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CA - Grimes, Kermode testify at Sex Offenders Management Board meeting

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The Sex Offenders Management Board meet on Jan. 8 at the Bakersfield City Hall to discuss problems related to Kern County communities and to determine how to improve on current policies and practices.

The meeting was attended by City Councilman Ed Grimes and Tehachapi Police Chief Jeff Kermode.

Ed brings to the table 35 years with the Department of Corrections including seven years as a probation agent.

While he was employed with the Department of Corrections he became used to dealing with sex offenders while they were in prison and the problem of where to put them when they were released. As an elected public official he has had to deal with the issue from a “not in my backyard” point of view.

Grimes pointed out that in Tehachapi there are “Twenty-one sex registered offenders — five living within one half mile of a school. I don’t like the idea of a predator being able to live where children are around.”
- Registered sex offender does not equal predator sir. Not all sex offenders are predators, when will you idiots get this crap straight.

“We need to have the resources and tools to work with. Sex offenders only wear GPS tracking devices while on parole or probation. We should know forever where this person is because of the nature of the crime. I’ve never seen a rehabilitated sex offender”
- You've apparently not looked around, there are thousands of them, I being one of them.

Grimes continued, “We need to start a campaign to educate the public. As soon as someone hears ‘sex offender,’ fear sets in, we need to let them know what it is and that there are degrees of assault.”
- Yeah, and quit using the BS terms and bogus statistics you are throwing around as well. Look around on the Internet, there is hundreds of studies done, IF YOU'D LOOK!!! Talk with experts. You are NOT an expert, which I'm sure you believe you are. You are flip-flopping here. Like the usual "politician!"

TPD’s Chief Kermode also spoke to the group about small town issues.

“On the positive side we are small enough that in most neighborhoods the neighbors know who they are and can keep an eye on them,” said Kermode. “On the negative side we don’t have the staff to track them. There are no funds once the offenders are off probation or parole to provide for additional tracking of them at the local level.”
- If they have done their time and are off probation and/or parole you should NOT have ANY right to monitor them, they are considered a normal citizen, or they were at one time, until this bogus hysteria you keep helping along.

The chief added, “Jessica’s Law created a lot of public expectations, but has a lot of loop holes in it making it difficult to enforce and there are several court cases at both the state and federal level pending concerning it.”
- I keep hearing this, what are the loop holes? Nobody cares to mention what these "loop holes" are.

OK - Former Oklahoma State player gets probation

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Typical double standard BS! I guess people are all for protecting children, except when the rich and famous do the crime.


OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Former Oklahoma State football player Chris Collins has been sentenced today to ten years probation for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl in Texas.

A jury in New Boston, Texas, recommended five years probation for Collins after he pleaded guilty November 7th to an aggravated sexual assault charge.

Collins -- who's from Texarkana, Texas -- was 1 of 4 men charged following an after-prom party in May 2004, when he was 17.

In addition to probation Collins must register as a sex offender, perform 750 hours of community service, pay for one year of counseling for the victim and pay the court $325 for the psychologist who interviewed him.

Collins was a starting linebacker for OSU but was dismissed from the team five days after his guilty plea.

IL - Judge says doctor can’t testify in R. Kelly child porn trial

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CHICAGO - A Chicago judge ruled today that prosecutors can’t call a doctor to testify at R. Kelly’s upcoming child pornography trial about why a girl in the case would deny she’s the victim.

The R&B superstar faces charges he videotaped himself having sex with an underage girl, who prosecutors say could have been as young as 13 at the time. Kelly has denied the allegations.

Prosecutors say they know the identity of the girl, now in her early 20s. But she has denied under oath that she is the one in the recording — potentially undermining the prosecution’s case.

Prosecutors want Dr. Sharon Cooper, a forensic and developmental pediatrician, to testify that such denials aren’t uncommon for child-abuse victims.

But Judge Vincent Gaughan denied the request, reasserting a similar ruling he made Nov. 2.

The defense had argued there’s no Illinois precedent for letting someone question a witness’s credibility in such a way.
- Yes there is, it's called the Bill of Rights, maybe you should check it out some time, check out Amendment VI!

