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CO - Boy wants to return to school as a girl

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Who in the hell put this garbage into this kids head?? Just what in the world is schools teaching kids now a days?? My Lord!!! See the video at the end... I just find this unbelievable... How in the world can a 2nd grade student know if they want to be male or female?


HIGHLANDS RANCH – The issue of being transgender usually pops up with students in high school. However, a 2nd grade biological boy wants to dress as a girl and be addressed with a girl's name.

"As a public school system, our calling is to educate all kids no matter where they come from, what their background is, beliefs, values, it doesn't matter," said Whei Wong, Douglas County Schools spokesperson.

Wong says the staff at one of Douglas County's schools is preparing to accommodate the student and answer questions other students might have. In order to protect the child as much as possible, 9NEWS has chosen not to reveal his school or other names that might identify the child.

"I see this as being a very difficult situation to explain to my daughter to explain why someone would not want to be the gender they were born with," said Dave M.

His daughter will be in the same class as the student.

The student had attended this same school in years prior, but had left to go to classes in another district for about two years. The transgender student will be returning to what is the child's home school. Dave M. thinks classmates will recognize the change.

"I do think that there's going to be an acknowledgement that 'Why are you in a dress this year when you were in pants last year?'" said Dave M.

Wong says teachers are planning to address the student by name instead of using he or she. The child will not use the regular boys or girls bathroom. Instead, two unisex bathrooms in the building will be made available. The school is handing out packets to parents who have questions. The packets contain information about people who are transgender.

"I think it is unusual," said Wong. "It's something we haven't had discussions about before. It's something that we haven't maybe really had to think about before, but now we will."

Family Therapist Larry Curry hopes the child and the child's parents are seeing a counselor just to be safe.

"I am very concerned because with the guidelines in place, this is a very early age," said Curry. "I don't know too many parents who are equipped to answer that kind of question or deal with it without some other support."

Kim Pearson says the family is getting support. She is the executive director of a national organization called TransYouth Family Advocates. The group has been working with the family and Douglas County Schools.

"Initially there was a lot of resistance," said Pearson. "Now, their position is they want this child to be safe in their school."

Pearson says their group is working with an increasing number of families nationwide who have elementary age transgender kids.

"We know that families are more comfortable talking about this," she said. "There was no place for parents to go."

Pearson says children as young as 5 years old are realizing their true gender identity and her group wants to help parents who may be resisting the acceptance of this.

"Parents are likely to think this it's a phase, but how long do phases last?" said Pearson. "With these kids, it's something that's very consistent."

That thought is not comforting to Dave M., who believes his daughter is not ready to think about the issue of being transgender.

"I don't think a (2nd) grader does have the rationale to decide this life-altering choice," said Dave M.

He is also unhappy with the way the school is handling this. The district has been preparing for the child's return to this school for months. Dave M. thinks other parents should have been made aware of this sooner.

"I just find it ironic that they can dictate the dress style of children to make sure they don't wear inappropriate clothing, but they have no controls in place for someone wearing transgender clothing," said Dave M.

Curry says parents like Dave M. should not bring the issue up to their students until they ask. However, he says parents should be ready to answer tough questions from the student's fellow third graders.

"I think reassuring them and letting them know that they'll be alright. Their classmate is alright," said Curry. "This is something their classmate has chosen to do. It is not contagious."

Pearson says the most important thing is to make sure the transgender student does not become the target of bullying or verbal abuse which can lead to suicide.

"These children are at high-risk," said Pearson. "Our number one goal is to keep kids safe."

Wong says mental health professionals will be available if students, staff, or parents have any concerns at all. She says the district views this as just another diversity issue and hopes everyone can accept and respect the student's wishes.

"Our staff has been briefed and trained to look for concerns," said Wong.

The family of the transgender student did not want to comment.

MN - Craig Admonished by Colleagues for Minnesota Bathroom Arrest

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Of course he will not be punished, he's a senator, and politicians and police can get away with almost anything, if you are well liked.


ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf Reports: The Senate Select Committee on Ethics has officially and publicly admonished Idaho Sen. Larry Craig tonight for his guilty plea and conviction for lewd conduct in a Minneapolis Airport Men's room last August.

"The conduct to which you pled guilty, together with your related subsequent conduct as set forth above, constitutes improper conduct reflecting discreditably on the Senate and through this letter the Select Committee on Ethics, on behalf of and pursuant to authority granted by the United Sates Senate, publicly admonishes you for that conduct," reads the letter, singed by all the members of the committee and posted on their website.

Besides the embarrassing letter, however, the admonition carries no further penalty for Craig, who can go ahead and serve out his term. He has said he will not run for reelection in November.

Craig's bathroom footsie is not all that he did wrong. They say it appears he tried to curry special favor when he showed the officer who arrested him his business card. Also, when Craig tried to withdraw his guilty plea, the Committee members say he tried to evade the law, conduct unbecoming a Senator, whose oath is sworn to uphold the Constitution and the law. In addition, the committee notes that he appears to have spent $213,000 on his legal and "public relations" bills even though such use is only provided if the alleged crime has to do with official duties.
- Yep, and all the other people who are passing these draconian sex offender laws also took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the law, and are not doing so...

This also concludes the investigation by the Ethics Committee and there will be no other publicly disclosed report.

Vigilantes versus pedophiles

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Read this real carefully, this explains how these vigilantes truly work, and also over at, they will show you the dark side of these people.


