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ME - Committee Examines Sex Registry Changes

It's called bribery. Comply or don't get money.

MA - House bill would protect homosexuals

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So does that mean sex offenders won't be discriminated against either? I know, asking too much, right?


The House is considering giving homosexuals protection against job discrimination for the first time — legislation expected to pass the chamber unless efforts to include transgender people undermine support.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, sponsored by Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat, prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of "actual or perceived sexual orientation" by employers, employment agencies, labor organizations or joint labor-management committees. It also prohibits preferential treatment or quotas by employers.

The bill was set for a vote on the House floor tomorrow, but Democratic leaders pulled it from the schedule yesterday to consider an amendment by Rep. Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin Democrat, that would extend protections to transgender people.

Some House Democrats and homosexual activists worry that including transgender people — those born of one sex who strongly identify with the other — in the bill will force conservative Democrats into a tough vote.

Mr. Frank initially intended the bill to include a provision protecting transgender people but later dropped it because he said he didn't think it would pass otherwise. Mr. Frank and Miss Baldwin are the only openly homosexual members of Congress.

Critics say the bill would create vague, undefined protections that would lead to costly litigation. The say employers could be held liable for their perception of an employee's sexual orientation, with virtually no way to disprove the accusation of what an employer did or didn't perceive.

The measure also doesn't provide religious organizations the hiring protections to which they are entitled under current civil rights laws and numerous other federal policies and programs, opponents say.

"This bill represents the most dramatic revision of civil rights law in decades, opening the door to burdensome litigation, trampling on the hiring rights of faith-based organizations and undermining state marriage laws," said Kevin Smith, a spokesman for House Minority Leader John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican.

CA - California on Fire…When will America burn?

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Hmm, others are seeing exactly what I mentioned, in another forum. Here is the original article.


The wildfires erupted on the same day Gov. Schwarzenegger signed the homosexual education law requiring California’s children to be indoctrinated into homosexuality. America’s TV and radio preachers, mega-church pastors, and local church pastors are silent as America goes off the deep end.

CA - Committee Takes Up Issue Of Library Porn

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These people are clueless. Where is the IT department? Or was that outsourced to India or something? Get a filter, like Zone Alarm or something else. They work wonders at blocking hate sites, nudity, etc.


SAN JOSE - A San Jose city councilman is taking action to limit the pornography that's available online in our public libraries. That's in direct response to an ABC7 I-Team investigation that first exposed the problem.

San Jose City Councilman Pete Constant held a news conference Wednesday afternoon at the Martin Luther King Jr. Main Library against what he calls "second-hand porn."

"You could be walking with your children or grandchildren through our library right behind us, and on your way walking to the stacks of books, be subjected to people who are viewing pornography right in your presence. And that I believe is wrong," says Constant.
- You could do that at the coffee shop or your own home as well. Install a virus package and filter/fire wall, like Zone Alarm, it has it all in one, and is great, IMO.

Constant's responding to an I-Team hidden camera investigation from last year that showed library patrons viewing porn -- including full-screen sex videos -- right out in the open, sometimes with children nearby.

San Jose's police blotter last year listed several arrests for child porn at the library. There were at least 10 cases of child molestation or other sex crimes involving kids and several cases of men viewing porn and performing a lewd act, right at the table. Guards caught one man on surveillance camera.
- So you have no excuse. Cheap software is out there to protect yourself. This is the problem, people like John Walsh don't tell you how to do this, they just tell you how to waste tons of money on legislation that won't work, and torture millions of people in the process.

As a result of our report, Constant told the city council's rules committee today that he wants software on the library's computers to filter out porn. "The reason I feel this is important is because of the number of children that visit our libraries."
- Amen! That should've been thought of years ago before the computer was even installed. You people never think before you react, that is the problem. Virus/Filter/Firewalls should be on every machine in the world, IMO. And if these software companies wanted to help protect children as they say they do, then places like schools, libraries, etc, they would provide the software FREE OF CHARGE!!

The American Library Association tells us about 40-percent of libraries across the country use some form of filtering on their computers. In the past, San Jose's main librarian has opposed filters as a First Amendment issue. She's not so sure today.

Dan Noyes: "You don't have any opinion on the issue of filters?"

Jane Light, San Jose Librarian: "No, I don't have an opinion that I'm going to express on filters because we're going to look at this, we're going to analyze what's changed in the last 10 years."
- In the computer industry, things change EVERY DAY!!!!! Also, when you get a virus/firewall/filter package, it won't do any good if you don't update it at least once a week. So keep that in mind as well.

Members of the rules committee are also reserving judgment until staff comes back with more information. However, they heard strong opinions from the public today, including a foster mom who's helping a young boy deal with the images he saw while living with his biological mother.
- Come on! When you first saw a naked person, were you ruined for life? It's a human body for gods sake. I know, kids should not see it, but it's not the end of the world...

"You don't forget pictures, whether you're an adult or a young child, and Colton is trying to forget pictures that he's seen and we're working through that," explains Carmen Degnan, a foster mother.
- What? Are you kidding me? I couldn't tell you the 1st naked photo I saw in Playboy or TV. Come on, I think you are freaking out a little too much!

Several years ago, the San Jose City Council took up the issue of filters on library computers and voted to allow open access to the Internet. We''ll be back here in three weeks to find out if these council members vote differently.
- Bad mistake!! Do you even have virus software on there? If not, the machine is probably totally infected with viruses, spyware, and who knows what.

CA - Baiters on the Hook

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And they keep falling for it! I cannot believe these people are not watching TV and think they can get away with this, especially the cops getting busted. Everybody in the world knows they are out there, yet these idiots still think, just maybe, I might get lucky... I truly believe they get what they have coming, except maybe the lifetime punishment that comes along with it, jail/prison time, yeah, but not lifetime torture. Get a life, watch some TV for once. I'd still like someone to answer me this. Why can't we let the police do their job, and let PJ geeks get real jobs? They could be protecting the country with their hacking skills or something, yet they want to go after defenseless child predators instead of OSAMA, terrorists or other hackers! I know, they are doing some good, but I think the police can get along just find without the cyber vigilantes and TCAP making money and increasing ratings for entertainment. This, IMO, is NOT entertainment. Society is SICK when they get off on watching others suffer. The world is going to hell, and quickly, IMO.


To Catch a Predator must qualify as Creepiest TV Ever. Maybe there’s a show airing in Guatemala with bloody close-ups of auto wrecks, but I don’t know about it, so, for me, TCAP is truly the bottom of the barrel. In TCAP, Internet chat-room trolls with a taste for jailbait are hooked by an MSNBC operative posing online as a sexually indiscriminate 13-year-old. After the mark has put his head in the noose with some explicit IM propositions, a tryst is arranged. At the appointed time, the sucker shows up, often bearing booze, drugs, condoms, and, very occasionally, flowers. For an extra kick, some horny morons are conned into entering naked. Then comes the switcheroo: Instead of the expected hot ’n’ willing babe, host Chris Hansen – who is almost as much of CGI construct as Mitt Romney – strolls out and proceeds to sweat the unfortunate fool for his illicit cravings, supposedly to protect the community, but essentially to amuse a bestial audience. Reduced to pleading protoplasm, the mark is finally handed over to local vice cops.

