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At the ripe old age 80, playboy's Hugh Hefner gives advice about girls

Wow, even Hugh Hefner (at 03:00) knows that if all the sex laws were effectively enforced, the majority of adults would be serving some time in prison!

MO - Missouri Sex Offender Statute is Struck Down

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You see this folks? Here is a judge who knows the Constitution, and as they should have, knocked the law down as being unconstitutional.


COLUMBIA - Dozens of Missouri sex offenders can continue living near schools and child-centers as a result of a state Supreme Court decision. In a unanimous ruling today, Missouri's high court upheld a decision made last May. The ruling struck down a portion of Missouri's sex offender statutes that could have forced some sex offenders to move.

Since 2004, Missouri has prohibited sex offenders from moving into a home within 1,000 feet of a school or day care. A 2006 law expanded that ban to cover sex offenders who already lived near a school or child care center.

But Cole County Circuit Judge Patricia Joyce declared that portion of the law unconstitutional because of its retroactive application. Missouri, like many other states, has enacted progressively tougher laws targeting its roughly 7,200 registered sex offenders.

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CA - Cook tries to keep sex offenders away from ice-cream trucks

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SACRAMENTOAssemblyman Paul Cook (Email), a Republican from Yucca Valley, has introduced Assembly Bill 2169 (PDF), which would prohibit any registered sex offender from getting a business license to operate a retail ice cream truck.

The measure requires that any city or county licensing agency immediately reject applications from such offenders.

According to Cook’s office, in July of last year, it was discovered that a registered sex offender was operating an ice cream truck in Riverside County.
- You see, knee-jerk laws to one person committing a stupid act. How many ice-cream truck vendors do you know who are sex offenders? I bet they sell drugs out of them trucks more than being a sex offender...

“People who operate this kind of business are afforded the opportunity to have unsupervised contact with minors,” Cook said. “Without question, sex offenders shouldn’t be given this right.”

The bill will likely be heard in the Assembly Committee on Business and Professions in late March or early April.

Cook represents the Morongo Basin.

KY - Legislators, AG team to crack down on predators

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If the police are so understaffed, why are Police always in on these busts? They always have 10+ Officers on stand by waiting. If the PD's of our nation are that unstaffed, then, really, how do they produce so many officers to take down targets in one sting?



Bill would give police more help, clarify laws on those who prey on kids via Web

The state attorney general’s office and several state legislators are working to pass a bill that would clarify laws regarding online stings of those attempting to solicit sex from children.

A bill proposed in the state legislature would formally allow the use of non-police personnel for online stings. The bill unanimously passed in a house committee and was passed Thursday in a unanimous vote by the full house, said Allison Gardner Martin, spokeswoman for the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office.

Cybersafety and cracking down on those who prey on children online is one of the top priorities of the attorney general, she said.

“One of the first meetings the attorney general had after taking office was with prosecutors and law enforcement to begin crafting legislation on this topic,” Martin said.

One aspect of the bill would allow for longer sentences when personnel who are not sworn law enforcement officers are used to conduct online stings, she said.

This is the technique that was used in the October sting operation involving the group Perverted Justice, Warren County Sheriff’s Office, Kentucky Bureau of Investigation and Warren County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, which was then broadcast on NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” feature on “Dateline.”
- Check out, whom are ex-PJ staff and will tell you the TRUE nature of Perverted-Justice the public isn't aware of or see.

In that case, six men were arrested and indicted for attempted unlawful solicitation of a minor - a class C felony carrying a sentence of five to 10 years if convicted, Martin said.

Martin said she expects the law to pass because it is non-partisan, she said.

“It’s about keeping children safe,” Martin said. “Kentucky law has not kept up with changes in technology. This law will provide prosecutors and law enforcement with the tools they need.”

This is a good bill that cleans up a lot of language in the current law, said Chris Cohron, commonwealth’s attorney for Warren County.

The continued use of non-sworn personnel is important, he said.

“Law enforcement at this time simply does not have the resources to do the necessary chatting,” Cohron said. “In almost every case where a child is sexually abused, a computer is involved.”
- What a load of crap! The police need to hire more POLICE and get more FUNDING then, and not revert to vigilante groups like PJ. Again, check out who will show you the info you do not see on the media or web about who these people really are.

“This legislation is the result of reviewing the Kentucky Revised Statutes for needed updates to keep pace with technology and cybercriminals that prey on our children,” said Attorney General Jack Conway. “We’ve listened to parents and law enforcement officers from throughout the state, and this bill will give police and prosecutors the tools they need to arrest and convict criminals who are trying to harm Kentucky kids.”

The bill was sponsored in the house by Rep. Johnny Bell (Email), D-Glasgow.