Kelly, who appeared at the brief hearing today, has another court date March 12. His trial, which has been delayed for five years, is now set to start May 9. He faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Kelly won a Grammy in 1997 for the gospel-like song “I Believe I Can Fly,” although his biggest hits are sexually charged songs like “Bump N’ Grind” and “Ignition.”
- Who cares? If he did the crime, he should do the time like everyone else.

GA - Georgia Letters

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Hello everyone,

I have finished two letters you may use to send to your State Representative or Senator. You can access them here:

There are links to a PDF version, click on either Letter One or Letter Two to get to the PDF files. Letter One is more about the failure of HB1059, Letter Two is more about how the law has affected you and your family.

You can cut and paste my wording from the web site and add your own words, I don't have a problem with anyone borrowing anything I have wrote. Also, please, if you are in therapy, take the letters to your next meeting and ask others to step up as well. Another way to tell your therapy folks about the letters is to JUST GIVE them the the URL, ""

If you have a letter and would like to add it to the ones I have available for others to use, please send it to me in a PRIVATE note. I will be happy to add it to the list and inform the folks of its availability.

I have heard that there is a House Non-Civil Judicial Committee hearing tomorrow (15 Jan 2008) at 10:00, I don't know what is on the agenda, but if anyone can make the hearing, please do and inform us what has happened.

Again, as stated last week, feel free to contact me should you need any help or have any questions about how to be active.



Visit the SOS-Network @

MO - Missouri Mayor Charged in Internet Child Sex Sting

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Ironic, isn't it?


DIAMOND — A small-town mayor is in jail in Newton County on four counts of soliciting sex over the Internet from a police detective posing as a 13-year-old girl.

Police said 62-year-old Allen Kauffman was arrested Friday and remains in jail on $50,000 bond.

Kauffman is the mayor of Collins, a town of about 200 people in St. Clair County about 50 miles northwest of Springfield.

Police said Kauffman was arrested after an investigation by police in Diamond in Newton County.

Court records show Kauffman did not have an attorney as of Monday morning. A phone message left at his home was not immediately returned.

Diamond police said Kauffman is married and serves as a pastor of the Temple Lot Church in Collins.

NJ - Data Theft Has Web-Porn Sites, Customers Worried

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My question is: Why do companies feel like they have to retain this information? What are they doing with the information? Oh, I'm sure the government will want in on this and police the porn sites as well, so they can get a "cut" of the HUGE profits these businesses make.


MOUNT LAUREL — As operators of sex-oriented Web sites gather at the Internext convention in Las Vegas this week, a major leak at a little New Jersey company is likely to be a big topic.

Freehold-based Too Much Media, which sells accounting software for adult Web sites, told its customers last month that a security breach on its computers allowed hackers to access various adult Web sites' subscriber lists.

Keith Kimmel of Norman, Okla., who runs two Web sites that feature porn, said the breach has the potential to embarrass.

"Would you really want a record floating around the Internet that you subscribe to hardcore bondage?" he asked.

Indeed, it appears stolen personal and company information is being used to bombard subscribers, many of whom would rather not have their identities known, with junk e-mails advertising sexually explicit images from competitors.

No credit information appears to have been stolen.

Company co-founder John Albright said someone stole addresses and passwords from Too Much Media's computers that allowed them to log onto its customers' porn Web sites as the webmasters and extract information about porn subscribers and the Web sites that refer them.

Too Much Media's Next-Generation Administration and Tracking Software, known as NATS, tracks referrals to porn Web sites from other sites and calculates how much the affiliate sites are owed. The porn purveyors typically pay the affiliates a portion of their subscription revenue.

Using the e-mail addresses and passwords, the hackers — seeking customers for still other porn enterprises — sent around new waves of pornographic spam, Albright said.

Practically everyone with an e-mail address has to contend with unwanted e-mails from porn purveyors.

But industry experts say online porn customers are especially concerned about keeping their subscriptions private and would not want their actual patronage of porn sites revealed by means of individualized spam that a friend or family member might see.

Jim McAnally, who has published porn on the Internet since 1993, said he'd never heard about such a serious breach in the industry.

"There's a loss, in my opinion, of user confidence," said McAnally, of Atlanta, who owns six porn sites and uses the Too Much Media software.

McAnally said he expects lots of chatter at the Internext convention, which follows close on the heels of the Adult Entertainment Expo that ran from Wednesday through Saturday, in Las Vegas, about how to prevent such breaches in the future.

