squarely in the crosshairs of authorities: He registered at a family friend's address, but instead moved in with a girlfriend. He was arrested 12 days later and soon sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted of failing to register.
- Sounds to me like he is trying every darn thing possible to obey the law, now, simply because he cannot find a place to stay, with family, he is in prison for life. Yes, that is cruel and unusual punishment.

To prosecutors, there's no question that state legislators clearly intended to raise the criminal penalties for repeat offenders who fail to register when they voted to do so overwhelmingly in April.
- This should be for repeat sex crimes, not some technicality because these laws force you into these situations.

"That should be used as the best evidence of legislative intent - and society's view on the punishment," said Brannen.

But Bradshaw's attorneys contend it's a case where lawmakers have overstepped their authority.

"That's why we have the guarantee against cruel and unusual punishment," said Persse. "The Legislature has the right to define crimes and set penalties, but that discretion ends when they impose a sentence that's grossly disproportionate to the offense."
- Nothing is guaranteed when the government is as corrupt as it is. We might as well hire Hitler to run the country for us, then maybe people would open their eyes.

FL - Ankle monitor didn't stop serial rapist, police say

View the article here

Yet more proof that GPS doesn't work on someone who is not going to obey the law in the first place. They are just a waste of money or money for those invested in the companies who sell the devices. If someone is so dangerous they need to be monitored 24/7, then why are they out in the first place?


Jerry Lee Williams Jr. was, authorities say, the most sinister kind of rapist: He would rape and choke, rape and choke, and sometimes he would rape and kill. All told, there were six victims, authorities allege. Two are dead.

And the state couldn't stop him, even after the Florida Department of Corrections forced him to wear an ankle monitor so it could keep tabs on him by satellite, the agency says.

While wearing the ankle band after his release from prison, Williams attacked two women -- killing one, authorities say. Both times, the satellite worked. It tracked his every move. But there was no way for the authorities to know that he was attacking the women.

Authorities insist the satellite technology did its job.
- Doesn't sound to me like it worked. Two people are dead. Many people stand to lose a lot of money if these devices are not used, so they will do and say anything to keep money flowing.

"No one is sitting in front of a [computer] monitor, watching these guys," said Steve Chapin, president of ProTech Monitoring Inc., the private contractor that kept watch on Williams and provides monitoring for thousands of offenders in Florida and other states. "It's the best supervision tool available. It's never advertised or promoted as being able to prevent a crime."

But to stop a serial rapist, you must do more than track him, said Jennifer Dritt, executive director of the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence.

"If he's not in treatment and he doesn't have . . . a deep, profound commitment to ending his behavior, then all the monitoring in the world is not going to prevent it from happening again," she said.

Death penalty sought

Williams chose his victims well, authorities say: drug addicts, prostitutes and the homeless. They were women no one would believe, women who wouldn't make good witnesses. Time after time, authorities would tie Williams to the victims -- his DNA was found on five of the six women -- but the cases would fall apart because victims would disappear, become mentally unstable or refuse to cooperate.

His most recent victim, according to police, was 39-year-old Lisa Marie French. She had been raped and asphyxiated, her body found behind a Sanford warehouse Feb. 20, 2007. Authorities found Williams' DNA on her body. When they checked his satellite-generated map, they discovered he had been at that warehouse for 30 minutes the weekend she was slain.

Williams, 25, of Sanford is now in jail, charged with rape and first-degree murder in that case. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

At the time of French's attack, Williams was on sex-offender probation, a far more relaxed form of supervision than house arrest. He was free to move about, as long as he abided by his curfew -- which he did -- according to Jo Ellyn Rackleff, spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Corrections.
- It is idiots like this insane killer which make all other sex offenders lives hell. And I'm sure all hell will break out once this makes the news media. But it should prove, GPS is a waste of money and will not work, but you won't hear that.

Satellite monitoring runs on the electronic equivalent of autopilot unless something goes wrong, such as the offender travels to an address from which he's banned. If that happens, an alarm will sound and probation officers are notified.

There were no alarms the evening Williams, wearing that electronic ankle strap and carrying his boxy 4-pound satellite transmitter, attacked French, authorities say.

And there were no alarms seven months earlier when, despite satellite tracking, he choked a woman until she blacked out and raped her in an abandoned Sanford house, where they'd gone to smoke crack, according to police records. Police arrested him, but prosecutors filed no charges because the victim would not cooperate.
- So seven months had passed, and no drug tests... Someone is not doing their job!

2 more connections

Authorities know Williams is connected to two more women who were attacked before he went to prison. In 2003, a woman was raped behind an Orlando bar. In March 2004, a woman was found raped and strangled in the driveway of an abandoned house on Grand Street in Orange County.

Police were stumped by the crimes and did not find the piece of evidence that tied the cases together until a DNA sample was taken from Williams after he was convicted for a different crime.
- This man should NEVER be out of prison!

Williams was found guilty of choking and raping a woman in a van on a deserted stretch of road near Osceola Parkway in March 2004. She fought him and escaped, and prosecutors got the charge to stick. Williams took a plea deal that included a two-year prison term -- he served seven months -- followed by three years of sex-offender probation.

