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MI - Self defense will be presented as motive in teen suspect's beheading trial

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This was NOT self-defense, IMO!!!


Prosecutors say boys killed for a thrill

An attorney for one of the teen suspects in the beheading case described by prosecutors as a thrill kill informed a judge today that he plans to argue self defense at trial.

Jean Pierre Orlewicz, 18, of Plymouth, is scheduled to stand trial April 7 in Wayne County Circuit Court. He is accused of stabbing, beheading and burning Daniel Sorensen, 26, of River Rouge, on Nov. 7.

Orlewicz’s attorney James Thomas has portrayed Sorensen in court documents as a violent bully who preyed on young people. He recently filed four personal protection orders taken out against Sorensen by people not connected to the trial with the court in hopes of getting them admitted into the trial.

On Monday, Judge Annette J. Berry asked Thomas to declare his trial defense strategy as lawyers argued whether the PPOs would be admissible.

“Self defense,” Thomas said.

Berry said she would decide at a later date whether to allow the PPOs to be evidence.

The hearing then took an intriguing turn when prosecutors played jailhouse conversations between the second suspect, Alex Letkemann, 18, of Westland, and his father, Peter Letkemann.

During the Jan. 18 conversation, Peter Letkemann, told his son that he planned to release a written statement several days before jury selection in the trial.

“It’s gonna be amazing,” the elder Letkemann said.

“All right,” his son said from the Wayne County Jail.

Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Robert Moran said he was so incensed by the tape that he had to be talked out of charging Peter Letkemann with obstruction of justice for what he believed to be a plan to taint potential jurors.

Called before Judge Berry, Peter Letkemann said he has not written out a statement and has merely been trying to keep his son’s spirits up.

“I’m not a devious person,” he said.

Berry cautioned him that using the media to get statements out to potential jurors could backfire.

“It’s a very emotional case,” she said. “My heart goes out to everyone involved.”

Both teens are charged with first-degree murder.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has said the teens killed Sorensen for a thrill.

Letkemann wrote an eight-page statement to police and gave a videotaped statement, which was played during a daylong preliminary examination in November.

Letkemann told investigators that Orlewicz, known to friends as J.P., lured Sorensen to Orlewicz's grandfather's garage in Canton Township before stabbing him from behind.

“J.P. shut the door behind and just went and did it,” Letkemann told police. “I couldn't even react. It knocked the wind out of me.”

Letkemann said Orlewicz stripped Sorensen down to his underwear and cut his head off with a saw. He said he assisted in loading the body only to clear a $100 debt to Orlewicz.

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UPDATE: MARCH 30, 2008

HERMOSA BEACH, CA: Perverted Justice most “notorious” for their real life - made for television internet sex chat stings has been granted a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) status ( in other words it is now a non-profit/tax exempt organization.) Apparently the government hands these out like candy to anyone that asks for them.

One might think this is good, that they do good work. What many people don’t realize however that there are many things about this organization which have and are being carried out below the radar which would make most people think twice before supporting an organization such as this. Maybe even cause the IRS to reconsider their tax exempt status.

For one thing, they claim to “work with law enforcement”. However, numerous law enforcement agencies want NOTHING to do with them. Why? Partly because Perverted Justice is NOT the police. They often poorly document evidence and in some cases even “doctor” evidence to make it appear worse than it actually is. So enormous is this problem within their organization that the vast majority of their “busts” (you know the ones on NBC Dateline’s To Catch A Predator) can’t hold up in court. That means the “would be” perpetrators walk.

What’s really interesting (if not downright hysterical) is that Perverted Justice is now advertising that they are now offering “training classes” for law enforcement!

I can see it now “How to doctor evidence 101.” This organization offering training to law enforcement would be like say, a janitor telling a neurosurgeon how to perform brain surgery. One can imagine this would be even less of an incentive for TRAINED law enforcement to want to become involved with the likes of these characters.

The members of Perverted Justice are obsessed with what they do. Day in and day out for hours on end they seek out pedophiles, hanging out in pedophile chat rooms pretending to be underage minors soliciting unsuspecting targets for sex. They talk to pedophiles and would be child molesters day after day and night after night. As one would imagine, dealing with that sort of thing must get to you after awhile - psychologically. Indeed it has. For now, those affiliated with Perverted Justice see everyone as a pedophile, pro pedophile, and/or potential pedophile. Especially those that stand up and speak out against them or anything they disagree with them on. Members of Perverted Justice have even said that whenever they see a man alone with a child in a store, they suspect that he’s a pedophile! Can anyone say hysteria?