Web group baits would-be abusers; Critics decry its punitive 'justice'

By Christian Cotroneo

There's a new sheriff in town.

And he acts like a little girl.

At least online, where getting tangled in his world wide web begins with a chat-room conversation.

"Would you have sex with a girl my age?" asks the 15-year-old.

"Well, I might if I believed that she was serious and hopefully that maybe even she cared for me as a person and was not just trying to get me into trouble," replies the 59-year-old.

The man surrenders his digits, hoping she'll agree to a rendezvous.

But when the conversation ends, a massive network spanning North America begins the process of his destruction.

The man's personal details are posted on the Internet, along with a transcript of the chat. Then an army of invisible strangers scours public records for every scrap of information available about his life. His wife, work, and even his neighbours receive call after call. Strangers drive by the house; the neighborhood is covered with fliers. They all sing the same refrain: There's a pervert in your midst.

This is Perverted Justice, a website that specializes in using Internet decoys to draw out the darkest thoughts of men - and punish them accordingly. Or, in the words of one website administrator, "an army of volunteers that will go out of our way to find every person you have ever known and let them know what a disgusting piece of human excrement you really are."

And it's poised for a Canadian debut.

So far, the note on the Canadian version of the site reads simply "Future home of Perverted Justice Canada," but the organization's creator says its brand of justice is nigh.

"The (age of consent) of 14 in Canada should be considered ridiculous by anyone's estimation," says the administrator, a 25-year-old native of Portland, Ore., who calls himself Xavier Von Erck. "Online, pedophiles are very organized, and they trade tips on how to meet young kids ... unfortunately, especially in Vancouver, B.C., Canada is the growing answer for American pedophiles."

And Perverted Justice, he vows, will follow.

Cue the modern lynch mob, says Klaus Pohle, a media law professor at Carleton University. He characterizes the organization as a brand of mob justice that targets today's latest bogeyman, the cyber-predator. Ironically, the idea is nothing new.

At one point in history, "we would have tarred and feathered them and run them out of town on a rail," Pohle says. "This is the technological equivalent of that."With hundreds of members hailing from places as far-flung as Texas and Prince Edward Island, his site already boasts substantial Canadian content. The new site should land within a year.

When Scott Morrow of Russell, Ont., discovered the original website, his first thought was, "This is awesome. They're protecting the Internet for children."

But it didn't take long for the retired Air Force sergeant to see a dark underside to this righteous army. The website's brand of retribution struck him as anything but just.

"Even a murderer has a right to stand up and face his accuser," Morrow says. "How do you stand up and face someone who you can't identify? The accuser is basically a ghost."

So, earlier this year, he joined a Toronto man and four Americans to fight these ghosts-in-the-machine with their own cyber posse: Corrupted-Justice. com.

If Von Erck's mission is to save children from "wannabe pedophiles" at any cost, his arch nemeses have swung to the opposite extreme - saving "wannabe pedophiles" from Von Erck.
- That is not true. Corrupted-Justice is out to expose PJ for who they really are, you can read about Corrupted-Justice at their own web site, above.

When Morrow's camp offers counselling, resources and consolation to the "busts," Von Erck says they sympathize with the devil. When Von Erck destroys a life in the name of a child's innocence - before any crime has been committed - they say he is the devil.

"Three, that I've personally dealt with, were on the brink of suicide," Morrow says of the men.

But not one of the more than 700 people busted in the past two years, Von Erck is quick to point out, has gone all the way.

"Specifically, people like to ask me, `How would you feel if someone committed suicide?'" Von Erck says. "My answer is, and will always be ... `Fine.'"

Besides, he adds, his cyber squad has wracked up real-world results.

Steve Chamraz, an investigative reporter for KCTV in Kansas City, has seen those results firsthand.

"Perverted Justice made these claims that some people think are outlandish - that men are waiting on the Internet for your children," he said in an interview. "We set up an experiment."

Chamraz rented a house, hired two retired vice cops for security and waited for Von Erck to do the rest.

"As Perverted Justice found the men who wanted to meet an underage teen, they'd send them to us," he says. "They would find me and a camera. And I'd have some questions for them."

Over four days, 16 men showed up, including a retired federal police officer, a Porsche-driving young professional and a 72-year-old looking for a 14-year-old boy. One man dug a Bible from his truck and told the TV crew he was only spreading the gospel. He then knocked on the door of the neighbouring house.

After the series, the local police department hired two full-time detectives and one part-time prosecutor to do similar work. Buoyed by high-profile success stories, experts say, Perverted Justice could spawn a legion of similar sites."These kinds of sites are going to proliferate," Pohle says. "Nothing is going to be done about them because these people think they are doing a public service."

There's a great leap, he cautions, between catching someone talking about sex with a seemingly underage girl on the Internet - and branding that person a "wannabe pedo."
- They accuse everyone who doesn't agree with them, or speaks out about sex offender laws and issues pedophiles, which is total BS!

In many cases, he adds, people are aware they're not really chatting with a 14-year-old, but using the Internet to nurture a kind of cyber fantasy.

Even so, lawsuits against the organization are unlikely because many "busts" are content to simply drop off the face of the earth.

"It is such a serious, serious allegation these days," Pohle says. "There is nothing, including murder, it seems to me, to which more vilification is attached than the accusation of being a pedophile."

In a rare exception, a California man launched a civil suit against the organization last month, claiming his neighbourhood was plastered in fliers, his face broadcast around the world and his name stained forever.

Perverted Justice claims he was talking dirty to one of its decoys. He says it simply wasn't him.

