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GA - Officers Have Plan To Keep Sex Offenders Away From Kids

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I don't celebrate this holiday anyway, but anybody who is off parole or probation, you cannot legally tell them to not celebrate this holiday. It's not a law! Also, what about the sex offenders who have kids of their own? You going to say, sorry, your father or mother is a sex offender so you are going to be punished as well. How many children have been harmed by a sex offender on Halloween? NONE!!!!!!! Parents need to be PARENTS and go around with their kids and go up to the doors with them. If they don't, they should be arrested for child endangerment, IMO. BE A PARENT FOR GODS SAKE!


Safety is always a concern as your children knock on strangers' doors while trick or treating. News Leader 9 has learned of a plan to keep registered sex offenders away from kids during this holiday.

One night a year, children of all ages walk the streets and ask neighbors and strangers for treats.

But as sexual predators continue to violate children, parents have become more protective of their young ones, especially on Halloween.

"Just trying to keep our kids safe from guys like that, or people like that. They need to be put off the street," said Wayne McElhaney, a parent.

In Muscogee County, probation officers are doing just that, at least temporarily.

"The probation office has come up with a good initiative that targets sex offenders who've been involved in child related crimes. What they intend to do is require them to be in a certain location during the Halloween activities," said Major Joe McCrea, from Muscogee County Sheriff's Office.

On Halloween night, Major Joe McCrea says all other registered sex offenders must also turn off their outdoor lights, and not answer the door for anyone.

This isn't the first time officers have implemented these restrictions.

"I don't think it was anything that was advertised last year. I think it's something that's being done in the best interest of the community, certainly with children in mind," said Major McCrea.

For parents, any move that keeps their kids safe on Halloween is well worth it.

"Halloween ain't like it used to be when we were coming up in the 70's. We didn't have all that sex offender stuff. We just went to people's houses, and ate candy and ran around just as happy as we want to be you know," said McElhaney.

Major Joe McCrea says probation officers and deputies will be checking on registered sex offenders on Halloween night, and patrolling their neighborhoods.

LA - Sheriff's deputy terminated and arrested for aggravated incest

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More corrupted officials here. I would like to see ALL COPS get a background check done on them, and a lie detector done on them, to see who has molested, raped or sexually assaulted someone. I bet you'd be surprised to see how many cops are actually perverts in uniform. Check out BadCopNews to see the corruption as well as this blog.


An 18-year veteran of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's office was terminated and arrested for aggravated incest, sheriff Jack Strain announced today. Due to the sensitivity of the charge, and in order to protect the identity of the victim, neither the deputy's name nor the name of the victim will be released. Strain said.

Strain said that the deputy -- who was teriminated Thursday and surendered to investigators Friday -- worked in the criminal patrol division and had been with the Sheriff's Office for 18 years. He was booked into the St. Tammany Parish Jail, where he is being held in isolation for his own protection. Bond has not yet been set.
- Protect the "Good Ole' Boys" instead of treating them the same as John Doe.

Strain said the investigation began when the 17-year old female victim contacted the Sheriff's Office to report the incident. After questioning, the deputy admitted to the incident. Investigators have determined this to be an isolated occurrence and that no other victims exist.

"In order to uphold the public's trust we must hold ourselves to an even higher standard of conduct than we ask of others. I want the citizens of St. Tammany to know that in the rare instances when we find one of our deputies is accused of violating the law, we take the allegations very seriously and do everything in our power to ensure that justice is preserved," Strain said.
- Then stop treating him differently. Release his name and photo, and put him in with general population like the average citizen would be.

CO - Pueblo County Sheriff's Deputy On Unpaid Leave

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A Pueblo County Sheriff's Deputy is accused of attempted sexual assault on a 17 year-old. She is now on unpaid leave.

Joetta Iles was arrested Friday afternoon, after an investigation by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

She was charged with Criminal Attempt of Sexual Assault on a Child by Someone in a Position of Trust, First Degree Official Misconduct, and Theft.

Deputy Iles has been with the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office since September of 1991, and was assigned to the patrol section.

The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office is doing an internal investigation.

BEST Description of the President's Iraq War vs SCHIP

This is not SO related, but shows they don't care about children, IMO.