Phase two of Perverted Justice - are several websites which are run by various members of their “team.” It is here, where the true and severe nature of their psychological discord is revealed. These sites are not “kid friendly” to say the least. They are rife with false statements, threats of physical injury against individuals, blatant harassment, and ALOT of profanity and obscenity.

That’s just a glimpse. I personally am on their “target” list, because I have a mouth and a brain and use them both. I used to write under a pen name “Amanda Rogers” until they made it their business to do a “clandestine investigation” into my true identity. Google my name “Jan Kruska” or even that of poor “Julie Cison.”

What you will see is their handy work – a systematic and deliberate smear campaign that knows no boundaries and lacks any decency whatsoever. They’ve called me every name in the book from a female pedophile to a psychopath and everything in between - but I am not alone. According to a watchdog group , thousands have been attacked in the same manner I am now - or worse.

They hate me because I won’t go away, because I won’t back down and because my messages clash with their warped view of the world.

Is a “pro-pedophile” website? That’s what they claim, although anyone with even the most basic reading comprehension skills can clearly see that it is NOT.

Am I a pedophile? No. I have never been accused of any such thing until “they” came along. According to them pretty much everyone is a pedophile or “pro pedophile”. I guess they never bothered to look up the definition. Calling me that is like trying to put a square peg into a round hole. It just doesn’t fit.

Have I raped or molested a child? No, and you won’t find any such accusations or convictions anywhere within the public records, because this is a blatant lie like everything else.

Thankfully, Perverted Justice Members (AKA the “ANTI’S”) are in the extreme minority. They are losing followers by the day, although they’d never admit it. Those that are affiliated with Perverted Justice are radicals and people that are in need of some severe mental help and perhaps a very long vacation.

- You can see a list of their issues here.

ABC’s John Stossel, in his “The Age of Consent” segment which aired on March 14, 2008 should have been their first clue. Instead of admitting they had made a mistake in targeting a law abiding wife and mother of four over a misdemeanor conviction from a decade and a half ago, they instead went on a rampage, while Petra Luna (aka Barbara Ochoa) tragically made a complete ass of herself - systematically cutting her own throat on National Television.

One of their web sites accuses me of “grooming” the public - ridiculous. Another said John Stossel got it all wrong” - hardly. He got it ALL right, and his viewing audience concurred - except of course, for the very few Perverted Justice members who left their two cents worth on ABC’s website comments section. Makes one wonder who’s grooming who, doesn’t it?

So ill-tempered and desperate were they after the airing of the ABC segment that they and their “Vigilante Propaganda Squad” launched an idiotic “Boycott Disney” Campaign. All 14 of their die hard members have signed up for the Boycott. Big Whoop.

Why Disney? Because Disney is the parent company of ABC.

I’m waiting for them to start calling John Stossel (who, by the way, has a degree in psychology from Princeton) as Pro-pedophile. I’m watching for a “wikisposure” page on him and one on ABC itself branding it as a “Corporate Sex Offender”. Maybe they think it’s a conspiracy, hell maybe even old Walt’s cryogenically frozen head will make it onto the “Wikisposure” page too, complete with the location of the cryogenics lab where it is stored!

Maybe they’ll put a little note at the bottom of Walt Disney’s page saying” If you know of any interaction this "head" has had with children please contact us at:

It’s time for Perverted justice, to get a reality check, and they’re going to get one - every one of them. Their impending legal doom is only just beginning.


Perverted Justice Foundation Inc.

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Mitchell Wagenberg – (also a camera crew member for NBC Dateline)

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Law Firm Preparing the IRS Tax Exempt Form

Wayland & Vukadinovich

1097 Aviation Blvd.

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IRS 990 - STATEMENT OF PROGRAM SERVICE ACCOMPLISHMENTS ( Note that they are very careful not to acknowledge or admit or even elude to any of their other “clandestine activities)

a. To promote internet safety, provide education to the public on internet safety and to provide training and assistance to law enforcement agencies in their efforts to apprehend internet based sexual predators.

Yeah, right! They can't even tell the truth to the IRS.

e-mail us at:

The eyes are the windows to the soul - Xavier Von Erck AKA Phillip John Eide - President of Perverted Justice Foundation, Inc.