Despite winning an Emmy for investigative journalism and with a promo that boasts, “more than 250 suspected online predators have been exposed, leading to the convictions of more than 120 individuals,” To Catch a Predator is really only Candid Camera with sex, handcuffs, and jail time, instead of mere embarrassment. It resembles a background TV show in a dystopian science-fiction movie, but should maybe be watched just once, if only to evaluate how low we can go for entertainment.

IN - Officer suspended four months

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What the hell? Major, major slap on the wrist here.


Goshen - A Goshen police officer has been suspended for four months for alleged sexual misconduct with a minor.

According to legal documents provided by the Goshen Police Department, Ptl. Elva Yoder, Goshen, had sexual relations with a minor child, who was reportedly 16 years old at the time, on three separate occasions in August of this year.

As a result, Yoder received a 120-day suspension from the police department without pay, which takes effect Nov. 6, no specialty pay for one year and he may not test for rank for a period of two years.

No hearing was held at the Goshen Board of Public Works and Safety regarding the matter.

According to Goshen Adjutant Joe Brown, questions regarding the matter are to be directed to the Goshen City Legal Department.

Porn Stash Found On 74yo Man In Thailand

NY - Strippers Hired To Hand Out Candy At Brooklyn Middle School

Sounds like Sodom and Gomorrah. Strippers are not entertaining children?

KY - City forbids child centers near sex offender homes

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Good, this is the way it should be, not the other way around. If you want to open a child care facility, do it XXXX feet away from any sex offenders. But I find it ironic, they grandfather these in, they can stay if they were there first, but this doesn't apply if a sex offender was there before they passed the law.


The City Commission passed an ordinance Monday night that will forbid a day care center, nursery or kindergarten to locate within 1,000 feet of a residence of a registered sex offender.

Those businesses that were located within 1,000 feet of a registered sex offender before the ordinance was passed will be allowed to stay, said Gary Muller, city planning director.

The issue came up when the city zoning update committee was reviewing conditional use requirements for play areas at day care facilities.

Upon further review of day cares, Muller found there was no law that prohibited them from moving within 1,000 feet of a residence of a registered sex offender.

And with this information, Muller asked members of the zoning update committee if the city should deny an opportunity to a business to open if it did so near the residence of sex offender.

The committee agreed with Muller that the business would have to open elsewhere.

"The safety of the children was more important than allowing a new business to be established at that location," Muller said.

The flip side of the law is what police enforce. The state law doesn't allow a registered sex offender to move within 1,000 feet of a day-care facility or school.

Muller has composed a map that shows the residences of 71 registered sex offenders " excluding those lodged at Franklin County Regional Jail. He said his data shows there are two registered sex offenders in the Meadowview area that are within 1,000 feet of three day cares in the area. He said that information will be turned over to Frankfort police.

He also said three day cares moved within 1,000 feet of the residence of a registered sex offender before the city passed the ordinance. Those businesses won't be forced to move because locating there was legal before Monday night's passage of the ordinance.

Muller said he'll get the information on sex offenders' locations from state police, who keep an online registry. The city map will be updated every two to three months, he said.

The ordinance passed unanimously Monday night.

WA - Convicted molester commits suicide

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A short time after checking in with his probation officer, a convicted child molester committed suicide Wednesday by jumping from the Aurora Bridge, police said.

Soon after Bret Winch, 24, left the state Department of Corrections office in Seattle, a friend of Winch's called the office and said Winch was threatening to jump off a bridge. Winch, who most recently lived on Capitol Hill, didn't specify which bridge, according to DOC spokesman Chad Lewis.

Authorities "didn't find him in time," Lewis said. Seattle police and the DOC are investigating the 10:17 a.m. suicide off the Aurora Bridge.

Winch, a Level 2 sex offender, was convicted of molesting a relative in Cowlitz County in 2000 and given a reduced sentence with the promise that he participate in treatment. He has been recently enrolled in mental-health and sex-offender treatment, according to the DOC.

NY - Explicit Sex-Ed Pamphlets Distributed To Pre-Teens

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Video available at the site.


Brochures Detail Straight, Gay Sex Practices; Show Graphic STD Images

IRVINGTON ― Children as young as 10-years-old in Westchester were among those mistakenly given graphic sex education material meant for adults, leaving parents furious and even more upset with answers they're getting about the incident.

Catherine Johnson says all was not well at the recent "Wellness Fair" at the Irvington Middle and High School campus. Her 13-year-old son, and many even younger, were given sex ed pamphlets that contain graphic language and graphic advice on straight and gay sex practices, including oral and anal sex.

Her son, Chris, being an eighth grader, didn't seem to mind.

"He was hopped up, he thought it was funny," she tells CBS 2.

But she was not amused and neither was her neighbor, Dan Knowler.

"I don't think my child, age 11 in grade six, should be hearing about adult sex practices. He's not ready yet," Knowler says.

Just how explicit were the pamphlets? One brochure, "Lesbians & HIV: Are You At Risk?" offered lesbians tips to prevent themselves from being infected with HIV. Another pamphlet even provided graphic symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases in men, including suspicious growths on testicles and genital discharge.

The wellness fair was run by the Westchester County Department of Health, which put its stamp of approval right on the back of those pamphlets, where it is clearly noted the material is intended for adults.

"Some of these brochures had information that was not appropriate for the younger kids and we're sorry about that. That was a mistake," says County Health Commissioner Dr. Joshua Lipsman.

Lipsman says new distribution procedures will prevent the mistake from happening again, but Knowler, Johnson, and other parents say school principal Joe Witazek failed to act when a student brought him the brochures and told him it was inappropriate for them. "The principal … rebuffed him. He did nothing," Johnson said.

Witazek didn't comment to CBS 2 on the issue, but parents have had plenty to say and may take the issue to the school board.

The County Healthy Department says some schools ask to review materials in advance of these wellness fairs, but Irvington chose not to.

CO - MTV character touched young girls at skatepark as part of his act

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GOLDEN — A defense attorney said Tuesday that Vincent Margera was in his crazy and profane "Don Vito" character during a visit to a skatepark where prosecutors said he fondled three girls.

Defense attorney Pamela Mackey made her statement during the first day of trial for Margera, who faces three felony counts of sexual assault on a child. He's accused of grabbing the breasts or buttocks of a 14-year-old girl and two 12-year-old girls.

Margera is the uncle of MTV's "Viva La Bam" star Bam Margera.

"Fans came to see the crazy, outrageous, profane uncle. That's who they wanted their picture taken with. Fans expected to see Don Vito, not Vincent Margera," Mackey said. "You may find the behavior vulgar and disgusting, but it was done to amuse, to entertain, to get a laugh."

Mackey added that Margera, a car painter, learned that the crazier he acted the more his fans loved it.

Prosecutor Jim Stanley said that Margera resisted arrest, insulted two female Lakewood police officers who arrested him, and asked them in the squad car if they were taking him to a strip club.

"This man was out of control during this public event," Stanley said. "He was so intoxicated that he peed his pants while with these children."