It's been a big topic over the last few weeks on the online message board he runs for webmasters of adults sites.

Porn is one of the oldest businesses on the Internet. Countless adult sites offer video, photos and even cartoons dealing with sex.

Many of Too Much Media's customers had security measures in place to block the invasion, Albright said. But he said the company no longer stores the e-mail addresses and passwords of its customers.

"The story's been sensationalized," Albright said. "It's not like people are taking this information to go out there and say, 'John Smith bought a subscription to this Web site.' It's just used to market more porn Web sites."

Corey Silverstein, a lawyer for MojoHost, a Farmington Hills, Mich., Web hosting company that counts porn sites among its clients, said 13 use the NATS software. All of them reported that their information had been accessed because of the breach at Too Much Media, he said.

"Thousands of individual accounts were wide open for anyone on the Internet to go in and take," said Silverstein.

The addresses gathered by NATS customer Web sites may be especially valuable to porn companies. As more free porn sites pop up, fewer people are willing to subscribe to the paid ones, Silverstein said.

Silverstein said he expects the online porn world to tighten its security standards because of the Too Much Media problem.

MySpace Agrees to Block Sexual Predators

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Notice they say sex predators, but they block ALL sex offenders, making it appear to the public that all sex offenders are predators, which is BS. Plus they then say "Child Predators" which is more BS! Not all sex offenders are predators or child predators. I am sick and tired of these corrupt, egotistical, nazi gestapo, evil politicians who don't have the BALLS to stand up for the Constitution anymore (bunch of cowards). Hell, lets just fire up the concentration camps and the ovens while your at it. Or give me a passport to leave this God forsaken country. I ONCE LOVED THIS COUNTRY, NOT ANY MORE!! Call me anti-American or non-patriotic, whatever you wish. Welcome to the next Nazi party!! Who will be the next Jew??? My anger is not directed at this one article, I don't use MySpace anyway, but all these unconstitutional laws. Mark my words folks, your rights will be next!


States, MySpace Agree to New Measures on Child Predators has agreed with more than 45 states to add extensive measures to combat sexual predators.

An official familiar with the multistate agreement said MySpace, the huge online social networking Web site, has agreed to include several online protections and participate in a working group to develop age-verification and other technologies.

The official said MySpace will also accept independent monitoring and changes to the structure of its site.

The agreement is scheduled to be announced today in Manhattan by attorneys general from New Jersey, North Carolina, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the agreement hadn't yet been announced.

The attorneys general have been seeking greater controls for online networking sites to prevent sexual predators from using those sites to contact children.

There was no immediate comment from MySpace, a unit of News Corp.

Investigators have increasingly examined MySpace, and similar social networking sites that allow people to post information and images on the Web and invite contacts from others.

Last year, New York investigators said they set up Facebook profiles as 12- to 14-year olds and were quickly contacted by other users looking for sex.

A multistate investigation of the sites announced last year was aimed at putting together measures to protect minors and remove pornographic material, but lawsuits were possible, officials said.

"We have to find the best way to make sure parents have the tools ... to protect their children when they're on social networking sites," North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper said in September.

CT - Enough is Enough, Time to Act

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A lifetime of watching the UNITED STATES of AMERICA head towards it's own demise will stop now!!!!!

What has happened to the government of the people, by the people, and for the people? Has it actually turned on the people?

Have people become so disgruntled that they are now so apathetic they are willing to give-up democracy and alow socialistic and communistic ideologist take over?

Are we truly ready to stop living by Constitutional Standards and instead adopt the Lenin-Marxist Manifesto as ours?

Are we really that willing to allow Socializtion which translates into work hard if you want but give all you earnings to the government and then stand in long lines for medical attention,minmal education,and finally food and clothing?

Is there a reason 90% of average Americans can't see any real defferance between the political parties?

Has true patriotism been replaced by complacency and social slavory?

The United States is just barely over two centuries old. In terms of countries and civalizations we are new borns strill crapping in our diapers. However we havwe become the most advanced ,most powerful,most influencial and the richest Country of all. This is all due to two concepts that Americans blended together .

DEMOCRACY the idea that we all have a voice in what the government can and can not do. With that voice came boundaries of individual freedoms the government could not interfere in or take away.