MA - Town Meeting actions include rejecting sex offender bylaw

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Scituate - After local attorneys testified that the bylaw would have the opposite effect than intended, Town Meetnig rejected a proposal Saturday that would have limited where in the town certain registered sex offenders could live.

Under the proposed sex offender residency bylaw, no registered level 2 or 3 sex offender would have been able to live within 2,000 feet of any school, day care center, park, elderly housing facility or place of worship. Scituate attorneys Nona Walker, John Redden and Michael Hayes all spoke against the bylaw.

Redden and Walker, both criminal attorneys, said that similar laws in other states had led to convicted sex offenders not registering or becoming homeless when they were unable to live with family members who were in the area made forbidden. They also argued that the law would be challenged in state courts.

“This type of law is going to have the exact opposite effect than we would like it to have,” Redden said.

TX - A safer Texas?

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The electronic news release showed up in reporters' in-baskets marked "Keeping Texas Safe." The first paragraph was supposed to entice journalists into calling an "expert" on conducting criminal background checks.

"It's pretty safe to say sex offenders are not the most accepted demographic in our society," the release said. "By summer's end, the state of Texas will be making it tougher for these criminals to hide. Major updates to the state's sex offender web site will include the addition of offenders' places of employment and job titles. But who's giving these people jobs? Do they even know the backgrounds of their new hires?"

Alarmed yet? That's certainly what the publicist who sent the release was hoping.

This kind of scare tactic demands a response: At what point has a felon paid the debt owed to society? It's apparently not when the cell time is done.

Where, exactly, can a paroled sex offender find employment? Texas taxpayers rightly expect "these people," as the news release called them, to pay court-imposed fines and to register their place of residency and employment or risk being sent back to prison. That would be not for an additional sex offense but for violating conditions of their release.

But even convicted criminals who have served their imprisonment are members of society, and they need places to live as well as legitimate ways to support themselves. Yet officials make it difficult for them to get housing and jobs.

The federal Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act requires states to comply with numerous disclosure rules or risk losing some federal funds. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott determined that, under the federal law, Texas should include information about a registered sex offender's place of employment. But the federal act is clear about information that must be included in the Internet database -- and it clearly allows any jurisdiction that maintains these records to exempt the name of an employer of a sex offender.

The point of the act was to protect the public, and particularly minors, from violent sex offenders. That's a worthy goal. But not every individual convicted of a sex offense is a violent offender nor attacked a minor.

There is no discounting the severity of some sex offenses. But keep in mind that someone who is twice arrested for urinating in public is deemed a Tier 1 sex offender in Texas.

In the hysteria to treat all sex offenders equally -- as pariahs -- fairness has gone out the window.

The rules being adopted by throw-away-the-key officials make it virtually impossible for parolees and probationers to find housing, necessary to comply with the act.

The law makes it very hard for convicted sex offenders to find jobs, absolutely necessary to pay the court-imposed fines and fees that come with the sentencing.

The law makes it very hard for convicted sex offenders to continue their educations, which often is necessary if they are going to have the skills needed for employment.

Because of the database, employers can track the background of a job applicant and decide whether to risk hiring a registered sex offender. Some employers are willing to take that risk, and in a free market should be able to do so.

Besides that, taxpayers can't afford to pay for locking up every convicted sex offender for life, and justice doesn't demand that in every case. Those who have served their punishment are entitled to move on with their lives and should be allowed -- and encouraged -- to take responsibility for supporting themselves through gainful employment.

MO - Sex offender proposals criticized for strictness

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JEFFERSON CITY - Ted Mason says he is a family man, a churchgoer and a businessman. He’s also a registered sex offender.

The Kansas City man recounted his story before a committee of the Missouri General Assembly last week to illustrate the potential negative consequences of laws meant to keep sex offenders away from children.

At issue are proposals that would require offenders to stay at least 500 feet from parks, swimming pools and day-care facilities.

At least 21 states — including Missouri — already have laws that ban registered sex offenders from living within a specified distance of such places. The proposed laws would go beyond that, keeping offenders from ever going near them.

Critics have insisted that the residency laws are flawed and only give parents and communities a false sense of security. They say buffer zones only prohibit where offenders sleep at night, not where they spend their time.

For people like Mason, who argues that he has completed treatment and has been rehabilitated, the existing and proposed laws represent “invisible walls of incarceration.”

I get crushed over and over by laws with good intentions,” he said. “My family has suffered.”