When he was sentenced, authorities collected a DNA sample from him -- as they do all convicted felons. A few weeks later, in late 2005, a state DNA analyst reviewing cold cases made two matches: Williams had sex with the victim of the 2003 downtown rape and the woman who had been strangled at the abandoned house in Orange County -- a crime he allegedly committed on the same day he raped the woman in the van in Osceola.
- I am willing to bet they do NOT collect DNA from all felons.

That was the first time authorities realized Williams might be a serial rapist.

Williams was not arrested in either case. Orlando police closed the downtown rape case, saying the victim had become severely mentally ill.

Orange County sheriff's Sgt. Allen Lee said Williams might be charged with raping and strangling the woman in the driveway of the abandoned house, 40-year-old Patricia Ann Kimmons of Orlando. It hasn't happened, Lee said, because he can prove only that Williams had sex with her -- not that he killed her.

Kimmons' husband, Terry, from whom she was estranged at the time of her death, doesn't understand why authorities were unable to stop Williams.

"This doesn't make any sense," he said. "They caught the guy. What are they doing?"

FL - Rob Lowe's ex nanny branded a 'sexual predator'

View the article here | TMZ.COM Article Here

So I do not see ANYTHING here which makes her a sexual predator. That is a label that should not just be thrown around like this.


American actor Rob Lowe's ex nanny who has sued him for sexual abuse, has been dubbed "sexual predator" by other former employees of the actor.

In a statement filed in Santa Barbara County Superior Court, the 48-year-old actor's former chef James Maclear has stated that the actor's former nanny Jessica Gibson had an "overtly flirtatious manner" and within hours of meeting her had changed into hot pants and was laying on the kitchen floor with her legs open in a very suggestive manner."

He also said Gibson aggressively pursued him, at one stage telling him "she was very horny" - even though he told her he had a girlfriend.

Lowe's tennis instructor Nigel Armstrong also said that Gibson came onto him - even though he was 48 and she was 22, reports Daily Telegraph.

In the documents, Armstrong stated that "Jessica was standing in the kitchenette and had taken off her pants and underwear and invited me to have sex even though the boys were in the general area."

He also claimed that in the presence of the Lowe children, Jessica tried to "kiss me and make out."

In her lawsuit Gibson has claimed that Lowe had "placed his hand inside Gibson's pants" several times from about September 2005 to around January 2008.

According to, Gibson said that Lowe repeatedly asked her to touch him, showed her pornographic images on his computer and asked her to give him a massage and tell him dirty stories.

PA - Response Team Aids Victims Of Rape

View the article here

Video is available at the site above. This is what should be done, to hopefully eliminate people from going to prison and their life ruined for something they may have not done. And this would stop the false rape allegations as well. Hopefully they will not assume the accused is automatically guilty either and look at ALL the evidence.


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ― There's new hope and help for rape victims in our area with Allegheny County's new team of experts.

"The conviction rate has not been good and it's difficult for women to go through the process, to get up in a courtroom and testify," said Valerie Schreiber, SARTAC's Operations Director.
- And this is why so many lawyers and DA's push for plea bargains, because they may not have a case.

An assembly of nurses, counselors, law enforcement and judicial system professionals make up the newly formed "Sexual Response Team of Allegheny County."

The group says the program has highly-trained and certified nurse examiners, who go to the hospital to be by a victim's side within an hour after a 911 call comes in. That nurse does the interviewing and collects all the forensic evidence.

"When that kit, the evidence collection kit gets to the county lab everybody knows it was collected properly, the chain of evidence was preserved," said Dr. Kathleen Sekula, SARTAC's President

Then, when the interviews and evidence reach a prosecutor they can go into court with a much stronger case.

"We'll have better evidence to present in court," said Janet Necessary, deputy district attorney. "We will have the documentation of injuries and the collection of evidence will be improved."

That increases the chances of getting a sexual predator put away.
- And hopefully not falsely accused.

UPMC Mercy and UPMC Magee-Womens Hospitals already have contracts with SARTAC and the team is looking to work with as many medical centers as possible.

"We're not working for the police, or we're not working for the DA's office, we're working for the victim," said SARTAC member, Debra Shane.

Funding for the program is coming from the city, county and state.

The nurses are paid and receive their specialized training at Duquesne University.

Too Much Profanity

It's about time someone did something about all the sex and violence on TV... Now when are they going to go after all the adult porn sites you can get to in a matter of seconds and without any ID? These people make millions, if not billions of dollars, so they are not going to stop, not until someone does something about it.

FL - Attorney: Dateline sex sting evidence obtained illegally

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BUNNELL -- Evidence against a fired Alabama police officer arrested in the Dateline NBC sex sting in Flagler Beach should be thrown out because his privacy was violated for financial gain, his attorney argued in court Friday.

But Todd Spikes and others arrested in the sting were not entitled to privacy, Assistant State Attorney Jennifer Carlson countered Friday in Flagler circuit court.

"The defendants don't have any expectation of privacy when they are trolling for little children online and talking to them," Carlson said.