Margera also faces 12 felony counts of violating his bail conditions. Those conditions included having no contact with children under 18, consuming no drugs or alcohol, and providing detailed information on business travel plans.
- So no access to kids? He's apparently already a sex offender, or else why no contact with kids under 18? Just checked, he's not on a registry. Hmm!!!!

AZ - Woman who stabbed tied-up lover to drink his blood sentenced to 10 years in prison

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SICK!!!!!!!!!!! And she gets 10 years for all this? This is a psycho bitch from hell!!!


MESA — A woman who stabbed her tied-up lover so she could drink his blood has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Tiffany Sutton told Maricopa County Superior Court Judge David Udall that she was sorry for the incident and said she never meant to hurt anyone, but received the stiff sentence anyway after he called the crime especially heinous.
- Since when does stabbing someone not hurt?

Sutton, 24, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in August. She was arrested by Tempe police in February after she repeatedly stabbed her lover during an alcohol- and drug-fueled sexual tryst.

According to police reports, the victim, 46-year-old Robert McDaniel, agreed to be tied up during sex but became alarmed and asked to be untied when Sutton pulled out a knife and said she liked to drink blood. Sutton then attacked him, slicing his leg, puncturing his arm, shoulder and back and cutting his neck and stomach. When he escaped, she chased him with a pickax.

Sutton's attorney, Elizabeth Houck, told the judge at Tuesday's hearing that she suffers from a personality disorder that causes instability and has taken responsibility for her actions, according to the East Valley Tribune.
- She's been talking to Satan too much!

Houck wrote in a sentencing memo that prison records show Sutton thought she was a vampire for the first several weeks she was in jail.
- No, shes a nut case, IMO! She needs to be in one of the padded cells.

FL - Newspaper executives charged with promoting prostitution through classified ads

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It seems to me like all the sexual perverts come from Florida. Every time I see an article, it's from Florida. Sure seems like it. I just can't wait until Crist screws up and gets busted for some sexual crime.


ORLANDO — Three executives for a weekly paper have been arrested on charges they knowingly published advertisements promoting prostitution.

Orlando Weekly's director of classified advertising, Jarrell B. Martin, and account executives Katherine Casey Miller and Christopher M. Whiting, were arrested Friday while at a job fair representing the newspaper. They were charged with facilitating prostitution and benefiting from its proceeds.

The trio sold ads to undercover officers posing as representatives of prostitution who explicitly said they wanted to promote their prostitution business, the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation said.

Publisher Rick Schreiber said Monday that the charges against the three are "outrageous" and he was confident they would be dismissed.

"We suspect that the MBI has targeted our company because we are the only newspaper in the area that has been critical of the MBI in a series of investigative articles over the past several years," Schreiber said.

"The arrests are a blatant attempt to infringe upon the First Amendment rights of this newspaper and its advertisers," he said.

The affidavit said Orlando Weekly earned more than $750,000 from ads in its "adult services" section and more than $1.25 million from its "massage" section _ which police said were common destinations for prostitution ads.

Schreiber declined to comment Tuesday on the allegation, citing the pending case.

Lt. Paul Zambouros, head of the bureau's vice and organized-crime squads, said the agency has video and audio recordings of each meeting.

A telephone message left Monday with the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation seeking further comment was not returned.

The three employees have been released from jail.

Police Investigate Alleged Abuse at Winfrey School

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Dorm Parent Under Investigation for Alleged 'Indecent Assault'

South African police are investigating an allegation that a "dorm parent" at Oprah Winfrey's South African Leadership Academy for underprivileged girls abused one of the students, a police spokeswoman told ABC News.

The talk show queen has traveled to the academy the last two weekends and has met with concerned parents there, according to a spokeswoman for Winfrey.

Tummi Golding of the South Africa Police Service said a dorm parent at the school was being investigated on suspicion of "indecent assault."

Golding would not elaborate on the details of the allegation, but the local Afrikaans-language paper Rapport reported that the employee allegedly "fondled" one of the students. The paper also reported that the school worker allegedly grabbed a student by the throat and threw her against a wall.

No criminal charges have been filed, and a spokeswoman for Winfrey would not confirm or deny the allegation.

The case is being handled by investigators in the child abuse division of the local police, Golding said. Winfrey has also brought on her own team of American private investigators, led by a veteran of the Cook County Sheriff's child exploitation unit, a spokeswoman said.

The police investigation follows an internal academy investigation of alleged "misconduct" by a dorm parent. Last week, John Samuel, CEO of the academy, said in a statement that the dorm parent had been removed from the school, and that the school had notified South African Child Protective Services of the alleged misconduct.

"Nothing is more serious or devastating to me than an allegation of misconduct by an adult against any girl at the academy," Winfrey said in a statement. "I will do everything within my power to ensure their safety and well-being."

Winfrey traveled to South Africa the weekend before last, reportedly missing a planned appearance at an awards show. She returned again Friday, and met with parents over the weekend at the academy, in Henley-on-Klip, not far south of Johannesburg. A spokeswoman would not say when Winfrey first heard of the allegation.

CO - 91-year-old arrested on rape charge

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At this age, this guy is probably senile and needs help, not to be thrown in prison. Come on! I been wanting to use this picture for a long time... :) This lady could've probably thrown him across the room, why didn't she kick him in the nuts or something?


PALISADE — A 91-year-old resident of the Palisade Living Center and convicted sex offender was jailed Sunday on suspicion of attempted rape against a nurse there.

After being given his medication by a nurse, Ralph Ridenour grabbed her, held her, attempted to remove her pants, and repeated that he would rape her, according to his arrest affidavit. Palisade is in western Colorado, east of Grand Junction,

Ridenour was being held on $3,000 cash bond at the Mesa County Jail in Grand Junction. Charges include criminal attempt to commit unlawful sexual contact using force and false imprisonment using force.

Ridenour has a reputation of being violent, the affidavit said.

The victim told Palisade police “everyone is very careful in his room because he becomes violent when he does not get his way,” the affidavit said.
- Hell, a lot of old folks living in nursing homes and other places get ticked off. Have you ever been in a nursing home? People carry on conversations with the walls...

He’s not a little, old, frail man, said Sgt. Bobby Sowler of the Palisade Police Department, who said the incident scared the nurse “very badly.”

Ridenour also fakes senility, according to Sowler.

“His doctor was called and his doctor said he knew right from wrong,” the sergeant said. “Sometimes he has dementia, sometimes he doesn’t ... it’s only when it suits him.

“Everyone who works there says he’s full of it. He’s just taking advantage of the system as he can,” Sowler said.

Ridenour became combative when questioned by police. According to the affidavit, he kicked and threatened to shoot an officer.

Later, when Ridenour was placed under arrest, “Ralph suddenly appeared unable to walk to help himself,” so authorities used a wheelchair when they transported him to the police car, the affidavit said.

“This poor, delicate old man even had energy to kick the officer,” Sowler said. “But when it came time to get out to the police car, he needed help. It was an act.”

Ridenour was convicted in March 2000 of sexual assault on a child, Sowler said. The charge stemmed from an incident in December 1999.