Dear Jesus

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Dear Jesus,

I wanted to write you and share with you my heart
Although you already know it, I still want to start
For you alone are worthy of all honor and praise
My Jesus, I want to serve you all of my days.

My past has been ugly, it has been a big mess
As I’ve boasted empty words and still remained faithless
Yet you have remained faithful; for you never shift
You have poured out your love and your grace as a gift

This is my love letter to you my Lord
I desire to praise you as you are my reward
How can words ever explain just how great you are?
Words simply cannot; even wise words from afar.

I look at creation and the work of your hands
I stand back in awe as you’ve numbered the sand
I look at the stars, and galaxies far away
You spoke them into existence as they are there on display.

I look at redemption and the good news you bring
I start rejoicing as I dance and I sing
You are so wonderful, yet I still don’t have a clew
All I know is that I need so much more of you.

The passion you have towards me is amazing
When I experience you Jesus, I cannot stop praising
You are the Great I AM, the Mighty God and King
You rejoice over me every night as you sing

Oh Jesus I love you, yet not as much as I could
For my heart has been hardened and that is not good
Please help me to surrender to you alone
As I bow down before you; as you sit on your throne

Bill Scott, Sr.

For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works.

WI - Pewaukee going slowly on sex offender residency rule

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Video below. The video says "convicted pedophiles!" Not all sex offenders are pedophiles.


Village of Pewaukee - Advised that the legality of sex offender residency limitations is far from certain, village officials are taking a cautious approach toward drafting a local ordinance.

Trustees on Tuesday discussed joining several other communities across southeast Wisconsin that have enacted ordinances restricting where sex offenders, especially those just released from prison, can live. Those municipalities have created prohibited zones within a certain distance from schools, parks, playgrounds and other places where children congregate.

But Village Attorney Mark Blum advised trustees to research the matter first, and offered to share a thick binder of information he has collected on the topic.

"It's important to make a threshold determination that having an ordinance like this would provide reasonable protection for children," said Blum. "I wouldn't necessarily believe the conclusion that that's the case."

Blum said that some communities' ordinances already have been challenged in court, and that the new restrictions might very well be ruled unconstitutional. He predicted that the subject will continue to be challenged by both sides until it reaches the U.S. Supreme Court.

Until a final decision is handed down from the nation's high court, individual municipalities could face expensive litigation, he said.

The attorney's wary approach was echoed by Pewaukee police Capt. Tim Otto, who said law enforcement officials are concerned that if all communities pass ordinances restricting sex offender residences, or if a state law passes, it will drive offenders "underground where we don't know where they are."

Otto said his department closely monitors registries of offenders and their whereabouts. About five registered sex offenders live in the village, he said.

Otto said most people who are registered here are not the type of individuals likely to commit a crime involving strangers or children they don't know, he said. Most cases involved family members or boyfriend-girlfriend situations in which one was underage, he said.

Trustees said little on the topic, instead voting to have Blum draft an ordinance while they reviewed information.

In Waukesha County, the Town of Brookfield and villages of Elm Grove, Butler and Menomonee Falls have already set limits. Waukesha and Brookfield are exploring similar ordinances.

NH - Prosecutors Seek To Send 'Pumpkin Man' Back To Prison

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May do it again? Ok, he may, but until then, he should be left alone and the "thought police" need to get a life.

DOVER - A New Hampshire judge is considering whether to send a convicted sex offender called the Pumpkin Man back to jail for another year, four months after he was released.

David Cobb, 71, spent 11 years in prison after he was convicted of the attempted sexual assault of a 12-year-old boy and of possessing hundreds of images of child pornography. Police found the former teacher from Philips Academy in Andover, Mass., with the boy and a backpack that contained the porn and a pumpkin mask.

Prosecutors argued yesterday that Cobb should return to prison because he didn't enroll in a sex offender program and is a risk to offend again.

A judge will interpret Cobb's sentencing, deciding issues including whether treatment was a recommendation or a requirement.

TX - Former School Officer Pleads Guilty in Child Porn Case

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Former Hutto Police Officer George Wesley Helms pled guilty in the 368th District Court in Williamson County this afternoon to one count of sexual performance by a child and 26 counts of possession of child pornography. Judge Burt Carnes sentenced him to the maximum of 20 years in prison for the sexual performance by a child and 10 years in prison for each count of possession of child pornography. The sentences will run concurrently, meaning at the same time.