"It's a damn outrage - the most outrageous thing I've heard in a long time," his lawyer, Dennis Roberts, told a local newspaper. "This is not the police - it's a group of `well-meaning' people who march to their own drum and think it's a good thing to destroy people's lives. It's vigilante justice, and I hope they have a lot of money."

In any case, local police have refused to pursue the website's allegations, saying Perverted Justice ruined any chance of prosecuting the man - if indeed he was guilty.

The website does offer "busts" a chance to clear their name with a "Right of Reply," in which the men must confess and prove they are seeking psychiatric help.
- This is also discussed at Corrupted-Justice, and is another bait tactic to get you to trust them, and they WILL use it against you..

"This is my reply for my words I spoke on the Internet to a guy who said he was a girl who was 13," wrote a Marine reservist from Michigan, adding, "Will I ever be forgiven and given a chance to live my life?"

"There is not a day that goes by that I don't feel remorse and regret for my actions," wrote another man from New Hampshire. "I'm embarrassed and ashamed. I want to deeply apologize to everyone at Perverted Justice. What I did was sick and criminal."

Names rarely disappear, but confessions are mounted like trophies on the website. The words, Morrow says, are written out of blind fear.

Von Erck lashes back, saying it's people like Morrow who keep busts from clearing their names.

"I'd remove many more if Corrupted-Justice didn't tell these guys that they've done nothing wrong," he says. "The tragedy of Corrupted-Justice is that they tell these guys not to co-operate in getting counselling."
- This is total BS Xavier, and you know it. Where is your proof?

The bust never sleeps.

"All they know is their phones have started ringing and they're getting hundreds of e-mails and Internet messages on Yahoo," Morrow says. "They're getting windows popping open on their screen, calling them babyf----r and all this sort of this thing.

"Usually, they're terrified."

Von Erck knows the spoils of his armchair campaigns.

"Some of these guys have been on national news, face shown, name given," he says. "A lot of these guys have lost jobs, wives, kids, you name it."

And, in this brave new world of cyber crimes and punishment, some have even lost their youth. Morrow recently counselled a boy who was "busted" after talking to what appeared to be a 15-year-old.

"He's a 17-year-old, for God's sake," he says. "He's not a pedophile. He's a frigging horny teenager. But they lambasted him. They called his family. They called his school.

"Sometimes it's difficult for computer weenies to do this, but they have to step back and realize this is not a game. These people's lives are really being destroyed."

MO - Sheriff's Deputy Indicted On Sodomy Charges

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PINEVILLE -- A southwest Missouri sheriff's deputy who helped find the body of a missing child last fall is accused of abusing a 14-year-old girl.

A McDonald County grand jury indicted Jacob Boles on two counts of second-degree statutory sodomy.

The 27-year-old deputy is free on bond after being arrested last week.

Boles could not be reached for comment Tuesday. Court records that might name his attorney were not posted online and the court clerk's office was closed.

Prosecutors said the indictments allege that Boles had deviate sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl.

Boles found the body of missing Rowan Ford in a cave in November. Rowan's stepfather and another man are charged with raping and killing the 9-year-old girl.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol investigated the allegations against Boles at the request of the Children's Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services. But Sgt. Kent Casey of the patrol's Carthage office referred all questions concerning the investigation to the McDonald County prosecutor's office.

Prosecutor Janice Durbin declined to explain how the allegations came to light.

Both Durbin and the state patrol confirmed that Boles is a McDonald County deputy.

Boles helped locate Rowan's body on Nov. 9, one week after she disappeared from her home in Stella. Boles and another deputy found her body at the bottom of a locally known cave near Powell.

They were following up on a tip from Rowan's stepfather, David Spears, 24. Spears became a suspect early in the investigation of her disappearance and reportedly mentioned several times to Newton County Coroner Greg Bridges that the cave might be used to hide a body.

Spears and a friend, Chris Collings, 32, of Wheaton, were arrested after the girl's body was recovered. They are charged with sexually assaulting and killing her. A judge entered not guilty pleas for the two.


This is a video from the show "Cheaters" which is similar to "To Catch a Predator". It's only a matter of time before this happens to Chris Hansen as well, and no, I am not condoning this or suggesting someone do this.

Joey Greco gets stabbed!

TX - Suspect in sexual assaults kills himself

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A man wanted in Grapevine on suspicion of sexually assaulting three young boys killed himself Tuesday in North Dakota when police there tried to arrest him, officials said.

The Minot, N.D., officers were trying to serve 58-year-old Arthur Naumann of Grapevine with a Texas arrest warrant for three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14, authorities said.

Minot police Chief Jeff Balentine told The Associated Press that Naumann fled back into a mobile home when officers tried to arrest him. The officers heard a single shot, Balentine said. After a five-hour standoff and numerous attempts to contact Naumann, police entered and found him dead with a gunshot wound to the head, Balentine said.

Grapevine detectives began investigating Naumann after the children came forward in December, Grapevine police spokeswoman Sgt. Kim Smith said. The assaults allegedly happened between August and December, Smith said.

In order to preserve the boys' anonymity, police are not releasing how Naumann gained access to the victims.
- You are assuming he is guilty without a court appearance. He probably was, but stop assuming he is guilty until he is proven guilty!

"After we heard what happened in North Dakota, our case is now closed," Smith said.

Naumann had no criminal history in Tarrant County, according to court records. He was also not listed in the state's sex offender registry.