Ridenour was also charged with failing to register as a sex offender in July 2006, according to Mesa County records.

GA - Co-Worker Alerts Police; Attorney Arrested On Sex Charges

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There goes that career!


CLAYTON COUNTY -- Clayton County officials have arrested a Jonesboro attorney after police say he attempted to lure a teenaged girl for sex.

Authorities said the mother of a 16-year-old girl contacted them after discovering her daughter was having online sexual conversations with an attorney. Officials said the girl’s mother worked in the law firm with the attorney.

Detectives with the Clayton County Police Department arranged for an undercover officer to assume the internet identity of the teen and continued having conversations with the man. Officials said the man performed a lewd act via webcam and arranged to meet the teen.

Officers arrested 36-year-old Robbie Levin of DeKalb County in a restaurant parking lot when he showed up for the meeting.

Levin, who works for the Clayton County Indigent Defense Fund, is charged with two misdemeanors – Criminal Attempt to Contribute to the Delinquency of a Minor and Furnishing Obscene Material to a Minor Electronically. He is also charged with one felony county of Sexual Exploitation of Children.

UK - Serial offender's stab attack sparks probe call

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He probably grew up watching sex on TV, playing violent video games, and jamming to hateful satanic music. Sounds like child abuse to me. People say the above doesn't affect people. Who are you kidding? If that is all someone watches, and their parents don't care for them, what do you expect? I am not condoning anything he did, but this is what happens when God is pushed out of everyones lives, and sex is everywhere, violent games and music. He sounds like a rap fan!


CALLS were made today for an investigation into how a serial young offender was allowed to carry out a frenzied stabbing attack in the city.

Darren Cornelius, 18, has a shocking criminal record, including attempting to murder a nine-year-old girl when he was just 11. He was warned yesterday that he now faces being locked up indefinitely.

He stabbed Daniel Sweeney in a random attack in Leamington Terrace, Bruntsfield, in March, leaving him permanently disfigured.

Today, Tory councillors Iain Whyte, chairman of the police board, and Cameron Rose, a former police officer, called for an investigation into the handling of the youth.

They want to see if more could have been done to prevent Cornelius, who was once compared to Jamie Bulger's killers Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, from striking again.

Sheriff James Scott yesterday sent the case to the High Court for sentencing. Psychological reports have recommended that a life-long restriction order - in which he is kept in custody until deemed fit to be released - is considered.

After the assault, Cornelius, who boasts of his criminal exploits on his Bebo website, told police he was attacking an invisible man named Ian who only he could see.

He was taken to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital for mental health problems, before admitting to the attack in July.

Cornelius first came to the police's attention in October 2000 when he abducted a nine-year-old girl from her grandmother's house, stabbed her eight times, narrowly missing an artery in the throat, and then left her for dead near the Fountain Park leisure complex.

He was not prosecuted for attempted murder as he had a mental age lower than eight, the age of criminal responsibility - and was dealt with by children's hearing. He spent 17 months in secure accommodation.

The victim's family attacked the decision and called for the age of responsibility to be reviewed.

Today, Cllr Rose said not enough was done to protect potential victims from people like Cornelius. "It's a tragedy for the victim and for his family. We have to look at the action, or lack of it, and the effect it has on unintended victims."

Cllr Whyte, leader of the city's Tory group, added: "I'm sure the authorities will want to look at this.

"I don't know if he was still under a supervision order or not. If he was, then this is something we should look at; if he was not, maybe it's time the court processes are looked at to ensure better monitoring."

A city council spokesman said: "At this stage it would be inappropriate for us to comment."

Cornelius' history of offending includes a crime spree just weeks after he was freed from secure accommodation for his first offence.

Cornelius was also tried for a number of sex offences against two girls - including his original victim - when he was 15 but the case collapsed due to a lack of evidence.
Website shows taste for gang violence

AT first Darren Cornelius' Bebo site makes him sound like any other teenager.

His opening lines reveal he likes going out with his mates, he is single, and is looking for a girlfriend. But it does not take long for the 18-year-old's taste for violence and alcohol to emerge.

He boasts about being a member of the gang, the Edinburgh Young Team, and one of his friends leaves a message describing him as a "thug for life". Below Cornelius has written: "A gd life iz a thugs life."

There are a number of pictures of his hero, the American gangster rapper Tupac Shakur, who was shot dead in the 1990s.

Cornelius' other musical taste is for rave and his likes include boxing, going to the gym, and drinking.

"A go to the gym and am well built," he writes. "Sum say am mad.", sum say am hyper, a say am me and if u dont like it f*** off lol."

Court Throws Out Rule Requiring Adult Sites To Keep Records And Proof Of Age For All Performers

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You see, they are NOT about protecting children, or this would be a no brainer. Porn sites should be behind an .XXX domain, so it can be filtered easily, and any violating this would be faced with STEEP fines. Also, they ALL should use credit cards to verify age, and no kids allowed and no porn on the front page. I don't know about keeping porn stars named in some database, that is wrong.


from the that-first-amendment-thing dept

Just last week, Wired had an article looking at how a particular section of law regulating adult content could potentially hurt the growth of "user generated" porn sites. The law in question required any "publisher" of adult content to obtain and permanently keep records proving that the "performers" in question were of legal age. Obviously, the goal here is to prevent child porn -- but many felt that such a rule was incredibly burdensome on those who were producing legitimate adult content, and it was even worse for "user generated" sites that would now require such information from every participant. Now, Slashdot points out that the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has found the law to be unconstitutional, as it violates the First Amendment. The Slashdot post is a little misleading, implying that the case was about age verification for viewers. It's actually about the performers. The full ruling (pdf) is an interesting read, but the crux of the argument is that while preventing child porn is a noble goal, if it ends up putting a burden on plenty of legitimate expression, then it's a clear First Amendment violation. Many people may not think this is a big deal, as they don't care for adult content or don't have any problem with having it heavily regulated -- but as the court notes, the right for people to remain anonymous is an important part of the First Amendment. Weakening that right -- even if for a reasonable end goal -- starts you down a slippery slope.
- We are already going down the "slippery slope" with the sex offender laws, and it will spread to others as well, watch and see.

WI - Police chief aims to decrease sexual assault with zoning ordinance

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A cop who wants to make a name for himself. When nothing about this will work. Email him and educate him some. See below for his email response to me, which he didn't even read my email!!!!


REEDSBURG -The Reedsburg Ordinance Committee is drafting an ordinance restricting where registered sex offenders can reside in the city.

The ordinance is one of a string proposed by Police Chief Tim Becker (, who said this one is modeled on the ordinances of the cities of Franklin and Germantown, Wis. The ordinance will force any sex offender moving into a new residence to live at a certain distance from a school, park, pool, church or other public area where young children congregate.

"I think we have a duty and obligation to protect our most vulnerable and innocent members of our society," Becker said. "Sexual offenders are the most difficult to cure. They have the highest rate of recidivism."
- Lies, all lies. Just like alcoholism, yes, it's not curable, but you can get treatment to help, just like anything else. And no, the recidivism rate is the LOWEST of all criminals, see the following studies from experts, unlike yourself.