According to District Attorney John Bradley's officer, the Hutto Police Department investigated a complaint by a 16-year old female student from Hutto High School last March. The student alleged that Helms, who was assigned to the school as a resource officer from the Hutto Police Department, had photographed her bare breasts while she was in his office. According to investigators, the teenager said Helms had repeatedly asked her to come to his office at the school and allow her to photograph her. The sixteen -year-old further told police Helms propped a chair against the door to prevent anyone from entering and paid her $50 to stay in the office. She says he convinced her to take off her shirt and bra and pull down her pants to reveal her panties and took several photographs with a digital camera.

Helms was fired from the Hutto Police Department in March. As part of his plea deal today, Helms agreed to permanently surrender his peace officer's license.

MI - 13-year-old sentenced for attempted sexual assault

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WEST OLIVE — Tears streamed down her face as the 19-year-old Grand Haven Township woman described her feelings since she was attacked and sexually assaulted in her home on June 2.

"I don't think anyone will ever understand how much this has affected me personally, and will continue to affect me for the rest of my life," she said before Judge Mark Feyen in Ottawa County Family Court. "I never in my life imagined that someone would enter my home without permission and sexually assault me, especially a 13-year-old boy."

Fathi Cullen, now 14, was sentenced Thursday on five charges related to the June incident.

Cullen, who pleaded no contest to the five charges on Oct. 3, was sentenced to residential sex offender treatment at Woodward Academy, an all-male academy in Iowa. His treatment is expected to last around one-and-a-half to two years, depending on his progress.

The boy will remain on juvenile probation until he's 21, and Feyen will review the case every six months. The judge reserved the court's right to impose blended, or delayed, sentencing should Cullen violate his probation before the age of 21 — which would include possible adult probation and imprisonment.

Cullen entered the victim's residence on Crooked Tree Lane at Riven Haven Village mobile home park and sexually assaulted her. During the five-hour search for Cullen that afternoon, police said he also attempted to sexually assault two other girls, ages 12 and 14, in Hofma Park, west of Forest Park Drive.

The boy faces separate charges in connection to the second incident.

Fathi, the son of Antonio and Saundra Cullen, who lived in the same mobile home park as the victim at the time of the incident, was designated as an adult and faced possible adult sentencing. He instead chose to plead no contest earlier this month as part of an agreement with Feyen, including charges of attempted first-degree criminal sexual conduct, two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, first-degree home invasion and interfering with electronic communications.

Although the victim says the punishment does not "equal up to the damages (Cullen) caused," Feyen said the court needed to consider the well-being of everyone involved, including Cullen's rehabilitation.

"I wish he could be put away forever so that no other women would have to go through with what I've gone through," the victim said. "Cullen is only going to get stronger and more violent as he continues to get older."

Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer Kuiper said the woman was not surprised by the sentencing, but that she was upset.

"There's never any guarantees," Kuiper said. "We're hoping we never see him again."

Meanwhile, Cullen's attorney, Leonard Mungo, said rehabilitation for Cullen was essential.

"We are not surprised, nor shocked, at the extreme emotional impression by the young lady," Mungo said. "The best interest will be served to make the focus on rehabbing this young man."

In addition to Thursday's sentencing, Cullen will be a registered sex offender. Since he is 14, he will appear only on a private sex offenders list available only to law enforcement and court officials. Once he turns 17, he will be entered on the public list, and remain on the registry for 25 years.

Cullen spoke nearly inaudibly when Feyen questioned him prior to making a final decision on his sentence, asking the boy if he understood that his actions were wrong. Cullen gave one-word responses, mostly answering "yes" to the judge's questions. When Feyen asked him how bad his actions were, Cullen simply answered "bad."

Cullen's parents also had an opportunity to make a statement in court. Saundra Cullen turned toward the victim and said, "I'm sorry from my heart."

CA - California Sex Offender Roundup by the Gestapo

Ok, Mr. Terminator, what about all the sex you had with people while you were growing up? Here is an article about your sex crimes here, and here. Remove the statute of limitations, and then go to the jail and register as a sex offender. Also check out this article from "The Smoking Gun!"