“Attorney General Conway and I have worked closely to develop laws that will prevent sexual predators from using new technology to prey on our youth,” Bell said. “This legislation expands the ability of law enforcement and prosecutors to further protect our children.”

The law is something that may have to continually be updated, Martin said.

“One thing the attorney general has learned is that when the laws change, criminal behavior changes. The criminals are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of the laws,” she said.

House Speaker Jody Richards (Email), D-Bowling Green, also endorsed the bill this week.

“One of the best bills out of the House this week was 367 - Johnny Bell’s bill,” Richards said.

The bill updates Kentucky law that was written well before the Internet became prevalent, he said.

The FBI is one of many law enforcement agencies throughout the country trying to increase enforcement of those attempting to initiate sexual contact with children online. Sexual predators attempting to contact children is a huge problem, said James Hendricks, supervisory senior resident agent for the FBI in Bowling Green.
- This whole Online Predator hysteria is blown out of proportion, see here.

“It’s made easier when parents don’t take the proper precautions,” he said. “Not having the proper online safety is like leaving their front door open for criminals to come in.”
- So what are you doing to teach children to once again "DO NOT TALK WITH STRANGERS, EVEN VIRTUAL STRANGERS!" and also teach the parents how to install filtering software, virus and spyware software, etc? Where is the money that should be spent on this?

Social networking sites, such as, have worked to eliminate convicted sex offenders from their site and taken steps to make private profiles safer. Still, there are hackers out there who can get into the information and make private profiles and pictures visible, Hendricks said.
- And this is discrimination. Not all sex offenders who use the site are trolling for kids to molest. This is like calling all white people murderers because some white man is a serial killer.

“When hackers and predators get together, that’s a dangerous combination,” he said. “The key to protecting children online is parents monitoring their activities. As long as a child is online without supervision, he or she is vulnerable. Statistics show each year, one in five children is solicited for sex on the Internet. One in four receive inappropriate photos and roughly half of the youths who receive the solicitations or photos do not report the incident to anyone.
- Children and adults, no matter where you go in this world, are vulnerable. WAKE UP, COME BACK FROM FEAR-MONGER LAND!!! You are not safe no matter who you are or where you go or live, period. That is life!! Ok, you show the above statistics, where is this "study?" And also, were they other children or adults who solicited these children? I am willing to bet it was other teens doing most of the solicitations. Why aren't you teaching kids that if someone talks about sex to them, to leave, or ignore them and to NOT accept photos from strangers? Come on, where is the education here?

“By educating our children of the potential dangers online, we are arming them with the defenses they need to combat these individuals who seek to harm them.”
- So do you teach kids street smarts? I thought this was a parents job and not the governments job? People need to stop this BS fear-mongering and teach the kids these dangers (at home and in school). If you never teach them, then how do you expect them to know what to do? I believe this is just FEAR-MONGERING so they can POLICE the Internet and possibly TAX it to get more of our hard earned money... Next will be internet taxes, which they have been talking about. Mark my words on this.

Improper contact online between an adult and child can be reported at

FL - Lunsford's potential lawsuit triggers a backlash

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People respond with shock, anger to his plan to sue the Citrus County Sheriff's Office.

HOMOSASSA -- Moments after news broke Thursday that Mark Lunsford intends to sue the Citrus County Sheriff's Office over the 2005 abduction and murder of his daughter Jessica, the calls and e-mails began pouring into the agency.

Overwhelmingly, the message expressed was shock and anger at the man whose tragic loss had galvanized this community and the nation.

"The sympathy I had for Mark Lunsford went out the back door when the intent-to-sue letter came through the front door," read an e-mail from John McNeilly of Crystal River.

Michael Kaczmarek of Crystal River sent this to Lunsford, with a copy to Sheriff Jeff Dawsy:

"These are the same agencies that you have been giving accolades to for four years. What, sir, has changed your view? Is it that the Jessie fund is broke? I find it despicable that you have and continue to profit from the tragedy of the kidnapping and subsequent murder of your daughter."

Lunsford's lawyer, Eric Block of Jacksonville said Friday he was not surprised by the reactions. But he blamed Dawsy's comments at a Thursday afternoon news conference, not his client, for the backlash.

"It's unbelievable that the sheriff would come out and make a public statement that the lawsuit was meritless and baseless," Block said. "There hasn't been a lawsuit even filed, and he hasn't even heard the allegations."

Block has declined to give details of those allegations until a news conference scheduled for noon Tuesday. The notice of intent to sue, filed this week by Lunsford and his ex-wife, Angela Wright, against the sheriff, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Citrus County Commission, alleges only that the agencies' negligence led to Jessica Lunsford's death.
- So he wants to sue for his OWN negligence for not locking the door when he went out late at night to go meet some women for who knows what. Who in the world doesn't lock their doors in this day and age? There was also child porn on his machine when Jessica went missing, which magically vanished. Why was he not investigated for that? See here.

