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Sex Offender Song

WARNING: Language is not for everyone!

WA - Don't rush ill-considered idea into law

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Hell, they don't even read the entire bills being passed, they read the title and vote for it. You could probably ask them what all is in some bill they passed, and they'd have no clue. Got to look good to the public, voting time is coming up soon...


In January last year, Washington newspapers blasted a proposal by state Rep. Kirk Pearson and House Republicans to pass a 116-page public safety bill on the first day of the legislative session, without a public hearing. The P-I called it a "tawdry" maneuver.

This year, Pearson can't even wait until the first day of the session. His Sept. 25 guest column in the P-I ("Public safety reforms needed now") calls on lawmakers to rush into special session and pass a laundry list of bills concerning sex offenders and community supervision of adult offenders.

If the goal is public safety instead of mere publicity, an immediate special session is a terrible idea.

Snap judgments from politicians are a poor substitute for hard evidence and advice from police, prosecutors, crime victims and other experts. Yet Washington's Sex Offender Task Force is just weeks away from recommending new strategies to protect children and families from sex offenders. Jumping the gun on the report makes no sense.

In fact, that task force already is examining several strategies mentioned by Pearson, including getting DNA on file for every sex offender, tightening sex offender registration laws and increasing electronic monitoring of sex offenders.

Based on what has been learned so far, Gov. Chris Gregoire already has ordered GPS tracking for the most dangerous sex offenders.
- And now she wants GPS for non-dangerous offenders, wasting tons of tax paying dollars, that could be on child medical care, homeless, or something else. Yet the public sucks it up!!!

We also need hard evidence when making decisions about community supervision and offender accountability. That's why lawmakers created a task force on Community Custody and Community Supervision earlier this year.

This bipartisan task force, which is chaired by a former Republican legislator, will issue key recommendations on Nov. 1.

Ironically, just one day after Pearson's article appeared in the P-I, this task force heard that one of Pearson's proposals -- a bill to authorize random searches of the homes of released offenders -- would violate the U.S. Constitution.
- Hell yeah, get a damn warrant! You MUST have probable cause b***h!!! Read the damn Constitution!

Authorizing unconstitutional searches and seizures is a recipe for getting convictions overturned and leaving more criminals and sex offenders on the streets. It shows how rushing ill-considered ideas into law could backfire and make people less safe.
- They are not about safety, but votes! The people will see this one day, when it's too late!

Washington has made tremendous strides in crime fighting by focusing on what really works.

Evidence-based reforms have helped make Washington a national leader in preventing juvenile crime. Juvenile arrests have plummeted in the past five years and violent and property crimes by juveniles are at an all-time low.

Can this strategy also reduce adult crimes? Yes. Earlier this year, we enacted powerful evidence-based reforms to ensure greater accountability for adult offenders after they leave prison. Sen. Mike Carrell, a conservative Republican who helped design the legislation, called it "a great example of how state government should work," while The New York Times on March 27 called it "a farsighted bill that could be a model for the nation."

Washington's families are safer because Gregoire and the Legislature have emphasized bipartisanship and expert evidence in crime fighting. This approach has produced effective prevention programs and some of the nation's toughest laws against sex offenses and other serious crimes.
- Toughest is not always the best, and I think with offenders vanishing now is a prime example!

Ill-conceived special sessions won't make families safer. Instead, we need to continue working together, following the evidence and listening to the experts. Getting it done right is more important than getting it done quick.

TX - Burnet Ex-Jailer Charged In Inmate's Sexual Assault

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Now I know why cops don't like sex offenders, they want to divert attention away from themselves, and see themselves in sex offenders. Texas and Florida, the harshest states on sex offenders seem to be the ones infested with perverted cops. Check out all the corruption here.


A former Burnet County jailer faces a sexual assault charge after being accused by a female inmate.

Thomas Pheifer, 48, had worked for the sheriff's office for about two years.

The female inmate made the allegation Aug. 1, when she was in his care.

Two weeks later Pheifer was fired for violating administrative policy.

On Aug. 29 investigators arrested and charged him with sexual assault.

"She made an outcry to other inmates and other jailers," said Dwight Hardin, a spokesman for the Burnet County Sheriff's Office. "We followed up on that information. There are cameras installed inside the jail. We were able to verify some of the information and corroborate what she was saying."

The ex-jailer is out on bond. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.
- Oh, nice, he's going to vanish now!