NY - Ex-cop caught after fleeing to avoid child porn charges

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ALBANY - A former New York City police officer who fled to avoid federal prosecution for child pornography was apprehended near Boston on Friday morning, authorities said.

A judge issued an arrest warrant for Michael Niebling's arrest after he failed to appear in federal court in Albany on Tuesday as ordered.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agents, assisted by local authorities, arrested Niebling shortly before 3 a.m. at a motel in Braintree, Mass.

Niebling, a retired New York City police detective, was living in the Albany area when he was indicted last month for possessing and distributing child pornography.

It could not immediately be determined if Niebling had a lawyer.

IN - Molest suspect shoots himself

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Commits suicide as police close in

A man accused of molesting a 10-year-old girl over nearly four years shot himself in the head late Tuesday or early Wednesday as police tried to arrest him, police said.

Najae Bland, 27, was pronounced dead at 4:30 a.m. Wednesday after being taken to Parkview Hospital in critical condition.

He was found suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head about 1:30 a.m. by Allen County Sheriff’s Department officers trying to serve him a warrant at a house in the 2800 block of Chestnut Street.

His death was ruled a suicide, Allen County Coroner E. Jon Brandenberger said.

The sheriff’s department arrived at the home about 9:45 p.m. Tuesday to arrest Bland, but no one came to the door, spokesman Steve Stone said.

Officers could hear people inside the house and had information that Bland might have guns, so the Allen County SWAT team was called, Stone said.

SWAT team members entered the home about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday and found Bland with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Police believe Bland shot himself while they were preparing to go inside the home.

The warrant, which charged Bland with six counts of child molesting, was filed by the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday.

According to court documents, Bland’s wife found him with a 10-year-old girl on Oct. 4.

The woman had the girl leave the room and ordered Bland out of the house. He tried to talk to his wife, saying “I’m sorry” several times, court documents said. His wife then went outside, gave a friend her cell phone and had the friend call police, the documents said.

Bland left the house before officers arrived, court documents said.

When the girl was interviewed, she told police Bland made her perform sex acts on him and had sex with her on several occasions between January 2003 and October 2007, court documents said.

Bland was sentenced in November 2004 to three years’ probation with six months’ home detention for making false statements on federal forms to acquire a firearm.

According to records, he bought two guns from a sporting goods store in Angola in July 2003 indicating the guns were for him, although he was buying them for another person. He also admitted buying six guns in July 2002.

The case that ended in his death remains under investigation by the sheriff’s department, the prosecutor’s office, the coroner’s office and the Indiana State Police.

TX - Child-killer's poisoned treats still haunt Halloween (10/31/1999)

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This is the ONLY case I found of ANYBODY harming a child on Halloween. And he was not a sex offender, just some sick individual. So why does everyone freak out on Halloween when facts show, no child has been harmed by a sex offender on this day? It's fear, hysteria and propaganda, IMO. One person!!!!


HOUSTON - A quarter century has not erased the stain on Halloween left by the "Candy Man."

Ronald Clark O'Bryan earned his sweet-sounding nickname most distastefully: He killed his 8-year-old son with cyanide-laced candy after a night of trick-or-treating, for $20,000 in insurance money.

"It profoundly affected the whole community, every child of trick-or-treating age," said Mike Hinton, then a Harris County prosecutor who sent O'Bryan to death row. "There's no question it had a national effect on Halloween."

Before Oct. 31, 1974, the idea of carefully examining children's Halloween booty might have seemed like a paranoid waste of time. O'Bryan, a suburban Houston optician, shocked the city and the nation when it was discovered he replaced some of the sugary powder inside five Giant Pixy Stix with enough cyanide to kill two or three grown men each.

Only Timothy Marc O'Bryan ate the deadly confection and died shortly afterward. Four other children, including Timothy's younger sister, received the straws but did not ingest their contents.

Halloween changed forever once word of the slaying spread.

"It sure brought it into sharp focus that the potential is certainly there," said Mike Ellis, director of the Southeast Texas Poison Center.

Ellis still frowns on random trick-or-treating, instead encouraging children to attend controlled activities. He suggests that the parents of children who go door to door either purchase candy to replace gathered sweets or ensure their kids visit trusted homes.

Experts recommend that parents closely inspect all candy collected. Hard, individually wrapped treats tend to be the safest from molestation. Hospitals and other agencies often provide free X-ray examinations of fruits and other sweets that might contain foreign objects.