Block said that several new witnesses have come forward who were at the scene of the abduction on the first day "when Jessica was still alive" and they have reported harsh treatment by Dawsy's deputies.

For those who have been critical of Lunsford's motives, Block said they would feel differently if their child had been abducted and "law enforcement hadn't done its job."

Once the allegations are revealed, he said, "a lot of people are going to have egg on their face. ... Facts are going to come out that are indefensible."

Block insisted that the threatened suit is not about money.

Dawsy could not be reached for comment on Friday. Richard Wesch, general counsel for the Sheriff's Office, said the accusation of negligence by Dawsy and his staff "is sufficient for the sheriff to respond in the manner in which he responded."

"These people lived and breathed it," he said. "This was the most significant case this agency has ever experienced. It left lasting memories."

In a television interview on Friday, Lunsford said that he heard Dawsy refer to his investigation as "textbook" and that he would do the investigation the same way again. "If we do things the same way, we have another dead child," Lunsford said. "So we have to change everything every time we learn something, and we learn something every time we lose a child."

Jessica Lunsford's brutal death made national news, but nowhere was the impact felt stronger than in the quiet community of Homosassa. Even now, with John Couey on death row after being convicted of the crimes against the 9-year-old Homosassa Elementary third-grader, passions run deep.

"Let her rest in peace," said Diane Toto, president of the Homosassa Civic Club. "Why reopen old wounds. Healing needs to take place. Suing the sheriff now will accomplish nothing."

Stacy Cooke, a vendor at Howard's Flea Market in Homosassa, said the lawsuit idea was an "outrage" toward deputies who spent countless hours searching for Jessica. "What's done is done," she said. "This isn't going to bring his daughter back."

"I don't see the point in it," said Cecil Bartolini, a patron at Emily's Family Restaurant where John Couey once worked. "It looked to me like they had every person in the department looking for Jessica. Just because they didn't find her until she was dead wasn't their fault."

"We really pray that he will reconsider the lawsuit," said Art Alt, a Hernando County resident who has watched the drama and has supported Lunsford throughout. "I just wish he was talking to his pastor instead of talking to his attorney.'

On Friday, as sheriff's spokeswoman Gail Tierney dealt with media requests about the controversy, she reminded reporters about "Jessie's Ride," a fundraising motorcycle rally scheduled to run today from New Port Richey to Crystal River.

It's a separate issue from Lunsford's potential lawsuit, Tierney said. "We didn't want to see Jessie's Place suffer due to this thing," noting that several e-mails were from bikers who said they were backing out of the ride because of the threatened lawsuit.

Jessie's Place is a child advocacy center named for Jessica Lunsford and planned for school property in Crystal River. Dawsy has been key in getting the project off the ground. He said on Thursday that while his personal relationship with the Lunsford family ended with the threat of the lawsuit, he would not let it affect his support for the center.

The biker run, expected to draw thousands of riders, will conclude at the Harley-Davidson of Crystal River store on U.S. 19. The guest speaker at the rally, arranged earlier this week by Lunsford, is Sheriff Dawsy.

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CA - Prison Officials Examine Strip-Searches Caught on Video at Calif. Women's Prison

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SACRAMENTO — California corrections officials on Friday said they are investigating whether guards at a Southern California prison improperly watched video of female inmates being strip-searched.

The investigation arose after the husband of an inmate, during a visit earlier this month, noticed about six male and female guards gathered around a video monitor in the reception area for prison visitors.

The black-and-white monitor showed female guards searching women in a nearby room typically used for visitation.

"It's totally nude," said Rick Stachowicz, describing what he saw on the monitors. "They're standing on their socks, reaching for the ceiling, lifting up their breasts. I was trying to look and not look."

His wife, Christina, is in the California Institution for Women in Corona for a probation violation. She was among the women searched Feb. 2, when he said the guards were gathered around the video monitor.

"She's feeling progressively violated by it," Stachowicz said.

Under corrections department rules, strip-searches are to be performed in private and are not allowed to be watched on a video monitor. Female inmates also must be searched by female guards.

Stachowicz complained to prison authorities and received an e-mail Feb. 4 from Capt. Dean Borders, who was responding on behalf of prison Warden Dawn Davison.

"This behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the administration," Borders wrote. "We pride ourselves on being the model for other female institutions to follow, and to have this occur in our visiting area is unfathomable."

He apologized and said the matter was being investigated and that staff would be dealt with appropriately.

Borders said the visiting room would no longer be used for strip-searches. Since the complaint, inmates are being searched in restrooms or attorney conference rooms that are not under camera surveillance.

The video monitor also was moved from a table in the public reception area to a private office.

Corrections Department spokeswoman Terry Thornton said investigators have so far found no indication of wrongdoing after getting statements from guards and visitors.