CAPITALISM the free market concept that says if you work hard and produce well you keep your rewards for this effort. You also compete with others on a level playing field to improve and increase product outcome which means the entire society advances technilogically as well as economically.

These concepts worked! And worked fantastically.

Then about 45-50 years ago a new idea came into the political arena. Welfare!

The politicians in Washington decided Americans needed more help and that it was up to Congress to take care of the voters. The voters thought this was great. Then politicians realised that if you give the masses easy money they will comply with whatever you want. And ever since Americans are being "given" more and more from Uncle Sam.

It wasn't free money and healthcare afterall! Not in the least. As the ruling powers give us more and more it is taking even more from us.

Wether you are aware of it or not the average American worker is returning over 63% of his income over to local,state, and federal government right now before thne new tax heights take effect in 2008.

And how stupid do they think we are well lets look at 2007 tax proposal on cigars making a two dolar cigar cost ten dollars to fund a national health insurance for children under age 27 years old? Really , and I thought you were an adult at 18 years old. And if the tax had gone through it would have been the end of seven industries starting with the tobacco industry spreading to lighters ash trays pipes,clothing,furniture,and advertising. Now what money was going to finance national health care ?

In the last ten years there have no less then 200 new laws passed to restrict what we learn,what we can earn,what we eat,what we teach our children,wether we can smoke,how we dress,where we go and when we can go. This doesnot include amendments that have been suspended,or federal guidelines that have been tightened,or local ordinances that have been instituted. And all this happened with out benefit voting by United States CItizens.

Nudist have been aware of this trend for a long time. After all remember when skinny-dipping was a laughable situation . Now in most states its not laffable anymore its a SEX CRIME!!!! And you can go to jail for years for just swimming naked or almost naked. Florida for example has laws now governing how much skin a bikini has to cover. Connecticut has streaker on its sex offenders list.

Oh yeah its only legal to have sex in the missionary position in several states. And in four state recently people were arrested for nudity inside their houses.

I am plenty mad and I am not going to take it any more.

Especially when I spent 4 years fulltime and two years part time defending the constitution of this country only to be told later that what I did didn't matter and that benefits promised me and other soldiers were being curtailed so that draft dodgers who went to CANADA could have the United States government give them money to rep-establish themselves and surpass those who stayed and did what was asked of them.

I am tearing off my clothes and covers no longer hiding from the country I swore to protect and now I am organizing nudist non-nudists whomever as we take back AMERICA. And try to return to those principles and practises thatr made us proud leaders of the free world.

I am starting this in Connecticut for two reasons: 1) I live here and have first hand knowledge of its core corruptness and 2) It is the Constitution State and therefore should be the first to uphold the most important document written in the last two hundred and forty years.

I am beginning by hopeful creating Connecticut Organized Recreational Nudism a group of conerned individual that will try to 1) be recognised as a legitimate lifestyle and thus granted equality under the law in usage of publicly held land. 2) willbe the new foundation for a national movement to return American rights,liberties , and voice to the people. and 3) produce legitmate candidate standards that would focus politicians on campaigns based entirely on issues instead of religion,personality, and other non-productive distrations.

I have said it for months it is time to stop focussing on whats wrong and start paying attention to what can be right and begin making it so. And that is what I am doing now!!!

What's your position on this?


TX - City’s ordinance fails sex-offender statute

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01/14/2008 SANTA FE — A city ordinance designed to keep sex offenders from residing in certain subdivisions needs revising if city officials want their local law to persuade those who would prey on children to live elsewhere.

Diana Steelquist, the city’s community services director, asked council members last week to approve a revised ordinance that requires playground equipment in newly built subdivisions that have neighborhood parks.

Steelquist said the current ordinance leaves it up to developers what three amenities to place in neighborhood parks, such as benches, hike-and-bike trails or picnic tables.

“We want to make sure our amenities comply with the Texas Health and Safety Code, so that we can enforce our sex-offender ordinance and keep them away from our playgrounds and parks,” Steelquist said.

Steelquist said a park that doesn’t have playground equipment wouldn’t meet the state standard, which defines a playground with equipment as a place where children gather.

The council unanimously approved the ordinance revision during its first reading Thursday night, but Mayor Ralph Stenzel said the ordinance requires a second reading and vote, which will likely take place at the council’s Jan. 24 meeting, before it becomes effective.