TX - Former Police Officer Convicted of Sexual Assault Set Free

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A former San Antonio Police officer convicted of sexual assault and originally sentenced to 24 years in prison is now a free man.

Dean Gutierrez was convicted of raping a transsexual in 2005.

A judge reviewed his case and re-sentenced him to 'time served,' which was 14 and a half months.

Gutierrez will also serve 3 years supervised release.

MO - Lawyer, professor is critic of sex offender registries

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John Lafond, who lives in Washington, is a lawyer who specializes in sex offender laws, a retired University of Missouri-Kansas City law professor, and an author who is considered an expert on law and policies related to sex offenders.

Lafond is a critic of sex offender registries. He said there is no sound information that the sex offender law has prevented more crimes from occurring or has assisted police. He said the state is imposing this expense of enforcing it on local police.

He said what the research shows is that families get upset with police when a sex offender moves into their neighborhood and it is hard for sex offenders to find affordable housing, jobs and participate in therapy.

It makes it hard for them to return to safe, productive lives,” he said.

He said it is overly inclusive. He said a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work.

He believes the registry requires too many sex offenders to register and it should be requiring only the most dangerous to register.

The sex offender registry treats them as equally dangerous,” he said.

He believes the public is overly concerned about sex offenders. There is a belief that convicted sex offenders spend their whole lifetime looking for future offenders.

“And that is not true,” he said.

Also, he said 80 percent of offenders knew their victims and were mainly family members, friends of the family or people in positions of responsibility.

He said the recidivism rate for sex offenders compared to other violent offenders is low. He said studies show only about 13 percent will re-offend. Studies show that rate is lower if an offender receives treatment.

He said only a small group of sex offenders are dangerous and the public tends to link all as being dangerous.

He said the government doesn’t spend enough time, money and energy on that small group. He said they have a moral obligation to prevent as many sex crimes as possible with the money available. He said it is not morally acceptable to pass laws that don’t work.

Like people who are likely to have a heart attack, he said these people in the small group can be identified through a risk assessment by their past history and contributing factors. He said these people would have a deviant sexual interest, multiple victims, and an antisocial or sociopathic personality. He said 50 to 70 percent of this high-risk group will commit another sex offense and they do need close supervision.

“And they are not getting it,” he said. “We simply make them register.”

Lafond said law should focus on intensive supervision for high-risk offenders like Colorado does.

He said in Colorado, high-risk sex offenders are assigned to a special team consisting of a treatment provider, parole officer and a polygraph operator. He said they go over the offender’s record and find his pattern and impose a supervision plan to provide him with limited access to future victims.

The offender must participate in treatment. If during the course of treatment, the provider feels the offender is reverting to abuse, they give the offender a lie detector test. If the team determines increased supervision is needed, they increase this by increasing sanctions.

Lafond said if the offender is doing what he is suppose to do, his freedom will gradually increase. He said the offenders are monitored extensively over time and they release the ones who proved they are not dangerous.

He said in some states like Missouri, it is assumed the offender is dangerous the rest of his or her life. He said the law does not take into account his subsequent behavior and treatment.

Lafond also has an opinion about chemical castration.

He said it should be authorized only when medically indicated. He said some people have literally too much testosterone. He said for them, the drugs would reduce their sex drive to a more normal magnitude.

He said it shouldn’t be used as a condition of release or for an inmate to avoid civil commitment.

“I think it is inappropriate as a condition of release if not medically needed,” he said.

He said the government should not be in the business of biologically re-engineering humans. He said requiring it when not needed would be interfering with their rights.

As far as treatment, Lafond believes more state-of-the-art treatment should be available to sex offenders who want it. It should be offered in prison and as a condition of parole, he said.

He does not feel treatment is sufficient in the prison system. He thinks sufficient treatment would be a wise investment in preventing potential victims.

In some states, he said imprisoned sex offenders fear the information they share in treatment will be used against them in civilly committing them as sexual predators.

Lafond said sex crimes have been going down since about 1990 and he said more sex offenders are serving longer prison sentences.

MO - Bill would ban sex offenders from campgrounds

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OK, they cannot live in their own homes, and cannot live in hotels or motels, and now campgrounds. So where the "F" do you expect them to live?


Convicted sex offenders may have to pitch their tents on private property.

Legislation is in the works that would prevent people convicted of certain sex crimes from going within 500 feet of any designated camping area or playground within a state park unless they notify the park superintendent of their presence.

"Our state has much to offer families looking for outdoor activities, and I encourage residents to continue to take advantage of the many state parks we have in Missouri," state Sen. Kevin Engler (Contact), R-Farmington, who sponsored the bill, said."This bill will make these fun activities a safer place for those enjoying them."

But John Coffman, legislative director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri (ACLU), thinks the bill would give people a false sense of security.

"There have been so many of these laws created and what's difficult is the issue of implementing and enforcing such things," he said. "You just can't guarantee someone who is threatening isn't going to be within 1,000 feet of a school or 500 feet of a campground."

Coffman also believes that too many restrictions on sex offenders may be a violation of their constitutional rights.

"These are individuals who have paid their debt to society and have had their civil rights restored," he said. "There are certain reasonable restrictions, but if every bill passed related to restrictions, there would be almost no place for these people to go."

Coffman warned that too many restrictions could result in a situation like the one in Miami where a group of five sex offenders gathered to live under a bridge because tough laws made it impossible for them to find housing.
- There has been a total of about 39 offenders at one time under the bridge, not five. And now, the state that put them there is telling them to leave, so therefore they do not have anywhere else to go.