FL - Corrections officer charged in sex case

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I tell you, Florida is infested with perverted cops. With the harsh sex offender laws in Florida, how come all these cops are not on the registry? Makes you wonder. They protect their own and burn everyone else! NOW THIS IS A TRUE PREDATOR FOR YOU!!!!!!!


A state corrections officer with a history of domestic violence and a prior charge of child molestation is in jail after his arrest over the weekend on multiple charges of child sexual abuse.

Agents with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit arrested William Carlile, 47, at 4:48 p.m. Saturday at Grissom Road and North Kings Highway in Port St. John, about two miles from his home.

He was charged with 24 counts of sexual battery and 60 counts of lewd and lascivious molestation of a minor. Carlile is being held without bond.

Carlile, a housing officer at Brevard Correctional Institution in Sharpes, is accused of molesting the teenage girl over a five-year period, Lt. Tod Goodyear said.

“Because this is ongoing abuse with this victim, we have potentially protected the victim from any further abuse from him,” Goodyear said.

FLORIDA TODAY doesn’t identify victims of sex crimes.

A state corrections officer since 1988, Carlile is still employed by the Department of Corrections, said Gretl Plessinger, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Corrections. But officials are reviewing whether "extraordinary dismissal" rules apply to his situation, she said.
- Hell yeah they do, fire his a$$!

Brevard Correctional Institution is a state-run facility for adult male offenders. It has about 900 inmates in every custody grade except for death row, Plessinger said.

Because of his history with the Sheriff’s Office, agents lured Carlile away from his house to make the arrest, Goodyear said.

Seven years ago, deputies arrested Carlile on similar charges filed by a different child, Goodyear said, but the state dropped the case.

The Sheriff’s Office SWAT team also had a confrontation with Carlile at his home seven years ago on a domestic violence call, Goodyear said.

There’s a higher risk of danger when law enforcement agents are arrested, Goodyear said.

“They don’t take very well to seeing their careers going down the tubes,” he said.

Carlile was arrested without incident.

TX - Local probation officer charged with sexual assault

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She will get a slap on the wrist, you watch!


A Brazos County Juvenile Probation Officer turned herself in to police Monday morning after being accused of having sex with a teenager under her supervision.

College Station Police said the 16-year-old victim told them he'd had sex with Sarah Farmer, 29, several times since January.

Police said Farmer confirmed the relationship and was charged with sexual assault of a child, which is a second degree felony.

NY - Upstate NY deputy charged with raping woman

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SYRACUSE - A sheriff's deputy is being charged with rape following an incident at his home.

Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh says 45-year-old Kenneth Doerner was arraigned on a charge of third-degree rape. The East Syracuse man is being held on $15,000 cash bail or $30,000 bond.

Doerner has been a member of the sheriff's custody department since 1997. Walsh says he was immediately suspended without pay for 30 days.

Doerner was arrested by DeWitt police called to his home to investigate a dispute Sunday. Police say a woman in the house then told officers that Doerner raped her earlier in the week.

Doerner is due back in court Thursday.

TX - Former Dallas officer acquitted of rape charge

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A jury on Monday found a former Dallas police officer not guilty of raping a woman.

Leslie Reese, a 14-year-veteran, resigned from the Dallas Police Department when the allegations against him began in July 2005. The woman claimed that Mr. Reese, 43, saw her selling crack cocaine and told her to get into his police vehicle, according to prosecutors Julie Lockwood and Brooke Grona-Robb.
- Why did he resign if he is not guilty? Sounds to me like he is guilty, why else would he resign?

Then he drove her to a wooded area and had sex with the woman, who is not being named because of The Dallas Morning News' policy to not identify potential victims of sex crimes.

Mr. Reese denies raping the woman, calling the sexual encounter consensual. In fact, he said they had had sex on other occasions.

During closing arguments Mr. Reese's attorney, Michael Todd, told the jury that this case is about money. The day she spoke with police about the incident she had an attorney with her, and has filed a civil lawsuit against Mr. Reese, Mr Todd said.
- Yeah right, it's a crack head, so lets make them look bad so the cop gets off.

TX - School bans hand-holding and hugs

With today's hysteria, this is probably a good idea. The slightest thing could land you on the sex offender registry for life. It's insane, at one time, this was not an issue! Why don't we just say nobody touch anybody, even your wife, husband or your own kids, or you will wind up in prison. Might as well!

If the Internet is so dangerous?

