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OR - Sexual Abuse or Harmless Horseplay?

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Kids Treated Like Cons as Schools Crack Down on Minor Infractions

Did you hear about the young sexual harassers in McMinnville, Ore.? In February 2007, Ryan Cornelison, 12, and his pal Cory Mashburn, 13, were charged with five counts of felony sex abuse in the first degree.

Police Officer Marshall Roache testified in court about what the boys did to some 13-year-old girls at their middle school: "I remember her telling us that her buttocks was spanked."

And in Waco, Texas, an official from the La Vega Independent School District wrote Chris Blackwell's father that Chris engaged in "inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment."

A teacher's aide filed a "student behavior referral" stating that as he waited in line for the school bus, "Christopher called my name, he looked at me and smiled with a great big grin on his face, he stuck his face and rubbed it across my chest and he thought it was funny."

The odd thing is … Chris is only 5 years old. He was 4 at the time of the alleged "sexual harassment." His father, DeMarcus Blackwell, says he was "devastated" when he received the letter from the school.

"That's human, to show this display of affection or kindness to each other," Blackwell said. "At 4 years old, my son is being taught and trained to be friendly toward everyone."

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Only after Chris' father complained did the school agree to change Chris' record from sexual harassment to "inappropriate physical conduct."

At least Chris wasn't sent to jail, as were Cory and Ryan in Oregon. Cory's mom, Tracie, who got the terrible phone call, says she was told, "He had been touching some girls and we needed to get down to the juvenile detention. They were arresting him."

'Slap Butt Day'

Tracie and her husband Scott rushed to the Yamhill County jail, where they were told, "We can tell you Cory is here, but you cannot see him or talk to him."

Ryan's dad, Joe, hit the same brick wall. "I thought it was crazy. I can't believe that they could take your kid and just take him to jail like that and you're not able to talk to him."

The boys were in jail because they ran through the halls at school, swatting the bottoms of girls. Friday is unofficially "Slap Butt Day" at Patton Middle School, where swatting butts is considered a form of greeting by kids but a violation of school policy.

Ryan and Cory were sent to the office, where the school's vice principal and police officer Roache questioned them and the girls who were the supposed "victims." After hours of interrogation, the boys were read their Miranda rights, handcuffed and taken to the juvenile detention center.

Attorney and former sex crimes prosecutor Ken Padowitz says accounts of sexual harassment in the workplace have filtered down to the classroom. "We're now having children being charged with crimes such as sexual harassment where these children might not even be aware of what that term means.

"With so many lawsuits, I think that teachers and principals are on a CYA mentality. They basically want to ensure that they're not going to be under the microscope and accused of allowing misbehavior by children to go unpunished. So in order to cover themselves, the police are called," said Padowitz.

Today the so-called victims of the felony sex abuse in Oregon don't consider themselves victims. "20/20" spoke to McKenzie and Madie, two of the girls who were questioned. It wasn't only the boys slapping butts. McKenzie admitted, "Yeah, I probably did slap a couple butts."

'I Was Really Freaked Out'

Debra J. Markham, the deputy district attorney who prosecuted the boys, also accused the boys of sexual abuse because the police officer wrote that they had dry humped the girls. But the boys and girls both say all the boys did was "party boy," a silly dance popularized by the TV show "Jackass."

"It's just like a really funny dance," says Madie. "All the boys do it … they like bounce up and down and it's really funny because they look really retarded when they do it."

Although the girls said they felt pressured by the officer's questioning, Ryan and Cory were locked up for six days, facing the possibility of 10-year jail sentences and a lifetime as registered sex offenders.

"They pushed us up against the wall. They took all our stuff, took our fingerprints," Cory told me. "They strip searched us and then they put us in our cells."

Ryan, who says he was strip searched six or seven times, told me, "I was really freaked out. I didn't know why I was in here, what I did that was so bad that could get me in here."

It was two days before the parents were allowed to see their children; jail policy, Markham told Cory's lawyer, J. Mark Lawrence, -- no communications until visiting day.

Tuesday, Day 6, the boys were finally released, but banned from school and from seeing many of their friends. The district attorney, who did not want to talk to "20/20" about this, demanded a trial.

The snail's pace of the U.S. legal system made it worse for the boys and their families. Prosecutors dropped the felony charges in May, but the boys still had sexual harassment charges hanging over their heads.

It took half a year before a judge would finally hear a motion to dismiss charges. This kind of hardball prosecution doesn't surprise Jakada Imani, executive director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, which works for change in the juvenile justice system.

'Criminalizing Our Young People'

"There's been a disturbing increase in the trend of arresting children for minor infractions that often would have been taken care of in the principal's office or with a school administrator or by simply calling in the parent for a parent-teacher conference," Imani said. "Our future is our children in the United States. And the fact that we're criminalizing our young people, at younger and younger ages for smaller and smaller infractions has to be deeply troubling for anybody concerned about this country's future."

By the time Cory and Ryan's trial came up in August, all four girls had signed affidavits asking the judge to dismiss all charges against the boys, which he did.

In court the boys still apologized to the girls; not particularly for slapping them on the butt but for what the courts and the media put the girls through.

After the trial, Markham spoke to reporter Susan Goldsmith of The Oregonian. "We had an obligation when it came to our attention to act in a way we felt was appropriate," Markham said. "I would bring felony charges again in appropriate cases."

"She's overusing her powers," said Scott Mashburn. "And that's why she's charging these crazy charges. She's just going to continue to do whatever she wants because she has all the power in the world."

Prosecutors do have lots of power, as do police and school officials. Next time we hear about charges of sex abuse, we should think about that because sometimes what authorities call abuse is just a hug or a playful game.

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CA - California diocese settles 4 sex-abuse cases

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Money talks! Funny how that works. People say they suffer for life, but when they get tons of money, that pain all goes away. Hypocrites!


One lawsuit threatened to expose bishop to contempt hearing next week

SANTA ANA - The Diocese of Orange said Friday that it has settled four sex-abuse cases, including a case that had threatened to expose the bishop to a contempt of court hearing next week.

It wasn't immediately known how much the plaintiffs would receive under the terms of the deal, which had been in the works for several weeks as attorneys simultaneously prepared for trial.

The cases were the first to be filed since 2004, when the Diocese of Orange reached a record-breaking $100 million settlement with about 90 plaintiffs. The lawsuits, the first of which was to go to trial Oct. 15, involved allegations against three lay teachers at Mater Dei High School and Santa Margarita High School, as well as allegations against a priest at a neighborhood parish.

"The settlement of these civil cases represents the moral obligation for the church for such behavior by adults in positions of responsibility," Bishop Tod D. Brown said in a statement.

Sarah Gray, one of the plaintiffs, said she was pleased to have a settlement, but still had to work on personal healing.

"I really wanted to go to trial and at the same time, I think, the settlement really accords the same amount of accountability to the diocese," said Gray, who alleges she was sexually molested by her choir teachers in the late 1990s at Mater Dei.

OR - Self-described Portland pedophile promotes girl-watching on new Web site

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This guy is a total idiot, if he's actually doing it, and not someone trying to set him up. Doesn't look like he will ever learn. It is free speech though, but I think he's stupid for doing what he's doing, and I think he does need help, personally.


Self-described pedophile Jack McClellan, who surfaced last month in Portland after being hounded out of Washington and California, has started a Web site offering advice about the best places in the city to watch little girls.

As with a previous site he operated in the Seattle area, he posts reviews of events in Portland where he viewed young girls. McClellan rates the events on a scale of 0 hearts ("No LGs" or "little girls") to 5 hearts ("GL heaven! Top notch!).

But he has not posted any pictures, as he did in previous cities.

McClellan claims he is attracted to young girls and would seek a sexual relationship if it were legal, but he has never been charged or convicted of a sex crime.

On his new site, he said he attended last weekend's Polish Festival in North Portland, where the "Highlight was several children (including some cute LGs) doing a traditional dance competition in front of the stage."

He also includes suggestions about where other pedophiles can watch little girls, although it's little more than advice to check the newspaper listings for family events and to frequent schools and places where children play.

McClellan announced the new site today on a pedophilia message board. The site is registered to him and lists his cell phone number as the point of contact, according to Network Solutions.

Since McClellan has moved to Portland, a Portland Police sexual assault investigator met with him, said spokesman Brian Schmautz. But McClellan hasn't done anything illegal, he said, and police are not tracking him.

"We respond to complaints of illegal activity," Schmautz said. "But all this stuff with trying to draw attention to himself - none of that is illegal. It's not illegal to say he likes little girls and goes to festivals."

He added that the police don't want to get into a position "where people can accuse us of monitoring non-illegal but unpopular speech."

And while McClellan has drawn a lot of media attention, many point out that child molesters most often are family members, friends or acquaintances of victims - not strangers.

One anti-pedophilia crusader, however, maintains that McClellan is a "ticking time bomb."