"I think it's a matter of being reasonable," he said.
- And being constitutional!

Engler's bill was heard before the state Senate Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence Committee Feb. 4 and now needs committee approval before it can move on to the Missouri Senate.

MO - Lawmakers consider banning sex offenders photographing children

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Why don't you just make it a law for EVERYONE that they cannot take photos or videos of anyone without there permission?


JEFFERSON CITY (AP) — Some Missouri lawmakers want to make it illegal for sex offenders to take pictures of children.

Rep. Tim Jones (Email) told a House committee on Tuesday that criminal penalties might make sex offenders wonder whether it’s really worth it to take snapshots or video recordings.

Under his bill, registered sex offenders who record or take pictures of children without parental approval would face up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. It would cover film, movie and digital cameras.

The Missouri proposal is nearly identical to legislation debated in Georgia last year. The Georgia bill was never approved by the full legislature.

Missouri law requires people to register as sex offenders for various crimes involving children, including kidnapping, rape or molestation, sexual assaults and possessing or promoting child pornography. But the sex offender registry also includes some crimes in which the victim isn’t necessarily a child, such as promoting prostitution or sexual contact with a resident of a nursing home.

Those required to register must provide for the publicly accessible database a variety of identifying information. That includes name, alias, home and work addresses, a physical description, driver’s license photos and vehicle model, year, color and license plate.

In recent years, Missouri politicians have proposed tougher penalties and requiring even more information on the sex offender registry. A Senate bill would make it a capital crime to kidnap and rape or sodomize a child.

Rep. Bruce Darrough (Email) said he likes the idea of punishing sex offenders who take photos of other people’s children, but is worried it would be unenforceable.
- Yep, you see, they know these laws are punishment and not "restrictive" like they always say, so therefor, it's retroactive punishment without due process of law, and thus is unconstitutional.

“If someone is a sexual predator in the family, are they going to have to get permission to take pictures in their home, like at birthday parties?” said Darrough, D-Florissant.

Jones, R-Eureka, said Internet social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace make it easier for sex offenders to share pictures. Those sites allow users to create profiles with photos and personal information. Users also can control the privacy settings, making them so strict that only those with approval can see the page, or so broad that anyone using the Internet can see it.

MySpace says it has started identifying and removing registered sex offenders.
- Why? Not all sex offenders who use the site are trolling for children to molest. This is just discrimination and violation of privacy rights. So why don't we ban all people from having guns because a few idiots have killed people with a gun? Same thing..

Another Democrat on the committee said her biggest concern with the bill barring sex offenders from taking pictures is that the penalty isn’t tough enough.

“Anyone who deals with children in a pedophile type way needs to be punished in a major way,” said Rep. Jamilah Nasheed (Email), D-St. Louis.
- Yep, it's almost election time, so it's time to bust out the child and sex offender issues to "look good" to the sheeple... Just watch politicians, they will have some child standing next to them, because they know you, the sheeple, will think they are a lot better person and more likely to vote for them. This is just political grandstanding..

The House crime committee did not vote on the bill.

FL - Coralrose’s father free from jail on child porn conviction

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Dale Fullwood must be monitored for five years as a sex offender

Nearly seven months after being sentenced to Sarasota County jail for possessing child pornography, Dale Fullwood, 49, was released early Monday. He will serve five years probation as a sex offender.

Fullwood is the father of 6-year-old Coralrose, who was sexually molested and found dead in the woods near the family's former North Port home on Sept. 17, 2006.

Since the slaying, Fullwood's wife, Ellen-Beth divorced him. She was cleared as a suspect in the murder.

Shortly after the murder, 10 computers were confiscated from the Calabash Lane home, including one belonging to Fullwood where child pornography was discovered.

Fullwood was arrested and jailed in November 2006 on two charges of possessing child pornography. He pled no contest on the day of jury selection for his trial.

Fullwood, who obtained a lawyer shortly after his daughter's death, originally spent 58 days in jail in 2006 before making bail. He was sentenced on July 26, 2007.

According to the terms of Fullwood's probation, he has already registered as a sex offender and provided the state his current address. He will be monitored on probation as a sex offender for five years. He will have a mandatory curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

He may not live within 1,000 feet of a place where children are typically found, such as a school, playground, park or daycare. He must complete a sex offender treatment program, at his own expense. He may not have any contact with children under 18 (other than his own). Visitations must be supervised with his own four surviving children ages 5 to 14, who live with Ellen-Beth. So far he has not contacted her for visitation, according to Ellen-Beth.

Fullwood is prohibited from owning, possessing, viewing or accessing pornography in any form, including via computer and phone. He may not access the Internet until he completes the sex offender treatment program, and a risk assessment is performed. He must provide a DNA sample for the state database. He agrees to warrantless searches at any time by his parole officer. He must submit to an annual polygraph (lie detector) during his probation. He may not have a post office box unless his parole officer approves it. He will be subject to electronic monitoring.

In pronouncing the sentence last year, Circuit Court Judge Charles Roberts said, "I saw the video that formed the basis of the (child pornography) charge. To say it was 'disturbing' is an understatement."

A doctor confirmed the child depicted in the video being raped was under 12 years old.

Fullwood had no record of prior criminal activity. He was released early due to good behavior and taking classes.

The North Port Police Department is still actively seeking Coralrose's killer. They have DNA left at the crime scene but no positive match. There is also a $10,000 reward for information linking the police to the suspect.