Becker said the proposed distance should be about 2,000 feet, around four or five city blocks, from a public facility. He said the 16 registered sex offenders already living in Reedsburg would not have to move from their current residences, but would be subject to the restrictions if they changed residences, which Becker said could discourage sex offenders from moving to Reedsburg by helping keep them away from young children.

"These people are predatory by nature," Becker said. "They want to be exposed to that as much and often as they can."
- You are an idiot. Not all sex offenders are predators, molesters or pedophiles. I suggest you go back to school.

The ordinance would target violent sexual offenders, as opposed to perpetrators of lesser crimes like statutory rape.

"It's not going to be your 18 year old with his 16 year old girlfriend having sex," Becker said. "This is for violent sexual offenders."
- This is lies as well, these laws, and you know it, are targeting all sex offenders, and you sound exactly like John Walsh!!!!

It's hoped that the ordinance could help reduce Reedsburg's rate of sexual assaults. There have been nine this year already, according to police department records.

"Just in the time that I've been here, the amount of sexually violent crimes, you've seen the rise," City Administrator Lori Curtis Luther said.

City Attorney Jim Gerlach will begin drafting the ordinance to ensure its ability to withstand a lawsuit and remain constitutional.

"This isn't a normal kind of speeding violation, it's more complicated to enforce," Gerlach said.

The measure would have to pass the ordinance committee and be looked over by the city plan committee before being sent to the Common Council.

Subject: RE: In regards to your grand standing!
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 07:35:08 -0500
From: "Tim Becker"
To: ZMan!

I appreciate your concerns but your email seems to be filled with half-truths and misunderstandings. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, thanks for sharing yours.

ME - State officials target sex offender registry scofflaws

View the article here


AUGUSTA - Lawmakers were told Tuesday that about 300 convicted sex offenders are not following the state sex offender registry law, even as the legislators consider changing the structure of the registry.

"There are about 100 that have not registered at all," said Public Safety Commissioner Anne Jordan. "We have 50 who are in basic compliance but have not either provided the photo or the fee. And we have another 150 who initially registered but have not complied with the continuing verification process."

She said only one person is assigned full time to the effort of tracking down offenders to make sure they comply with the current law. Several members of the Legislature’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee are concerned that is not enough for either the current registry or the modified registry plans that have been discussed.

"That’s a significant number," said Sen. Bill Diamond, D-Windham, co-chairman of the panel. "It is going to take more people; we know it will take at least two or three more people working on this."

Jordan said it’s a legislative decision to add staff. She said it would take a lot of "gumshoe" work by law enforcement to track down those who are trying to avoid being placed on the registry and get compliance.

"It’s a matter of priorities," Diamond said. "Protecting the public is one of the highest of priorities and we are talking about protecting the public."

Rep. Richard Sykes, R-Harrison, the lead GOP member of the panel, agreed. He said the Department of Public Safety should prioritize its efforts, focusing on the 100 who are refusing to register.

"That, to me, seems to be the most dangerous persons and we should be focusing on them," he said.

While the panel has taken no votes, the discussions by its members over several meetings have pointed to a developing consensus that a Web site should have different tiers, one public for the most serious sex offenders, and one available only to law enforcement for those convicted of lesser sex offenses.

Several convicted sex offenders and their family members want changes in the registry; some want it abolished. Shirley Turner, the mother of convicted sex offender William Elliott, asked lawmakers last year to keep addresses off the listing to protect offenders from "vigilantes."

Elliott was shot and killed on Easter Sunday 2006 at his home in Corinth. State police investigators determined that Stephen Marshall of Nova Scotia gained access to the state sex offender registry Web site before he came to Maine and killed Elliott and Joseph Gray of Milo. Those murders prompted a review of Maine’s registry law that is continuing.

Others have urged lawmakers to change the current sex offender registry to remove some offenders entirely from the list, such as teens who have consensual sex when one is over 18.

But complicating the committee’s work to create a new Web site law is a Maine supreme court ruling last month that sent back to the Superior Court a case in which "John Doe" sued, alleging the state statute is unconstitutional because of a retroactive portion requiring sex offenders since 1982 to register.

"We don’t know how the Superior Court will rule," said Attorney General Steven Rowe under questioning by the committee. "This issue has not been fully argued in the courts."

Lawmakers sought a timeline for court action, but Rowe declined to speculate on how long it would take the Superior Court to rule and pointed out the supreme court could well get the issue again on appeal.

"That makes it very difficult for us to work this bill," Diamond said. "We may not be able to write a new law until we know what we can do under Maine’s constitution."

But Sykes and some others on the panel disagree. They believe the committee needs to move forward and craft a measure for consideration in the January session to address the many concerns with the current law.

"I don’t think you sit back and wait," he said. "What I think you do is to take and create what you think is the best system you can and move forward."

The panel also heard from committee staff and members of the Attorney General’s Office on the provisions of the federal Adam Walsh Act, which establishes guidelines for sex offender registries. Failure to meet the federal requirement by summer 2009 would lead to the state losing 10 percent of some federal law enforcement grant funds.

Those requirements also complicate the panel’s effort to write new sex offender registry legislation.

OH - Court strikes down law to fight child porn

View the article here


A federal appeals court in Cincinnati on Tuesday struck down as unconstitutional a law intended to fight child pornography, saying it restricts protected speech by setting reporting requirements that are overbroad.

Producers of certain sexually explicit photographs are required to maintain extensive records regarding the individuals depicted, according to the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1988, as amended by Congress.

The problem is "producers" can refer to anyone who creates an image of sexually explicit conduct through videotaping, photographing or computer manipulation, said a panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The law makes no provision to exempt photos not intended for a commercial purpose, or those never intended to be transferred.

The ruling is a "very, very significant victory for freedom of expression," said J. Michael Murray, which made the challenge on behalf of Connection Distributing Co. of Cleveland. Connection publishes magazines that depict sexual activity among adults, and those images are protected speech.

Murray said the ruling may bar government agents from entering publishing places and demanding to inspect photo records.

"We are disappointed in the court's ruling," said Justice Department spokesman Charles Miller. "The statute was enacted to protect those who are underage."

He said the department hasn't determined its next step.

CA - Sheriff's deputy accused of having sex with minor doesn't enter plea in court

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A Placer County sheriff's deputy charged with unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor has yet to enter a plea to the charges.

Michael S. Johnson, 26, a two-year employee with the department, is suspected have having sex with a 16-year-old Colfax High School student.

Johnson was in an Auburn courtroom Tuesday morning with his Auburn attorney Tom Leupp for what was to be his arraignment on the charge. He did not enter a plea.

Prosecutor Garen Horst said the case was postponed pending further investigation.

Johnson was arrested Oct. 5 and booked into the Placer County Jail. He remains free on $10,000 bail.

The Sheriff's Department received information about possible criminal misconduct Oct. 4 upon interviewing witnesses decided to place Johnson, whose most recent assignment was as a patrol deputy at the Colfax substation, on paid administrative leave.

Johnson is scheduled to return to court at 8:30 a.m. Nov. 20 for arraignment.