Santa Fe Police Chief Barry Cook told the council he prefers sex offenders live elsewhere, outside Santa Fe.

“But at the same time, I can’t violate their rights,” Cook said.

Keeping sex offenders from entering or living within 1,000 feet of a park is the next best alternative for Cook.

“We would try to keep them out of there anyway,” he said. “But if it were challenged in court, we would need to defend whether it was a park or not.”

Santa Fe Trails residents, citing increasing insurance costs, decided to remove playground equipment from the subdivision’s designated park area.

The homeowner’s association sold the equipment for $500 to the city, even after police met with them and warned the board of the sex-offender statute, Cook said.

Cook said the park, which has a sign but no equipment, doesn’t meet the state requirement.

If the revised city ordinance passes a second reading and vote, all future subdivisions built in Santa Fe would have to have a neighborhood park with playground equipment and at least two other park amenities.

A developer could still pay $100 per lot, Steelquist said, to avoid having to dedicate land for a park and install the necessary amenities.

The city would use the money to maintain existing parks, Steelquist said.

Councilwoman Pam Schwertner said she would like to see the ordinance changed to prevent neighborhood parks from being used as a combined drainage easement or detention pond.

“No one would allow their child to play in a detention pond,” Schwertner said.

Schwertner also disagreed with the amenities list, saying the ordinance required too many park benches, tables and trees to be realistically placed in a small neighborhood park.

“Based on six acres, it would mandate 26 tables, 34 park benches and 104 trees,” Schwertner said. “I don’t think those figures are realistic.”

Schwertner requested the city review the ordinance, which could be a topic of discussion at the next council meeting.

IN - Carter urges passage of bill

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JEFFERSONVILLE — Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter (Contact) is urging state lawmakers to pass a bill that would make it illegal for convicted sex offenders to use social networking Web sites frequented by children, such as
- Not all sex offenders using these web sites are out trolling for kids to molest!

The bill carries tougher penalties for sex offenders who contact children via such sites, said Carter, who urged support for the bill last week during visits around the state.
- So if they cannot use the site, how would they contact them via these sites?

“I’m a parent of three. It’s hard to know who they’re contacting online,” Carter said Thursday during a trip to Jeffersonville.
- No it's not, just learn to use a computer and install monitoring software, that is not hard. You are just lazy and expect the government to wipe your butt for you!

He said four other states have enacted similar laws. The Indiana House will hold a hearing on the legislation this week.

If the bill passes the General Assembly, it would be enforced by county prosecutors, possibly through sting operations or in response to complaints from parents, he said.

Proving a violation could be easier than gaining a conviction under current laws on sexual solicitation or deviate conduct, Carter said.

The proposal would make it a crime punishable by six months to three years in prison for someone listed on the state sex offender registry to use a social networking Web site. If the person contacted a child on the site, the penalty could be two to eight years.

NY - Schuyler County expected to vote on sex offender law tonight

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Go and speak your voice, if you are in New York!


SCHUYLER COUNTY -- Lawmakers in Schuyler County are expected to vote tonight on a law restricting where sex offenders can live, but first, they'll listen to comments from the public.

The proposed law would keep sex offenders from living within 500 feet of a school, playground, park, day care center or camp. The County Administrator says there are about 10 level two and level three sex offenders within the county.

Tonight's hearing will take place during the legislature's regular meeting, which starts at 6:30 p.m. in the County Office Building on Ninth Street in Watkins Glen.

DC - Letter to Bill Marriott re. In-Room Porn Films

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Contact: Robert Peters, President, Morality in Media, 212-870-3210;

NEW YORK, Jan. 14 /Christian Newswire/ -- The president of Morality in Media, Robert Peters, submits to the media the following letter and is available for comment:

Mr. J.W. "Bill" Marriott, Jr.
Chairman and CEO of Marriott International
Marriott Drive
Washington, DC 20058

Dear Mr. Marriott:

I am writing again about the pay porn channels provided at Marriott Hotels. This time I have two sisters-in-laws to blame for booking my wife and me at your hotels. As I mentioned in my letter of July 18, 2007, when I choose a hotel room I try to avoid staying at hotels that offer pay porn channels.