CA - Juvenile hall officer faces sex charges

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A Monterey County Juvenile Hall officer faces criminal charges after allegedly having sexual contact with a 16-year-old girl in the facility.

Officer Rodrick Parker faces one felony count of attempted unlawful sexual intercourse, four misdemeanor charges of child molesting and one indecent exposure charge. Parker's age was not provided, but prosecutors described him as being in his mid-20s.

The charges stem from several incidents in December involving Parker and a ward in the county's juvenile detention facility in Salinas.

Officials declined to provide details about what took place, citing juvenile privacy laws.

If convicted of the felony count, Parker would be required to register as a sex offender for life.

While state law prohibits any sexual contact — even consensual— between correctional staff and inmates at adult facilities, no such statute exists for juvenile hall staff.

Probation chief Manuel Real said when the facility's staff learned of the allegations, they immediately notified Child Protective Services and launched an internal investigation. The probation department then contacted the Monterey County Sheriff's Office, which conducted a criminal investigation and forwarded the results to the district attorney.

County prosecutor Gary Thelander said his office then conducted its own investigation and this week filed charges on the six counts.

Real said Parker was placed on paid administrative leave right after the allegations surfaced, but was switched to unpaid leave when the District Attorney filed charges.

"To my recollection, we have not had an incident like this," Real said. "It's very disheartening when you hear these types of allegations."

In general, he said, the Juvenile Hall staff care "a great deal about the kids. They work real hard."

Parker, who has been released on bail, is scheduled to be arraigned on Feb. 20.

NC - Ex-chief sentenced in child porn case

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Federal judge gives 27-year police veteran more than 10 years

The former head of a small Rowan County town's police force was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison Tuesday on charges of distributing child pornography.

Charles Childers, 51, spent 27 years patrolling the streets of Landis, a town of 3,000, climbing the ranks to become police chief. A federal judge in Winston-Salem decided he will spend 121 months in a federal prison, then serve 10 years' probation.

Childers' arrest in an Internet sting in August 2006 shocked Landis leaders. The entire 18-member police force was placed briefly on administrative leave to deal with the trauma.

Prosecutors accused the former police chief of using the computer screen-name "chance5252" to make contact in December 2005 with someone he thought was a 14-year-old Michigan girl. It was actually a special agent with the Michigan Attorney General's Office.

The online chats occurred at Childers' home and the police station, according to the complaint.

In more than one session, the complaint says, "chance5252" warned the undercover agent that he was "older" and typed "I could go to jail."

An affidavit said Childers had asked an undercover agent posing as a 14-year-old girl to send panties to him at the police department's mailing address.

Federal court documents also accused him of sending Webcam videos of a man masturbating and a file showing a teen having sex.

Shortly after Childers' resigned as chief in September 2006, Landis town aldermen gave their town administrator authority to look onto the computer of any town employee at any time. Administrator Reed Linn said Tuesday he hasn't had to use that authority.

Officer Reggie Faggart was appointed interim police chief and was later named permanent chief.

At the time of Childers' arrest, Rowan County District Attorney Bill Kenerly questioned whether the arrest could affect child pornography cases in which Childers was the investigating officer.

Kenerly said Tuesday the Childers' arrest didn't end up being a factor in any prosecutions.

GA - Forsyth Sheriff's Candidate Facing Child Porn Charges

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FORSYTH COUNTY -- He was fired from the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office after he was charged with accessing investigative child pornography files at work. But that's not stopping Scott Pruitt from running for sheriff of that county. The current sheriff said he thinks the charges will turn voters off.

"I'm not one to mudsling here," said Pruitt.

Luckily for Forsyth County Republican sheriff's candidate Scott Pruitt, he's not into mudslinging. That's because his opponent would surely counter by reminding voters the former deputy faces 20 felony counts of violating the Computer Pornography and Child Exploitation and Prevention Act. Pruitt hasn't been convicted, so he can run for sheriff.

The sheriff Pruitt wants to replace says Pruitt was fired last year for illegally accessing images of children who had been molested on his patrol car computer.

"He had no reason to be looking at those photographs," said Forsyth County Sheriff Ted Paxton.

"I have not committed any offense against anyone," said Pruitt.

The case against Pruitt is still under investigation. Pruitt says he's running for sheriff because Paxton is an ineffective leader. "I think one facet of effective leadership is to rid the sheriff's office of employees just like this (Pruitt)," said Paxton.

"I see what's happened in the 8 years he's been here and it's an embarrassment to have him run for re-election," said Pruitt.

Paxton said he won't be talking about the charges on the campaign trail. "I have no reason to bring all this up. We're just standing on our record," he said.

The Forsyth County district attorney said once she gets the files from the GBI she will present the case to the grand jury. The Republican primary is July 15.

Pruitt is Paxton's only announced opponent so far.

KY - Is state law is creating sex offender clusters?

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YES!!! I think that is kind of obvious, if you'd open your eyes for once!!

02/12/2008 LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- It's a growing trend in many communities: citizens checking Kentucky's sex offender registry and finding large numbers of sex offenders living in their zip code, and in some cases, under one roof. WAVE 3 Investigator Connie Leonard searched for the answers.

Convicted sex offenders have a legal right to live in many local neighborhoods once they're out of jail. But when some people discover large numbers of them living in their communities, they don't like it. It's an issue that's making life difficult for the sex offenders themselves, their probation officers and the public at large.