"He's just an out-of-control individual," said Xavier Von Erck, the Portland-based director of operations for the Perverted Justice Foundation, which works with law enforcement and media organizations to conduct pedophile sting operations.

McClellan did not return e-mail or voicemail messages this afternoon for comment.

CT - 18-Year-Old Charged In Sex Case

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Another young man ruined for life. THIS WAS CONSENSUAL SEX FOLKS!!! They were dating! I hate this government, I really do. The laws are FUBAR!!


WEST HARTFORD - Police Chief James Strillacci says he's upset that a young man he and his wife tried to help allegedly took advantage of their generosity.

West Hartford police Thursday arrested an 18-year-old man on charges that he had sex with a 15-year-old girl last month in Strillacci's Robin Road apartment while the chief and his wife, Elisabeth, were asleep.

The Strillaccis had taken Keith Armstrong into their home this past summer to give him temporary shelter from a broken home, according to the chief.

"We try to do good by somebody," Strillacci said in an interview earlier this week. "This goes under the rubric of no good deed goes unpunished."

Strillacci and his wife are active in helping troubled teens and children through the town's teen center and The Bridge Family Center, a family-service organization. Elisabeth Strillacci offered Armstrong a place to stay at the beginning of the summer, the chief said.

According to the arrest warrant, at 2:30 a.m. Sept. 9 the girl called Armstrong and asked him to come pick her up at her home. Armstrong took the girl to the Strillaccis' apartment in Elisabeth Strillacci's car, and the two teens allegedly had consensual sex in Armstrong's bed.

Armstrong turned himself in to police Thursday morning and appeared in Superior Court in Hartford in the afternoon. He was charged with two counts of second-degree sexual assault, two counts of risk of injury to a minor and driving with a suspended license.

He remained in custody with bail set at $60,000. His next court appearance is set for Oct. 31. Armstrong is enrolled in a federal Job Corps training program and was working, a public defender told the court.

The 15-year-old girl, who had been dating Armstrong for months, willingly had sex with him, according to the affidavit. The two teens, who began dating when she was 14 and he was 17, had snuck into Armstrong's room in Strillacci's apartment, at 39 Robin Road, numerous nights during the summer, according to the affidavit.

The age of consent in Connecticut is 16, and a person who has consensual sex with someone under 16 can be charged with sexual assault, commonly called statutory rape.

An exception to the law makes the sex legal if the birthdates of the two teens are within a certain span. On Monday, a revised version of that law increased the allowable age gap from two to three years.

Armstrong, according to the affidavit, is three years and 15 days older than the girl.

Police began investigating after the girl's stepfather called shortly before 4 a.m. on Sept. 9 to report the girl was missing, the affidavit says. The stepfather had told Armstrong several times that he did not want the two teens seeing each other, according to the police.

Police were at the girl's house when Armstrong drove the girl back home about 6:10 a.m., the affidavit says. The two teens initially denied having sex, according to the affidavit, but then allegedly admitted it.

Nothing took place with the police chief's or his wife's consent or knowledge, Strillacci says.

The couple told investigating officers that they knew nothing about Armstrong's relationship with the girl. They said they never saw them together and didn't hear anything the night of Sept. 9, according to the affidavit.

The Strillaccis, the affidavit says, told Det. Jeffrey Glaude that Armstrong had permission to use Elisabeth Strillacci's car, a Buick Century, but that neither knew that he had a suspended license. Armstrong's license was suspended July 18, police said.

Strillacci said in the interview earlier this week that he and his wife were unaware in the early morning of Sept. 9 that Armstrong had taken the car.

IL - Governor Blagojevich signs law to further restrict child sex offenders, methamphetamine producers

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Senate Bill 1397 increases punishments for sex offenders; establishes meth ingredient sales tracking pilot program

SPRINGFIELDGovernor Rod R. Blagojevich today signed legislation that puts additional restrictions on child sex offenders and producers of methamphetamine. Senate Bill 1397, sponsored by State Senator Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) and State Representative Deborah L. Graham (D-Oak Park), includes several provisions that crack down on sex offenders, including increasing maximum jail sentences for several types of sex offenses and requiring sex offenders to notify law enforcement within 72 hours of a change in address, employment or school, rather than the current five days. The law also creates a Pilot Program in Southern Illinois’ Williamson County to track the sale of ingredients used to produce methamphetamine.

“We must do everything we can to keep our children and our communities safe,” said Gov. Blagojevich. “I am happy to sign this law that will keep our children safer by implementing common sense restrictions on sex offenders and helping parents to be more aware of the sex offenders living in their communities. This law will also help law enforcement keep track of individuals who are buying ingredients for meth so that we can stop them before their products get into the hands of our children.”
- Common sense? If you'd read the FACTS about these laws, you'd know this will do nothing to prevent sex crimes or meth sales.

SB 1397 adds the crime of aggravated child pornography to the list of sex offenses. Now, individuals convicted of aggravated child pornography will be restricted from residing, loitering, or being present within 500 feet of a school, park, or other facility providing services to children under 18 years of age. This already applies to persons convicted of other sex offenses against children and adults. A violation of this provision would result in a prison sentence of 1-3 years and/or a fine of up to $25,000.

SB 1397 also:

  • Prohibits sexual predators and sex offenders who are on parole from possessing prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction.
  • Requires a sexual predator to pay the costs of electronic home monitoring.
  • Increases the maximum sentence for exploitation of a child from a Class 1 felony to a Class X felony, with the maximum sentence of 60 years in prison.
  • Increases the maximum penalty for predatory criminal sexual assault on children under the age of 13 by a person 17 years or older to 60 years in prison.
  • Adds the offense of exploitation of a child as an aggravating factor that would increase the penalty for criminal sexual assault from a Class 1 felony to a Class X felony with a maximum sentence increasing to 60 years in prison.

“I was proud to sponsor Jessica’s Law because I believe that keeping communities notified of registrations changes will help to curb contact between sex offenders and children,” said Sen. Harmon.
- No it won't. About 90% or more of all sex crimes occur in the victims own home, so restricting where they can live and go will have no impact, except banishment.

The legislation prohibits jailed sex offenders from receiving good conduct credit unless they successfully participate in sex offender treatment. SB 1397 also creates a task force to study the implementation, cost, placement, and effectiveness of transitional housing facilities for sex offenders released from facilities of the Illinois Department of Corrections. The task force will include two members from the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) appointed by the director, two members from the Illinois Prisoner Review Board, four members each from the Senate and House of Representatives and two members from the Governor’s Office.

The bill also creates the Williamson County Pilot Program to collect and store electronic information pertaining to the sale of meth ingredients. These electronic logs will contain the name, address and ID type or number of a customer who is purchasing products that can be used to manufacture methamphetamines. The logs will also provide details of the transaction such as the brand, the amount of the drug, and the time and date of the purchase. It will also record the pharmacy’s name, address and the DEA code from pharmacies in Franklin, Jackson, Johnson, Saline, Union or Williamson Counties and any other pharmacy that wishes to participate.
- Now Meth users can find where the dealers live. Smart!

“This law will provide people in these counties with unprecedented tools to track the purchases of products that can be used to make methamphetamines,” said Rep. Graham. “This Program is an unprecedented step toward stopping the people who produce this toxin before they have the opportunity to do so.”

The law takes effect January 1, 2008.

WA - Parents Get A School Bus Stop Moved Away From A Sex Offender's Home

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BENTON CITY - It took eight months, but some parents in Benton City finally got a bus stop moved away from a sex offender's home.

Jennifer Vering said back in February the school bus dropped off her children right in front of a convicted child molester's home.

Back then, she said the district wouldn't move the bus stop. However, the district now has a new superintendent. Thursday, he agreed to move the bus stop down the street.

"I think it's wonderful. I'm really relieved that they've done it," said Jennifer Vering, mother of three children.

The superintendent said it's important to respect parents concerns.

"If there's a perceived risk to students and to children from parents we have to take that seriously. We have to take a look and see what we can do, if there's anything possible for us to do to make it a better situation, we want to do that," said Rom Castilleja, Kiona-Benton School District Superintendent.

The district didn't move the bus stop before, because the new stop would require the bus to back up.

Although that hasn't changed, the superintendent said they've found a way to do it safely.

FL - Federal Prosecutor Accused In Sex Sting Commits Suicide

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MILAN -- John D.R. Atchison, the federal prosecutor who was arrested in an Internet sex sting after he allegedly traveled to Michigan from Florida to have sex with a 5-year-old girl, hanged himself in a Michigan federal prison Friday morning.

Atchison, 53, of Pensacola, Fla., was put on suicide watch after he used a bed sheet in an attempted suicide in September.

Detroit police confirmed Atchison's suicide death at 10:14 a.m. Friday. They have not released any details.

Atchison was a married father of three and a respected figure who coached girls' softball and basketball in a park a few blocks from his home in this well-to-do beach community.