PA - Three ex-guards cop pleas in jail sex scandal

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STROUDSBURG — Accused of having sex with Monroe County Correctional Facility inmates in 2006, three former corrections officers pleaded to lesser charges Tuesday in county court.

Rodney Ulysse, 34, of Tobyhanna, pleaded no contest (meaning he's not admitting guilt, but will not fight the charges) to giving illegal contraband to inmates, a misdemeanor. Yvonne Lockard, 32, of East Stroudsburg, and Karen Stone, 37, of Stroudsburg, pleaded guilty to the same offense.

Ulysse, Lockard and Stone reportedly gave their cell phones to inmates.

All three will be sentenced at future dates and might testify against four other former corrections officers heading to trial on charges of having sex with inmates. Those four are Frank Bell, 49, of Lehighton, Mark Gutshall, 39, of Blakeslee, Richard Chimalza, 40, of East Stroudsburg, and Dana Simpson, 34, of Tobyhanna.

All seven defendants remain free on bail.

An eighth defendant, former jail kitchen cook Misty Mate, 30, of Albrightsville, pleaded guilty in June to one count of providing illegal contraband to prisoners and was sentenced to a year's probation and fined $500.

State police and the District Attorney's Office late last year opened a criminal investigation of illegal sex allegations involving corrections officers. The probe began following an internal investigation by the prison administration that concluded some personnel policies were violated, but that no illegal activities — meaning no sex between corrections officers and inmates — took place.

District Attorney David Christine called a grand jury to consider the prison sex allegations.

The grand jury issued a report calling for 20 reforms at the jail, including improved monitoring and formation of an independent internal affairs unit to investigate complaints. It also recommended the criminal charges.

The Monroe County Prison Board — comprised of the three county commissioners, Christine and other county officials — contracted with a private agency to review prison procedures and recommend improvements.

FL - Former officer jailed on bribery, battery charges

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A former Edgewater police officer accused of coercing a woman into giving him oral sex in exchange for not taking her to jail turned himself in Tuesday.

Agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested and charged Efren Vazquez, 32, with one count of bribery and misuse of public office, a second-degree felony, and one count of battery, a misdemeanor, officials said.

The then-40-year-old woman -- known as Jane Doe in court documents -- accused Vazquez in June of pressing her to perform a sex act on him after a July 2005 traffic stop.

The woman also is seeking $2.5 million in damages from Vazquez and the city of Edgewater for violation of her civil rights, sexual battery, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, court records state.

Vazquez, who was hired in December 2001, was on paid administrative leave for just under a month during an internal investigation into the incident before resigning his post in July.

The suit claims Jane Doe was a passenger in a pickup stopped by Vazquez on the night of July 5, 2005, and arrested on a misdemeanor drug violation. While Vazquez drove the woman to the police station, he asked what she'd do to keep from going to jail, the suit states.

At the police complex, Vazquez allegedly insinuated he would release her if she performed a sex act on him. After the act, he let her go and told her not to say anything, according to court documents.

The woman was released after processing at the police station and the charges eventually dropped after she completed a pretrial intervention program, court records show.

A Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokeswoman said in June that Vazquez had no record of past disciplinary action. With the exception of reprimands for his driving and care of his patrol car in his first-year evaluation, he had received "above expectation" job reviews.

Vazquez is being held at the Volusia County Branch Jail on $55,000 bail.

WI - Proposed sex offender ordinance set for public hearing tonight

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Why do they not announce these a week or more in advance? So someone cannot oppose them maybe?


BELLEVUE — After tabling the matter four times since May, the Village Board will present a proposed sexual offender restriction ordinance at a public hearing tonight.

The first draft of the ordinance outlines zoned areas where sex offenders cannot be present.

The proposed restrictions also make it illegal for any sex offender to participate in any holiday event involving children, such as dressing up as Santa Claus or handing out Halloween candy.

The public hearing will take place at 6:35 p.m. at Village Hall, 1811 Allouez Ave.

For more stories about the attempts by Northeastern Wisconsin communities to deal with registered sex offenders living within their boundaries, go to

ID - Ex-con house plan gets nixed

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NAMPA — A huge outcry from residents of a Nampa-area neighborhood put a halt to one man’s plans to place a transitional home for released convicts and sex offenders within a half-mile of an elementary school and a park.

More than 200 people came to Franklin D. Roosevelt Elementary School on Tuesday to protest a proposal by Dominic Gallegos, a former correctional officer, to start a 13-bed transitional facility, open to convicted sex offenders, on South Lancaster Drive. Concerns expressed by the neighbors, children, families and individuals drew several public figures as well as state and local correction and parole officials to the meeting.

The emotionally charged gathering barely fit in the cafeteria of the small school as angry neighbors voiced their concerns to Gallegos, who spoke candidly after not returning many calls left by the community.

Other similar facilities in the area, he said, had not generated as much concern. As a result of the negative community reaction, Gallegos paused, addressed the group and uttered a statement that drew a standing ovation and loud cheers from the crowd: He promised more than once not to bring a transitional home to the neighborhood.

Neighbors object strongly

Concerns about the plan began to arise when Joan Lancaster, a longtime resident of Lancaster Drive, saw Gallegos moving materials into the five bedroom, single-family home, which is situated in a family-heavy neighborhood on a dead-end street.

When he told her of his intention to house more than a dozen ex-offenders, word began to spread to other members of the community, including April Horn, who lives across the street with her husband and four children.

Gallegos had not even completed the approval process to receive referrals through the Idaho Department of Correction when residents started opposing the action.

“Absolutely not, that is not a good fit,” Horn said about the proposed home. “Everyone I know who lives here is good people.”

While concerns grew among the families on the street, word spread beyond the immediate neighborhood. A petition circulated in the area collected signatures from more than 500 people. Residents voiced objections to county agencies and law enforcement officials.

The meeting, originally slated to be between Department of Correction officials and a select group of residents, soon grew into a public affair that drew citizens from miles away.

Group’s emotions flare

Tuesday’s meeting opened with comments from Community Corrections Section Supervisor Kim Harvey, but the crowd jumped in quickly with questions and concerns.

Harvey reassured them that the Department of Correction “is here to protect the community,” and attempted to explain the circumstances behind one of the facilities being developed, but he drew scorn from throughout the audience with an assertion that “no violent sexual offenders” would live in Gallegos’ proposed home.

The throng of residents instead strongly backed the view of one person who yelled out, “that’s just dumb, any sexual offender is violent,” to a round of applause and whoops of agreement.

Before Harvey could complete his presentation, questions from the crowd brought Gallegos to the floor to explain his position.

Gallegos is a former Ada County Sheriff’s reserve deputy and correctional counselor. Before this instance, he explained, he had worked extensively with inmates and sex offenders and had the experience he felt was needed to open the facility.

When asked why he chose the location, Gallegos only stated that “there are apparently a couple sex offenders in the county under a single level of supervision already,” drawing boos from the audience.

Had the house become a reality, the residents would not have been directly supervised at all times.