The high profile case of four year old Ivan Cano brought attention to clustering issues. Ivan vanished and was later discovered dead. It was also discovered that nearly 60 sex offenders were living in Ivan's immediate neighborhood and one of them has now been charged in his murder.

"I don't trust any of these guys," said Herb Kennedy. "They've done it once and they're going to do it again."
- Some will, that is a given, but you are assuming all will do it again, and that is just wrong. That is like saying someone who did one crime is going to do it over and over and over again.

More and more citizens checking Kentucky's sex offender registry are finding it's not just one or two sex offenders living in their zip code anymore, it's 10, 20, 30 or more. In some cases, they are finding that many living on one street. Kennedy says he was stunned when he checked the registry and found some 25 sex offenders living in a group of apartments in his south Louisville neighborhood.

"I was shocked, mainly because of my neighbors and the kids floating around here and stuff," Kennedy said.
- So I wonder how many DUI offenders, murderers, gang members or any other criminal lives around you. I bet you'd really be shocked if they put all criminals online..

One parent who lives in the apartment told WAVE 3 that a registered sex offender manages her building and has keys to every unit. The owner confirmed that, but told us the man is not a threat to the tenants or their children. When we looked him up on the registry we found out he was convicted of sodomy with a 12 year old.

"They are all over right now, we have 800 and some odd in this county," said Detective Mona Sullivan of the Louisville Metro Police.

Sex offender clusters are growing for several reasons. First, there's more support for victims and more are coming forward to prosecute. Second, the internet is creating new ways for predator offenders to get to kids. And finally, as jails get more crowded, more sex offenders are getting paroled and winding up in neighborhoods.
- The Internet has been around for many, many years, so why is this all of a sudden a problem within the last couple years?? It's because of politicians exploiting sex offenders for their political gain, and children as well, so you vote for them. Sex crimes have been around since the Earth was created.... And if you look at statistics, instead of believing the hype, you will see sex crimes have been going down since 1990 or so... Look it up for yourself!! Politicians like to whip you into a fear frenzy so you vote for them and the media for ratings... The SHEEPLE need to wake up and smell the CORRUPTION!!! It stinks!!!!!

Sullivan, who is with LMPD's Sex Crimes Squad, says the Kentucky law that deems sex offenders can't live within 1,000 feet of a school, public playground or licensed day care is forcing sex offenders to cluster.

"There's no other place they can live. So if they find out they can live in this area and there's no schools in that area, it just hones them in a little tighter," Sullivan said.

When it comes to high concentrations, Sullivan says the positive thing is they are abiding by the registry.

"At least if they are where they say they are, you at least know that's where that person is," said Sullivan.

It's a huge problem for probation and parole officers trying to help clients turn their lives around. Kennedy says he was stunned when he checked the registry and found some 25 sex offenders living in a group of apartments in his south Louisville neighborhood.
- I'm sure if they put all serial killers on registries and murderers as well, I'd be living in fear as well. That is why it's better it is offline and used by police only. By the info being online, it only heightens the FEAR-FACTOR. No matter how may laws they pass or anything they do, YOU WILL NEVER BE SAFE FROM ALL DANGER!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! STOP THE MADNESS!!

"There's literally no place for them to go," said Evan Roach, a district supervisor with Kentucky Probation and Parole. "Huge sections of the city of metro Louisville are knocked out as places for them to live."

When officers do find transitional housing or apartment complexes that aren't in violation of the law, Roach says the phones start ringing.
- Yep! And the police need to start saying "SORRY, THEY HAVE JUST AS MUCH OF A RIGHT TO BE THERE AS ANYONE ELSE!!" They are constantly moving from place to place to place. Who in the world could live a normal life when they are being forced to move over and over and being harassed on a daily basis???

"We do get calls from people asking ‘why are people being placed here?'" sadi Roach.
- Because they have a right to live there???

But Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway believes there's another reason neighborhoods are seeing more clusters.

"They know they're addicts, they go to prison, they tend to cluster in prison and the discussions that take place in prison are ‘Ok, where are we going after this?'" Conway said.
- Total BS!!!!!!!

Conway also contends it's happening because the laws in the commonwealth aren't tough enough.
- Aren't tough enough??? WTF!!!! Let me see you live under these laws for several years, then tell me that!!!!

"Texas is a tough state. Indiana is tough state. Florida is a tough state. But Tennessee and Kentucky not so much, so many sex offenders say maybe we'll go there," said Conway.
- Ok, so what if all 52 states are TOUGH states? Then what??

If that sounds far fetched, the registry proved his point. A quick check of a random zip code led to WAVE 3 finding five of the first seven men listed on the page labeled "move in offenders" from Louisiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Indiana and Florida.

Some critics say Kentucky's 1,000 feet away law is just a "feel good law" that's used to get politicians elected. They say if a sex offender wants to reoffend, they'll find a way to do it.
- That is EXACTLY what it is, plus they won't get bribe (er, grant) money if they do not pass the Adam Walsh law, so it's about bribery and money (i.e. extortion) The politicians look good and the media get ratings. This world is a very sick place!!!

Keep in mind all sex offenders on the registry are not child molesters. One man on the registry told WAVE 3 News, he had sex with a teenager he thought was of age and was thrown in with everyone else. He's afraid he'll be harassed by neighbors who believe he's a child predator.

Online Reporter: Connie Leonard

Online Producer: Charles Gazaway

OH - Federal court action freezes local challenges to sex offender rules

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LISBON — The local lawsuits filed to challenge reclassifications of sex offenders will remain on hold for now, pending the outcome of a federal lawsuit challenging the changes.