Atchison had been communicating with an undercover sheriff's detective from Macomb County, Mich., who was posing online as the fictitious girl's mother and arranged for him to have sex with the child, police said.

He was arrested carrying presents for her, including a doll and earrings, and sexual materials, officials said.

"There were no red flags. He was normal. He went to work at the courthouse Monday through Friday. It's not like he carried dolls to the ballpark," said police Lt. Rick Hawthorne, who knew Atchison for more than 10 years and coached softball.

In the community that once applauded Atchison for his dedication to youth sports, people now worry that the assistant U.S. attorney might have held other secrets. But authorities have so far found no cases of child molestation in Florida involving Atchison.

The Pensacola mayor has tried to reassure parents and other residents alarmed by Atchison's arrest. "There was nothing involving local children and there should be no implication that there is," he said.

As a federal prosecutor, Atchison mostly worked on tax and financial crime cases. According to court records, it appears he never prosecuted child sex abuse cases.

Atchison's attorney, James C. Thomas, released a statement Friday: “We are deeply saddened to learn the death of John Roy Atchison. Our heartfelt regrets go out to his wife and children, his parents and his brothers and sisters. This is a man who has done a lot of good in his life. Unfortunately, he is going to be judged by his most recent charges and what we have read in the media, and not by the goodness, hard work or by the love of his family. I expect to be filing a Suggestion of Death and will request the federal judge to dismiss the case once I receive the necessary documents.”

Atchison was charged with three felonies, the most serious of which is crossing state lines with intent to have sex with someone under 12. Conviction carries a minimum 30-year prison sentence and a maximum of life.

FL - Blountstown Cop in Court

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The Blountstown police officer accused of committing sex crimes appeared in court Wednesday. Charles Bender was officially charged with 2 counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and one count of battery. Bender, 52, lives in Marianna but works in Blountstown.

According to court documents Bender allegedly forced a teenage girl to perform oral sex on him. News of the incident surfaced on September the 20th. At that time Blountstown Police Chief Glenn Kimbrel reported it to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for an investigation.

Thats when officials uncovered several cases of alleged inappropriate sexual conduct on Benders part. And all the alleged actions took place with teens participating in a Police Explorer program.

Blountstown Chief Glenn Kimbrel is concerned. "There's a dark cloud over the Explore program and the Police Department. But it's doesn't damper my spirits I think it's a worth while program"Bender was supposed to mentor the girls.

Instead court documents say he put hand in a girls bra. And forced another teen to perform oral sex on him. All actions officials say were uncharacteristic of his squeaky clean file.

"Theres no indication of any problem at all. He was an older gentleman with a military background, retired. He worked for the Department of Corrections. They did a background check. We did a background check, no indicators of anything amiss at all."

Some changes will be made to the Explorer program such as everything has to be done in group settings. No more individual mentoring. All the alleged incidents happened in a Blountstown police car.


NOTE: If you are a registered sex offender, then please get your probation or parole officers permission to attend, if you plan on attending. If you do not, attending this could get you a violation and arrested!


October 16, 2007

Contact: Jackie Sparling, (Chief Operating Officer SOSEN)
Phone: (740) 354-7919

New sex offender legislation is going to drastically and negatively impact many low-tier offenders and their families. Soclear Media Productions, in conjunction with the Sex Offender Support and Education Network, is planning a peaceful protest at the Ohio Statehouse, located at 77 South High St, Columbus, Ohio at 11 a.m. on Saturday, December 1, 2007.

Over the past few years, the government has been chipping away at the basic human rights and freedoms of low-tier registered sex offenders.

Recently, Ohio passed Senate Bill 10. Sex offenders who have not yet received notification from Attorney General Mark Dann's office indicating their "tier" level will soon be notified that their present low-level classifications could be raised without cause. Under this bill, one-time, low-level offenders could suddenly be classified as "predators." This will have a serious negative impact on low-tier sex offenders, who have served their time and are no longer considered a threat to society. Some offenders, including those with less than a year on their registration requirements, will have those requirements extended by this bill. For others, lifetime registration will be required.

On Saturday December 1, 2007, Soclear Media Productions will sponsor a peaceful protest at the Statehouse in Columbus beginning at 11 a.m. We invite members of the media and registered sex offenders and their families to attend this peaceful assembly. We want to show our legislators that we strongly support the rehabilitation of sex offenders and their reintegration into society as law-abiding contributing members. For members of the media, we view this as a chance to encourage open and constructive discussion on this hot-button issue. Constitutional protections must apply equally to everyone. Fair legislation will do more to ensure the safety of our country's children than this broad, repressive law.

Scheduled speakers will include:

PA - Shade sets restrictions for sex offenders

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SHADE TOWNSHIP — Supervisors have enacted an ordinance that will put restrictions on where sexually violent predators may live in the township.

“We’ve been working on this for several months now,” said Chairman John Topka.

The ordinance states that offenders may not live within 2,500 feet of any school, day care facility, park or other area frequented by children. Each violation will be punished by imprisonment for not more than 90 days and a fine not exceeding $1,000, according to the ordinance.

Solicitor Scott Bittner said offenders are required to notify authorities when they relocate into any area. In the case of sexually violent predators, notification is also provided to neighbors, school superintendents, day care providers and the director of children and youth services, among others.

“The judge in sentencing court makes sure offenders are aware of reporting procedures,” he said.

Additionally, Topka said that probation officers always ask offenders when they are released where they intend to reside, and those officers will inform them of any ordinances or other restrictions in that jurisdiction.

Also, the township will be notified if an offender moves in, even if they are compliant with the ordinance, he said.

Residents were concerned that the ordinance does not restrict an offender’s ability to travel into and through the township. Topka said there was no legal way the township could prevent travel, and that the ordinance was the best precaution that could be taken.

The state defines a sexually violent predator as a sex offender with a “mental abnormality or personality disorder that makes (that) person likely to engage in predatory sexually violent offenses.”
- If it's a "mental abdnormality" like you say, then they should be getting disability for this, and to help pay for the BS they have to go through. And since many cannot get jobs, unemployment benefits as well, as well as medical insurance.

A sexually violent predator is required to register and verify his address with the Pennsylvania State Police for the remainder of his life. Sex offenders without the designation are subject to a 10-year registration period following their release from prison.

MI - ACLU criticizes sex offender laws as inconsistent

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The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan is blasting what it says are inconsistent state sex offender laws in the wake of a Mount Clemens offender's court bid to allow him to live near a park.

The ACLU claims there's no prohibition against offenders living near parks. The law only bans them within 1,000 feet of schools, but authorities are too overzealous in their interpretation of it, the ACLU claims.

"It's much easier for a prosecutor to not have to deal with sex offenders living near parks and they tell them that you can't," said Shelli Weisberg, legislative director. "People believe them. Every offender has to rely on what local law enforcement agency says."

The objection comes even as police ramp up efforts to nab sex offenders. Wayne County on Thursday announced the arrests of 42 people during a three-day sweep of those wanted on felony warrants for sex crimes.

"We're using a proactive approach to keep a handle on sex offenders in our community," Wayne County Sheriff

Warren Evans said. The ACLU weighed in after a Detroit News report on Thursday about David Randazzo, 52, of Mount Clemens, who goes to court Tuesday hoping to persuade a judge to allow him to live within 1,000 feet of Lawndale Park. He pleaded no-contest in 2003 to fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct with a 13-year-old relative.

Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor Rebecca Oster, who's handling the case, says the state Department of Corrections' probation office recommends sex offenders stay away from parks.

"It was my understanding that the statute did say (that parks were prohibited)," said Oster, who works in the sex crimes unit.

Randazzo is on probation until August. He claims he was unaware he was moving near a park and has had to move 17 times in recent years because of the restrictions.

Oster argued the law may seem confusing to the public, but it's clear to probation officers.

FL - Attorney General opens expanded cyber-crime unit

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Learn the NetLingo here. I am not saying this does not occur, it does, but see this video series from experts who studied this for awhile.


Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum said the most dangerous letters that can show up on a child’s computer monitor today are LMIRL.

The letters are Internet shorthand for the phrase “lets meet in real life,” and they are often typed by online predators hoping to solicit a sexual encounter with a child.

In an attempt to prevent such meetings and aggressively prosecute those who pursue them, McCollum was in Jacksonville Thursday to officially open the expanded state Child Predator Cyber-Crime Unit that will oversee six new cyber-crime operations in Florida.

The growth is being funded by $2.3 million from the state legislature that will increase staff from six to 14 in the Jacksonville headquarters and add 50 more personnel at offices in Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Myers, Tallahassee, Tampa and Pensacola.

“I feel we’ll have the largest and most successful program in the country when this is all finished,” said McCollum. “This expansion has happened because of the dramatic increase in this kind of crime.”

McCollum’s office estimates that more than 77 million children use the Internet every day, with one in seven between the ages of 10 and 17 being sexually solicited while online. Florida reportedly ranks fourth in the nation for volume of child pornography.