The guards reported they only became aware that the images of the naked women were being shown on the monitor after Stachowicz brought it to their attention.

"No one was standing around watching this. It was 'Oh my gosh, the monitor was on,"' Thornton said.

Stachowicz said he and his wife are considering suing the corrections department even though prison officials say they have made changes. He belongs to an advocacy group that lobbies for improvements in state prisons.

His wife was sentenced to prison last year for a probation violation and is scheduled for release in several months.

The 2,100-inmate prison 37 miles east of Los Angeles is one of three women's prisons in the state.

WI - New judge to handle jail guard's sentencing

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A letter sent from the Milwaukee County sheriff's office resulted in postponement of the sentencing hearing for former sheriff's jail guard Cindy Bartoshevich, who pleaded no contest Feb. 8 to a felony count of misconduct in office for having sex with an inmate.

After reading the letter, which was said in court to differ from prosecutors' recommendations of probation time, community service and a fine for Bartoshevich, Circuit Judge William W. Brash III recused himself from the case and ordered the letter sealed. A state Supreme Court ruling says that an investigative agency's offering of a sentencing recommendation that differs from what a plea agreement specifies can be a breach of the agreement, which led Brash to send the case to a judge who hadn't read the letter.
- You see, something other than what an offender was convicted of and what was on the "contract" when they were sentenced, if they are again punished without due process of law, then it's a breach of contract. So many of the "contracts" that were agreed upon when an offender was sentenced, should be unconstitutional and they should not have to obide by any of the new laws that did not exist when they were sentenced.

The sentencing hearing will now go before Circuit Judge Dennis P. Moroney, and a status hearing is set for March 7.

OH - Ruling Allows Some Sex Offenders To Live Near Schools

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COLUMBUS - A new ruling will allow some sex offenders to keep living near your child's school.

"I stay my distance from kids. I don't put my hands on nobody," said David Slack, a registered sex offender.

Slack, like many other registered offenders, has been evicted from his home for living too close to schools.

Now, the Ohio Supreme Court says despite an Ohio law prohibiting it, certain offenders may continue living within the 1,000 feet restriction zone.

Tracey Golden, of Women Against Sexual Predators says she's shocked by the court's decision.
- Of course she is!! This is the same lady who accused me of raping and having sex with a child, which is total lie! She also seems to think I am stalking her... How funny!! If she would investigate that before slandering people, she'd know that. But no, she loves going around the internet spreading lies she cannot back up. Just like she did with me, and others. I recommend people email the news editor (below) and tell them about these laws, and this lady, if you have encountered her and the other vigilante geek squad called PJ, AZ, etc..

Gerry Porter had challenged the residency restriction after being evicted from his home of 14 years for a sexual battery offense. Now, he'll be moving back.

Some prosecutors are questioning the point of the law if it doesn't apply to all sex offenders.

According to the court, "Because the law was not expressly made retrospective, it doesn't apply to an offender who bought his home and committed his offense before the effective date of the statute."

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Pro-Homosexual Booklet to Be Distributed to All 16,000 US School Districts

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This may offend some, believe me, that is not my intention. I am posting this for you to see what schools will/are teaching now, and I will not go into my personal feelings about this.


Book specifically instructs teacher to "avoid" discussing the idea that homosexual inclinations can be changed

By Hillary White

US, February 21, 2008 ( - At the same time that news has come out that the Toronto Catholic School board has refused to participate in pro-homosexual activities, homosexual activists are making significant inroads in US schools, as a booklet titled, "Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation and Youth," is set to be distributed to all 16,000 school districts in the country.

The 24-page booklet by the National Education Association and American Psychological Association, tells students that homosexuality is a "normal expression of human sexuality".

"What's so scary and dogmatic about this report is that it communicates that religious-based viewpoints are harmful, and even dangerous," said Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family Action.

The booklet particularly targets the idea that homosexuality is a condition that can be changed. It instructs educators, "Schools should be careful to avoid discussions of transformational ministry in their curriculum."

Brian Raum, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, said that the talk of "inclusivity" in schools by homosexual groups is a veiled threat.

"What they're trying to do is create a fear factor here," he said. "There's nothing in the Constitution that would prohibit a teacher from presenting to a student all of the programs that are available, without endorsing or promoting any particular one."

The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, (NARTH) says that although "the aim of gay-affirmative counselling programs is humanitarian", the problem is that they do "much more" than discouraging scapegoating.

"In reality, they promote a particular worldview," present students with a set of "truth-claims that students are expected to adopt," and insist on conformity to these.

"These programs promote the value systems of a particular social group and denigrate the views of another, while at the same time, distorting science."

The Elephant Man - Train Station Scene

Some will ask, what does this have to do with sex offenders. You tell me?