One in five children are sexually solicited online.

There was a time when children could drive, then they realized that they were at risk so they set a minimum age.

There was a time when children could drink, then they realized that they were at risk so they set a minimum age.

There was a time when children could go see any movie, then they realized that they were at risk so they set a minimum age.

They never even let kids into adult books stores, there have always been a minumum age.

The government is targeting the wrong folks if they really want to protect kids. The internet is such a dangerous place perhaps it is time to set a minimum age.

PA - One township's sex offender lawprompts others to rethink issue

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In Warminster and Upper Moreland, officials are reconsidering restrictions similar to those Horsham enacted.

Following Horsham's decision to pass an ordinance barring sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of schools and certain other locations where children are usually present, two neighboring municipalities say they are reconsidering similar rules.

Officials in both Upper Moreland and Warminster said they don't want sex offenders who can't move into Horsham instead finding a place to live in their townships.

“I don't want to become a magnet for people that are trying to skirt the issue and move in a township that doesn't have protection for its kids in this way,” said Warminster Township Supervisor Rich Luce.

In Warminster and Upper Moreland, officials had previously considered some type of sex offender restrictions, but put the matter on the back burner after their insurance carrier recommended against passing a law that might not stand up to a court challenge.

“We dropped the whole idea because everyone was dropping it,” said Jim Hotchkiss, an Upper Moreland commissioner who chairs the township's public safety committee. Hotchkiss put the matter back on the committee's agenda recently, but he wasn't sure it would result in restrictions being passed.

Steve Harris, Warminster's township solicitor, said Horsham's neighbors couldn't just pass an identical ordinance because doing so might inadvertently exclude sex offenders from living anywhere in the township. “While (some residents) might think it's a great idea most lawyers would think it's not defensible,” Harris said. Instead, any ordinance would have to allow sex offenders to live in at least a few neighborhoods.

Warminster, Horsham, Upper Moreland and 28 other municipalities in Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware counties are insured by the Delaware Valley Insurance Trust. The trust's administrator, Rick Lee, said that his company has consistently said it wouldn't penalize townships that passed sex offender ordinances.

While the precise type of coverage is laid out in agreements with each municipality, a 2006 memo to member municipalities backs Lee up. “The trust has not added any exclusions or taken any steps to exclude coverage related to the adoption or enforcement of these issues,” the May 2006 memo stated.

Lee said municipalities were advised to lobby for state rules that could supersede local ordinances and ease the threat of a lawsuit.

“It's the township's position — and the trust's — that it's the primary responsibility of the Commonwealth to enact the legislation, not the municipalities,” said Upper Moreland township manager David Dodies.

Still, Hotchkiss said more needed to be done. “It's something we need to deal with but we need more information.”

NY - Woman to serve prison term for sex with boy

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More double standard BS! Looks like it's ok for women to have sex with kids to me. Almost every woman I've seen in these types of cases, gets a major slap on the wrist, compared to men in the same situation. This double standard must stop. Everyone is suppose to be equal under the law and that includes men and women. Women can walk around half-naked and have sex with kids and it's apparently ok, or at least you will be in and out of jail in no time. Looks like the feminist movement worked!


QUEENSBURY -- A 53-year-old Queensbury woman will serve a state prison term of up to 3 years for having sex with an underage boy earlier this year.
- Now flip this around, a 53 year old man having sex with a underage girl? Prison for life almost!

Debra L. Mehnert, pleaded guilty to second-degree rape, a felony, for having sex with a boy younger than 15 in June, officials said.

Warren County Judge John Hall imposed a 1- to 3-year prison term as well as a $1,000 sex offender fee.
- Will she be on the sex offender registry? Probably not!

Mehnert was arrested by the Warren County Sheriff's Office after the boy dislosed the sexual relationship. Those under 17 can't legally consent to sex under state law.

FL - New Florida law increases sex crime penalties

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ORLANDO - Florida's sex predator penalties became among the nation's toughest Monday as a new law took effect tripling maximum sentences to 15 years for solicitation and child pornography.
- The laws are called "sex offender" laws. You are implying all sex offenders are predators, or child molesters or pedophiles, which is wrong. They do not all mean the same thing.