The expansion of the cyber-crime unit comes on the heels of a new state law, the Cybercrimes Against Children Act of 2007, that went into effect Monday. The bill increases penalties for some types of cyber-crime and creates a new criminal charge against people who travel to meet a child after conversing with them online.

The law also includes new penalties for “grooming,” where a person lies about his or her age to entice a child into communication and eventually a meeting. Florida is currently the only state in the nation with such a law.

Cybercrime Unit Director Maureen Horkan said the law will help give her investigators and prosecutors more power to prevent sex crimes against children before they happen.

Horkan grew the Jacksonville operation after it began as a pilot program in 2005. The unit has produced close to 50 arrests, and Horkan said, and McCollum agreed, that Jacksonville is an ideal location for the new expanded headquarters.

“There is great support here with various law enforcement, FBI and our relationship with various prosecutors,” said Horkan. “I think we’ll be able to make a huge impact not only in Jacksonville, but in the state and the nation.”

At the unit’s offices in the Av-Med building on the Southbank, a team of investigators surf the Net for child pornography and pose as children online in order to solicit sexual encounters, similar to Dateline NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” series.
- And this proves, the police can and should do their job, and "To Catch a Predator" should be shut down. They are exploiting the law enforcement and sex offenders for money and ratings. Kind of like Cops and Cheaters, which I think should be shut down as well.

In a live demonstration during McCollum’s visit, Law Enforcement Chief Chuck McMullen signed onto a chat room under the guise of a young child. Within minutes, four people had solicited him.

“What’s increasing is the level of sophistication with their soliciting,” said McMullen. “They are being a little bit more careful now.”

McMullen said the expanded program will help the core need of getting more investigators online, however, he doesn’t discount the need for education.

“You’re not going to arrest your way out of this problem,” he said.

On that end, the cyber-crime Unit has created an educational video program showing children the dangers of surfing the Internet and posting personal information on Web sites such as

The video is already being played in schools across Florida, and plans are to have the video in every middle and high school by the end of this school year.

For more information on the Attorney General’s cyber-crime initiative, visit

CT - Lawyer Pleads Guilty in Porn Case

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A prominent Fairfield County defense attorney last Thursday pleaded to destroying evidence in a pornography case.

Attorney Philip D. Russell, 48, of Stamford pleaded guilty before Senior U.S. District Judge Alan H. Nevas in Bridgeport to one count of misprision of a felony. The plea represented a reduction from the charges of obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence levied against him.

Nevas has scheduled sentencing for Dec. 17, at which time Russell faces a maximum term of three years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. He was released on $100,000 surety bond pending sentencing.

Russell admitted that he was aware an individual had committed a child pornography crime, yet he failed to report it to authorities. He then concealed the crime by destroying a laptop computer containing the child pornography.

On Oct. 7, 2006, an employee of Christ Church in Greenwich, who at the time was working in the church's choir program, discovered images of naked boys on a laptop regularly used by Robert F. Tate, who had been the choirmaster and organist at the church for approximately 34 years. The next day, church officials sealed and wrapped Tate's laptop computer, treating it as evidence.

Russell represented the church with respect to Tate's conduct. On Oct. 9, Russell and two church officials met with Tate and confronted him about the images found on his laptop computer. Tate acknowledged that the images on the laptop were his, that they were inappropriate, and that they were personal to him.

Russell told Tate, in words to the effect, that "this is serious business," "this is a federal crime that carries a minimum of five years in jail," and "you need a lawyer."

He then provided Tate with the name and telephone number of a criminal defense attorney, and Tate said he would resign from the church.

Russell then took possession of Tate's laptop computer knowing that it contained child pornography and returned to his law office. At his office, Russell told an employee to go outside and Russell then destroyed and concealed Tate's laptop. Russell failed to report to law enforcement that Tate, who was not his client, had possessed child pornography.

"Affirmatively assisting those who commit federal crimes by concealing criminal conduct is a serious offense," U.S. Attorney Kevin J. O'Connor stated. "It undermines society's interest in public safety, particularly where, as here, the person concealing the crime is a practicing attorney and the crime relates to the sexual exploitation of children."

In February, a federal grand jury returned an Indictment charging Russell with obstructing justice and destroying evidence concerning child pornography. A trial in this matter was scheduled to begin this week.

On Jan. 22, Tate pleaded guilty to an Indictment charging him with unlawfully possessing digital images of minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct. He awaits sentencing.

This prosecution is part of the U.S. Department of Justice's Project Safe Childhood Initiative, a nationwide initiative designed to protect children from online exploitation and abuse. Led by the United States Attorneys Offices, Project Safe Childhood marshals federal, state and local resources to better locate, apprehend and prosecute individuals who exploit children via the internet, as well as identify and rescue victims. For more information about Project Safe Childhood, visit

TN - Murder or Vigilante Justice?

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Both! Murder is murder, doesn't matter who is doing it or for what reason. This is tragic, but that doesn't give the person the right to kill someone. I hope she spends the rest of her life in prison until she dies.


Kim Cunningham Killed Her Daughter's Alleged Rapist; Two Juries Acquitted Her of Murder

Amanda Cunningham said she vividly recalls the day her Uncle Coy raped her.

"I remember I had my purple Little Mermaid shirt on," she told ABC News. "He told me to take my clothes off, and I said no, so he took them off me."

She was 9 years old. Coy Hundley was drunk, Amanda said, but that wasn't unusual. He would rape her again a few months later, she testified in court.

Nearly five years later, in the fall of 2003, Amanda's mother, Kimberly Cunningham, finally learned of the alleged attacks. What happened next was the talk of Knoxville, Tenn., for years.

Kimberly got into her car and drove to the tool company where Hundley worked. She called him out into the parking lot. Cunningham said that she was praying he would deny the rape. Instead, she said Hundley, 39, laughed at her.

"What are you going to do about it?" he allegedly said.

Kimberly shot him five times, reloaded the weapon and fired five more rounds, killing him.

Watch the story this November on "20/20"

"I'll never forget him laughing at me," she testified at trial, according to court transcripts.

Witnesses said that after Kimberly shot Hundley, she got back into her car, pulled out of the parking lot and up to the road, put her blinker on and calmly drove away. Forty-five minutes later, she was in the Alcoa, Tenn., Police Department, turning in her nickel-plated revolver and telling police there had been a shooting.

"The person who is a good mother and in control — and I'm a compassionate person — was completely gone," Kimberly told ABC News. "You wouldn't believe how tiny she was," Kimberly said, her voice cracking. "This little thing, she wasn't more than 42 pounds, and for someone to do such vulgar things to her … there [sic] is simply no words to describe what happened … I just totally lost control."

On an audiotape of the police interrogation obtained by ABC News, Kimberly can be heard sobbing. "He raped my baby!" she told police.

In her first trial in April 2005, a Knoxville jury acquitted her of first degree murder, but deadlocked on second degree murder. In a second trial in October 2005, the jury acquitted Kimberly of second degree murder, but found her guilty of voluntary manslaughter. She was sentenced to four years in prison, a sentence that was recently reduced on appeal to six months in prison.
- Amazing! 6 months for killing a person in cold blood! If we all did this to people who have harmed us, nobody would be left. You cannot justify murder with more murder!

"If she hadn't reloaded that gun," said Carl Eppolito, a juror from the second trial, "I would have let her walk."
- What difference does reloading a gun have to do with it? Murder is murder!

For the tight-knit town of Knoxville, nestled in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains, the case posed the thorniest of questions: What would you do if you believed your child had been raped?
- Uh, tell the police and let them handle it!

He Said They'd 'Never Find My Body'

Kimberly had obtained a gun permit, taken lessons at a firing range and carried a loaded gun in a black purse in her car since August 2003, when she learned that Hundley's eldest son had allegedly molested her son Shane, now 15, as well as Amanda.

After Kimberly reported this to police, the Hundleys threatened her, Kimberly testified. Hundley was the common-law husband of Kimberly's sister Rhonda.

"I was scared of their family," Kimberly said. "They wanted me to drop it, kept telling me that 'it's gonna come out of my a--' if I didn't drop it." She said that Hundley and his friends repeatedly told her that they'd "never find my body."

Feeling helpless and angry, she said, she smashed the windows in Hundley's son's car. When she called Hundley at work, she testified, he told her the vandalism made the two families "even."

Repeated attempts by ABC News to interview Hundley's son were unsuccessful. Evelyn Hundley, Hundley's mother, denied that any molestation or rapes had occurred.

"I just think it's unjust," she said. "I don't believe in the justice system no more. Because she got away with cold-blooded murder."
- Amen! There is no justice. We might as well go back to the Wild-West days and let everybody kill each other.

Though Kimberly contacted police after her children told her they'd been molested, no charges were filed against Hundley's eldest son, according to Evelyn.