Spikes, 43, of DeFuniak Springs in North Florida was fired from his job as a Florala, Ala., police officer after he was arrested in December 2006 as part of a Dateline NBC "To Catch a Predator" sting. Police found handguns, an assault rifle and a shotgun -- all loaded -- in his sport utility vehicle. In court Friday with Spikes, was Daniel Kelly, who was 45 and from Clearwater when he was arrested during the sting.

In all, police arrested 21 men who had sexually explicit online chats with decoys posing as children and then drove to a house in Flagler Beach to meet the decoys, investigators said.

Spikes, sporting a blondish soul patch and mustache and wearing a blue blazer, sat in court Friday, sometimes leaning back in his seat as his attorney argued. Kelly, clean-shaven and wearing a tan suit, sat nearby, his hands sometimes clasped together or pressed against his face.

Spikes is charged with attempted lewd or lascivious battery, lewd or lascivious exhibition and computer pornography and child exploitation. Kelly is charged with attempted lewd or lascivious battery and computer pornography and child exploitation.

Besides arguing that evidence should be thrown out, Spikes' and Kelly's attorney, Patrick D. Hinchey, said the charges should be dropped because there was no actual child in the sex sting. The decoy investigators said Spikes and Kelly were chatting with was an adult over 18 years of age, the motion states. Hinchey wrote in the motion that there is nothing criminal about communicating with someone over 18.

Hinchey also argued that information such as the chat logs should be thrown out because they were obtained fraudulently and without a warrant.

He said the police worked through a third party, Perverted Justice, to get the evidence, and violated the Constitution's Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure. Perverted Justice is a controversial activist group.

"The procurement of information was through fraud with intent to use it for commercial purposes," Hinchey said. His motion states that third parties were paid more than $100,000 to provide electronic communication to NBC. That's a felony under Florida law, the motion states.

"I frankly don't know why we don't have criminal charges filed through the false procurement of this information," Hinchey said.

But Carlson argued that police joining forces with Perverted Justice and NBC did not constitute fraud against Spikes and Kelly.

"Law enforcement is not defrauding them," she said. "It's called an undercover investigation."

And the fact that there was no actual child did not matter, Carlson said.

Circuit Judge Kim C. Hammond said he would review the arguments and issue a ruling.

NM - Streaker faces sex crime charge

View the article here

So why isn't all the streakers at tennis matches, football games, baseball games, etc arrested and labeled a sex offender? You know there is kids in the audience. So I guess this is a law that applies to some, but not others, apparently.


Police say they are taking a streaking incident very seriously after a man exposed himself to a boy.

Investigators say 24-year-old Matthew Weeks pulled the prank on his birthday, running around an Albuquerque mini-mart nude.

An 11-year-old boy witnessed the streaking near Isleta and Arenal.

The birthday boy was arrested and carted off to jail.

Weeks faces a felony count of aggravated indecent exposure. If convicted, he may have to register as a sex offender.

LA - Bobby Jindal faces recall petition

View the article here


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, touted as a potential running mate to likely Republican presidential nominee John McCain, faces a recall petition, stemming from his failure to veto a legislative pay raise.

A recall petition was filed on Friday against Jindal, the first Indian-American Governor of a US state. He has come under blistering criticism around the state for his refusal to veto a bill doubling state legislators' base pay from $16,800 to $37,500.

Four lawmakers, including Republican House Speaker Jim Tucker, are also objects of recall petitions filed in recent days.

Forcing a recall election against Jindal will be a tough task. It would require verifiable signatures from well over 900,000 registered Louisiana voters. Still, the publicity attending a recall effort illustrates an abrupt change in public attitude toward the young conservative Republican. Jindal, who easily defeated 11 opponents last year, ABC said.

Jindal has repeatedly criticised the pay raise as excessive but said he would not veto it for fear of jeopardising his legislative agenda.

"The voters of our state are angry that the legislature more than doubled their own pay and I agree with them," Jindal said in a news release on Friday.

"It was excessive and they should reverse it. I'm sure more voters will take extraordinary steps to show their anger over the pay raise before this is all said and done - that's how a democracy works."

To force a recall election, a petition needs at least a third of a district's registered voters, gathered within 180 days of the filing of the petition. In Jindal's case, a petition would have to have a third of the state's more than 2.8 million voters, meaning more than 933,000 signatures would be needed.

Meanwhile, upset over US Supreme Court's ruling striking down a Louisiana law permitting the death penalty for child rapists, he signed a law allowing for chemical castration of sex offenders.

The legislation would allow judges to impose the drug treatment on those found guilty of certain crimes: molestation of a juvenile, aggravated rape, forcible rape, second-degree sexual battery, aggravated incest and aggravated crime against nature.

The drug is intended to diminish sexual impulses. For first offence sex crimes, the judge has the option to order the hormone drug to lower testosterone in the suspect. It's mandatory injections for second and multiple offences. The injections are to be given at least a week before a convicted sex offender is released from prison.

Jindal has said he will seek to enact laws that would invalidate the Supreme Court ruling.

Legal analysts said Jindal's pledge to keep the death penalty by amending state law may be designed to win him political credit but stands little chance of becoming reality as the state doesn't have the authority to override the apex Court decisions that are based on interpretations of the federal Constitution.