It also makes Florida the first state to specifically criminalize trips to meet minors for sex - regardless of whether a child is actually contacted - and requires offenders to register e-mail and instant message handles with authorities. That information will be shared with social networking sites like
- And law suits are already in the making on this. I know of a few. See this article. I would recommend ALL RSO's in Florida to NOT use their online system. That makes their job easy. Print the stuff out and take it down to the Sheriff and let them manually type the data into the computer. They cannot arrest you for obeying the law and not using their online system. They make your life hell, make their life hell. If they get tons of offenders coming down, you can imagine what they will feel....

"It's going to give all of us the tools to be able to make sure that not only do we enforce laws like this, but that Florida becomes known as a place that if you are a child predator or if you are a child pornographer ... there's only one place for you and that's behind bars," state Attorney General Bill McCollum said.

McCollum spoke on the Orange County Courthouse steps, flanked by four county sheriffs and other law enforcement officers. The first-term attorney general has made child sex crimes one of his top priorities, pushing the legislation and getting money to expand the state's cybercrime unit from five to 50 investigators.

The Legislature passed the sex crime bill last session and Gov. Charlie Crist signed it in June.

Previously, prosecutors could pursue sentences of only 5 years for trying to meet a child for sex or possessing more than 10 child pornography images.

Increased penalties are provided for "grooming" - or posing as a youth to gain a child's trust - and particularly heinous pornography with victims under 5 years old, sadomasochistic abuse, bestiality and sexual battery. Promotion or distribution of those images is punishable by up to 30 years in jail.
- That is more than a killer gets, which a life sentence is 25 years. I think this is a little too much. You can kill someone and get less of a sentence. So I guess you are saying it's ok to kill someone.

The law reclassifies possession of child pornography as a second-degree felony, while promotion and distribution becomes first-degree.

McCollum's office said Florida ranks fourth in the country in child pornography on computers, and he believes one in five Florida children are sexually solicited online.
- And apparently from what I've seen, it ranks #1 is perverted cops! I guess pedophilia is not a crime when cops, famous prople or politicians do it, in Florida! Mark Foley still walks free, why? Also, what about the child porn that was on Mark Lunsfords computer? Huh?

"(Child porn images) are beyond anything you can possibly imagine, and they're not pictures. They're actually people," said Maureen Horkan, head of the attorney general's cybercrime unit. "They're small children being damaged and wounded and miserably taken advantage of, and individuals are sitting in their chairs and enjoying looking at those horrific images."
- Except for Mark Lunsford! Another man, here, lost his daughter to some killer, and had child porn on his machine, guess what, he's in prison. So why isn't Mark Lunsford? When is possessing child porn a crime? When you are not famous! Mark and this man are both from Florida. One is in prison while the other is free!

The state is also stepping up school outreach efforts with Horkan's agents, who will talk with children about staying safe online.

NY - People v. Powers, No. 2061246, 2070093cons.

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Following conviction for one count of attempt (aggravated criminal sexual assault), denial of defendant's pro se motion to withdraw a notice of appeal filed by his appointed counsel is reversed where any party, whether represented by counsel or not, has the power to withdraw an appeal by any means and the court cannot conclude that a defendant must proceed with an appeal simply because counsel has already filed a notice of appeal.

NY - Bockting v. Bayer, No. 02-15866

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Denial of a petition for a writ of habeas corpus from convictions on charges associated with the alleged sexual abuse of petitioner's then-six-year-old step daughter is affirmed as a state court's decisions regarding the admissibility of the child victim's hearsay statements did not involve an unreasonable application of clearly established federal law, and were not based on an unreasonable determination of the facts.

NY - John v. City of El Monte, No. 05-56125

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In a 42 U.S.C. section 1983 suit brought by a female school teacher against a police officer for improperly arresting her for allegedly sexually molesting a ten-year-old female student, denial of summary judgment for the officer is reversed as the officer had probable cause for the arrest at issue.

NY - US v. Talbert, No. 06-31233

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A conviction and sentence for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, resulting from an indictment alleging that defendant knowingly possessed two guns found in his vehicle the night he was arrested, is affirmed over claims that: 1) a jury charge was improper in allowing conviction even if jurors were not unanimous as to which gun defendant knowingly possessed; and 2) the district court improperly ordered him to register as a sex offender under Louisiana law.

FL - Cruel and unusual justice in Florida

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This week I ask you to take a moment to close your eyes and envision the following situation. You are sitting at home, alone, when an overweight, middle-aged man with two first names, a pasty complexion, unruly facial hair and eyes set close to each other bursts in your front door wielding a knife and demands that you give yourself up to him. He leaves you beaten and alone.