The opposing residents largely took over the meeting by its halfway point, tossing out questions like “Who do we call if one of them hurts someone?” followed by “Who do we kill?” to any of the delegation of speakers who would listen. Gradually, many of the people in the room stood up to voice their opinions individually.

“It’s like taking a crackhead and putting them in a crack house, you just don’t do it!” Sean Kerr, a nearby neighbor to the school and father of two yelled out. “Obviously these people made a mistake and deserve a second chance, just don’t so it around children.”

Shortly after, amid attempts by Community Corrections District Manager Dave Nelsen to try to make his presentation, Gallegos stood and made his pivotal statement: “If this is the concern, OK, the house will not go in.”

Decision doesn’t end risk

After the cheers from the crowd died down, Harvey and Nelsen were able to have their voices heard and told the group about the ongoing concern they should have, even though the one house had been averted.

“We want to make you aware, it’s not just Lancaster Drive you have to worry about,” Harvey said, explaining that there are hundreds of sex offenders in Canyon County and not all of them are supervised.

Idaho State Rep. Brent Crane stood up to commend Gallegos on his decision to abort his plans and offer some words of advice to the people in the crowd about how they may work to stop the problem from recurring.

“Now the question is how we’re going to fight the problem. Getting involved is how you solve it ... Contact the governor’s office,” Crane said.

Crane said he was proud of the effort and the compassion that the community showed and added: “This is why it’s so important to have an active citizenry ... We got 250 people here tonight and Mr. Gallegos changed his mind.”

Gallegos agreed in an interview after the meeting that his final decision came from looking at the outcry firsthand, but he also said that he wouldn’t stop working to get a house like this in place. He said he’ll also try to help develop guidelines so that clashes with the community can be avoided in the future

“(It’s) going back to the drawing board. I would like to work with districts to establish criteria for this, because there is none,” Gallegos said. “We need criteria. The state of Idaho tends to be a little behind in this area, and if I was the one to be a catalyst for change, then so be it. I’d like to be the first to open a house that meets with such new criteria.”

Congenial mood prevails

The atmosphere at the conclusion of the meeting became much lighter, with many people coming forward to thank Gallegos and shake his hand. Residents seemed to be satisfied that they’d accomplished their task.

“It was really good. I didn’t think we’d get this many people out here. We didn’t want it in the neighborhood,” Lynsay Celentano, a mother who lives nearby in Roosevelt Park, said. “It’s wonderful that he changed his mind.”

Nampa City Council member Pam White came forward to congratulate the people who showed their support for the meeting at the end of the night as well, staying long after many had left.

“I think it’s incredible; they are to be congratulated and commended,” White said. “They used their voice and they preserved the quality of their neighborhood.”

PA - Bill: Sex Offenders Can't Live Near Schools, Parks

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Video is available at the site.


PITTSBURGH - It will soon be illegal for registered sex offenders in Allegheny County to live near schools, parks and child care facilities.

County council voted to ban offenders from living within 2,500 feet of such places. If the offenders violate that, they could face jail time and a fine.

Councilman Vince Gastgeb was the main sponsor of the bill.

“I can sleep better at night knowing this bill’s in existence because I don’t want a heinous act to occur,” he said.

County council says the new law has been reviewed by lawyers and they believe it's on firm legal ground.

There are approximately 800 registered sex offenders living in Allegheny County.

IN - Ex-reserve cop nabbed in Internet sex sting

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I cannot believe these people are still being caught at doing this, especially a cop. Do they not watch TV? There goes that nice career.


Former Hebron reserve police Officer Michael Patterson drove to Kentucky on Saturday thinking he was going to have sex with a 13-year-old girl, according to Kentucky authorities.

Instead, Patterson was greeted by a film crew and Chris Hansen, host of the "To Catch a Predator" segment on TV's "Dateline NBC."

Patterson, 24, attempted to flea, but he was caught by police and was arrested, as were six men from Kentucky and a Tennessee man, on a felony charge of attempted unlawful transaction with a minor under the age 16. If convicted of the charge, the men face five to 10 years behind bars.

"(Patterson) drove over 350 miles to the sting location to molest a minor," said Corey Bellamy, communication director for the Kentucky attorney general's office.

Patterson, who lives in the 400 block of West Indiana Street in Kouts, is accused of sending a private message in a Yahoo chat room to someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl, according to court records. The person we was communicating with was actually a volunteer with the public watchdog group Perverted Justice, which was working with police in a sting operation.

Police said that during the course of Internet chats, Patterson gave the volunteer his telephone number, asked if she would perform sex acts on him and sent a photo of himself. Police said he arranged to meet the girl for sex at what he thought was her home in Bowling Green, Ky.

"U ever did anything with a guy," Patterson wrote, according to a log of the conversation.

"Yah," she wrote back.

"Like what," he asked.
- So what was after this? If she said something sexual, it would be entrapment, IMO.

Patterson was being held Tuesday on a $50,000 cash bond. He is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing Friday in Bowling Green, said Chris Cohron, commonwealth attorney for Warren County.

Kouts police confiscated computer equipment, CDs, DVDs and diskettes Sunday morning from Patterson's residence, according to local court records.

Patterson had worked as a reserve police officer in Hebron for a month this past summer, but he was fired when he was accused of impersonating a police officer, said Hebron Police Chief Steve Sibbrell.

A state police officer said he saw Patterson driving along Ind. 49 on Aug. 22 attempting to stop another vehicle using a red and blue flashing light, Porter County Deputy Prosecutor Adam Burroughs said.

While there were questions at first about the powers granted to unpaid reserve officers, it was determined Patterson went too far. He was charged Monday with a felony count of impersonating a public servant, Burroughs said.

Patterson was not arrested and state police on Tuesday say they had no record of that case. Burroughs took blame for the delay in filing the local charge, saying he did not get the proper paperwork to the officer, who was new to the area.

ND - Sex-offender parents pose dilemma for schools

View the article here

Site has a poll as well, go there and answer it.


Boards debate how much access to school grounds they should allow

STEELE - School boards across the country are debating how to deal with parents like Cody Mittleider. The 28-year-old married father of three young children spent a year in prison for a 2005 rape conviction, but has since worked to become a respected member of the community.

He quit drinking, attends counseling, got a job at a potato farm and joined the volunteer fire department in this central North Dakota town of about 760 residents.

But as a convicted sex offender, Mittleider, is not allowed to attend his children's school programs or athletic events, pending a Steele School Board decision.

"It would punish my family more than it would punish me," he said. "I want to be a father — not a criminal. If I can't go to the school, I can't be the father I want to be."

A new state law, which took effect Aug. 1, allows sex offenders to be on school property if they are there to vote or attend a public meeting. It does not give them permission to attend extracurricular school activities. That decision rests with school boards.

School boards in most states now have policies dealing with sex-offender parents in schools, though they vary by state and district, said Cullen Casey, an attorney for the Alexandria-Va.-based National School Boards Association.

Some districts, especially larger ones, often do not have the resources or time to deal with decisions about parents who are registered sex offenders, so they are banned altogether, Casey said.

'It's an issue of protection'
In Fargo, North Dakota's largest city, the district adopted a no-tolerance approach before the state law was enacted that regulates sex offenders on school property.