Mason, 50, exposed himself to three girls in 2001 and was convicted of sexual misconduct involving a child. He was put on probation for five years, during which time he participated in a community-based treatment program similar to Alcoholics Anonymous.

The program was immensely successful for him, he said, and has helped him assimilate back into society. The state Department of Corrections reported no violations during his probation and has had no problems with him since.

Mason is married, has two teenage children and works from home in the mortgage and construction business. He leads a support group for men at his church.

But as a registered sex offender, he’s also included on state and county registries and is subject to laws restricting his legal residence.

The residency laws, combined with an error by the state’s Division of Probation and Parole, are what have complicated his life and driven him to speak out.

Mason bought a home in Blue Springs early last year. He did so only after consulting with the Division of Probation and Parole, which surveyed the area and found that it met the distance requirements for schools and day-care facilities.

After moving in, however, Mason discovered that a home-based child-care facility, Mary’s Little Lambs Daycare, was in fact just behind his property.

A Missouri Department of Corrections spokesman acknowledged the division’s error in allowing Mason to move into the house. The day care had no exterior signs to tip officials off, Brian Hauswirth said.

“They did not know it was there,” Hauswirth said. “Our people are very careful, and we’re constantly trying to upgrade how we do things by using mapping tools and other methods, especially for sex offenders.”

To comply with current laws, Mason cannot sleep in his home because it’s within 1,000 feet of Mary’s Little Lambs. Instead, he sleeps in an empty house in Kansas City owned by family members and returns to his home during the day to work and see his family.

One of the proposals presented this week would prohibit registered sex offenders from being physically present within 500 feet of a day-care center while children are present, effectively banning Mason from his home for most of the day.

“If a child is in that day care after hours — 7, 8, 9 at night — how am I to know?” Mason said. “This empowers neighbors and the day-care owners to basically alter my life.”

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Gary Dusenberg, a Blue Springs Republican, said the issue is a difficult one, but one that requires lawmakers to err on the side of protecting children.

“At the present time, I think we need to have laws in effect that keep these folks away from our children,” said Dusenberg, whose district includes Mason’s home and the day care.

The owner of Little Lambs initially contacted Dusenberg about the issue and supports the current bill.

Because the current law only regulates where an offender sleeps at night, Mason or another sex offender could pose a risk to children during the day, said Mary Katherine Douglas, the owner of the day care.

“His backyard bumps right up next to mine,” Douglas said. “If he wanted to expose himself in front of these children, he could. I’m not saying he would, but a sex offender (in a similar situation) can.”

Charles Onley, research associate with the Center for Sex Offender Management out of Maryland, said he has heard of cities going a step further by controlling where offenders can go.

Earlier this year, the city of Florissant, Mo., banned offenders from being within 500 feet of any city park, community center or pool.

“I don’t know that I’ve seen states make that move,” Onley said.

Mason argues that rather than passing laws affecting all sex offenders without regard for the severity of their crimes or the progress of their rehabilitation, the state instead should develop a rating system for offenders and determine restrictions accordingly.

“Right now, they equate me and any other offender on the list with John Couey,” Mason said, referring to the Florida man who raped and killed a 9-year-old girl in 2005. “… That’s the way the laws are designed right now, to capture everybody, one-size-fits-all.”

Dusenberg said he has had conversations with Mason and is open to future legislation creating a rating system.

“In the next year or two, I would certainly be agreeable to looking into that,” he said.

NE - Lawmakers Debate Who Can Be Put to Death

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New laws ask the question on whether or not someone can be put to death without committing a murder. Many states are now passing "Jessica's Laws". It is legislation made after 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and buried alive by John Couey, a repeat sex offender. The law states that if an offender rapes a child under 12-years-old as their 2nd offense, they
can be put to death. But some wonder if that's unconstitutional.

Beth Wiersma, a UNK Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice said, "So there's a case in front of the US Supreme Court as to whether you can execute someone if they didn't commit a murder. Since 1976, I believe, the supreme court ruling that took moratorium off of the death penalty, the only thing it's been used for since then is murder."

The US Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether these statutes will be up-held or not in April. It could be the first time that someone is executed without being convicted of murder in 30 years.

"That's part of the argument, they had no concern, empathy, and no remorse for their victims so why should the public have any for them," Wiersma explained.

Officials say public support for capital punishment has decreased in the past few years, but still public opinion does favor the death penalty.