The federal court action is going to answer the questions for everybody,” Columbiana County Prosecutor Robert Herron said.

In January, Herron warned there would be a lot of cases filed by sex offenders in the county who have been told the rules have changed, with some ordered to notify the Sheriff’s Office of their addresses for longer periods of time.

The change in law, deemed the Adam Walsh Act after a little boy who was kidnapped and killed by a sex offender, not only increases reporting requirements and extends the reporting time, but also places more offenses under the reporting requirements. The law changed the classification for some defendants who had already been sentenced.

The first case was filed in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court in late December. Since then, more than 40 sex offenders living in the county have come forward with their own petitions to challenge the rule change.

The court received notice this week that the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio issued a temporary restraining order in the case of John Doe vs. Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann, meaning that no action will take place on local cases until the federal court finishes its case.

According to the agreement between the plaintiffs and Dann, signed by Judge Patricia Gaughan, the order applies only to the members of the lawsuit class. It does not apply to offenders sentenced under the new law on or after Jan. 1. The order also eliminated a 60-day filing deadline for challenges and stayed the additional community notifications required by the new law.

Community notifications require the sheriff to notify neighbors and entities when a sex offender is living in their neighborhood. The current rules for community notifications will remain in effect.

According to county Common Pleas Court records, Brendan McClaskey, of 1551 Victor Circle, Salem, filed the first petition to challenge the new rules.

McClaskey was notified by the state on Dec. 1 that he was being reclassified as a sexual oriented offender and that his reporting requirements were being extended beyond the time of his original classification.

According to the document, he was convicted of corruption of a minor and attempt to corrupt a minor in Erie County, Ohio. The notification from the Ohio Attorney General said the offense under the law was unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

McClaskey’s attorney argued that the reclassification violated his rights against double jeopardy and retroactivity.

Herron said the way the reclassifications have been done is “problematic.” He disagreed with the way it was handled.

He noted that other counties probably have even higher numbers of cases pending over the reclassification.

“Our position is we should just stay these until we get some direction from the federal court,” he said.

Mary Ann Greier can be reached at

NY - State Senate Approves ‘E-Stop’ Sex Offender Bill

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More political grandstanding that is only a placebo that will do nothing to protect any children from a true predator who can create a new identity in a matter of minutes.


The State Senate today unanimously passed a bill, proposed by New York’s attorney general, Andrew M. Cuomo, that is intended to increase protections for children and teenagers from sexual predators on the Internet. The bill, known as the Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators, or E-Stop, would require convicted sex offenders to register their e-mail addresses and the online names they use to identify themselves on social networking sites, which would then use that information to block those users from access to their sites.
- Meanwhile, a true predator intent on harming another child is creating a new identity. So this does nothing. These people passing these laws have no brains, but are just boosting their ego and image to look good to the sheeple who believe anything they say.

State Senator Dean G. Skelos, a Long Island Republican who sponsored the measure, said it represented an updating of Megan’s Law, which required sex offenders to register with the authorities, for the Internet age.
- Yep, ignorant people who know nothing about the internet, passing laws to make you think you are protected. This is like me telling someone how to build a car, when I know nothing about cars.

The bill requires that sex offenders register all of their Internet accounts and Internet identifiers, including e-mail addresses and names used for chat, instant messaging, social networking and similar online communications, with the State Division of Criminal Justice Services. The legislation would authorize that division to release that information to social networking sites other online services “that may be used to prescreen or remove sex offenders from using the site’s services.” The Web sites would also be able to use the information to notify the authorities of potential violations of the law.
- This is just discrimination. Pretty soon they will have separate bathrooms for sex offenders. Hell, why don't you make every US citizen registry the same info, so you can detect when they are doing something illegal on the internet? If you truly wanted to "protect us" from "terrorists" you would do this. Why not? If it saves one person it's all worth it, right? Who cares about your privacy rights?

There are about 25,000 registered sex offenders in New York State. Internet information provided by sex offenders to the state would not be disclosed to the public and part of the state’s publicly available database of sex offenders.

The law would also require, as a condition of probation or parole, restrictions on a sex offender’s access to the Internet in cases where the crime involved the Internet or a minor or in cases where the offender was designated Level 3, the highest offense level.
- Now this makes more sense. If the person committed a crime using the internet, then limit them and get their online identifiers, but if a sex offender did not use the internet to commit a crime, then it's an invasion of their privacy rights.

Another bill passed today, sponsored by State Senator Joe Robach, a Republican from Rochester, would significantly increase the penalties for anyone found guilty of using a computer to commit a sex crime against a child.

Mr. Cuomo drew attention to the potential use of social-networking sites by sexual predators when he began an investigation last September into Facebook’s safety practices. That led, the following month, to a voluntary agreement by Facebook to toughen its protections for young users. Last month, MySpace, the country’s largest social-networking Web site, reached an agreement with the attorneys general of 49 states to take new steps to protect children from sexual predators on its site. It also agreed to lead a nationwide effort to develop technology to verify the ages and identities of Internet users, officials announced Monday.

The Cuomo bill now goes to the State Assembly, where the speaker, Sheldon Silver, has announced his support. Mr. Cuomo, who earlier today announced that the five district attorneys in New York City supported the bill, said in a statement: “I am looking forward to the Assembly voting on the measure at the earliest opportunity so the Governor can sign it into law. With this bill, New York’s children will have the most comprehensive protections against sexual predators on the Internet in the nation.”