In the notorious Houston case, O'Bryan clipped off one end of the package and crudely stapled the straw back together, a method that ironically might have saved one neighbor boy.

"When police got to Whitney Parker's house, his parents almost died on the spot because they couldn't find the Pixy Stix," said Hinton, now a lawyer in private practice. "They found him holding it asleep. His little fingers were not strong enough to get the staples out."

Authorities said O'Bryan distributed the extra sticks to Whitney and two other neighborhood children to hide his motive.

"That was what was horrible, his willingness to sacrifice other kids to cover it up. That really shook us," said Bill Lanier, then a detective with the Pasadena police force. "We got lucky getting that candy back."

O'Bryan never admitted to killing his son. He testified at his trial that he let Timothy eat the Pixy Stix before bedtime, giving him Kool-Aid when the boy said the candy tasted bitter.

Timothy soon complained of searing stomach pains, threw up twice and collapsed, O'Bryan said. He died before arriving at the hospital.

O'Bryan - dubbed "Candy Man" by his death row mates - was executed on March 31, 1984. He made no mention of Timothy in his final written statement, but did write this vague passage: "Also, to anyone I have offended in anyway during my 39 years, I pray and ask your forgiveness, just as I forgive anyone whose offended me in anyway."

Both Hinton and Lanier use the word "evil" to describe O'Bryan, noting that he was a trusted figure to the children who received the tampered candy.

Lanier recalls that many Houston-area parents dumped all their children's candy at the police station after Timothy died. For years afterward, the holiday was largely bereft of trick-or-treaters, he said.

Longtime Pasadena-area resident Chris Berryhill said O'Bryan's legacy still lingers this time of year. Worse, he blames the local murder for spawning copycats.

"It took all the fun out of Halloween. It really has," Berryhill said. "If I had a little child now, I would not allow them to pick up candy from someone and put it in their mouth.

"The fear it caused almost makes Halloween not worthwhile."

WI - Village to vote Nov. 6 on sex offender ordinance

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Butler - The Village Board has moved closer to enacting an ordinance that would make Butler off-limits as a place where convicted sex offenders can live.

The board, after discussing the issue Tuesday, is expected to vote Nov. 6 on whether to approve an ordinance that prohibits convicted sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of schools, day care centers, parks and pathways and the library.

The ordinance also would create child safety zones and bar offenders from being present at those locations.

Because Butler is only about 1 square mile in area, the 2,000-foot restriction essentially would close off village borders to sex offenders.

UK - Adults 'too afraid' of youth work

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Adults are often too scared to work with young people for fear of being branded a paedophile, according to a new report.

A survey by Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People revealed that the fear of being accused of harming young people was the main deterrent.

Kathleen Marshall's study found a shortage of adults prepared to take work roles and volunteering posts.

More than 1,100 people took part in the detailed survey.

Some 48% of adults surveyed said fear of being falsely accused of causing harm was a barrier to contact with children and young people.

This same fear also made adults much less likely to help when they saw a young person in danger or distress.

The report also revealed that adults who work with young people in structured environments tend to have positive attitudes towards them, and enjoy seeing children and young people develop through their involvement. However, people reported much more negative attitudes to meeting young people in informal groups, especially in large groups on the street.

According to the report, fear was largely fuelled by media reporting rather than people's personal knowledge of young people.

Other concerns included fear of young people themselves, and concerns about bureaucracy and the culture of litigation.

Women are almost twice as likely to have formal contact with children and young people, either as a volunteer or through work, the survey showed.

'Social behaviour'

Men in particular reported being afraid of being falsely accused of being a paedophile which they described as "the worst thing imaginable".

Men are also disproportionately less likely to approach a lost child and try to help.

Ms Marshall said: "Young people consistently tell us they want safe and fun things to do and that anti-social behaviour is a result of a shortage of opportunities for 'social behaviour'.

"The activities they want to take part in need adults to volunteer and support them and this report shows exactly why that isn't happening.

"We need to help bridge the divide between the generations and establish a framework for attractive activities that are stimulating, safe and fun for all involved.

"I hope this report will start a full public debate about how that should be done, and everyone who has ever worked with young people or considered doing so has something to contribute to that debate, as do Scotland's young people themselves."