Bobby James Allen pleaded guilty this month to several cases of rape and sexual battery between 1998 and 1999. He is the heinous character I have asked you to visualize. Now, wouldn't it be wonderful if you could return the favor? It would seem fair to take away his manhood in reparation for what he viciously tore away from you, would it not? It would be most satisfying to remove from this animal the very essence of his evil, neuter the seeds of his destructive desires. Castrate the rotten criminal, no?

As a stipulation of his plea bargain agreement, Bobby James reduces his life sentence to only 25 years in prison by conceding to castration. Yep, they are going to cut off Allen's testicles, as well as 75 years of his sentence. Judge Michael Overstreet considers Allen a dangerous sexual predator, and charges him with ten years probation upon his release, when they will permanently attach a GPS tracking device to him.

This infuriates me. Have we not developed as a society? Are we not barbarically sentencing a man to cruel and unusual punishment? I don't care if he concedes to castration, along with the side effects associated with it - he will surely grow breasts, develop erection problems, lose sexual prowess (part of the plan, of course), risk osteoporosis, and suffer hot flashes and hormonal frustrations. Overstreet stressed to Allen that these effects could, and most likely would, occur. So sure, it makes sense, but castrations, in my mind, are associated with slave cruelty and Jewish concentration camp torture. This cannot be the right way of dealing with a problem.

It brings me a small glint of satisfaction in my mind to consider that Allen, known as the "Ninja Rapist," is losing his manhood, and it obviously satisfies the victims, who were asked their opinion by Judge Overstreet before he made his decision. Yet it is simply inhumane, and I feel like we have penitentiaries and institutions that can punish and rehabilitate better than this solution of physical mutilation. I think, frankly, that Allen has found an escape. He is clearly a sick, twisted beast. He should have to serve every last minute of his life in prison, with or without testicles. I believe that this is a violation of human rights, and that Judge Overstreet is irresponsible in delivering the first castration sentence in Florida history. Allen shouldn't even have the option of choosing to plea for castration as a plea bargain. I cannot begin to postulate his motives behind the option; if the rumors are true, then no matter what, prison should be a living hell for a man of his description. The fact of the matter is that he will be out on the streets again, and even more psychologically mutated and unpredictable than before.

Why not pump him full of drugs to keep him sedated for the rest of his life? Why not just kill him? Why not throw him to a pit of wild, sexually frustrated lions? All of these options are about as creative, and clearly as unacceptable, as castration.

In defense of the 2,000 dollar procedure, which the state will foot the bill for, both Judge Overstreet and Prosecutor Larry Basford concur that the side effects will serve the necessary purpose of sterilizing Allen as a future member of society.

I cannot personally allow myself to think that justice has been served. Our institutions have a priority to process and rehabilitate criminals. By returning to medieval solutions to deal with offenders, we only regress as a nation. I like the fact that this man can no longer reproduce. I like that he will lose his sexual prowess. But it disheartens me to think that Judge Overstreet castrates men as a punishment. It is cruel and unusual. Creative, but surely not as sophisticated or progressive as proper institutionalization would be.

Thomas Sitzer is a Collegian columnist. He can be reached at

FL - Private Matters Become Public In Men's Bathrooms

It's in Florida! What do you expect. Florida has a ton of perverted cops, check out the Corruption link, here.

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NH - Lawmaker: peeing in public exposes a flaw in the law

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And FamilyWatchDog says this doesn't happen. Well, they are wrong, and this is one example to prove they are.


CONCORD --A New Hampshire lawmaker says peeing in public exposes a flaw in the law.

Strange as it sounds, Democratic Rep. Stephen Shurtleff says making public urination a separate crime could really help people out.

Currently, there is no state law specifically addressing public urination; it's prosecuted under a patchwork of local and state laws, indecent exposure among them.

Shurtleff says because indecent exposure is a sex offense, multiple convictions could land habitual public urinators on a sex offender registry, a penalty he feels is too severe for the crime.

"I think some of the stigma attached to that is greater than the offense," he said. "It's public urination and they should be charged with it."

A member of the House Judiciary Committee, Shurtleff, of Concord, is working to rewrite New Hampshire's sex offender laws to comply with new federal law. Under federal law, those convicted of indecent exposure twice in three years would be forced to register as sex offenders.

Shurtleff said in the upcoming legislative session he will push for a law making public urination a misdemeanor.