Listless and Withdrawn

For nearly five years, Amanda had harbored her secret, and it was beginning to wear on her. Her mother said that the A student had become listless and withdrawn. She remembers Amanda lying on the floor outside her bedroom door, "screaming and crying" until her mother would let her come in and sleep in her bed with her.

"I knew there was something wrong with her, but I didn't know what it was," Kimberly said. Mother and daughter began to fight bitterly, until one day in the early fall of 2003, in utter frustration, Kimberly put her daughter in the backseat of the car and told her she was taking her to the juvenile detention center.

"Why are you acting like this?" her mother pleaded with her. Then she had a thought. "Who is bothering you?" she asked her daughter.

The mother began ticking off the names of the people in town.

"When she got to [Coy's son's] name, I shook my head, yes," Amanda said. Her mother went to the police and then took her young son Shane to McDonald's. He, too, said that Coy's eldest son had been "touching" him.

Kimberly continued to press Amanda, but Amanda couldn't bring herself to tell her mother everything. "I didn't want to tell her because that was more embarrassing to me because he was an adult," Amanda told ABC News. But the secret distressed her, she said.

On Oct. 6, 2003, while her mother was putting Shane to bed, Amanda asked her to come into her bedroom. She said that she had something she wanted to talk about.

'Every Parent's Nightmare'

"I told her I had been having dreams about Coy," Amanda said. "She told me she knew there was more to what I was trying to say."

Amanda finally broke down and told her mother that Hundley had forced her to perform oral sex on him when she was 9 and then raped her. She said he had raped her again after that and threatened her not to tell anybody.

Finally, it all made sense to Kimberly. As Amanda got dressed for school, her mother slowly absorbed the enormity of what her daughter had told her.

"She wasn't like, psychotically out of it or anything," Amanda said. "She just seemed zoned out, like she was thinking about a lot of things."

By the time Amanda got to school, the man she said raped her lay dead in a parking lot, with four bullets in his head and four more scattered throughout his body.

"It's every parent's nightmare," Kimberly's attorney, Bruce Poston, told ABC News. "This case came down to the defense saying, 'What would you do if you were in her shoes?'"

'It Got … Meaner and Meaner'

Linda King, 58, a retired secretary from a General Motors purchasing department in Tennessee, was the final holdout against a first degree murder conviction for Kimberly in the first trial. She told ABC News that she was pressured by the 11-mother, one-father jury to convict Kimberly of first degree murder.

She said that she was called stupid "and worse things," and that at one point the male foreman pounded his fists on the table in front of her and threatened to write a note to the judge saying that she was "illogical, uncooperative and couldn't see the light of day."

"And that's exactly what he ended up doing," King said.

What began as a cordial deliberation in which several of the women felt Kimberly had acted in a moment of extreme passion and should not be charged with murder, devolved into a tense, 11-versus-1 contest of wills.

"It kind of got meaner and meaner," King said, adding that as time passed several of the other jurors became "nasty."

Two other jurors had held out with her into the second day of deliberations, but eventually sided with the others, she said. King said the other jurors told her they "would come down from first degree murder, and so now I had to come up from voluntary manslaughter."

"I told them, 'That's not how this works. It's not a compromise. This is someone's life we're talking about,'" said King. "I said I felt this family had been victimized enough and they needed a chance to recover themselves, and that mother needed to be with those kids."

The rest of the jury appeared to be deeply skeptical of Kimberly's family.

"The jury kept saying to me, 'That man is not here to defend himself,' but I believed what those kids went through," King said. "I really felt that when this had happened the first time, with [Kimberly's] nephew, that she had followed the law. She had tried to go through the system the first time, and I think she would have gone through the system again the second time unless Coy Hundley had reacted the way he did, laughing at her."

Eventually, King said, the tide began to turn. The jury finally voted to acquit Cunningham of first degree murder, but became hopelessly deadlocked on second degree murder. A second trial was ordered.

'It's Wrong to Kill Somebody, but You Want to Protect Your Family'

The first vote during deliberations in the second jury trial was relatively evenly split between convicting on second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter.

"About the only thing we did have an issue with was whether it was premeditated or a spur-of-the-moment thing," said juror David Miles, an electrical engineer.

He said the jury generally agreed from the start that vigilante justice had to be punished, but it was vexed when it came to deciding exactly how to punish a woman who had apparently been through what Kimberly had.

"I think the main feeling was that you shouldn't take justice into your own hands," Miles said of the jury deliberations, before adding, "but on the other side of the coin, if you were thrust into that situation, how would you react? You are brought up that you're supposed to protect your family at all costs, so it's really kind of a mixed thing."

He said he felt that what swayed the second jury toward a voluntary manslaughter charge was the mitigating factor that Kimberly feared Hundley, who had allegedly threatened Kimberly after she went to police to complain that Hundley's son had molested her children.

"Being a father myself, it was very difficult because I wasn't sure I wouldn't have done the same thing," said Miles. "You know, it's wrong to kill somebody, but you want to protect your family and I felt that's where she was at. She felt she was at the end of her rope. She had been dealing with [threats and intimidation] for several months, and when she got that latest piece of news it just broke her spirit. And she felt she had to take care of it."

The Letter of the Law

Another juror from the second trial, Brenda Newman, who retired three years ago from her job in a bank, said she knew from the start that she would have to force herself to put her personal feelings aside and follow the letter of the law.

"I knew the law would be the first priority," she told ABC News. "And that I could not act on my own feelings. I knew that I had to separate the way I felt as to what I might have done from what the law is, so I focused in on that the entire time."

"And it was very difficult,'' she said. "I could relate to her, especially as a mother. But like I said I wanted everything to be completely fair because I knew I had to live with it afterwards. I thought she felt helpless and that she was trying to protect her children. I did not feel like it was planned out. I felt like it was just a moment of passion."

Like Miles and other jurors from the second trial who spoke to ABC News, Newman said the jurors were adamant that they reach a conclusion on the charges in order to spare Kimberly's obviously damaged children from having to take the stand a third time in a third trial.

"Everyone in there agreed that we needed to come to a decision, but we agreed that it had to be one everyone could live with," said Newman.

Kimberly is expected to begin serving her sentence next month. With good behavior, she hopes to be home with her family by January.
- She killed someone and should be in prison until she dies!

CANADA - 8 boys charged with sex assault at school

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12- and 13-year-old students accused of restraining and groping girls; parents fear charges overblown

Eight students at Smithfield Middle School in Rexdale have been charged with sexual assault after allegedly restraining and groping four girls on school property after class. The boys are all 12 and 13, and can't be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The girls are all 13.

All are students at the public school for grades 6, 7 and 8.

The alleged incidents occurred separately over 45 minutes on Sept. 25, during a basketball game on the court behind the school, which is on Mount Olive Dr., near Finch Ave. W. and Kipling Ave.

A surveillance camera is in the area and videotape "did play a part of the investigation," said Supt. Ron Taverner of nearby 23 Division.

Taverner declined to discuss what the tape shows or what exactly police and the girls are alleging.

However, Trevor Ludski, superintendent of the Toronto District School Board, said the girls were allegedly restrained and "the boys then touched the girls over their clothing."

But some parents of the accused boys have expressed concern that the criminal charges are a result of actions that may have been blown out of proportion.

School officials have called a parents' meeting for 7 p.m. next Tuesday, which will include police and school social workers. The school has sent a letter home with students informing parents about the "serious occurrences."

Ludski said a vice-principal was watching a school baseball game in the field outside the school when she noticed a female student who appeared to be upset. Police were then called. The board has issued the eight charged students a letter denying them access to school pending the police investigation, said board officials.

They are being assigned lessons to do at home.

Several of the girls have returned to class. By mid-afternoon yesterday, parents of some of the accused boys were at 23 Division, angry their sons had been held for hours and perplexed at the severity of the charges.

A woman whose 13-year-old son was charged said she is keeping an open mind about what went on.

"I will not say he was right, I can't say he was wrong, but the video should tell the story."

Behind her sat her son quietly shuffling his feet, his wide eyes peering out from beneath the brim of his baseball cap.

His mother said he told her there was "contact" and "touching" but he doesn't believe he did anything wrong.

If evidence suggests the girls were subjected to unwanted, inappropriate touching, then she certainly wouldn't condone it, she said.

"If it's done, and the person doesn't want it done to them, that's bad."

Another woman, who brought her son in at 7:30 a.m. yesterday, said she's convinced what happened was not of a criminal nature.

"It's kids playing basketball. People touch people – it's not that they were groping the vagina or breasts or nothing, they were just playing around," she said.

"I think it's a little more than that," responded Taverner.

But he acknowledged sexual assault is broadly defined in the Criminal Code. "We're not in a position to put degrees of sexual assault," he said, noting the offence can run the gamut of a grope to a rape.

The boys are scheduled to appear in court Nov. 8.

Ludski emphasized that Smithfield is "a particularly strong school in a neighbourhood with many challenges."