The fact that both of my sisters-in-laws booked rooms for us at Marriott Hotels, however, is one reason that I am writing to you. You have built a nationwide chain of quality hotels that includes modestly priced hotels, impressive big city hotels and pleasant resorts. I would love to be able to stay at your hotels with a clear conscience and encourage others to do likewise.

The other reason that I am writing is because you profess to be a Mormon; and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is 100% against pornography, which gives me at least a faint hope that you may some day come to your senses and disassociate your family name and faith from pornographic films with titles like these, which were offered at the Marriott hotels in Massachusetts and California where my wife and I stayed during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays:

"Young Trophy Wives" "Naughty Neighborhood Wives" "Cheating Wives" "Please Pump My Wife" "Mothers Do It To" "When My Husband Is Away" "Housewives Need Cash" "Secret Interracial Wife Orgy" "Slutty Older Women"

"College Teen" "Young Office Sluts" "Young Bait" "College Amateur Invasion" "Tight Virgin Holes" "So Young So Tight"
"Sticky Young Sluts" "Sex With the Teacher" "18 and Corrupted"

A few years ago, I wrote an article, "The Link Between Pornography and Violent Sex Crimes" (published at, "Porn Problem & Solutions" page), which makes a strong argument that pornography is a causative factor in many violent sex crimes.

But even if there were no link between pornography and violent sex crimes, pornography would still pose a big problem for society because of its detrimental effect on marriage. When a husband (and it usually is the husband) becomes addicted to pornography, a number of things can happen. He can lose sexual interest in his wife. He can act out on his wife what he has viewed in pornography (she will often not appreciate what he wants to do to or with her). He can go outside his marriage to satisfy his porn fueled sexual fantasies with prostitutes. He can waste family funds feeding his porn addiction. He can lose his job (e.g., for misuse of computers) or wind up in prison (e.g., for child porn).

Another concern that wives have about their husbands' addiction to pornography is the effect it may have on their children. Children may see their father viewing pornography. They may seek out or stumble into pornography that their father views. They may become an object of his sexual desire.

Frankly, I don't see how you think a single man who may marry or an already married man will benefit from watching porn films with titles like: "Naughty Neighborhood Wives," "Please Pump My Wife," "When My Husband Is Away," "Young Bait," "Young Office Sluts," and "So Young So Tight."

A press release issued on December 6, 2006 by the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility rightly applauded Marriott International's Board of Directors for approving a change in the corporation's "Human Rights policy" to include a section on the "Protection of Children." Specifically, the change in policy involved measures to curb child sex tourism. Evidence mounts, however, that the explosion of "adult pornography" contributes to trafficking in children.

For example, the "Child Pornography Fact Sheet" (published at states that persons who possess child pornography include those who are sexually "indiscriminate," meaning they are "constantly looking for new and different sexual stimuli." A recent article, "Confessions of a child porn addict" (published in the Buffalo News, Oct. 17, 2007), reported the following:

"Clarence [last name omitted] once enjoyed the adult pornography sites he viewed on the Web. But after a while, the thrill was gone. So [he] started clicking on some of the ads that popped up on his computer screen above the naked men and women he was watching. He was seeing something new – young teenagers and even young children, posing in the nude, having sex with each other, or being molested by adults. At first, [he] was appalled. But once the shock wore off, [he] couldn't get enough. Like thousands of other men…he was hooked…"

In this respect, Marriott is much like the U.S. Justice Department and FBI. On the one hand, these government agencies expend significant resources combating sexual abuse of children and sexual trafficking of women and children. On the other hand, they have refused to devote more than token resources to curbing the explosion of illegal obscenity that helps fuel these crimes.

Morality in Media and others are working to change this see-little-evil about obscenity policy at the federal level. I note here that a poll conducted in 2005 by Harris Interactive found that 77% of adults supported the Justice Department's then-reported new effort to enforce obscenity laws.

I don't say this to frighten you, but so that you may have another reason to ask your Board to adopt a policy that, at minimum, prohibits distribution of sexual materials that may be or are obscene.

If a judge determines that there is probable cause that a hotel has distributed an obscene movie, those responsible can be prosecuted for violating a federal (and in many cases a state) obscenity law.

The first reason to ask your Board to drop the porn is because it is the only decent thing to do. I think there is yet another reason for doing so – over time it will prove good for your business.


Robert Peters

cc. Mitt Romney

My King - Do You Know Him?