Potential volunteers

George Thomson, chief executive of Volunteer Development Scotland, said that potential volunteers needed greater support.

He added: "We must now have the conviction and courage to overcome the challenges and find ways to take up the offer of voluntary help from adults in a way that benefits everyone."

John Loughton, chair of Scottish Youth Parliament, said that both adults and young people should feel safe, without "wrapping either of them in cotton wool".

A Scottish Government spokesman said: "We understand that some people are put off by checks - that's why we are simplifying it to cut down on multiple checks."

He said a new system would be in place in 2009.

CANADA - Sexsomnia: fast asleep and having sex

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They are as young as 15, close to a third are women and their behaviours range from self-pleasure to oral sex and intercourse. New Canadian research suggests that sexsomnia -- the recently discovered phenomenon of people who have sex while fast asleep -- is more widespread than expected, and includes a wide assortment of people.

Contact with a bed partner's body was the most common trigger for sleep sex reported by the 219 subjects, while a relatively small percentage ended up in trouble with the law, some after involving children in their unconscious acts. Many had other psychological conditions, such as depression, although for some sexsomniacs it seems to be an acceptable, if slightly odd, part of their lives.

In a phenomenon that is likened to sleepwalking, they typically remember nothing of the incidents.

"It's more common than we thought," said Dr. Nikola Trajanovic of the University Health Network's Sleep and Alertness Clinic in Toronto.

"Now we know what to ask and we find out there are more people. Before, if you didn't ask, these people would not volunteer information ... especially if they find it agreeable. Why would a couple that have no problem, and find the funny side of this, report to you that they have this or that type of behaviour in sleep?

The study was based on a survey of self-identified sleepsex practitioners, many of them Canadian, who registered at the Web site sleepsex. org. The site quotes some of those who have come forward, including the fiancee of a man who repeatedly started fondling and groping her while he was asleep.

"I was furious. I felt violated and like a piece of property. He is an intimate sleeper always but this has never happened before. He swears he has absolutely no recall," the woman wrote. " I am ready to end this relationship, which will be devastating for all of us."

First reported by scientists about 20 years ago, sexsomnia has gradually been recognized over the last few years as a legitimate sleep disorder. A 33-year-old Ontario man was even acquitted of sexual assault in 2005 on the grounds that he was a sexsomniac and asleep at the time. Most of the research, though, has been based on individual case studies, often involving patients referred to sleep clinics by lawyers whose clients faced criminal charges.

To paint a broader picture of the phenomenon, Dr. Trajanovic and colleagues Dr. Colin Shapiro in Toronto and Dr. Michael Mangan in Serbia sent out surveys to users of the Web site, and received credible responses from 219. Dr. Trajanovic admits the research lacks the reliability of a study involving face-to-face interviews and a control group for comparison, but said it provides at least a rough guide to the condition.

The cross-section of sexsomniacs was 31% female and ranged in age from 15 to 67 years old, with an average of 30 years, the vast majority being heterosexual, according to a paper on the study recently published in the journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology.

About half had engaged in intercourse while sleeping and more than a third moaned or had other "sexualized vocalizations" during the episodes, the study found. Many reported having oral sex asleep.

Previous research suggested that the chief factors setting off sexsomnia incidents were fatigue and stress, similar to other "parasomnias": sleep disorders like sleepwalking and night terrors. The most commonly cited trigger in the survey, though, was contact with a partner's body in bed.

That was a surprise and points to a potential strategy for those who want to avoid the behaviour: they simply have to sleep on their own, said Dr. Trajanovic.

WI - Letter: Persecution for this man just won’t end

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The point of this letter is to bring to light the injustice that can be inflicted on an individual by a county judge, the laws made by the Legislature in regards to the juvenile sex offender registry, and the River Falls Police department warning the public by way of the Twin Cities television news broadcast that a “serious” sex offender was in the west part of town on this past Friday evening.

The injustice put on to Craig Harp started for him at the age of 12 when the judge said he was guilty of being a sex offender without any conclusive evidence. He was put in a juvenile house. Later, in his teen years, he ran away and was using some illegal drugs.

He served his time in prison for this and upon his release had to register as a sex offender, even though he was over 18 years of age. This is in effect for 15 years.