Smithfield is in a booming part of the city, with 786 students, many visible minorities from South Asia, Somalia and the West Indies.

Nearly two-thirds have a language other than English as their mother tongue, yet only one-quarter of students are new arrivals to Canada.

Principal Rupert Castello runs a number of anti-bullying programs at the school and plays drums with students in an African drumming group at the school. The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences donated $10,000 to the music program last year. Rapper Jelleestone, a Smithfield grad, made the presentation.

MA - Doc, what’s up with snooping? Pediatrician paranoia runs deep

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They’re watching you right now.

They counted every beer you drank during last night’s Red Sox [team stats] game.

They see you sneaking out to the garage for a smoke.

They know if you’ve got a gun, and where you keep it.

They’re your kids, and they’re the National Security Agency of the Nanny State.

I found this out after my 13-year-old daughter’s annual checkup. Her pediatrician grilled her about alcohol and drug abuse.

Not my daughter’s boozing. Mine.

“The doctor wanted to know how much you and mom drink, and if I think it’s too much,” my daughter told us afterward, rolling her eyes in that exasperated 13-year-old way. “She asked if you two did drugs, or if there are drugs in the house.”

“What!” I yelped. “Who told her about my stasher, I mean, ‘It’s an outrage!’ ”

I turned to my wife. “You took her to the doctor. Why didn’t you say something?”

She couldn’t, she told me, because she knew nothing about it. All these questions were asked in private, without my wife’s knowledge or consent.

“The doctor wanted to know how we get along,” my daughter continued. Then she paused. “And if, well, Daddy, if you made me feel uncomfortable.”

Great. I send my daughter to the pediatrician to find out if she’s fit to play lacrosse, and the doctor spends her time trying to find out if her mom and I are drunk, drug-addicted sex criminals.

We’re not alone, either. Thanks to guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics and supported by the commonwealth, doctors across Massachusetts are interrogating our kids about mom and dad’s “bad” behavior.

We used to be proud parents. Now, thanks to the AAP, we’re “persons of interest.”

The paranoia over parents is so strong that the AAP encourages doctors to ignore “legal barriers and deference to parental involvement” and shake the children down for all the inside information they can get.

And that information doesn’t stay with the doctor, either.

Debbie is a mom from Uxbridge who was in the examination room when the pediatrician asked her 5-year-old, “Does Daddy own a gun?”

When the little girl said yes, the doctor began grilling her and her mom about the number and type of guns, how they are stored, etc.

If the incident had ended there, it would have merely been annoying.

But when a friend in law enforcement let Debbie know that her doctor had filed a report with the police about her family’s (entirely legal) gun ownership, she got mad.

She also got a new doctor.

In fact, the problem of anti-gun advocacy in the examining room has become so widespread that some states are considering legislation to stop it.

Last year, my 7-year-old was asked about my guns during his physical examination. He promptly announced to the doctor that his father is the proud owner of a laser sighted plasma rifle perfect for destroying Throggs.

At least as of this writing, no police report has been filed.

“I still like my previous pediatrician,” Debbie told me. “She seemed embarrassed to ask the gun questions and apologized afterward. But she didn’t seem to have a choice.”

Of course doctors have a choice.

They could choose, for example, to ask me about my drunken revels, and not my children.

They could choose not to put my children in this terrible position.

They could choose, even here in Massachusetts, to leave their politics out of the office.

But the doctors aren’t asking us parents.

They’re asking our kids.

Worst of all, they’re asking all kids about sexual abuse without any provocation or probable cause.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has declared all parents guilty until proven innocent.

And then they wonder why we drink.

MS - Lawsuit filed against JPS, principal

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A lawsuit has been filed against Jackson Public Schools and Assistant Principal Sherard Hollins, accusing Hollins of assault, battery and intentional affliction of emotional distress, among other claims.

The lawsuit, filed last month by the mothers of two minor students, says Hollins, former Forest Hill assistant principal, sucked the big toe of a minor student and later promised to help the student with his grades, give him money each week and passes to get out of his JROTC class in exchange for his silence. He allegedly also promised a friend of the minor special treatment.

The incident allegedly occurred in November, but Hollins' special treatment of the minor continued, according to the lawsuit, which represents one side of a legal argument.

Hollins is an assistant principal at Wingfield High School.

"We don't comment on pending litigation or personnel matters," JPS said in a statement Thursday.

Attempts to reach Hollins and his attorney were unsuccessful Thursday afternoon.

Sherrie DeWolf, attorney for the two students and their mothers, said the students switched schools after the incident. They attend Hinds County AHS.

"The two children weren't treated fairly at school and we just need to make sure that children are safe in their school system," DeWolf said.

The next step in the lawsuit could be a filed response from JPS.

When the alleged incident came to light almost a year ago his attorney, Dennis Sweet, characterized the JPS reason for Hollins' leave of absence as unprofessional behavior toward a student. Hollins was on administrative leave from at least January through mid-February 2007.

JPS hired Hollins in 1996 and had been an assistant principal at Forest Hil since at least 2001.

OR - Former Salem Officer Sentenced To Prison In Molestation Case

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No picture as usual. If this was not a cop, there would be a picture. So are we protecting children? Or cops?


A judge has sentenced a retired Salem police officer convicted of sexually molesting his granddaughter to more than 30 years in prison on Wednesday.

Nine months ago, Robert Shimmin, 70, was found guilty of six counts of felony sex abuse, which took place between 1999 and 2005.

The granddaughter was 12 years old at the time of Shimmin’s trial and testified against him.

Shimmin was sentenced to 33 years in prison in a Marion County courtroom on Wednesday.

TX - Former Burnet County correctional officer charged with sexual assault

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A former employee of the Burnet County Sheriff's Office faced sexual assault charges Monday.

Thomas Joe Pheifer, 48, was arrested August 29 and released on $10,000 bond.

According to the Burnet County Sheriff's Office, an inmate at the Burnet County Jail complained about Pheifer, an employee and correctional officer, leading to an investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Rangers.

Pheifer was fired from the Burnet County Sheriff's Office August 13 for violating administrative policy, but no other details of his termination were released.

If convicted of sexual assault, Pheifer could be sentenced up to 20 years in prison and fined up to $10,000.

IL - Former cop convicted of sexual abuse while on duty

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It's a cop, so they call it sexual abuse. This man is a serial rapist!!!


DANVILLE - A jury in Danville has convicted a former part-time police officer of sexually assaulting a woman after he pulled her car over last year.

David Lewis is a former officer from Belgium, Illinois, which is about 30 miles east of Champaign.

He faces six more trials on 41 other similar charges.

Lewis was convicted of criminal sexual abuse and official misconduct. The jury deliberated for about two hours.

Vermilion County Circuit Judge Claudia Smith Anderson says Lewis will be sentenced later this fall.

Lewis is accused of assaulting seven women while working as a part-time officer in Belgium.

The first trial is limited to two charges involving a woman who worked as a dancer at a Belgium strip club.

Lewis has pleaded not-guilty.

Dark Mysteries of Earth's Last Days!

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If you don't believe in the Bible, then don't read this.


"And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many; he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand. And the vision of the evening and the morning which was told is true; wherefore shut thou up the vision; for it shall be for many days. And I Daniel fainted, and was sick certain days; afterward I rose up, and did the king's business; and I was astonished at the vision, but none understood it."
Daniel 8:23-27

"And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things? And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand."
Daniel 12:8-10

"And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."
II Thessalonians 2:11-12

In this issue of the Last Trumpet Newsletter, we will examine an amazing phenomenon that is prevalent throughout the world, and especially in the United States, during these last and final days of time. We are living in a strange time when almost no one knows what is really happening or why it is happening. It is as if there is an unobservable barrier between the vast majority of the people and an elite few, who impose their will on the masses of humanity. It should not be hard to believe that this is the case, for it is the only explanation as to why things are the way they are and why conditions never seem to depart from a conspiratorial pattern. This holds true no matter who occupies the high offices of worldly authority.

In the Bible verses above, we read of a strong delusion from God that would engulf the people of the world that have rejected truth. We are also told that the wicked will continue to due wickedly and that they will never understand. In fact, there is only one remnant of people who can sort out all of the confusion of the last days and clearly see what is truly happening. In Daniel 12:10, they are called the wise, and they are the true children of Almighty God.

The satanic ruling elite of this nation of the United States and the rest of the world depend heavily on the maintenance of ignorance of the people, who are also encouraged to express their disbelief and consternation regarding any notion of any conspiracy at all. That is why radio talk show hosts, who are all paid stooges of the Illuminati, laugh and scorn those who think evil operates in secrecy. In the first Scripture portion above, however, we read that an evil man will rise up in the latter days when the transgressors are come to the full. Quite obviously, the world is currently realigning for unification, and when that objective is achieved, someone is going to run it! Also remember that in the new age one-world system, diversity is encouraged as long as a common satanic thread runs through every diverse component of thought, religion, and ideology. True Christianity is the only thing that isn't allowed. Test that in any public (government) school!