"Right now, they are simply not allowed in," Superintendent Rick Buresh said. "It's not a matter of punishment — it's an issue of protection. I am somewhat sympathetic if somebody's rights get pinched a little, but safety comes first."

The Mandan (N.D.) School District, adopted a no-tolerance approach last month that bans convicted sex offenders from schools even if they are parents.

"Right now, the safest thing to do is err on the side of kids and just say no," said Wilfred Volesky, the district's superintendent.

"If we need to take the policy and soften it, we can," he said.

Volesky said the new policy already has allowed the district to ban a convicted sex offender from attending high school football games. That person was not a parent of a student at the district, but parents of two of the district's 3,262 students are registered sex offenders, Volesky said.

Considering case-by-case basis
Other districts are considering allowing school officials to make the call on a case-by-case basis.

Shannon Priem, a spokeswoman for the Oregon School Boards Association, said state law there requires background checks on volunteers who accompany students on field trips and other activities. There is nothing in the law to address sex-offending parents who want to attend activities at schools.

Her group, which represents 197 school districts, "strongly favors school boards making local decisions," she said. "A school board has to be responsible to its particular culture and community."

School principals in Georgia's 180 districts typically decide whether a sex-offending parent is allowed on school property, said Laura Reilly, a spokeswoman for the Georgia School Boards Association.

Steele Superintendent Ken Miller said the school board tabled a motion this month to adopt a policy dealing with sex offenders whose children attend school in the district. At present, Mittleider is the only one, Miller said

Later this month, the North Dakota School Board Association is slated to discuss the issue of sex offenders in schools, and how districts are dealing with it. Miller said the Steele School Board likely will craft its policy after that meeting.

Kathy Benson, president of the Steele board and a mother of four, said keeping the schools safe is a priority for parents. She said the sex offender policy has not been a major issue in the community, but board members will give it their full attention.

"We want to be cautious and we want to be very careful and take a good look at it," Benson said.

NY - Giuliani Defends, Employs Priest Accused of Molesting Teens

View the article here

Funny how when it furthers your agenda you support them, but the average citizen, you pass insane laws that punish people, yet this man is free to help you out... Hypocrite!


Presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani hired a Catholic priest to work in his consulting firm months after the priest was accused of sexually molesting two former students and an altar boy and told by the church to stop performing his priestly duties.

The priest, Monsignor Alan Placa, a longtime friend of Giuliani and the priest who officiated at his second wedding to Donna Hanover, continues to work at Giuliani Partners in New York, to the outrage of some of his accusers and victims' groups, which have begun to protest at Giuliani campaign events.

"This man did unjust things, and he's being protected and employed and taken care of. It's not a good thing," said one of the accusers, Richard Tollner, who says Placa molested him repeatedly when he was a student at a Long Island, N.Y. Catholic boys high school in 1975.

At a campaign appearance in Milwaukee last week, Giuliani continued to defend Placa, who he described to reporters as a close friend for 39 years.

Click here to see photos of Giuliani and the Priest.

"I know the man; I know who he is, so I support him," Giuliani said. "We give some of the worst people in our society the presumption of innocence and benefit of the doubt," he said. "And, of course, I'm going to give that to one of my closest friends."

The accusations against Placa were made in testimony before a Suffolk County grand jury in 2002.

Tollner, now a mortgage broker in Albany, N.Y., says he was one of three people to testify about Placa.

"This man harmed children. He still could do it. He deserves to be shown for what he was, or is," says Tollner.

Appearing publicly for the first time today on ABC News' "Good Morning America," Tollner says the abuse started when he and Placa were in the high school making posters for a Right to Life march.

"As he started to explain how these posters should be done, I realized that something was rubbing my body," Tollner said. "After a minute or two, I realized that he's feeling me, feeling me in my genital area."

The grand jury report concluded that a Priest F, who Tollner says is Placa, abused the boys sexually "again and again and again."

"Priest F was cautious, but relentless in his pursuit of victims. He fondled boys over their clothes, usually in his office," the report said.

The report concluded that Priest F, and several other priests under investigation from the same Long Island, N.Y. diocese, could not be prosecuted because the statute of limitations had expired.

Several former students from the same high school say they were asked by the "Giuliani organization" to contact ABC News and vouch for Placa.

"There was absolutely not a hint of rumor of a speculation or a whisper, in four years, or in decades after of any sexual predatoriness on the part of Rev. Placa," wrote Matthew Hogan in an e-mail to

Hogan says he recalls that Placa did give "special attention" to his former schoolmate Richard Tollner and remembers seeing Tollner in Placa's office "laughing, on opposite sides of a desk with Mr. Tollner happily animated sitting up on the couch talking."

But Hogan says the school area where Tollner says he was molested "was CONSTANTLY trafficked even on off days and hours."

"I will gladly help take apart in public anything that seriously overlooks the above. I'll be watching The Blotter like a hawk," Hogan wrote.

In addition to the allegations that Priest F was personally involved in the sexual abuse, the grand jury also said that Priest F became instrumental in a church policy that used "deception and intimidation" to keep the church scandal quiet.

Placa served as a lawyer for the diocese in dealing with allegations of abuse against other priests and, according to the grand jury report, claimed he had saved the church hundreds of thousands of dollars in his handling of possible litigation.

Lawyers for alleged victims say Placa would often conduct interviews, in his priest garb, without making it clear he was the church lawyer.

"He was a wolf in sheep's clothing," said Melanie Little, a lawyer for several alleged victims of sexual abuse by other priests in the diocese.

"He was more concerned with protecting the priests, protecting the reputation of the diocese and protecting the church coffers than he was protecting the children," said Little.

Since going to work for Giuliani Partners, the former mayor and the priest have continued to be close.

Placa accompanied Giuliani and his wife Judith on a trip to Rome earlier this year.

Through a spokeswoman at Giuliani Partners, Sunny Mindel, Placa declined requests to comment on the allegations to

Mindel also declined to specify what Placa does for the firm or how much he is paid.

"Mr. Giuliani can do what he wants with his money, but he has to pay the price for people like myself who disagree with employing known child molesters," Tollner said.

While no longer allowed to perform priestly duties or appear in public as a priest, Placa continues to maintain a residence at a church rectory in Great Neck on New York's Long Island.

According to New York property records, Placa also co-owns, with another priest, a waterfront apartment in lower Manhattan in Battery Park City, valued at more than $500,000.

WV - Trial for Former Deputy Accused of Molesting Student, Gets Underway

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Video available at the site.


Robert Fields is accused of inappropriately touching an MHS student.

MORGANTOWN -- The trial for a former Monongalia County sheriff's deputy started Tuesday.

Jury selection got underway in the afternoon.

Robert Fields, 29, is charged with molesting a Morgantown High School student while he was a prevention resource officer at the school in 2005.

The girl said that Fields touched her inappropriately and signed his name to a pair of panties while she was wearing them.

He is facing a number of charges, including first-degree sexual abuse.

Fields resigned his position with the sheriff's department after his arrest.

He later said that he was forced to resign and asked for a hearing with the Police Civil Service Commission.