Now, at the age of 25 and trying to find work and begin his life, it seems he is fighting a losing battle to a system that is trying to incarcerate young people instead of helping them get started in living a fruitful life.

Editor’s note: The writer, who is Harp’s grandmother, also submitted a copy of a letter from Rep. Kitty Rhoades, dated Oct. 11, 2007, that she received in response to an inquiry about her grandson’s status on the sex offender registry and issues with his parole officer. Rhoades wrote, in part: “I recently spoke with an official at the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) concering the state’s sex offender registry and how it applies to juveniles. According to the DOC, due to the fact your grandson was convicted as a juvenile, his listing on the state’s Sex Offender Registry is not open to normal public inspection. In general, only certain DOC staff and law enforcement have access to juvenile records. Under Aimee’s Law in Wisconsin, law enforcement has the ability to notify the public about a sex offender with a juvenile conviction. However, this community notification is done only in rare occasions and after a careful review of the case in question…”

GA - Offenders Move Here

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Video available at the site.


More and more sex offenders these days call Central Georgia home.

And it's all because of a year-old law passed to keep convicted sex offenders at least a thousand feet away from any place where children get together.

Many local sheriffs and lawmakers say there's more "rural room" in Central Georgia, and that it's a lot easier to settle down in this area as opposed to a metro area like Atlanta or Savannah, where there's plenty of churches, schools, bus stops and playgrounds for kids to be at.

Since the law went into effect on July 1st, 2006, local counties have seen significant jumps in the number of registered sex offenders.

Bibb and Houston County, Central Georgia's most urban counties, had an 8% increase in the number of sex offenders, while seven surrounding rural counties (Baldwin, Crawford, Dodge, Jones, Monroe, Peach, and Twiggs) had a combined 40% increase.

That accounts for more than 700 registered sex offenders in Central Georgia.

Dodge County Sheriff Lawton Douglas says it's challenging for his staff to keep tabs on all the new sex offenders.

"Basically they got ran out of the area that they were in for lack of a better word," said Douglas. " And they're picking on rural Georgia, or picking a spot in rural Georgia to move. We're checking on them all the time."

He says Dodge County, like many neighboring counties, is an attractive location for sex offenders because there's not a bus stop, a playground or a church within a thousand feet of many places.

As a result, he says there's a lot of pressure on him and his deputies to do their job and keep people safe.

"Right now it's a judgement call on our behalf and I dont want to be held responsible for the one time that something happens, that you don't expect or you don't plan for, and they come back on us as law enforcement officers and say I told you so." said Douglas.

Baldwin County Sheriff Bill Massee has the same challenge. He says he's even added extra manpower, stretching his department thin.

"It puts us in a position where we've assigned a detective almost full time," said Massee. "I've got a clerical secretary who spends a lot of time on the registry."

Both Massee and Douglas, and many other Central Georgia sheriffs, says that's time well spent to keep you safe from sex offenders. But, as Douglas adds, not everyone on the registry is a true sexual predator.

"They're on the internet, they're on the webpages, it's public record," said Douglas. "Do some research. Was the stereotyped sexual predator some vicious man, or was he the 18-year-old that got in trouble with his freshman girlfriend. Do some legwork."

And if you do that legwork, you might find someone like Lonnie Davis. His name is on the sex offender registry.

"To avoid the stigma of what is happened and to try to deal with the trauma that I've been through, I moved from place to place," said Davis, who served five years in prison for molesting his daughter--a crime she later admitted never happened.

Davis says he wants to clear his name, but doesn't have the money for legal fees. As a result, the law says he's not allowed to live or loiter within a thousand feet of any place children might meet.
"It's hard, you know," said Davis. "You can't go to church no more. You can't go to McDonald's and play in the playground with your kids. You cannot go to the school house."

He says that's forced him to move from Baldwin County to Dodge County, where he now lives in a shack with no running water behind a friend's house. He says the current law makes it nearly impossible to keep an address.

"I thought many times if my family would be better off without me cause I've been marked," said Davis. "You know, my kids, my wife, they'd lead a better life if I just walked away."

The law's tough on Lonnie Davis. And it's tough on the people sworn to uphold it like Lawton Douglas. And he says it'll only get tougher until the sexual offender registry shows that not all sex offenders are dangerous predators.