The man who is to control the world for a little while is said to stand up, which means to seize power quickly. He will also have a fierce countenance and will understand dark sentences. The word sentences, in this case, means riddles. Thus, he wields his power by a perfect understanding of clandestine power and by the use of dark riddles. The evil world dictator will control the people by keeping them confused and guessing until they finally resign themselves to ignorance and fear as subservient stooges, who will never raise a question or think for themselves again. Truly, these days are upon us!

We will now look at our world and its current condition. I do offer this word of encouragement, however: You do not have to be in the realm of darkness and uncertainty. You are held there only by your sin and rebellion against the Almighty Saviour. If you stop right now and pour your heart out in prayer, God will hear you and lead you into the full obedience of the Gospel. You can be set free and walk in the light of God, where there is peace for the soul and a joyous hope for a glorious eternity very soon. It is later than you think!

One World Under Satan!

A prime example of the efforts to unify the world is the recent proposal made by presidential candidate John Edwards. Edwards was speaking at Pace University in New York City, where he proposed the expansion of a type of Department of Homeland Security to encompass the entire world. His proposal calls for the establishment of a totally new and innovative organization called the Counterterrorism and Intelligence Treaty Organization, or C.I.T.O. (1) This is to be a one-world, all-seeing eye organization, which will no doubt have unlimited surveillance power over all the people of the world. The constant threat of terror is being used to unify the world into a single brainwashed population unit.

Another example of population control in the new one-world dictatorship is the planned microchip implantation in all people. Unquestionably, we live in an electronic world, which is already cursed with cancer-causing stray current everywhere. On September 9th, 2007, the Associated Press reported that it has now been proven that implanted microchips induce malignant tumors in animals. This was also verified by Dr. Keith Johnson, a retired toxicological pathologist who leads microchip research at the Dow Chemical Company in Midland, Michigan. It is even more shocking when we consider that the research was conclusive regarding the cancerous tumors in 1996, well before the U.S. Government approved the chips for human implantation on January 10th, 2005. (2)

The reaction of the Food and Drug Administration is still a full endorsement for the use of the chip in humans, which allows the manufacturer, VeriChip, to continue its marketing plans. Obviously, VeriChip and the FDA are sharing the same bedroom on this one, and the FDA, the Federal governmental agency to which our health and well-being is supposed to be entrusted, is turning the trick for them. How heinously frightful is this situation? VeriChip plans to implant microchips in forty-five million Americans as soon as possible! (3) Countless animals already have them, and over two thousand Americans are implanted with them already. Certain doctors have used the words: "….they are to be widely implanted in people." (4) Here let it be known that it was former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, who became President Bush's Secretary of Health and Human Services and thus was in charge of the FDA, that arranged for the approval of microchipping humans. Five months later, Thompson promptly resigned his post, and within five months he became a board member of VeriChip and Applied Digital Solutions and was rewarded heavily, including stock options. (5) I must also mention that I personally met Tommy Thompson at his first inauguration in Madison, Wisconsin. I remember him looking directly into my eyes and telling me he needed prayer. Tommy Thompson is a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, who has done his ritual work at the massive Masonic Temple on Wisconsin Street, just off from the Capitol Square. I was once kicked out of that building as a visitor at their open house for exposing the mysteries of the high degrees to low-level fellowcraft Masons.

When I think of the implanted microchips causing cancer, I am immediately reminded of Revelation 16:2, which reads as follows: "And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth, and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image." Noisome and grievous indicates that the sore is loathsome and will not heal. We also read in Isaiah, chapter one, of a sinful nation that is to be burned. It is also a nation that is to be afflicted with sores. Isaiah 1:6 reads as follows: "From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrefying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment." We know that God is speaking of a spiritual condition of a nation, but is He also speaking of individuals by the millions who have malignant tumors which have metastasized, all because they have committed the ultimate act of disobedience to God and received the mark of the beast?

Clearly, our world is unifying into large segments, and one of those segments that is being realigned right now is the North American Continent; including the United States, Mexico, and Canada. You would have to be blind to not see this happening! Unfortunately, spiritual blindness is the very condition of our day! On August 20th, 2007, President Bush met once again with the leaders of Canada and Mexico at Montebello, near Ottawa, Canada. There was something very strange going on as these three leaders met to exchange dark sentences. Their scheme is to unite the three nations of the North American continent, but they are releasing no real information to the constituents of those nations. (6) Ten days later, the Bush Administration opened up the highways in the United States to Mexican trucks, which can now freely roll up and down our highways carrying who-knows-what! (7) The very next day, Mexico's President, Felipe Calderon, issued a formal protest against any crackdown on illegal immigrants in the United States. (8) Calderon is no doubt a cauldron of trouble and is getting over-anxious about merging his nation with what is left of the United States.

It was also announced that Red China is going to install sensors along the I-35 NAFTA superhighway corridor in order to monitor its products as they are shipped by truck. All containers from China are to contain RFID, or radio frequency identification transmitters. Lockheed Martin tracking technology is being used in the project as well. (9) What they are not telling us is that the equipment being installed along the highway can also read the microchips implanted in humans, providing a continual checkpoint system. In Communist countries, we used to hear of the little booths along the roads at check points, and all cars were stopped and inspected. In the United States, we will have the same program except that it is to be electronic with no need for the little booths as the traffic rolls on. Big Brother will know where you are at all times. It is also interesting to note that Michael Chertoff recently made a statement regarding national identification cards. In a recent CNN report regarding the ID cards, Chertoff used the words, "Resistance is futile!" (10) Remember, the word Chertoff literally means son of the devil in the Russian language!

On September 7th, 2007, President Bush was in Sydney, Australia, at the Sydney Opera House for a meeting with APEC, which is an organization comprised of the twenty-one Pacific Rim nations. Our President, George Bush, also known as Mr. Embarrassment, proceeded to address the summit as OPEC, which is the oil producing cartel and an entirely different organization. Mr. Bush tried to correct his error by saying he confused the two names because Australian Prime Minister John Howard invited him to OPEC next year. That would be impossible, because neither Australia nor the United States are members. President Bush continued to dig himself deeper into the pit of error and incompetence when he referred to the Australian troops in Iraq as Austrian. (11) President George Bush is the first American President to become the laughingstock of the entire world!

My primary reason for bringing up the subject of President Bush and the APEC summit is because only a few days after the summit, massive earthquakes began to rock the entire Pacific Rim region. On September 12th, 2007, a powerful magnitude 8.4 earthquake hit near southern Sumatra. This was followed by numerous other quakes and aftershocks with magnitudes up to 7.4. Homes, shopping malls, and especially Moslem mosques were heavily damaged. Tall buildings as far as twelve hundred miles away swayed dramatically. Ten people were known to be dead, but the injuries were numerous. (12) It is quite obvious that Almighty God is not pleased with this region of high immorality and false religions. The Pacific Rim is also known as the Ring of Fire because of the many active volcanoes that form a concentric pattern. Judgment will soon hit so hard in that area that it would stagger the imagination.

In the Middle East, the State of Israel has announced that it is preparing for a major conflict with Syria. Syria has been firing upon Israeli war planes flying over Syria. (13) Meanwhile, on September 2nd, 2007, the London Times Newspaper featured a story stating that the Pentagon is planning a "three-day blitz" against 1,200 targets in Iran. (14) This three-day blitzkrieg, orchestrated by Herr Bushler, could easily catapult us into World War III, unless God would intervene. The entire Middle East is pulsating with potential to trigger the final World War. We have already invaded the land that was ancient Babylon. Is the land that was ancient Medo-Persia next? When will the Kings of the East begin to strike? In these perilous times, we truly need the Saviour!

On September 6th, 2007, BBC News reported that UK jets have been shadowing Russian bombers. Russia has been sending long-range bombers on long-distance patrols. The Norwegian Air Force also reported that they had to intercept eight Russian Tupolev Tu-95 Bear aircraft. (15) We also know that on September 12th, 2007, Reuters News Service reported that Russia had just successfully tested the world's most powerful vacuum bomb, which unleashes a destructive shockwave power of a massive nuclear blast. This bomb has been given the name father of all bombs. It is said to have no match in the world! The Russians said that this bomb is their answer to the U.S.-built Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb or MOAB.

The test area where the Russian bomb went off was completely destroyed as strong buildings were flattened and the ground was scorched from intense heat. Reporters said that the ground afterward looked like a lunar landscape. The small initial blast dispersed a main load of explosive material into a massive cloud, which ignited in the air. A pressure wave was generated along with a partial vacuum. The main destruction was inflicted by an ultrasonic shockwave with amazingly high temperatures. In a populated area, anything alive would instantly evaporate. (16) All of this is quite astounding when we consider the words of Zechariah 14:12 as follows: "And this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth."

Are the people of the world safe from their own respective military forces? On August 8th, 2007, the Courier Mail Newspaper reported that Australian RAAF F/A-18 warplanes were locking in and targeting civilian automobiles with class four lasers. The government said it was a mistake and that the pilot forgot to turn the lasers off. The government also said, "Members of the public are being advised to seek medical advice if they are concerned that they may have been exposed." The class four lasers are the most powerful in use by the RAAF. (17) We must also note that President Bush has induced the Boeing Aircraft Company to install powerful lasers on commercial 747-400 aircraft as anti-missile devices. (18) These are amazing times when commercial passenger aircraft are being equipped with war devices and capabilities.

We have also learned from an Associated Press report dated September 6th, 2007, that nuclear warheads were flown across the United States after a B-52 bomber was mistakenly armed. Six nuclear warheads were in the skies over America for three hours at armed status. This was originally reported in the Military Times Newspaper. (19) The government said it was an error and that they are looking into it! We are living in a time when anything can happen anytime, and eventually, something will happen. God help us all!

The Proliferation of Perversion!

I am sometimes asked this question: how can we be sure these are the last days? The answer to that question could be quite involved, but to be concise, everything that the Bible said would happen during this unique time of the end is indeed happening. Even without reading the Scripture, simple logic and common sense would tell you that if society continues its current course, it would self-destruct in the not-to-distant future.

The Scriptures tell us in II Timothy 3:1-5 of these days as follows: "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof: from such turn away."

Why should God bless America when this evil American society persistently offends Him and either ignores or scorns His mercy and grace? Recent reports indicate that a full thirty percent of adult Americans have an alcohol problem. (20) One in twelve adult workers in America, which is over ten million people, are using illicit drugs and alcohol to the extent that they need treatment. (21) It has also been reported that over twenty-five percent of American females between the ages of 14 and 59 are infected with the HPV virus. This is the sexually transmitted human wart virus, which causes most cases of cervical cancer. The Centers for Disease Control also reported that among the age group of 20 to 24, the percentage of those infected is 44.8 percent. (22) There is a heavy price to pay for disobeying and defying the Almighty. The Lord warned Israel what would happen to them if they rejected Him. We read of this in Deuteronomy 28:60-62 as follows: "Moreover he will bring upon thee all the diseases of Egypt, which thou wast afraid of; and they shall cleave unto thee. Also every sickness, and every plague, which is not written in the book of this law, them will the Lord bring upon thee, until thou be destroyed. And ye shall be left few in number, whereas ye were as the stars of heaven for multitude; because thou wouldest not obey the voice of the Lord thy God."

For those who think this warning is for the ancient past only, consider the words of Revelation 22:18, which says, "For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book." Thus, if you have ever wondered why there are so many and varied diseases, and many of them incurable; and if you wonder where they are coming from, you have your answer. Conditions have never been like they are now. If you are reading this, and have one or more of these diseases, there is hope. Repent and obey the Gospel. Use natural remedies and pray and walk closely with the Saviour. Miracles still happen. God's mercy is beyond comprehension; otherwise He would have destroyed this world long ago!

By now you may be thinking, are things really that bad? Are people really that sinful? One shocking problem is the Internet, which features a flood of filth from the very mouth of Satan. Hard core child abuse images, including child rape, now comprise twenty-nine percent of all the images investigated. The children involved are mostly under twelve. (23) On the other end of the age spectrum, there is so much sexually transmitted disease among senior citizens in New York City that the city is sponsoring AIDS education programs and handing out thousands of condoms at the senior centers and other places where the elderly congregate. The Staten Island Advance Newspaper reported that the big complaint among women in their eighties who were given condoms is that they wanted to be given a man to go with it! (24)

The New York City Health Department has also allocated 600,000 dollars to promote and supply the morning after pill, which destroys conception in the womb. This is being called an "emergency contraception." (25) The program zeros in on thousands of teenage girls who are being told that "this is plan B."

Another sure sign of judgment soon to come is the takeover of the world by sodomites or homosexuals. In the month of June 2007, major cities around the globe were the sites of massive "gay pride" parades and other programs to honor their cause of perverted sexual appetites. I have in front of me a photograph of the Gay Pride Parade that took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this past June. The wide street lined with skyscrapers is filled with a sea of humanity as far as the eye can see. This was also the case in scores of cities elsewhere. (26) Is this a sure sign of the end of the world? Nothing could be clearer regarding this fact than the very words of the Lord Jesus himself as found in Luke 17:28-30 as follows: "Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed."

Even our frontrunning Presidential candidates for 2008 advocate homosexuals and lesbians. MSNBC News stated, "Hillary Clinton has been eager to bask in the gay love." (27) Hillary Clinton has received forty-eight percent of her campaign contributions from "gays." (28) Hillary has also been holding campaign rallies at such places as the Abbey in West Hollywood, which is a notorious gay hangout. (29) On March 15th, 2007, the Ides of March, which is a day honoring witchcraft, Hillary appeared on Bloomberg News. Hillary clearly stated, "I do not think homosexuality is immoral….let's not be eliminating people because of who they are or who they love." (30)

On August 8th, 2007, TIME-CNN featured the story of how Dr. Billy Graham endorsed Hillary for President and was ready to ordain Bill Clinton as an evangelist. Dr. Graham's exact words were, "I told President Clinton, when he left the Presidency, he should become an evangelist, because he had all the gifts. I also told him he could let his wife run the country." (31) This was stated in all seriousness, even though Billy's son Franklin tried to pass it off as a joke. Even if it was a joke, and there was nothing to indicate that it was, such foolish jesting from a crusade pulpit is abominable and forbidden in Scripture.

Yes, most assuredly it is gross sin and rebellion against God that is causing our nation to crumble, and if there is no repentance, great will be the fall of it! A spiritual shroud of gross darkness has covered our land as millions of people pour into the country that have never known the principles upon which our nation was founded. Businesses continue to fail, loans are in default everywhere, the housing market is in destruct mode, prices of goods and services continue to rise dramatically, crude oil prices have reached eighty dollars per barrel, and the worst is yet to come.

As our U.S. dollar continues to slide against other major currencies of the world, our national debt has now passed the nine trillion dollar mark. As of September 13th, 2007, at 12:17:34 GMT, our national debt was exactly $9,017,934,140,665.62. (32) There is no way to correct this massive debt. In fact, this debt is now analogous to light years of measurement. How much is nine trillion? Light travels at an approximate speed of 186,000 miles per second, which means it travels around the world at the equator seven and one-half times per second. Try to imagine how far light would travel in a minute, hour, day, week, month, or year. In one year, light travels about six trillion miles. Our national debt is one and one-half that in dollars. Truly, that's an astronomical debt!

Distress in the Creation!

Almighty God does speak through his creation, and awesome things are happening everywhere. More stars continue to explode in space, producing colorful displays. The latest calculations now reveal that the planet Mars will be only 55 million miles from earth on December 24th, 2007, and will indeed appear twenty-one times larger than it did one year ago. In the realm of witchcraft and the occult, this would mean a horrible war is about to break out on earth. The planet Mars is even now appearing larger every night.

Mars, which is known as the "angry red planet" and ancient "god of war", is making a lot of spiritual waves in the world of astrology. Meanwhile, Red China is trying to prepare for the 2008 Olympics, which are to be hosted in that Communist country. The San Jose Mercury News reported that the government of China is "drawing on decades of Communist Party discipline in preparation for the Olympics." (33) The lighting of the cauldron, which signals the beginning of the games is to take place in Beijing at exactly 8:08 P.M., August 8, 2008. (34) In the astrology of witchcraft, the number eight is the number of the sign of the scorpion. It appears in the fifth month of the zodiac with five months left in our calendar year. In Revelation 9:10-11, we read of a strange army that rises up as follows: "And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months. And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon."

The Olympics are Greek in origin, and even in this present time, the Olympic torch is always lighted by the rays of the sun god while a priestess holds the torch on Mt. Olympus. The torch then is taken around the world and carried by many dignitaries before lighting the cauldron under the five rings of earth, wind, water, fire, and spirit. We must also note that the summer Olympics always takes place once every four years and always in a leap year to reconcile the calendar with the pagan sun god. In the United States, we also have our Presidential elections aligned with that same year. Here let it be noted that during the last week of August 2007 fires began to break out in southern Greece until half of the nation was on fire. Witnesses said, "It was like hell everywhere around the Olympic site." (35) In all of the recorded history of Greece, there has never been anything like this before. Without question we are in the last of the last days, and the signs of this time are everywhere. Eternity is just ahead, and you can be ready if you will seek the Saviour now!

In closing, I once again invite you to send your prayer requests to us, and we will give them individual and personal attention. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to all who support this ministry in so many ways. I pray that you will be blessed greatly with overcoming power from on High as we see the day approaching. Grace and peace be unto you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

David J. Meyer


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