"Is it fair? It's not my call," said Douglas. "It's a bad situation."

According to the Georgia Sheriff's Association, efforts are being made to change the law so that Central Georgia and other rural areas don't become more dangerous because they're the only place where offenders can live and be within the law.
- So what next? Are you going to ban them from these places as well? Make their lives even more of a living hell? What do you want from them? When will enough be enough?

State Representative Tony Sellier says the sex offender law will be a hot topic when legislators meet in January and that he expects it will be amended to make it work for everybody: the law makers, the law enforcers, the people on the sex offender registry, and most importantly, the people of Central Georgia.
- I sure hope so, and that this is just not more talk!

Sexual Assault of Young Children as Reported to Law Enforcement: Victim, Incident, and Offender Characteristics

View the article here | PDF

Click the above to read the full study, this is only the "Introduction."


Presents findings from the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) regarding sexual assault, especially of young children. The data are based on reports from law enforcement agencies of 12 States and covers the years 1991 through 1996. The report presents sexual assault in 4 categories: forcible rape, forcible sodomy, sexual assault with an object, and forcible fondling. Findings include statistics on the incidence of sexual assault, the victims, their offenders, gender, response to these crimes, locality, time of incident, the levels of victim injury, victims' perceptions of offenders' ages, and victim-offender relationships, and other detailed characteristics. Highlights include the following:

  • Sixty-seven percent of all victims of sexual assault reported to law enforcement agencies were juveniles (under the age of 18); 34% of all victims were under age 12.
  • One of every seven victims of sexual assault reported to law enforcement agencies were under age 6.
  • Forty percent of the offenders who victimized children under age 6 were juveniles (under the age of 18)

To law enforcement and the public, sexual assaults, and especially the sexual assaults of young children, are a major social concern. Caretakers worry about such attacks when their children are out of sight. Law enforcement, child protective services, and legislatures work to reduce the incidence of these crimes. However, while a few highly publicized incidents are engraved in the public’s consciousness, there is little empirically-based information on these crimes. Until recently, law enforcement and policymakers had few hard facts on which to base their response to these crimes, their victims, and their offenders.

The only existing national data collection effort that explored the incidence of sexual assault ignored crimes against young victims. The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) estimated there were 197,000 incidents of forcible rape and 110,000 incidents of other sexual assault in the United States in 1996 involving victims ages 12 or above (Ringel, 1997). Victims reported that a third (31%) of these sexual assaults (or 94,000 victimizations) were reported to law enforcement agencies. However, for 1996, the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR) estimated that there were 96,000 forcible rapes alone reported to law enforcement agencies (FBI, 1997). The UCR does not capture reported crime information on other sexual assaults such as forcible sodomy, sexual assault with an object, and forcible fondling. However, it can be assumed from their relative volume in the NCVS that tens of thousands of sexual assaults other than forcible rape came to the attention of law enforcement in 1996. The large difference between the NCVS and the UCR estimates may reflect differences in the two data collection methods; or, if both estimates are valid, they indicate that many victims of sexual assault are youth under age 12.

Beyond their volume, little is known about the victims, their offenders, and other characteristics of these crimes. However, the UCR’s relatively new National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) has the potential to yield detailed descriptions of sexual assaults reported by participating law enforcement agencies. NIBRS captures a wide range of information on each incident of sexual assault reported to law enforcement. This information includes demographic information on all victims; the levels of victim injury; victims’ perceptions of offenders’ ages, gender, race, and Hispanic ethnicity; and the victim-offender relationships. NIBRS also collects information on all offenses involved in the incident; the types of weapons used; the locations of the incident, the dates and times of the incident; the demographics of arrestees (if any); and the methods of clearance, such as arrest or victim refusal to cooperate with the investigation. To some, the value of the NIBRS data is limited by the small and non-scientific sample of contributing law enforcement agencies. From 1991 through 1996 the sample of reporting agencies increased; however, even the reporting agencies in the 1996 sample were responsible for less than 10% of the U.S. population. While there is no way to assess the national representativeness of the sample, the number of sexual assault victimizations in the NIBRS sample is very large. Therefore, accepting the inherent qualifications associated with any analysis of NIBRS data, the sheer number of reports and the detailed information available on each crime provides researchers and policymakers with a unique opportunity to study the sexual assaults of young children.